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fEAtuRESENGINE Mercedes Benz OM904LA, 129 kW (173 hp) @ 2200 rpm Fuel/water separator Donaldson dry, dual element air cleaner Catalytic purifier with muffler 24V, 100A alternator Auto warning, audio/visual high temp/low psi 227 liter (60 gallon) fuel capacity

INSTRUMENTS AND ELECTRICAL Full instrumentation; engine/transmission, voltmeter, hour meter Battery master disconnect switch, lockable 140W light housings each with two (2) 70W halogen bulbs; 4 front, 2 rear Wiring, fully sealed connectors, sealed and oil resistant covering, instrument and associated switches mounted in sealed electrical box Two red tail lights Brake accumulator pressure gauges, low pressure warning light, 'park brake applied' warning light.


STANDARD EQUIPMENT Audio backup alarm, variable 87 112 dBA One 2.27 kilogram (5 pound) fire extinguisher


ORBITROL CONTROLLED ARTICULATED STEERING Tapered roller bearings articulation joint Two double-acting steering cylinders

Four nozzle fire suppression system (Ansul LTA-101-30) tied to engine shutdown Beige epoxy finish paint Wheel chocks

INDEPENDENT BRAKING SYSTEMS Service, fully hydraulic wet disc brakes each axle Secondary, spring applied, hydraulic released wet disc secondary and park brake Automatic secondary brake application upon loss of brake accumulator psi, engine oil psi, transmission psi or electrical power

OptiONSPOWERTRAIN Cummins QSB 4.5L, 127 kW (170 hp @ 2200 rpm)

CHASSIS Front push blade Ansul automatic Checkfire II fire suppression with linear detection loop Lincoln automatic lubrication

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Closed center hydraulic circuits Piston-type hydraulic pumps 303 liter (80 gallon) hydraulic reservoir with sight gauges 100 mesh suction strainers Return line, spin-on filters, 10 micron rating Diagnostic test ports with quick couple parker fittings each axle, service brake application pressure, hydraulic pumps

HAMMER Hydraulic hammer, Okada Top 35, 336 meters per kilogram (500 feet per pound) class, mounting bracket and plumbing package

SERviCES ANd SuppORt Five-year or 10,000 hour frame warranty Delivery, start-up and instruction Customized operator and maintenance training and retraining at factory or on-site Machine audits and reports Troubleshooting support by telephone, online or on-site Spare parts inventory recommendations Repair and consumable parts kits match preventive maintenance schedules

AXLES AND TIRES Planetary drive axles, Deere 1200 TMII 12.00x24-16PR mine service tires


A Mechanical Scaler Designed with Safety as the Primary ConsiderationThe S320LN Scaler from Getman performs all scaling operations quickly and efficiently while giving the operator the highest level of safety available. The unit was designed specifically for underground scaling and can deliver up to 8165 kilograms (18,000 pounds)of prying force to improve the effectiveness in any typical scaling process. Operator location is at the rear of the machine far removed from potential rock falls resulting from standard scaling operations. The Getman S320LN Scaler provides one of the safest and most productive ways to scale roofs, sidewalls and faces of a mine tunnel.

Getman Corporation 59750 34th Avenue Bangor, MI 49013 USAPC/RRP .5M 0311, 10-GETM-3269 Copyright 2011 Getman Corporation

Phone 1-269-427-5611 Fax 1-269-427-8781 www.getman.com

S320LN SCALER4703 mm (15' 5") 4487 mm (14' 8.5") 2743 mm (9' 0") 2446 mm (8' 0") 2134 mm (7' 0") 3555 mm (11' 8") 3323 mm (10' 11") 9340 mm (30' 7.5") 7462 mm (24' 6") 1909 mm (6' 3")

Standard Pick Tool

5029 mm (16' 6")

2740 mm (9' 0")

30 8301 mm (27' 3") 2410 mm (7' 11")

292 mm (11.5")

2951 mm (9' 8") 3658 mm (12' 0")

Optional Roll Back 20 Single Pick Tool

2395 mm (7' 10.5")

Functionality SpecificationsScaling Maximum Reach Operational range (height) 9017 mm (29 ft. 7 in.) 3657 6706 mm (12 22 ft.) 3835 mm (12 ft. 7 in.) 336 m/kg (500 ft./lb.)

Machine DimensionsSteel Frame Weight Overall Length Cabin Height Wheelbase Length (Axle to Axle) Width Turning Radius Inner Outer 5029 mm (16 ft. 6 in.) 8301 mm (27 ft. 3 in.) 3404 mm (12 ft. 2 in.) 2740 mm (9 ft.) 37 mm (1.5 in.) 18,000 kg (39,683 lb.) 11,205 mm (36 ft. 9 in.) 2446 mm (8 ft.)

4477 mm (14' 8")

1880 mm (6' 2")

1524 mm (5' 0")

Working reach (at 6096 mm [20 ft.] height)11,205 mm (36' 9")

fEAtuRESMACHINE STABILITY It is not necessary to use stabilizers or the push blade to stabilize the machine while scaling Shock loads are transferred to the rubber tires instead of into the frame and stabilizer attachment points Emergency movements can be made without having to raise stabilizers/ push blade Allows for faster setup and more efficient scaling (no need to take the time to lower stabilizers)


Prying Force

8165 kg (18,000 lb.)



Hammer Class (optional)

OptiONSOPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Hydraulic hammer, Okada Top 35 336 meters per kilogram (500 feet per pound) class, mounting bracket and plumbing package Front push blade Enclosed operator cabin (85 dBA) with ROPS/FOPS canopy, heater, wiper and washer, air conditioner and pressurizer Lincoln automatic lubrication

SCALING BRAKE PACKAGE Wet disc axle brakes applied with spring applied driveline wet disc Axle brakes auto release when boom is slewed with scaling pedals

OPERATOR STATION Rear-mounted operator compartment keeping the operator as far away from scaling operations as possible Mechanical suspension, mid-height back operator seat with removable headrest and built-in joystick mounts ROPS/FOPS certified canopy; SAE J1040C, CSA B-352, ISO 3471 Far rear location of the operator compartment gives the operator a superior line of sight to the working area Operator seat, Seats Inc Magnum 200 Extreme Duty, fully adjustable suspension seat with built-in joystick mounts, bolt-on headrest and seat belt Joysticks are magnetic induction type, having no mechanical gears or switches affected by wear Adjustable, tilt/telescopic steering column with orbitrol valve mounted below floor to minimize heat and noise Spot light, canopy mounted(Enclosed operator compartment shown)

FRAME/JOINT Tapered roller bearings in articulation joint to deliver maximum life Wide joint spread to reduce articulation component loading 5-year or 10,000 hour warranty on frame weldments

SCALING FEATURES 3657 6706 millimeter (12 22 foot) working height, rectangular section telescopic boom, helical gear rotator, scaling pick; max reach 9017 millimeters (29 feet 7 inches) 2769 millimeter (109 inch) wide stance front tires Oscillating cradle lock-out automatically activated with scaling brake

PICK ARRANGEMENT 180 degree pick rotation around boom axis 20 degree pick roll (front to back) Enables efficient scaling of the roof, walls and face