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RPL Instructions for the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. The TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification requires the achievement of 10 units of competence. The table below provides a description of the suggested evidence and possible evidence acceptable for recognition against each of the 10 units. The types of documents or paperwork you can provide, as demonstration of competence, may vary from those documents suggested - please contact us if you believe you have any difficulty collecting similar documents or believe you have alternative evidence. Please note all documentation must be authenticated as your own work. Providing a signed Covering Letter from a supervisor or work colleague, who is aware of your work, will be suitable for authenticating your documentation. The person authenticating your work should indicate their position and how they can confirm that the paperwork provided was your work. You may also wish to authenticate your work through other methods, such as, providing videos, Certificates, Awards, Conference or Refereed Journal Papers and such. Where possible, please provide a portfolio of evidence similar to the examples suggested against each unit in the table below.

Work examples should be less than 12 months old wherever possible. You may provide older

documents that will demonstrate a composite view of your knowledge and which will contribute to the demonstration of your overall competence.

If you are unable to provide actual business document examples you may provide your own answers

to the relevant questions (as indicated on the checklist). If your answers do not satisfy the requirements, we may contact you to discuss the option of an interview. We recognise that many of the workplace documents will be confidential, however we are obliged to ensure the privacy of all documents received for RPL and all documents will remain secure under the operation of our RTO. If you have concerns in this area please contact us to discuss.

Evidence requirements are specified as or or and - where or gives you options, but and means

all documents required.

RPL documentation may also be used more than once against more than one unit (or part thereof). Therefore you may not need to collect separate documents for each unit. This is an holistic approach to the RPL process (please contact us for any clarification).

Please ensure you have a backup copy of your entire portfolio and any answers to questions (which

you may wish to type directly in this document) - also - do not send original documents through the mail. Send only certified copies of originals!

Lastly, we require JP certified copies of any Qualifications or Statements of Attainment you wish to

have directly credited or mapped to your RPL. Where you may have completed your previous qualification with Tasmanian Training Institute we will not require a certified copy.

Please note a good start to your RPL process is to submit a detailed Rsum of your work history. This will be helpful for your assessor to gain an understanding of your background and capacity to succeed with RPL. If we perceive there are any issues for a successful RPL, we will contact you and discuss this with you. We welcome you to the RPL process and look forward to being of assistance to you in gaining your qualification. At all times we will work with you to ensure a smooth process to a positive outcome! *Fees - $1050 for RPL (initial RPL enquiry carries a non-refundable fee of $150).

Tasmanian Training Institute TAE40110 RPL Application Kit V2.2014 Page 2 of 16

Please proceed to Application Form below.

Tasmanian Training Institute TAE40110 RPL Application Kit V2.2014 Page 3 of 16

Applicant Details:

1. Qualification/Units you are seeking recognition in

2. Personal Details


Preferred Title (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss)

First Name/s

Any other name used

Home Address

Postal address if different from above

Telephone Numbers Home: Work:

Mobile: Fax:

Gender MALE ! / FEMALE !

Age (optional)

Are you a permanent Resident of Australia

YES ! / NO !

3. Current Employment

Are you currently employed? If Yes, in which occupation are you currently employed? Who is your current employer?

YES ! / NO ! .

4. Further Training

Have you undertaken any training courses related to the qualification/units applied for?

YES ! / NO !

If Yes

What were you trained in?

Training completion Date (month, year)

Any other information about the training (i.e. did you receive a statement of attendance, an award, etc)


Tasmanian Training Institute TAE40110 RPL Application Kit V2.2014 Page 4 of 16

Name of course and institution (if applicable)

5. Is there any further information you wish to give in support of your application?

for example you may wish to tell us about your activities outside of work (hobbies, sporting expertise etc) where the activities you perform there may align in part to this RPL application

6. Professional Referees (relevant to work situation)

Name Position Organisation Phone Number Mobile Number Email Address

Name Position Organisation Phone Number Mobile Number Email Address

TAE40110 RPL Application Kit V2. 2014 Page 5 of 16

Name, Address and Phone number of Employers

Period of Employment (MM/YYYY)

Position Held Description of Major Duties (include whether full-time, part-time et)

From To










Attach additional sheet if required If you are including documents in your application, please provide a brief description below

TAE40110 RPL Application Kit V2. 2014 Page 6 of 16


By completing the following form for the documents you are able to provide and we will instruct you which documents will be needed in the final RPL process

To mark the box with X simply double-click to open and mark checked

Relevant Work and Study Evidence Year

Office Use Only

Certificates / Qualifications University

Results / Statement of Attendance / Certificates - RTO

Certificates / Qualifications - Interstate or Overseas

In-house Courses

Workshops, Seminars, Symposiums, Conferences

Industry Awards

Memberships - Relevant Professional Associations

Other Workplace Evidence Options

Learning and Assessment Strategies (including LLN)

Training Session Plans

Learning Resources (including for LLN support)

Assessment Tools and Marking Guides

Minutes of Moderation and / or Validation Meetings

Minutes of Industry Network Meetings

Log Books

Peer and Participant Feedback Forms and Comments


Evidence from (relevant) Hobbies or Activities

Club Courses, First Aid, Surf Life Saving, etc.

Hobbies or Interests

Special Skills Outside Work

Volunteer Work


Examples of Papers you Delivered

Your Self-assessments (written responses)

Other please specify. Declaration I declare that the information contained in this application is true and correct and that all documents are genuine. Candidate Signature: Date

TAE40110 RPL Application Kit V2. 2014 Page 7 of 16

RPL EVIDENCE TABLE Suggested documentation to collect

The table below is very comprehensive and a guide to the types of documentation which may be provided as RPL evidence for each unit. Remember you may be able to provide the same document for a number of aspects over several units. If you are unsure as to the sufficiency of your evidence, provide what you can and our communication with you will assist in the completion of the RPL

Simply check the box if you think you can provide the range of documents required (Y for yes) or (N for no) - and send back your checklist

to us for approval to begin collecting the documents

You will notice several units require specific evidence (known as critical aspects of evidence) and these must be provided for the complete RPL of that unit

You may also provide your own self-assessment of your competence (i.e. statements about your experiences and expertise) and a column has

been provided for this or you may simply attach your responses on a separate sheet

You will also see columns for comments from our assessors which will be used in determining the completeness of the documents provide and will be finalised with the evidence review table

The Evidence Review table is also for our internal processes and will complete the overall evaluation of your RPL evidence and determine the

steps required to gain RPL (if any).

Please check the boxes where you are able to provide documented evidence (*hint you might wish to number the documents as you may refer t