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  • Three and Out: Dealing with the new.

    Drafting a receiver in the Royals new spread? After moving to a spread offense in 2012, drafting a receiver isnt as simple as it was last year, with Darcy Muller and Bill Chislett be-ing the obvious options. With new quarterback Blair Black at the helm, alongside a strong receiving corps with the additions of deep threat Chris Tuohy and versatile slot receiver Adam Watson, choosing a single receiver for big production is more difficult. However, with a stronger passing game, one can expect better results from any one of these receivers than the top picks last year. Expect all receivers to have solid high-end no2 wide receiver stat lines, with potential for no1 value for those that take the ball deep. Especially with more reps to be received by all with Jeremy Golden leaving for America and Mark Anton injured on the sidelines. Speaking of hitting receivers, quarterback Blair Black is a definite no1 QB this year, with even more value potentially if he can lower the amount of intercep-tions. The double threat running and throwing quarterback is only going to get more com-fortable in the offense, with a vastly improved offensive line, and should not be overlooked.

    Royals running back committee now? So much for fantasy punters taking 2011 Royals stud RB Victor Nguyen as the overall first round pick in the draft this year. The standout tailback is projected to be sidelined until late in the season, and should be benched in all formats. With three running backs sharing the ball in the Royals offense (Robbie Hanra-han, Frank Matue and Justin Matic), head coach Dan Levin is comparable to Mike Shana-han in choosing which back will start each week. The high scoring Royals offense makes them all viable fantasy starts, however Hanrahan has to stand out as the best pick at this stage. However, watch out for Justin Matic or Frank Matue to vulture Hanrahans touch-downs as they approach the end zone and call in for some fresh legs. To make matters worse for fantasy players, talks of Josh Vakapuna finding some work in the backfield could mean an even more spread load. Take care to draft any of the Royals running backs with caution, as anyone of them could have a monster or a quiet week.

  • Royals new defence as strong? The defence was definitely the strongest element of the Royals last year. New additions to the defence this year include ex offensive players Jere-my Edwards on defensive line from full back and Michael Karl Van Gessell at Strong Safety from tight end. Defensive line additions were necessary with nose tackle Aaron Mapstone becoming drastically lighter, and the loss of other players necessitated fill ins. In addition, the Royals defence has received strong rookie assistance from Alex Strickland, Donnie Lussier and Josh Vakapuna, aiding an already strong linebacker corps. However the Roy-als have been taking home wins despite letting teams score on them consistently. Are the Royals still the same value pick this year in the draft for a defence? The answer is definitely, facing stronger and more experienced offenses, more scores are natural, as well as the of-fense this year being strong and aiding the defence to not be on the field as much as they were last year. Expect the Royals to only get stronger on defence despite some concerns about the loss of DE Donal Stott and LB Floyd Baragwanath. The depth across the defence should see those roles being filled adequately.



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  • Rookies To Watch!

    Josh Vakapuna, LBThe big Samoan force is a handy addition to the Royals in any situation, bringing both speed and violent playmaking to the team, he is sure to make some big plays soon. Vakapuna has already made some big stops on special teams, making kick returners not want to fight for extra yards, as well as finding and putting running backs in the dirt. Expect things to only get better.

    Alex Strickland, LBEx-Army forces linebacker Alex Strickland came out with a strong showing from the get go, forcing a fumble and recovering one also in his first game against the Northern Raiders. Despite an already strong linebacker corps, Strickland has moved into a con-sistent threat already on the Royals roster. Look for him to not only stuff the run but also come out using his speed and cover the zones.

    Dom Young, CMoving into an offensive line as a rookie is never easy, but that job is even harder when playing centre and taking over from All-Victoria Division 2 nominated Larny Pasene who is now playing guard. Dom is a weekly starter and at only 18 is proving his worth on the team quickly with a load of potential in the next few years sure to emerge.

    Daniel Griffin, LTAnother rookie offensive lineman, now a consistent starter. Some punters doubted Griffins potential when weighing in significantly lighter than the rest of the potential of-fensive lineman. However learning technique quickly, and great footwork coupled with his speed, the blind side tackle has found his groove quickly. Ensuring QB Blair Blacks safety is Griffins top priority and is doing a great job so far.

    Alex Gossage, FSBritish import Alex Gossage is only improving every week. With tough competition from free safety and defensive captain Ben Ly, Gossage has proved that he is a viable player week in, week out. Keep an eye on this sleeper, as could come out with some big plays in the coming weeks.

    Lionel Ong, CBJoining the secondary and bringing a little more height to the cornerback role, Ong has only got better every week. Watch out for this cornerback to use his height and zone coverage skills to make some interceptions in the coming weeks, and with some size and speed could return it to the house.

  • The fourth week of the Gridiron Victoria season saw the start of the cross-divisional games, however there would only be two games played.

    Saturday, the division 1 Western Crusaders travelled to the Northern Raiders home ground in Reservoir. After a great win against the Rangers in week 3, the Cru continued their success with a 44-0 win against the Raiders.

    On the Sunday, the Bay City Buccaneers travelled to Clay-ton to take on the Monash Barbarians. In rainy conditions, the Buccaneers continued their winning steak with relative ease, beating the Barbarians 60-0, despite a strong effort by Monash and their QB taking numerous hits.

    The Sunday afternoon match was unfortunately cancelled this week, with the Gippsland Gladiators having to forfeit against a strong division 1 opponent, the Monash Warriors. The Gladiators were struggling with injuries, work com-mitments and sicknesses and were not able to produce a healthy enough squad to travel and make the game. Monash gets the win, and hopefully will be back strong next week to take on the Croydon Stars.

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