Rotational Molding Blow Molding Thermoforming

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Rotational Molding Blow Molding Thermoforming. Chapter 6.4,5,8. Rotational Molding. rotationalmolding.htm. Blow Molding. public/blowmolding.cfm. bl-mold.htm. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Rotational Molding Blow Molding Thermoforming

  • Rotational MoldingBlow MoldingThermoformingChapter 6.4,5,8

  • RotationalMolding



  • rotationalmolding.htm

  • Blow Molding

  • public/blowmolding.cfm

  • bl-mold.htm

  • mat-fab/blow/PETBlow.html

  • polyflow/blow.htm Extrusion Blow Molding Animation (from Fluent, CFD software)

  • Blow Molding Animation (from Fluent, CFD software) polyflow/blow.htm

  • Thermoforming

  • Vacuum FormingVacuum Forming is accomplished by heating the plastic sheet until it is pliable enough to be vacuumed either into a female mold or over a male mold. thermoforming.html

  • thermoforming.htm

  • Pressure FormingPressure Forming is nothing more than Vacuum Forming with pressure assist to the forming process to enable crisper detail and sharper features. Pressure Forming utilizes pressurized air to push the heated sheet into the cavity. Pressure formed parts can resemble the detail of injection molded parts at a fraction of the tooling cost. thermoforming.html