Safeguarding and Support Services Birmingham Children, Young People and Families Directorate Remodelling of Family Support and Safeguarding April 2013.

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  • Safeguarding and Support Services Birmingham Children, Young People and Families Directorate Remodelling of Family Support and Safeguarding April 2013 1 Safeguarding and Support Services
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  • Birminghams vision for our children and young people Every child in every part of the City should achieve their potential. We will provide early help and support to those children and families who need it and, working together, will ensure that every child has the belief, aspiration and support to be their best. Safeguarding and Support Services
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  • Childrens Plan Priorities Prevention Integration Aspiration Safeguarding Participation Excellence through partnership Safeguarding and Support Services
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  • Strategic Intent Better prevention (public health) services Increased early support for families Fewer children in care (1500) Safeguarding and Support Services
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  • Lord Laming 2003 it is not possible to separate the protection of children from wider support to families. Indeed, often the best protection for a child is achieved by the timely intervention of family support services. further highlighted by Professor Munro, 2011. the provision of early help is vital to keeping children safe. Safeguarding and Support Services
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  • Early Help Pathway: Principles Its never too early Do the basics well begin at the end no wrong door Common Assessment Evidenced based practice Clear roles and responsibilities Invest in pre-natal, early years and parenting Think Family Trust professional judgement and collaborate Needs led (data) Invest in workforce learning and development Long term approach
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  • Safeguarding and Support Services Early Help Pathway: Priorities 1.Commitment to early help 2.Improve coordination and reach 3.Improve availability of information 4.Invest in our workforce 5.Embed a common language 6.Coherent set of procedures 7.Review the risk management guidance 8.Develop and integrate targeted services 9.Embed a Common Assessment
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  • Safeguarding and Support Services Vision: Safeguarding and Support service through integration we will provide a comprehensive and seamless offer of early help through to targeted and specialist services; with the intention of reducing the incidence of significant harm and unnecessary escalation of children and young peoples needs. right support from the right service, right time. Safeguarding and Support Services
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  • TodayTransformation/Change Future Silo working- internally and across partnerships Multitude of transfer/referral points Inconsistent service Provision Process & Performance ICT Accommodation Organisation People. Teams & Culture Finance & Benefits Transformation Team & Communications Collaborative and integrated working More consistent and seamless journey for children and their families Consistent, needs led and high quality of service Transformation Journey VISION
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  • Safeguarding and Support Services Principles Needs led approach Change the language, services to children not process (e.g threshold, needs a CAF, IA, s47) No wrong door Acute and complex not only Social Care response Encourage a conversation that helps find a solution rather than a stand off Avoids reframing of a concern to a child protection matter Safeguarding and Support Services
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  • There is a vital role for professionals working in universal services health, education, police and early years to identify the early signs of abuse and neglect and to work together to deliver coordinated services to children and families. 1.Identify and intervene with children and families which may require help from more than one agency 2. Support integrated working and share relevant information 3. Co-ordinate and deliver a multi-agency service response that is evidenced based which is responsive to the needs of children and their families and informed by a common assessment Working Together Consultation Document 2012 Early Intervention
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  • Safeguarding and Support Services Right Services Right Time Meeting Childrens Needs Focused on NEED Child at the Centre Support offered to the family Birminghams model All agencies use same indicators
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  • Safeguarding and Support Services Achieving the Vision - proposed new model of service
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  • Safeguarding and Support Services Safeguarding & Support Teams Integrated CIC teams CIAS Child & The Family Locality Area Safeguarding and Support Service
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  • Safeguarding and Support Services Proposed locations Hub Childrens Centres East Oaklands Park Kitts Green* Dyson Gardens Fox Hollies/Golden Hillock* Park Road* South Albert Bradbeer (Merrishaw) Reameadow Chinnbrook Doddington* West & Central The Willows Birchfield St Thomas* North Circle Featherstone*
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  • Safeguarding and Support Services
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  • Integrating partners Responsive to local needs Potential to improve co-location and integration in Children Centre areas and include Health Visiting Service, Community Midwifery, Family Nurse Partnership and Sexual Health etc. Key Virtual Partners Adult and Community Services; Youth and Connexion Services, Housing Schools 17Safeguarding and Support Services
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  • Benefits of the proposal Reduction in the multitude of transfer/referral points More consistent and seamless journey for children and their families More resources devoted to the needs of children and families Emphasis on front line practice improvement Effective integration, economies of scale and considerable more scope for flexibility Strengthened management oversight and opportunities to develop and retain excellent practitioners Early Help and access to Social Care expertise, Evidenced based practice and Team around the child; good partnership working Think family / troubled family approaches Consistent application of the risk management principles 18Safeguarding and Support Services
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  • Benefits of proposed model for partners Better and more effective information sharing across partnerships Reduced duplication of effort Better coordination and use of resources Potential for knowledge and skills transfer through co location and strengthened partnership arrangements 19
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  • Safeguarding and Support Services Benefits for children and their families Fewer hand offs for children and seamless journey for the child Access to the right help from the right service and the right time Consistent, high quality, needs led service provision
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  • Safeguarding and Support Services Any Questions? Feedback can be submitted online via: For any further information contact:


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