Rossett Learning Model

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Rossett Learning Model. iBrainstorm. Differentiation. Socrative. Answer Garden. RealSmart. iPAD. KAGAN. Prezi. Show Me. Numeracy. Blogs. Solo Taxonomy. Evernote. Wikis. Literacy. We’ve travelled far and acquired more ‘tools’. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Rossett Learning Model

Rossett Learning Model

Rossett Learning ModelKAGANSocrativeSolo TaxonomyDifferentiationLiteracyNumeracyiPADWikisRealSmartBlogsAnswer GardenEvernoteShow MePreziiBrainstormWeve travelled far and acquired more tools.

But we must be careful that we are not simply putting tinsel on an old tree.

Are we using our teaching tools as effectively as we might?

Purpose of todayTo re-focus our attention on the appropriate use of our teaching tools by using a learning model, based on Alistair Smiths accelerated learning.

This is nothing NEW. Effective planning has always been the bedrock of good teaching.

The Rossett Learning Model provides a framework for planning and delivering good and outstanding lessons that focus on learning.

Staff ActivityRossett Learning ModelConnect the learning and share outcomesShare new infoSearch for meaningDemonstrate understandingReviewConnect the Learning and Share OutcomesBreak a pattern & create anticipationImages guess the topicContext-based musicImage/letters activity This is the starter and should connect with what has been learnt previously and what will be learnt.

Introduce learning outcomes what will be learnt?

ExcitementGet students to predict the lesson.Learning Outcomes focus on learning.Link to relevant exam/grade/band criteria.All will understand the impact of the Nazis on society. (C grade)Some will analyse the impact. (B grade)Few will collate various evidence that explores/analyses the impact in detail. (A grade)Outcomes should be what will be learnt and not just what theyll doShare New InformationClip-YouTubeDemonstrationInformation around roomiPad researchJumbled informationKagan StructuresAnimations

Share new information engage as many senses/learning styles as possible.Take a risk give info in a new way!Search for Meaning Probe understandingAsk planned questionsStudents should convert the new information into another form:

Have the students understood the new information?

Afl opportunity!Demonstrate UnderstandingStudents demonstrate their new understanding and show progress group/paired/individual.

Give them responsibility independent learning

Differentiation is key as well as reminding students of outcomes/success.

Variety of learning styles.

Writing the text/answering the questionsCreating a tableau/freeze frame/performanceGroups collate presentation (with roles)Groups/pairs create walk-throughsDebateTeach othersReviewReflect on the learning

Individual, paired, small groups/whole-class.

How successful have they been in achieving the outcomes?Test yourself, test your partner.Edit post-it on learning line and move along line.Traffic lights