Safeguarding Children and Young People Online

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Safeguarding Children and Young People Online. Dr. Claire Meehan University of Auckland Young Peoples Internet Usage. Time spent online Online-offline blurring Risks and harms. My Research 1: Drug Harms. Abundance of unregulated information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Safeguarding Children and Young People Online

Safeguarding Children and Young People OnlineDr. Claire MeehanUniversity of Peoples Internet UsageTime spent online Online-offline blurringRisks and harms

My Research 1: Drug HarmsAbundance of unregulated informationPolarisation of informationAddition of online peersBlurring of online-offline personaDrug user as drug educatorIncreased risk of harmSexting, Sexploitation and GroomingImpacts:IndividualFamily and friendsCommunityWider societyEducation, information and trainingUnited KingdomAustraliaNew ZealandRoastbusters in he New Zealand Media

Impact of this attentionThe need to educate young peopleShines a light on cyberbullyingCan be too narrow does not focus on drug/ alcohol harms or sexual harmsMore money for research: new projects and evaluations of existing programmesPrevention and EducationInformation technology now forms an integral part of the education system in many countriesWe should not try to censor the InternetRaising awareness for young peopleRaising awareness for parents and teachersSecure online environmentsA collaborative approachMy Research 2Exploratory conversations with educationalists and stakeholders in New ZealandAims, objectives and methodologyDesired outputs

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