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Russian Travel Magazine

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  • Russian Travel Magazine35.

    Into the Wild JO,BNDIBULB

    The Price of Victory JO7PMHPHSBE

    A Mystical Journey to Lake #BJLBM

    1TLPW the Cradle of Russian Civilization

    3VTTJBO#BOZB from a Gentleman

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  • 2Russian Travel Magazine

    ContentsRussia on the verge of a tourist boom .........................05

    Into the Wild in Kamchatka ....................................08

    Gaze at the Stars in Kaluga ...............................................14

    A Mystical Journey to Lake Baikal .................................................22

    The Russian way of life in Leningrad Region ...................26

    Arctic Dawn in Murmansk .....................................28

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  • 3The Banya from a Gentleman ...................................34

    The History and Mystery of the Penza Region ..............................38

    The Price of Victory in Volgograd ......................................42

    Pskov the Cradle of Russian Civilization ..............48

    Velikiy Novgorod Heart of the Russian State ...................................52

    The Taste of Russia ................................................55


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  • 42011Project Otdykhay v Rossii

    PublisherCENTRE FOR INTERNATIONAL INITIATIVES(Moscow, Russia)Address:Marii Ulyanovoy Street 19-41,Moscow, Russia, 119331

    General Manager and EditorOlga Andersolga.anders@yandex.ru

    Project ManagerLeonid Alabyanleonid.alab@yandex.ru

    Editing & TranslationIngeborga Knutz

    Creative ManagerSergey Sorokin

    Advertising Department DirectorNadezhda Vakhtangovadinagmw@rambler.ru

    ManagerElena Averkieva

    We would like to express special thanks to our friends Aleksey Solomatin and Sergey Borisen-ko, without whom this project would not have been possible.

    Printed by LLC Poligraphiya - Fert

    Circulation 60000 copies.

    The editorial o! ce holds no responsibility for the content

    of promotional materials. The editors do not enter into cor-

    respondence with authors and do not guarantee the return

    of manuscripts. Published material may be reproduced only

    with the permission of the publisher.

    Address of the Editorial O! ce:

    Marii Ulyanovoy Street 19-41,

    Moscow, Russia, 119331


    Telephone: + 7 499 131 2196


    Editors NoteRussian Travel Magazine

    I am going to Russia!, my English friend said to me. And where exactly?, I asked her. She said, Of course to Moscow, then to St. Petersburg, and I would love to see Baikal and what else would you advise me, do you know any other interesting places?I couldnt think of what to say to her. And then I asked myself, yes, of course, for a " rst trip to Russia, a visit to the Kremlin and Red Square will do, then a 4 hours train ride to St. Petersburg... What else do Russian travel companies have on o# er? There are a lot of interesting routes, but how do you choose whats best for you? How do you make sure not to miss out on anything? I open my computer and read the following: total area of the Russian Federation is 17, 075,400 square kilometers, it has over 183 recognized ethnicities living in its 83 regions. So how do you choose what would be the most interesting place to see for me, my girlfriend and my friends, who have all traveled the world and now want to go to Russia?I so much wanted them to not just stick to Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also see the places where Russia itself was born, our bright pearls with the pristine, almost untouched nature, with its simple and kind people, who for centuries kept their tradi-tions and rituals, songs and recipes. And despite the harsh climate and life troubles, Russian people never cease to amaze with their hospitality, their wide Russian Soul and their unshakable spirit.With pride and love for my beautiful homeland, I would like to present our magazine, where we invite you on a fascinating journey through nine regions of Russia, from Murmansk and Novgorod to Irkutsk and Kamchatka. We will tell you about the most interesting things to do and see in these regions, and you will learn about their distinc-tive customs and best tourist routes.And let everyone choose a route to his or her liking Russia is a place where every imaginable type of leisure is on o# er and where adventure awaits you at every corner. Every Russian region has something exceptional and fascinating, be it history, culture or nature, or all at once! Experience this unique way of being.Enjoy your trip!

    Olga Anderseditor

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  • 5Russia

    There are plans to establish a more modern tourist infrastructure, introduce measures to support the commercial sector, improve the e! ciency of how the state regulates the industry, and improve the level of professional training. All of these goals are re" ected in the federal Russian program for the development of domestic tourism in 2011 to 2018. Estimated 50 to 90 billion rubles from the federal budget and about 300 billion rubles in private investments will go into the implementation of the project, in particular the development of cruise, beach, historical, educational, environmental, and other types of tourism in Russia. The plan is to ensure a cluster approach to provide a wide range of quality tourist services.Our country has always been famous for its warmth and universal hospital-ity. Come and visit us soon!

    The strategic direction of the Russian tourism industry is the creation of a competitive market of tourist services in the country. The main goal for us is to ensure the safety, quality and accessibil-ity of recreation for Russian citizens and foreign tourists alike.

    Vitaly Mutko,Russias Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy

    As far as its potential for tourism goes, Russia is among the top ten most visited countries in the world, attracting over 70 million tourists a year. Recently, Russias state policy in the countrys tourism sector has undergone signi# cant changes. The federal and regional authorities are now actively promoting inbound tourism, with a renewed focus on the growing needs of foreign guests and the latest trends in the global tourism market.

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  • 6Russian Travel Magazine

    Facts and FiguresOver 11.5 million foreign tourists visited Russia in the ! rst half of 2011. In 2010, the volume of paid services rendered to Russian tour companies totaled 203 billion rubles.The number of collective accommodation facilities in Russia increased by 3,1% in 2010 and amounted to 12.8 thousand with a total accommodating capacity of over 1 million people.Total income for the industry last year was about 900 billion rubles (about 2% of Russias GDP).

    Our brands include ballet, the great compos-ers, writers and poets, and the places associated with them, our religion and the great churches. All of this is primarily cultural tourism. Another line of development has everything to do with our amazing nature and its extraordinary diver-sity. Hunting and ! shing attract foreign visitors, because they can no longer ! nd these virgin forests anywhere in Europe. Even the Russian

    winter is a unique thing. The Russian north is in huge demand. For example, groups of tourists come from China to Yakutsk especially to witness the cold weather of no less than minus 45 degrees. They are interested to experience this extreme.

    Alexander Radkov, head of the Federal Agency for Tourism. Interview with the newspaper Izvestia 23.08.2011

    About Russia:Capital: MoscowArea: 17,075,400 km2Population: 142.5 million (UN, 2007)Major language: RussianMajor religions: Christianity, Islam, Buddism, JudaismMonetary unit: 1 rouble = 100 kopecksInternet domain: .ru, .suInternational dialing code: +7

    O" cial state holidaysJanuary 1-05 New Years Day January 7 Christmas February 23 Defender of the Motherland Day March 8 International Womens Day May 1 Labour Day May 9 Victory Day June 12 Russia Day November 4 National Unity DayThe climate in Russia is famously varied from the hot subtropical climate of the Black Sea coast, the Caucasus and the Krasnodar region to harsh Arctic islands and the coast of the Arctic Ocean. The Far East is dominated by cold snowy winters and warm and humid summers. Particularly severe is the extremely continental climate of Siberia and the northern half of the Far East, which is also the cause of the permafrost area stretchig more than 10 million sq km. The layer of permafrost, often richly saturated with underground ice, can be up to 500 meters wide in the north, while in the basin of Markha river it is as thick as 1500 meters.Winters in the west of the European part of Russia and in the Caucasus are usually moderate at 0 to -5 C. To the east of Yakutia it is very cold, with January temperatures dropping as low as -40 and -50 C, sometimes even -70 C.Except for the Far North, Russian summers are relatively warm, even hot in the very south. The average July temperature in the north of Siberia is about 1 C, in the European part of the country summer temperatures reach around 24 to 25 C, while in the south of Russia it can get as hot as 30 to 35 degrees. Russia has about 120 thousand rivers that are over 10 km long, with their total length reaching more than 2.3 million km.

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