Safe & Respectful lifelong learners Weekly Newsletter Award, Win Bin prizes, Library Monitor award and

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  • Principal Toby Morgan


    Early Stage 1 & Stage 1 Karina Woods (Rel)

    Stage 2 Allie Harcourt (Rel)

    Stage 3 Jemma Wallace & Shari Jackson (Rel)

    Special Education Debbie Williams

    Instructional Leader Rebecca Letfallah

    Dates for your Diary October

    16th Class Captain Assembly 2.40pm Stage 2 Excursion - Leaving at 7.30am 17th Stage 2 Excursion - Return approx.3.30 23rd Whole School Assembly 2.40pm 28th Kinder Orientation Info for parents and activities for kids. 10am –11.30am 31st Infants Assembly 1/2S Hosting 2.40pm

    November 7th Remembrance Ceremony

    Message from the Principal

    Welcome To Term 4 I trust everyone enjoyed a restful and relaxing break and took the opportunity to

    catch up and spend time with family and friends. Term 4 is jam packed of activities and opportunities for students and to ensure participation students need to be in attendance at school and exhibiting the appropriate behaviours. We have the Stage 2 excursion this week, PSSA Sport starting this week and running until the end of Week 8, Swimming Scheme, PBL Reward afternoon, Grandparents Day and all the formalities that come with the winding up of the school year to look forward to. School Bags These bags are for sale through the front office and look fantastic. They are bottle green with bits of gold on the sides, and the school logo embroidered in the middle of the back. They are the size of a regular back pack, are good quality and are for sale for only $30. Year 7 Selective High School Placement 2021 Applications for Year 7 entry to selective high schools in 2021 must be made online between 8 October 2019 and 11 November 2019. Parents must apply online at All applicants are required to sit the Selective High School Placement Test to be held on Thursday 12 March 2020. If you would like more information regarding this please see Mrs Wallace. (This is for current Year 5 students). Swimming Scheme

    Dubbo North Public School “Skill with Honour by being Responsible, Safe & Respectful lifelong learners”

    Weekly Newsletter Week 1 Term 4 2019 Tel: 6882 4689 Fax: 6884 3442

    Week 1 Term 4

    “Skill with Honour”

    This initiative is running again this year by Miss Clark and Miss Harcourt with just one slight change

    to it. The initial cost will be $60 which is

    basically half for the scheme and half for the bus transport to and from the pool. We are in the process currently of purchasing a school bus, and if this occurs before the scheme commences we will then transport students to and from the pool in it which will result in a refund of the majority of the transport money. This will be known in the coming weeks. Grandparents Day This wonderful event will be taking place next Thursday 24th October and is always a highlight of our community initiatives for the year. The day will consist of open classroom visits from 12:20 – 12:50pm which will consist of structured activities, a mini assembly consisting of student performances from 12:50 – 1:10pm and then a BBQ lunch with pre-ordered sausages from 1:10 – 1:55pm. Please see the extended invitation with more information contained in the newsletter. PSSA Sport Term 4 PSSA sport commences this Friday and runs every Friday until the end of Week 8. Students need to be in full school sports uniform, pay the bus fare every week and demonstrate appropriate behaviour in order to participate. PSSA Sport is a privilege and not a right and students not fulfilling the three criteria above will be deemed ineligible to attend. Have a great first week back. Toby Morgan Principal


    School Contribution Student $40.00 Family $80.00

    (2 or more students) Easy to pay using POP

    (Parent on-line payment).

  • Responsible Safe Respectful

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    Uniform Award - T4 Wk 1 - 1/2S & 3/4C


    CANTEEN MEAL DEAL Thursday 17th October

    Lasagne with Mony Ice Block - $5.50

    News from the Library…

    Don’t forget to read, read, read. Until next term Mrs Jane Clark

    PBL Focus - Week 1 Responsible, Safe & Respectful

    Safe, Responsible and Respectful in all settings.

    This week the SRC will be taking nominations for this years Hand Ball Competition that will be held during recess. It will be 50 cents to enter and will be starting in week 2.

    On Wednesday the 25th of September we had a Whole School Assembly. This included quite a few Student of the Week awards, a Principal’s Award, Win Bin prizes, Library Monitor award and PBL Positive Behaviour awards as well. Well

    done to all the students who received awards.





    Please remember that there are new prices for the uniforms as of this term. If you would like an updated list, please

    call into the office to pick one up.

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    Responsible Safe Respectful

    On Thursday the 26th September we held our annual NAIDOC Celebrations. There was plenty of fun activities to do, along with some awards being handed out that were received at the AECG Awards Night and it was also great to have the community involved as well. Thank you to all who came, participated and helped out.

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    Responsible Safe Respectful