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  • Rushmoor Neighbourhood Policing Newsletter

    April 2017

    Dear Rushmoor residents

    Welcome to our new Neighbourhood Newsletter.

    As you are aware Neighbourhood teams were forced to abandon producing the newsletter after our editor was forced to retire on personal grounds.

    Since that notification we received a number of volunteers who agreed to take on the task of editing the newsletter.

    I would like to offer a big thank you to Mark and Lesley who together have combined to offer their services of editing the Newsletter for the foreseeable future.

    I would also like to thank PC Lee Jeffers for organising the teams to produce entries for this months Newsletter, while I was away on holiday overseas.

    As a consequence of being away I have not had the opportunity to write a front piece for this Newsletter, but I hope the content from the beat teams will be a welcomed and informative return.

    Much of what we do is joint working with partners such as housing, Rushmoor Council, social services etc.

    The Newsletter and the information provided is meant to be a two way street. I welcome you forwarding any feedback, all police or policing related questions or queries you may want answering, any articles you want to see or information you want for the Neighbourhood team to answer. You can

    contact us through Hants Alert or directly through the Neighbourhood mailbox.

    I will try to answer these requests. Please note I will not be able to provide information on individual cases as there may be data protection requirements or current crime investigations that would preclude a response.

    Normal service will be resumed next month.









    Burglary Damage Robbery Vehicle Crime

    Farnborough Central 28 19 1 16 1 7

    Farnborough North 12 36 6 21 0 4

    Farnborough South 11 16 2 7 0 9

    Farnborough West 18 26 4 19 1 6

    Aldershot North 43 43 7 8 1 4

    Aldershot South 21 35 6 14 0 8

    Your SNT Management team are:

    Insp Olga

    Venner PS Kevin

    Futers PS Jamie

    OBrien PS Debbie


  • Summary This month has seen a spike across Rushmoor for burglaries. Fortunately for Farnborough Central residents, there has not been an increase like some of the other neighbourhoods have experienced.

    Local officers are working across all the teams to ensure this level is reduced and offenders are identified and dealt with.

    Community priorities have not been amended since the last community forum as there were issues with the invitation span not being as much as planned. Another meeting will be scheduled in the near future to discuss updating the priorities.

    There have been a spate of windows being smashed across Farnborough. Most of these are on business premises and are of a significant cost to repair.

    Local officers have identified suspects and the investigation is currently ongoing.

    Beat Priorities

    Town Centre Homelessness/ASB. Another member of the public that has been homeless and spending most of their time in the town centre has been housed by the council. As a result there have been no further reports of ASB linked to homelessness.

    Burglary. See above regarding update on burglaries

    Road Safety. Anti-social vehicular activity has reduced over the past month. Speedwatch volunteers continue to target specific roads on the neighbourhood to reduce average speeds and make the area safer for road users and pedestrians. See below for the current Speedwatch areas.

    SpeedWatch. Locations for Speedwatch have been updated for the neighbourhood and are currently:

    Union Street

    Rectory Road

    Upcoming Events

    Keep your eyes open for new events being planned. We will continue to use Twitter to advertise events, so make sure you follow us @FarnboroughCops.

    FARNBOROUGH CENTRAL (Empress and Town Centre Wards). Your SNT team are:

    PC Rob Dunster PC David Carpenter PCSO Ricky Chappell

  • Summary

    We welcome two new recruits, PC Katherine Armstrong and PCSO Stirling Burrow to the Farnborough North Policing team.

    Theres been an increase in reports of criminal damage this month, in the following areas: Hawley Court, Robin Hood Close, Perring Avenue Hurst Road and Totland Close. Police have increased patrols in and around these areas.

    There were three reported burglaries (see burglary section below for further details)

    Beat Priorities

    Anti-Social Behaviour/ASB. Fairfax Playpark, Pinewood Play park, Totland Close play park - reports of anti-social behaviour have decreased this month in general, but we have received further reports of youths causing a general nuisance in Totland play park.

    There have been extra patrols and monitoring of CCTV to identify offenders.

    We have received several nuisance reports of youths knocking on doors and running away in the areas of Dunstall Park and Wren Way.

    Burglary. This month we have had three burglaries. Two of these occurred on the same day (09/03/2017).

    One occurred down Harbour Close where the conservatory doors were smashed and jewellery was stolen. This happened between 18.30 and 21.25.

    If you were in the area and recall seeing anything suspicious, which you think may be related, please call 101, quoting reference number 44170089580.

    The other was down Beech Road, where an unknown person(s) gained entry, but were disturbed and did not take anything.

    The other happened down Fintry Walk on 10/03/2017 at approx.13.40hrs, where a male got into a property via the letter box. He was again disturbed before taking anything.

    If you recall noting anything suspicious in the area around this date, please phone 101 quoting reference number 44170090490.

    Vehicle crime. Theft of a number plate happened in Bracklesham Close on 04/03/2017.

    If you recall anything on this date, please phone 101, quoting reference number 44170081821.

    Anti-theft number plate screws can be purchased to prevent number plate thefts.

    Speed Watch.

    01/03/2017 Sandy Lane. Total vehicles checked 203, 13 were found to be exceeding the enforced speed limit.

    07/03/2017- Cherrywood Road. Total vehicles checked 106, 0 were found to be exceeding the enforced speed limit.

    23/03/2017- Fernhill Road. Total vehicles checked 251, 10 were found exceeding the enforced speed limit.

    Upcoming Events

    Dont forget beat forums are held with police and local councillors on the first Saturday of every month between 10 - 12 at the Fox pub, Chapel Lane for you to come and ask questions about issues that are affecting you.

    FARNBOROUGH NORTH (Fernhill & Cherrywood Wards) Your SNT team are: PC Mark

    Ranola PCSO Mitchell While PC Andrea


    PCSO Stirling Burrow

    PCSO Nilam Rai

    PCSO Gordon Pengilley

    PCSO Kirstan Bough

  • FARNBOROUGH SOUTH (Knellwood & St Marks Wards) Your SNT team are:

    PC Mark Hoban PCSO James Charlton PCSO Terry Wellerd SC Dave Browning


    It has been pleasing to see that Farnborough South remains a relatively low crime area and the past month has not seen any exceptional incidents of note.

    Acquisitive crime is a priority for the Rushmoor District and whilst incidents of theft have occurred, these have been lower in number than experienced in previous months.

    Thefts from vehicles continues to be an issue in the area, although often it is insecure cars and vans that are targeted. We ask that residents take greater care to ensure their vehicles are locked when not in use and to ensure all valuables are removed.

    Anti-social behaviour can take many forms and may cause considerable upset to those affected most. Your local Police team, in conjunction with partner agencies such as Rushmoor Council, will listen to your concerns and where possible aim to resolve these issues.

    If you do find yourself experiencing issues which impact on you day to day, then please contact us on the non-emergency number 101.

    We often receive reports from members of the community when they see people acting suspiciously. Whilst many of these reports transpire to be ordinary people going about their business, the Police would much rather deal with a false alarm than for one of your neighbours to become a victim of a crime. As residents you are able to provide invaluable information about problems and events that may be occurring within the community and your call will always be valued.

    If you feel it is an emergency then please dial 999. If not then please use the non-emergency number 101.

    We continually look to identify what issues should be treated as a priority within the beat area, the current ones being shown below. If you feel there are more pressing issues then we would be pleased to hear from you.

    Beat Priorities

    Burglaries Knellwood and St Marks There have been four burglary incidents reported over the past month. Of these, two were carried out in dwellings, one where a garage was opened and another at a building site.

    Items were not stolen at two of these incidents and whilst the overall number of incidents was relatively low, this type of crime remains a