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  • READ THE SOL TIMES ONLINE @ WWW.SOLTIMES.COMKitchen open: 12.30 - 3.00, 7.00 - 10.00. Closed Thursdays

    Plaza Los Jazmines 10, 04740 Roquetas de MarOpposite Playa Capricho in the car park

    Tel: 950 334 439 Email: [email protected]

    Enjoy Pierres French CuisineMEnu dEL dia 9.00 served friday - wednesday

    rack of Lamb available





    Wide range of UK, Continental & Indian

    Foods & Spicesnew Selection of electrical goods

    toasters, Kettles, Irons & Coffee machines

    CaLLe JaBeQUe, 42, aLmerImar


    OPenIng HOUrS: mOn - FrI 10am - 6Pm Sat & SUn 10am - 7Pm

    teL: 950 609 419



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    ArkritesBritish Food Storewell stocked selection of:

    Groceries & frozen foodsincludinG leGs of new zealand lamb,

    Gammon joints, lambs liver.larGe selection of GreetinG cards

    In the UrB oF roqUetAS de MAr, jUSt oFF AvdA de MedIterrAneo In the SqUAre neAr LA GAMBA toScAnA & theoS

    Mon - fri: 10.30am - 2.30pm sat: 10am - 2pm tel: 950 334 081

    out of hours please call 950 334 544

    Free Home Delivery

    Daily menu from Mondays to Friday 11 (starter ,1st course, dessert, drink & bread)

    1 pizza + salad + 1 drink = 6.50 1pm-4pm

    il TeATrorestauranteSUmmer OFFerS

    Pasaje los Jazmines, 16. urb. Playa serena (Roquetas de Mar) REsERVas: 950 335 360 [email protected]

    REsTauRanTE iL TEaTRO aLMERia

    Pizzas to take away for 5 All Day


    Tel: 645 066 538CaLLE faRO, aLMERiMaR

    At the entrAnce to the port

    Variety Bar

    For FishnChips with that good old fashioned taste!

    fridays OnlyEvenings 7pm - 10pm





    693774 932

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  • www.soltimes.com SOLTIMES SEPTEMBER 2013 3

    Expatriates with information or suspicions about tobacco smuggling and tax fraud are being asked to call a Customs Hotline with any information that could lead to arrests or seizures.

    The call for help from the British community follows the jailing of convicted cigarette smuggler Malcolm McGowan, who has just been extradited from Spain and is now starting a four-year jail term.

    The freephone number to pass on information is 900 988 922. For people in the UK, it is 0800 595 000. People can also email [email protected] There is no need to give personal details, and information that leads directly to an arrest could be considered for a small reward.

    McGowan, 61, originally from Edinburgh, was arrested at a swimming pool in Valencia on 10 August by the Guardia Civil. He fled the UK 12 years ago after being found guilty of smuggling 28.3 million cigarettes into the country. His crimes robbed the UK of around 4 million in duty and he was sentenced in his absence in December 2001.

    McGowan was part of a wider conspiracy to smuggle around 56 million cigarettes into the UK between November 1999 and March 2000. Ten other men were involved in the plot, which robbed the UK taxpayer of over 8.2 million.

    Adrian Farley, Assistant Director of Criminal Investigation for HM Revenue & Customs, said:

    McGowan is finally facing UK justice after 12 years on the run. We are determined to pursue fugitives and ensure they face the consequences of their criminal activity. HMRC would like to thank the Spanish authorities and UK organisations that assisted with this operation.

    The call to ring 900 988 922 comes as smugglers try to


    make huge profits from illegal imports of cigarettes, and the selling of low-quality, counterfeit cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol.

    Customs officers are also keen for information about other items such as drugs, firearms, obscene material and endangered species. Tax frauds that HMRC want to hear about include betting and gaming, money laundering and the carousel VAT scam in Europe.

    Smugglers and fraudsters cheat the rest of us by not contributing the tax that pays for schools, hospitals and public services, said an HMRC spokesman. People in the British expatriate community can help us to find them.

    Family Run Estate Agency Dedicated to Finding

    Your Dream Home in the Sun!ESTABLISHED SIncE 2003

    REf: sH483 - ViLLa, nR aRbOLEas

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    amenities.Price: 134,000

    REf: sH781 - ViLLa, nR aRbOLEas

    a detached 3 bed, 2 bath Villa within walking distance of arboleas

    village with pool.Price: 150,000

    REf: sH643 - ViLLa, PaRTaLOa

    Villa located in Partaloa, on a 2879m2 plot of land, swimming pool, 3 bedrooms

    and great views. Price: 145,000

    REf: sH712 ViLLa, nR aRbOLEas

    spacious 4 bed, 2 bath property situated just 5 minutes drive from the inland village of arboleas with private pool

    Price: 139,500


    Property with amazing views located in the Los Menchones urbanization just15 minutes walk from the Arboleas village. It has 3 large bedrooms, one with

    anen-suite plus a family bathroom. Plus a 6m by 2.5m swimming pool.

    REF: SH716 159,000

    Office located next to cajamar Bank, Arboleas village Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 3pmTlf: 958 003 391 Mob: 606 281 865 Email: [email protected] www.spanish-hideaways.com

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    Prices are subject to change without notification. Please confirm on booking. We reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time.

    Calle Malaga - albox (100m from Mercadona) Mon - fri 9am - 5pm, sat 10am - 2pmLaTE aPPOinTMEnTs aVaiLabLE On REquEsT FREE WiFi


    950 633 086722 294 384



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    PCs Laptops Printers etc... sales & Repairs On-site Call Out

    &Tuition Consumables

    Telephone 950 120 900


    The cost of an ITV test on a vehicle Spains answer to an MOT varies by up to 144 per cent depending upon which region of the country you live in, says a leading consumer group. This rises to up to 208 per cent for motorbikes and mopeds.

    FACUA-Consumers in Actions recently-published price comparison shows that in the western-Spanish region of Extremadura, a motorbike ITV costs 25.93 euros, yet in the Valencia region the fee jumps to 63.23 euros. And prices in general have gone up by 2.6 per cent since last year.

    In a report by ThinkSpain, the sharpest increases in cost have been seen in Asturias, Mallorca and Cantabria, whilst the cheapest of Spains 17 autonomous regions to get an ITV are Extremadura and Navarra.

    But car and bike owners cannot simply drive to the

    cheapest region to have their ITV carried out, because the criteria for testing differs across federal borders and a test certificate is not valid on home turf if it was obtained in a region different to that of residence.

    This means drivers in Andaluca who go to neighbouring Extremadura for cheaper tests will find their ITV is not valid when they are back home in Andaluca.

    However, this does not apply to tourists, so an Extremadura resident visiting Andaluca for a week or two will not be fined for carrying an ITV sticker from another region.

    Drivers are not obliged to have their vehicles tested in the same province they live in, but they must take the test in their federal region of residence.

    Recent reports claim residents on the Orihuela

    Costa (Alicante) who had gone over the nearby southern border into Murcia for ITVs were being fined when asked by police to show their vehicle documents.

    But these same residents could travel to the provinces of Valencia or Castelln if they wished, since they would still be within the correct region although as the prices are regional, they would be the same as in Orihuela.

    Different regions have different testing criteria in some, including the Comunidad Valenciana, these include emissions, and in others, greater control and more stringent measures are in place for cars being imported from abroad.

    FACUA-Consumers in Action has called for ITV stations, which are State-owned, to increase their prices fairly and gradually and to ensure they test for defects which have a bearing on road safety.

    They have also appealed for re-testing where a vehicle fails to be free of charge if this is carried out within a reasonable period of time.


    Antas, Berja & Huercal OveratuesdAys: Albox, Cuevas, Los

    GallardosWednesdAys: Mojacar, Bedar,

    Lubrin, Velez BlancothursdAys: Carboners, Cuevas,

    Sorbas, Olula del RioFridAys: Garrucha, Turre,

    ZurgenasAturdAys: Vera, Aguilas,

    Arboleas Velez RubiosundAys: Villaricos


    liberty SegurosCalle malaga 6 - 04800 aLBOX (almeria)

    tel: 950 121 [email protected]

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    A couple who left their three young children in a locked car in the heat in order to go to the beach have been arrested in Benalmdena, Mlaga.

    According to press reports, the father, 48, and mother, 39 had left them with no ventilation or water at the hottest part of the day.

    A member of the public saw the children shut in the car in a car park near the beach and unable to escape, sweating profusely and feeling dizzy, all of which put them at serious risk of heat-stroke. This was at around 14.45hrs on Wednesday last week, but the news has only just been released.

    Firefighters were called out and cut the children free from the vehicle, then traced the parents who were arrested.

    Police say the children did not want to go to the beach, insisting they went to another one where they could hire a pedalo, resulting in a family argument and the parents saying, well, you can stay in the car, then.

    The nationality of the family has not been revealed.


    Guardia Civil officers in Madrid have seized a Gibraltarian monkey which they found in a car heading for France.

    They saw a basket in the back of the car, and the driver tried to convince them it had a dog in it.

    But when police opened the basket, they found a Gibraltar monkey, which is an endangered species.

    The driver was unable to show any documentation for the animal, so it was taken by the Guardia Civils environmental wing, SEPRONA and is being housed in the Acurium Zoo in Madrid until the alleged owner can prove it is his monkey.

    Given that it has already been identified as a Gibraltar monkey, it is likely it does not belong to the driver stopped on the R-15 and will be returned to the wild.

    These are the only species of monkey which live wild in Europe otherwise they are mainly found in the Atlas mountains in southern Morocco.

    Paseo del Mediterraneo, 271/ 04638, Mojacar (almeria)Tlf: 950 615 185 - Mobile: 628 133 799

    C/Mayor (Edif.Mayor) 1a - 04630 Garrucha (almeria)Tel/fax: 950 460 362

    C/ Rueda Lpez, 3 Ent. 1o - 04004 (almeria)Tel/fax: 950 256 347

    Email: [email protected] www.mayorconsulting.es

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    A Guardia Civil officer at the Gibraltar border was knocked over by a motorcyclist last Wednesday morning who was trying to dodge police and get past the inspections on commuters heading into and out of the Rock.

    The policeman suffered minor injuries, says the Spanish interior ministry, but these are being checked to make sure there is nothing more serious hidden under the surface.

    This is the second incident of its type in the customs inspection queue

    at the Spain-Gibraltar border in less than a month.

    On August 6, a Gibraltar-registered car driver ignored the officers attempt to pull him over for inspection and continued on his way, knocking the policeman over in the process.

    The officer suffered injuries severe enough that he had to be off work for a few days.

    When police caught up with the car, it had been abandoned in the car park next to the border and several cartons of contraband cigarettes

    were found inside.

    Guardia Civil officers say they are suffering stress and insults from people stuck for hours in the queue.

    But commuters crossing the border say they have undergone bullying behaviour from police and seen them deliberately destroy private property with no motives.

    Gibraltar authorities hand out bottles of water to workers, who are forced to wait for up to seven hours in direct sunlight.


    Australian actor Hugh Jackman will be awarded the Donostia Prize at the forthcoming San Sebastin Film Festival in the Basque Country on September 27.

    Jackman, most famous for his role in the X-Men series, will pick up his trophy just minutes before his most recent film, Prisoners, is aired.

    Festival organisers have applauded Jackmans versatility as an actor and his ability to appeal to viewers of all ages, on screen and stage, given his long career in Broadway.

    Jackmans role as Wolverine in X-Men, X-Men 2 and X-Men: The final decision has so far seen him net an Oscar nomination and

    winning a Golden Globe and a Tony Award, and he is due back in Wolverines clothes next year in X-Men: Days of future past. Jackman has also starred in other box-office successes under directors as diverse as Christopher Nolan, Woody Allen, Darren Aronofsky and Shawn Levy, including playing Jean Valjean in the Tom Hooper version of Les Misrables alongside Anne Hathaway and Russell Crowe, and a leading role in Baz Luhrmanns Australia with compatriot Nicole Kidman.

    The second confirmed winner of the Donostia Prize an award named after the city of San Sebastins name in the Basque language, euskera is long-time Almodvar Girl Carmen Maura.

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    Spains roads have claimed a total of 235 lives this summer alone although this figure is 10 per cent less than in 2012, according to the ministry of traffic.

    A total of 113 drivers and passengers lost their lives in July. Most deaths occur on minor roads, with 175 killed here and another 60 on motorways.

    Motorbike accidents, however, have seen a rise in fatalities with 46 deaths on the roads in July and August, compared to 39 last year.

    According to the ministry of traffic, 17 of the deceased were not wearing a seatbelt including a 12-year-old child.

    But awareness campaigns about seatbelts appear to be working, they say, since the percentage of fatal victims travelling without one was 16 per cent this year compared to 26 per cent last year.

    The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) cited the usual reasons for accidents causing deaths distraction, tiredness, speeding, and drink-driving.


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    matter such as: putting in insurance claims, confirmation of the legality of an extension / building work, free estimate for any work to be carried out

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    Abortion Law Reform To Be finalised In OctoberA reform to the existing

    abortion law is set to be launched in October, says minister for justice Alberto Ruiz-Gallardn. Although he does not give details of the final draft, the minister and former mayor of Madrid insists it will be in keeping with the PPs original stance and respects the rights of women.

    Ruiz-Gallardn denied rumours that the party was divided over the contents, and stressed that the final law will have the unanimous approval of all members.

    So far, plans for changing the abortion law text have divided the nation, since it will be considerably more restrictive than the existing legislation drawn up by the socialists during their reign between 2004 and the end of 2011.

    Under the PSOE, a woman

    in Spain could terminate a pregnancy on similar terms to those of women in many northern European countries where the child would be born with a handicap or genetic illness that would shorten his or her life expectancy or impede quality of life for the child and parents; where the mothers physical or mental health could be adversely affected, or for other, sound reasons relating to the impossibility of bringing the child up.

    These would be performed on the national health system provided a psychiatrist gave clearance, and mothers aged 16 and 17 did not have to obtain their parents consent.

    In many other northern European countries, including the UK, a patient of any age including under 16 can request their medical details

    remain confidential and do not need their parents consent, nor are they obliged to inform them, before terminating a pregnancy.

    The PP wants to change the law so that all women under the age of 18 and therefore considered minors must obtain their parents written permission first, and the only feasible grounds for an abortion are that the mothers or babys life or health is at extreme risk. Deformities of the foetus, or any type of handicap or hereditary disorder, would not, the PP originally stated, be grounds for an abortion since this would be against the UNs stance on equality for the disabled. But the final contents of the new law have not been made public.

    The text will be presented to the Council of Ministers in October for approval.

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    Open a Spanish bank account Connection of utility services If you are considering renting your house or land we will negotiate your letting

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    Office and explain to you all the taxes that you are liable to pay.For those that become residents of Spain, we can also assist in other legal matters,

    such as matrimonial issues or business contracts.


    Ronda de Las buganvillas,Local 22, (nr Garrucha)

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    Dear EditorRe: Gibraltar - A obvious ploy by the prime Minister, Rajoy to divert attention away

    from himself with the ongoing corruption investigation and the internal problems that Spain has.

    The Spanish I have spoken to just shrug their shoulders and say what they want are jobs and food on the table. Gibraltar is in the interest of the Spanish Government but not the Spanish people, Spain has Ceuta and Melilla on Moroccan territory which Morocco would like back but Spain refuses to negotiate !! Also the financial package of 900,000 euros compensation just given to the fishermen who are suppose to be losing earnings over this dispute is way over the top and again meant to keep attention on Gibraltar. Franco closed the border with Gibraltar for many years but the Gibraltarians managed so let Gibraltar close the border this time to see how the Spanish Government react. Thank you.

    Ken Crouch, puerto de Mazarron

    Dear EditorI have never visited Gibraltar and I have no concerns about who owns it. However

    I cannot see it ever being handed back to Spanish rule. It has been British for three hundred years from a time when the world was a far different place. The Spanish are no doubt following the lead of the Argentinians who are currently making a lot of noise about The Falklands. Cristina Kirchner, the president of Argentina is without doubt arousing the passions of her people to cover up the problems of their ailing economy. perhaps the Spanish Government thought that this would be an ideal diversion away from its own economic problems. If every Country looked back on history and tried to revert back to the status quo of three hundred years ago what a crazy mess the world would be in. Can you see the Italians, British, Russians and the like returning to the lands of their forefathers from the United States and leaving their homes to the former occupants, the native Indians? Can you see the Spanish leaving Argentina and returning their lands to its former owners and occupiers? what about Brazil? would portugal cope with a returning horde of people? Of course not, how ridiculous! Spain, get over it. Nothing will change. Gibraltarians want to be British. The wish of the occupants of a Country or portion of land must be the overriding factor in any such situation


    Dear EditorDear Sir/Madam,I feel your readers should be aware of a situation I found myself in recently.

    A well known insurance company (name omitted) phoned me and offered me a full English style home insurance policy which I agreed to commence in Feb 2013.On Saturday morning of 10th Aug I had a call from a neighbour to say there

    was water coming down the street from my house.He couldnt ring the bell as the electricity wasnt working. I found that it had come from my utility room, when I checked I found that the 100 litre electric boiler had fallen off the wall smashing my washing machine and tumble dryer.I contacted the insurance company for an assesor to come, they eventually

    sent two men on Tuesday, who seemed to think that they could repair it - what they found shocked them. They took pictures and phoned the information to HO.I got a phone call on Friday (16th Aug) telling me that it was accidental

    damage and it was not covered in their policy.There is no mention in their policy about this, if I had been told I would never have had the policy after all that is why we insure our homes.So please could you inform you readers so that they can check their own

    policies. At the time of writing this I still have no hot water for showers, washing etc.Sincerely,Mrs A Hughes


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    wh ats onWednesday

    sol Times disTribuTed

    Thursdaysend your eVenTs To

    [email protected]

    FridaysTumble inn - liVe

    enTerTainmenT 9pmFriday GolF

    leos - FishnChips

    saTurdaysend your eVenTs To

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    resTauranT5pm 7pm: Jeu de boules - easT


    TuesdayTuesday GolF

    ------------------------------------------------------------iF you Would like your Weekly eVenTs To be

    published here - Free oF CharGe - send The deTails To [email protected]


    almerimar loCal inFormaTionkeep up to date with whats happening in

    almerimar: www.facebook.com/localinformation

    ALMERIMAR & suRRoundIng AREA

    There is a neW paGe on FaCebook Called memorias de almerimar


    Where people Can share Their phoTos and oTher memories oF almerimar From years Gone by. iF you

    haVe some old phoTos oF almerimar please Can you share Them WiTh us.

    FOr aLL yOUr LOCaL aDvertISIng neeDS CaLL mark on 693 774 932

    expat vetsexpat vets

    ali Jaouadali Jaouad

    Landline: 958 830 155 Mobile: 603 121 631 24hrs


    Home visits and surgeries,spaying and castrations, blood tests, x-rays etc.

    portable surgery equipment including anesthetics, x-Ray machine and more...

    Language skills: spanish, english and French.

    BAr cAFeterIA


    C/ fragata, no10 Plaza batel (almerimar) Tlf: 950 60 92 57

    elfaroldeflor @elfaroldeflor

    new bar - Very different - all welcomebreakfasts, Tapas, Racions, Cakes, Pancakes

    Minimum x 4 Maximum x 9 persons

    st mble outust mble oututours

    YAcht BroKerAGeBoAt cAre & MAIntenAnce

    InSUrAnce/tAX AdMInIStrAtIonPuerto Deportivo de Almerimar Drsena 1 - No. 42, 04711 Almerimar (Almera)

    Tel.: (+34) 950 497 825 Fax: (+34) 950 607 713 [email protected] www.yesyachting.com

    The Charity Shop

    volunteers Wanted

    Calle galera no6, almerimar(Behind Bar ankara)

    nOW OPenmonday-Friday 10am-2pm

    Wednesday - Saturday 6pm-8pmSaturday 11am-2pm

    in Association with Animales de berja

    SpecialitiesChicken & Beef Curries ChilliesTapas served all day

    Indian Spicy Curry House

    Calle Varadero, Almerimar.Tel 950 033 244 Mob. 663 859 485

    Open every day: 12 noon - late

    EL EjIDO RuGBy CLuBBased in Almerimar, we are always looking for new players and have training sessions starting at 21.30h every Tuesdays and Thursdays. players of all abilities welcome. The team is very sociable and after have

    players from beginner to experienced. we are currently in Andalucia Regional Division 2 and just

    about to start the second phase of the league. Home matches are usually at 12.30 on Sundays at the grass rugby pitch in Almerimar. For more information call

    Jonathan on 695 635 078



    ray & Kay welcome you...to their small and friendly cafe bar for breakfast, lunch, dinner & drinks

    Darsena 3, Almerimar - next to pharmacyTel 610 900 320

    cafe BarAnkara


    Est 2005

    open: mon - Sat 10.30am - Close open: Sunday 2pm - 10pm

    Sky SPorTS / eSPN For All SPorTS

    Calle Varaderoalmerimar 04711 (almeria) Tlf. 950 609 546

    macGowansBar & restaurant

    Guinness, murphys Cider, Heineken, large

    Selection of Spirits



  • 11SOLTIMES SEPTEMBER 2013www.soltimes.com

    Friday GolF Society6 SEPTEMBER: 27 players including

    7 guests took part in Friday golf this week. We played a best 2 stableford competition (with two hidden holes in the event of a tie).

    The weather was magnificent so the only excuse people had for poor scoring is the fact that the greens have just been tined and top dressed.

    Guests played a big part this week. not only were they in the winning and last placed teams, one also won nearest the pin.

    The winning team with 90 points was peter White, mimmo pettinicchio, Jill heron (guest) and Carolyn minnis (guest). last place and chocolates went to sylvia Green, louise shepherd, kristina olsson and hilary Frayling (guest) with 74 points.

    nearest the pin was won by Jill heron (guest) with a distance of 1.90m.

    For the first time since we changed the hidden holes rule we had a tie this week. however both teams scored the same number of points on the hidden holes so the tie was decided by lower handicap. so we are still waiting for the new hidden holes rule to play a full part in the scoring.

    We welcomed back lennart and kristina olsson to almerimar and lennart presented the prizes this week.

    you Can see The Full resulTs aT:

    WWW.FridayGolFsoCieTy.esiF you Would like To Take parT in The Friendly

    Friday CompeTiTions aT almerimar you Can puT your name up on The enTry lisT by The

    pro-shop or ConTaCT

    [email protected]



    Spains National Court jailed six Somali pirates accused of trying to kidnap the crew on board a tuna-fishing boat from the Basque Country 11 months ago.

    The Izurdia was targeted by invaders with gun-shots and grenades on October 10, 2012 when it was sailing in the Indian Ocean some 350 miles off the coast of Somalia, East Africa.

    Occupants of a pirate boat attempted to board the tuna ship and opened fire on the crew, at which point the on-board security guards put their emergency safety procedures into practice everyone but the captain and the operations chief hid in the control room and a security barrier was raised around the boat.

    Security guards responded to the six pirates with an intense volley of gun-shots as the Izurdia was chased across the water for 30 minutes, before the accused men finally fled the scene.

    A Dutch NATO ship, sent out to the Indian Ocean to combat piracy, discovered the offending pirates the next day and sent out two helicopters who let off three warning shots to them.

    They finally surrendered and handed over their arms, although did not initially stop their boat when the NATO ship ordered,which in itself is an offence.

    Cabdiweli Cabdullahi (Abdu Willy) and Raageggesey Hassan Aji were jailed for 36 years apiece for a similar incident in 2009, and for the attempted abduction last autumn, Adane Yusuf Ali, Abdi Ali Salad, Abdilahi

    Ise Jama, Yahye Omar Ali Hassan, Ali Mahammed Ali and Ali Mahamed Hirsi have been imprisoned for a total of 1,122 years between them although in practice, they will probably only serve a maximum of 40 years each.

    The Charity ShopCalle Galera no6, almerimar (behind bar ankara)

    Monday - fri 10am-2pm saturday 11am-2pmwednesday - saturday 6pm -8pm

    in association with animales de berja

    If you can help me PLEASE Contact the Charity shop on 950 497 193

    voLUnteerS WAnted

    Please help me find my forever family!

    Honey was found abandoned in Berja. After a visit to the Vets she was confirmed to be an Alsatian crossed with a small dog, and one year old.

    She has had all her vaccinations, chipped and neutered.Friendly, house trained and gets on well with other dogs

    and children.Please help to give her a forever home.


    Tel: 645 066 538CaLLe FarO, aLmerImar at tHe entranCe tO tHe POrt

    Variety Bar



    MuSIC fROM THE 60S, 70S, 80S & 90S fROM 9pM

    open daily from 10am - late

    Check us out on facebook: Leos Variety bar almerimar

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    do you suffer from mobility problems,breathlessness/pain or falls/stumbles?

    do you need help washing / dressing or supervision?you could be entitled to extra income by claiming uK

    sickness / disabililty benefits while living in Spain

    KIm CLarK Benefits Consultancy

    for advice or to book a consultationcall 950 169 729 or 663 297 568

    or visit www.ukbenefitsinspain.com

    electronic CigarettesStarter Packs from 20Delivered to your dooreasy to orderwww.costacigs.eutel: 962 839 156 or 635 706 359

    Use Discount Code: gIveme20to get 20% off your first order


    Enrique arias, n.d, d.OTel. 629 289 385

    for info and appointmentsHealth Care for

    adults and Children Emergency Home Visits English spanish french German 20 years serving the


    uK Registered - Treatingsciatica - back Pain - sports injuries

    digestive and Cardiovascular disordersHeadaches - arthritis - skin Conditions

    centro cuevA del lobo paseo mediterraneo 10, mojacar beachcentro medico indAlo c/ manuel Azaa, Almeria

    30% discount off all Designer sunglasses

    30% discount for oaPs

    Avda Pio Xii, s/n 04800 - Tel: 950 121 991


    a Months supplyof one-Day Lenses

    hard of hearing?Come and have afree test!!

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    Get Your eyes tested forfree!

    28 single Vision 96 Varifocal

    1 pair56

    2 pairs: 93

    Graduated Lenses

    c e n t r o p t i c o

    MOniCa aLGaaRaz Over 40 years experience in physiotherapy

    and osteopathic treatment. General postural assessment and holistic health checks available

    English spokenPLEasE CaLL fOR an aPPOinTMEnTMOniCa aLGanaRaz: 695 355 381

    Email: [email protected]: Mojacar PlayaValle del almanzora: Olula del Rio

    JAX Hair&Beautyformerly J.d. Hair designlOOk gOOd, Feel gOOd

    wIth Our Full range OF treatmentS


    Mirador Tonis Bar

    El Cordobes

    ALBOx RAMBLA Tlf. 645 560 367

    Tues - Fri 10-3pmAfter 3pm by appointment

    only saturday Am by appointment only

    Jenny from

    DEANS Gentlemans


    plaza nueva, Albox (opposite banco popular)

    tel: 666 618 122open mon - Fri 10am - 2pm & sat 10am - 2pm

    Childrens Cut (0-3years) - 6Traditional Shave - 5

    Gents Haircut - 8Cut & Style - 9


    Monday - Friday: 9.30am-5pm - Closed Saturday

    950 930 167 or 628 669 456lOCATED OPPOSITE PRICEbUSTERS


    salon on a rent-a-chair basis

    stylist required

    september special offer

    CAPhi-lites FROM

    only 20

    vaCCInatIOn JaB at 70 WILL WarD OFF SHIngLeS aCrOSS tHe UK

    This month sees the launch of the UK shingles vaccination programme for the elderly. All adults aged 70 and those aged 79 will be offered a jab.

    This is great for anyone vulnerable to this painful condition which affects one in five adults.

    Shingles, or herpes zoster, is an infection of a nerve and the area of skin around it. Around 800,000 people will be eligible for the vaccine.

    Why is the vaccine only being offered to people aged 70 or 79?

    Its a catch-up programme. Each year, all those who are 70 and all those who are 79 will be vaccinated. It is the quickest and most cost-effective way of getting the most at-risk people vaccinated. After nine years,

    itll just be offered to people when they reach 70.

    Why do people get shingles?Anyone who has had

    chickenpox can get shingles. The virus lies inactive in your nerve cells for life. Shingles is a reactivation of this chickenpox virus which appears as a painful, sore rash.

    Can anyone get shingles?It affects 20 per cent of

    the population and is most common in adults. It gets you when youre down and your immune system is weak.

    How can I opt into the vaccination?

    Your GP will offer a single jab in the arm.

    If its just a rash, why is the vaccine necessary?

    Shingles is very painful and causes great suffering. While

    the rash usually lasts two to three weeks, people often have permanent pain in the area of the rash. This neuralgia is debilitating and very difficult to treat. One in 1,000 people over 70 will die from shingles.

    Can you have the jab if youve had shingles?

    Yes. Once you have had shingles you are at a higher risk than normal of getting it again. The vaccine will make a repeated attack less likely.

    Can you get the vaccine if you are under 70?

    It is licensed for the over 50s and you can get the jab privately. If you have a medical condition that puts you at higher risk of shingles, chat to your doctor about whether it is worth it.

  • 13SOLTIMES SEPTEMBER 2013www.soltimes.com

    3Kw 24V/3000W/...50a inverter charger/built in solar charge controller

    6 x 240W Panels (25 year warranty)Panel mounting structure for 6 panels (Inox aluminium)

    4 x 12V/250ah tabs batteries (24V/500ah @ c100)Cables, breakers and fuses.

    all for just 4995

    autoconsumo Mini kits these plug and play new systems will be available form next week. incredibly easy to install and you can just keep adding as and when

    required. using the highest quality panels from Eurener(spanish manufactured in alicante)

    250W complete kit with cables and fittings - everything only 595500W complete kit with cables and fittings - everything only 10451000W complete kit with cables and fittings -everything only 1495

    Start small and keep adding as you save money on your electricity bills!!! utilize free solar energy and save money in the process!!

    Special offer 5kw complete system with batteries. only 6995 A generator or mains electricity can be wired into this system also

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    Panel mounting structure for 9 panels (Inox aluminium)4 x 12V/250ah tabs batteries (48V/250ah @ c100)

    Cables, breakers and fuses. all for just 6995

    Alternatively, you can have this system with 8 Trojan l16G-AC batteries (6V/433Ah = 48V/433Ah) for an additional 1495

    Special offer 3kw complete system with batteries.only 4995 A generator or mains

    electricity can be wired into this system also.

    Alternatively, you can have this system with 4 Trojan l16G-AC batteries (6V/433Ah = 24V/433Ah)for an additional 795

    Contact us via the web for a Free, no obligation consultation and survey, alternatively call950 930 187, 671 716 597 or for UK numbers call 01332 896510


    ECOCORPare proud to support

    Vera & District Lions Club

    Helping local charities & other good causeswww.veralions.com

    Welfare Call 634 338 322


    We now accept all major credit cards !!!

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    WeLCOme tO vIeW

    tracy 650 211 952

    Small friendly kennels 24hr vets service

    Pet transporting arranged

    woodhouse boarding kennels & cattery

    woodhouse boarding kennels & cattery


    mInIStry aPPrOveD

    676 389 592

    Ken & JaCKIeDOg & Cat

    SItter ServICe your home or ours

    Honest & trust worthy 5 years experience of

    all types of animals References available

    on request

    Let us transport your loving friends to and from the UK & Europe

    in comfort withloving care in our

    air-conditioned vanTel 950 092 096 or 661 402 493 - Email [email protected]

    big or small...furry or feathered...young or old...

    Call 722 435 226 or 950 067 051www.palominokennels.com

    offer a Warm, Friendly environment

    in a secure countryside setting.

    All diet requirements catered for.

    daily exercise in 10 Acre estate,

    vet on 24/7 standby. (25 years experience).

    PaLOmInO KenneLSExclusive Boarding Kennels/cattery

    Glad they sentme to palominokennels whie they went back to cold &wet England!

    ...take care of your pets sight or sound of a nearby wild animal can cause rabbits so much stress that they can suffer a heart attack and literally die of fear.

    A BALANCED DIETRabbits have complex

    digestive systems, so its very important that they receive a proper diet. Many health problems in rabbits are caused by foods that are incompatible with their digestive physiology. A basic rabbit diet should consist of the following foods:

    Hay: Rabbits need hayspecifically, Timothy grass hay. Rabbits should have access to a constant supply of this hay, which aids their digestive systems and provides the necessary fiber to help prevent health problems such as hair balls, diarrhea, and obesity. Alfalfa hay, on the other hand, should only be given to adult rabbits in very limited quantities, if at all, because its high in protein, calcium, and calories.

    Vegetables: In addition to hay, the basic diet of an adult rabbit should consist of leafy, dark green vegetables such as romaine and leaf lettuces, parsley, cilantro, collard greens, arugula, escarole, endive, dandelion greens, and others. Variety is important, so feed your rabbit three different vegetables at a time. When introducing new veggies to a rabbits diet, try just one

    at a time and keep quantities limited.

    Fruits and TreatsWhile hay and vegetables

    are the basis of a healthy diet, rabbits also enjoy treats. Cartoons and other fictional portrayals of rabbits would lead us to believe that carrots are the basis of a healthy rabbit diet. Many rabbits enjoy carrots, but they are a starchy vegetable and should only be given sparingly as a treat. Other treats your rabbit might enjoy are apples (without stems or seeds), blueberries, papaya, strawberries, pears, peaches, plums, or melon. Extra-sugary fruits like bananas, grapes, and raisins are good too, but should be given on a more limited basis.

    Foods to AvoidWith such sensitive digestive

    systems, there are a number of foods that rabbits should avoid eating. These include iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, corn, beans, peas, potatoes, beets, onions, rhubarb, bamboo, seeds, grains, and many others. Also, dont feed your rabbit chocolate, candy, anything moldy, or most human foods. If you are not sure about a certain food, ask your rabbits veterinarian.

    PelletsIf you choose to make

    pellets a part of your rabbits diet, it is best to use them as a supplement to the dark green, leafy vegetables, not as a substitute. These pellets should only be given in small quantities (1/8 -1/4 cup per five pounds of body weight per day, spread out over two daily feedings). Also, make sure to purchase Timothy-based pellets. Many brands of rabbit feed contain seeds, corn, and other foods that are too high in calories to be the basis for a healthy rabbits diet.

    WaterRabbits should always have

    an ample supply of fresh water available. Be sure to change your rabbits water at least once each day. Water can be kept in a sipper bottle or bowl. If you use a sipper bottle, watch new rabbits to make sure they know how to use the bottles, and clean bottles daily so the tubes dont get clogged. If you use a bowl, make sure that the bowl is heavy enough to avoid tipping and spilling.

    Rabbits may be easy to love, but theyre not quite as easy to care for. These lovable, social animals are wonderful companions for people who take the time to learn about their needs. Though providing care for these adorable creatures isnt difficult, rabbits have a long lifespanmore than 10 yearsand many specific care requirements. Anyone considering adding a rabbit to their family should carefully research books and web sites on rabbit care before making a decision. Here are some quick tips to get you started:

    HOME SWEET HOMEIndoors or Outdoors?Every rabbit owner should

    know that the safest place for a rabbit to live is indoors. Rabbits should never be kept outdoors! Domestic rabbits are different from their wild relativesthey do not tolerate extreme temperatures well, especially in the hot summer months. Even in a safe enclosure, rabbits are at risk from predators. Merely the

    OLuLa dEL RiO


    aGRO aniMaLia JEsadaCOMERCiaL CaRMOna waREHOusE & PETsHOP






    OLuLa dEL RiO finEs


    From Albox on A334 do not turn off for Olula Mercadona, take the

    turning after the Tanatorio

    wE aRE HERE

    engLISH SPeaKIng teL: Ben 687 497 892Warehouse & pet Shop - Olula Tel: 950 613 130 Open: Monday - friday 8.30am-2pm & 3.30pm - 8.30pm, Sat 8.30am - 2pm

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    new fluval fish foods ... less 15%

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    hen food 25kg .................... 11.65

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    alfalfa bales ..................... 6.00

    complete horse feed from... 11.00







    Grand children of ch ritmo von Arlett

    puppIESNOW IN !

    GOLDEN RETRIEVERSCOMING THIS WEEkLaying Hens, Ducks turkeys, Chickens & Quails

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    swiMMinG POOLspool sureste sl made witH Gunite

    eg.8.500 8m.X 4m.

    POOL rePaIrS ~ terraCeS ~ POOL COverS

    FREE Dolphin & Seal Mosiac Design on base of pool. Ask for details.

    968 461 404 - 630 810 [email protected]

    All ShApES & SIZES

    satellite TV installations alignment of dishes etc supplied & installed

    Telephone dave on 628 607 778

    A1 Sky TeleviSion SySTemS

    TELEVISION VIA THE INTERNET NOW AVAILABLEfor further info please visit www.tellynet.es


    organisation has slammed the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) for illegal speed-camera margins which have led to thousands of drivers being fined when they should not have been.

    The Spanish Automobile Association (AEA) says the DGT was using an obsolete law to fine motorists, and has called for action to be taken.

    According to the AEA, a rule known as the UNE 26444 which was drawn up in 1992 and ceased to be effective in 2006 establishes margins for error relating to speeds which are much more restrictive than permitted by Spanish road traffic laws.

    Fixed speed cameras allow for a three-kilometre-per-hour margin meaning on a motorway with a limit of 120, drivers can be fined for travelling at more than 123 kilometres per hour and mobile speed traps allow a seven-kilometre-per-hour margin.

    In other words, if a driver is caught at 123 kilometres per hour, it may be considered he or she was travelling exactly at the speed limit given that a three-kilometre margin for error is allowed, but if a camera catches the same driver apparently travelling at 124 kilometres, the minimum figure acceptable would in fact be 121 kilometres even though, at this speed, the car speed-o-meter may register slightly less and leave the motorist being fined despite being within the permitted limit.

    But a Ministerial Order launched in December

    2006, replacing UNE 26444, meant the calculations by static speed cameras were taken to be up four kilometres per hour out and mobile speed guns by seven, either above or below the figure recorded, which could mean thousands of drivers given the benefit of the doubt if their speed was only slightly over the limit or if they were indeed speeding, but were on the cusp of two fine levels.

    This was updated in 2010 and the margins lifted to five kilometres for fixed cameras with speeds of up to 100 kilometre per hour, and five per cent for static cameras and seven per cent for mobile guns with speeds exceeding 100 kilometres per hour.

    The maximum error percentage is used where the DGT cannot be certain of the exact figure.

    But the AEA says that since 2010, the DGT has still been applying the UNE 26444 criteria, meaning tens of thousands of motorists have been fined

    unnecessarily, or those on the cusp suffered larger fines than they legally should have to pay and others faced criminal charges when these should have only been civil.

    Precedents in Europe exist whereby such fines have been reduced or scrapped, including one in Belgium which states that a breach of road traffic codes of conduct cannot be accredited where the means with which evidence was obtained are linked to an obsolete law.

    In Spain, for all other traffic offences including parking, jumping red lights or disobeying traffic signals whether in error or deliberately, the police are not obliged to provide proof and the officers word is considered sound evidence, with the onus being on the driver to prove he or she did not commit the offence.

    Officers are not obliged to stop the driver and inform them if they catch them in the act of committing a road traffic breach


    Spain has called for sound explanation from Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad over the responsibility for the recent chemical bomb attacks in Damascus which killed 1,400 people, of whom 400 were children.

    Mariano Rajoys government is in full agreement with the USA that evidence clearly points to the fact that the government of Syria was behind the horrible attack in the suburbs of the capital, which they totally condemn.

    During the present G20 summit meeting in St Petersburg, Russia, the 11 countries including Spain collectively made a public statement to Al-Assad, calling for an international explanation and saying that breaking world laws by using chemical weapons would not be tolerated and could not be repeated.

    Those who commit such atrocities should be held accountable, said the statement, released by the Whitehouse.

    The 11 countries of the G20 say chemical warfare dramatically reduces peoples safety and is totally unacceptable under any circumstances.

    They have called for the United Nations Safety Commission to give its verdict as soon as possible on a possible attack on Syria.

    Spain is not likely to be affected by any decision to wage war on Syria, since the general consensus of the G20 has been not to send troops to the country meaning no Spanish soldiers would be deployed there.

    And minister of defence Pedro Morens has denied claims that the USA had approached Spain and asked them to lend troops for a military mission.

    British PM David Cameron has accepted being outvoted over commencing hostilities towards Syria, and decided against it.

    US president Barack Obama has assured that a conflict with Syria would not be another Iraq or Afghanistan and is thinking more along the lines of sending air forces to the Middle East, bombing the arsenal of chemical weapons, and withdrawing immediately.

    The G20, Spain included, has admitted that the Syria crisis cannot be solved by military means and are hoping for a political solution.

    They have condemned the violations of basic human rights taking place in the Arab country en masse.

    Morens said this statement by the G20 was not a declaration of war but a global message saying the use of chemical bombs was not acceptable - not because the G20 has just said so, but because international laws say so, the Spanish defence minister clarified.

    He said Spain was in support of this worldwide stance shown by other G20 members South Korea, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, the UK, the USA, Japan, Turkey, Canada and Australia.

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    LEGAL CORNERwITH MICHAEL DAVIES, ABOGADO/SOLICITORIf you wish us to print an article about a particular topic, please e-mail [email protected]


    Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Almera since 1993. He is member of the Law societies of Almera and Madrid and has offices in Mojacar and Almeria High Street.


    A . Up to recently this was a small tax when you sold or inherited , but now it can be a high amount and needs to be considered before the transaction. It is charged on the transfer of ownership of a property by sale, inheritance etc. . This tax is a local tax charged by each municipality on the increase in value of Urban land in its own district land and is distinct from Capital Gains Tax. It is important to realize that the tax is charged on land alone, not on the buildings that may stand on the land.

    The rates of tax are set by each municipality and can vary widely between neighbouring municipalities. The tax is based on the increase in the official, that is to say the Catastral, value of the land which a property occupies. This is the same value that is used to set your local property tax or IBI and can be found on the bill for your IBI issued by your local ayuntamiento each year and is shown as the valor del suelo. The actual price at which a property changes hands, or the value attributed to it if is the subject of a gift or inheritance is irrelevant.

    Calculation: The Plusvalia is calculated as a function of the catastral value of the land and the number of years of ownership (up to a maximum of 20 years). The higher the catastral value and the number of years of ownership, the higher the tax.

    Plusvalia tax = Catastral value of the land x Yearly percentage of values increase x Number of years of ownership x Tax rate

    The yearly percentage of values increase and the tax rate are fixed by the Town Halls. They are established locally. Up to now, when a Town Hall had updated the catastral values, usually with really high increases of the values compared to the existing ones, article 107.3 of the Law had established that on the following five years after the revision of the values, the Town Halls had to apply a deduction of 40 to 60 % to the catastral value. If a Town Hall made not contemplation of this rule teh law established an automatic deduction of 60%. However new Law passed in 2012 has changed that situation allowing the Town Halls to eliminate those deductions, which is why a loto of people are suddenly paying much

    higher rates and find themselves with an unfairly high plusvalaa tax when they sell. On a sale of a property it is the responsibility of the seller to pay the tax, but if the seller fails to pay this responsibility may be passed to the buyer, who would then have to recuperate the money form this seller. If the property is being inherited or is the subject of some other type of gift it is the beneficiary or recipient of the property who is liable to pay the tax.

    Certain transactions are exempt from the Plusvalia Tax, the main ones which are likely to affect the general public are the transfer of property between spouses who are divorcing, or to children to comply with Court judgments, and aportaciones or transfers to companies in which spouses are the only shareholders which may be used for tax planning.

    The amount of the tax that will be charged on a transaction will depend firstly on the Catastral value of the land which the property occupies, and secondly on the length of time since it last changed hands. If you are selling an individual house which stands on a large plot which you have owned for a considerable length of time the amount of the Plusvalia Tax could be many thousands of Euros. On the other hand, as the tax is charged on the value of land alone, the amount of Plusvalia Tax charged on a flat in a block which you have not owned for very long the tax may be quite modest.

    For those of you who are considering rearranging your financial affairs to take advantage of tax planning schemes, the amount of Plusvalia tax that may be due is one of a number of elements, which include the Notary and other fees that may be payable, which you need to consider when balancing the costs and benefits of these schemes. Depending on the amount of Plusvalia, it may be cheaper to make a gift of the property rather than enter into more complex arrangements with higher Notary and other fees.

    The time for paying the Plusvalia Tax is within 30 days of a sale or gift between living people, or 6 months of the date of death on an inheritance.

    Your town hall can advise you of the amount of Plusvalia that may be payable on a transaction involving your property, or in many cases it is possible to obtain the calculation on line, but as I always write in concluding these articles, if in doubt take professional advice.

    PrOPerty grOUP

    Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - AlmeriaTel: 950 472 430 / 610 053 563

    www.veritashomes.co.uk [email protected]

    very attractive and immaculately kept detached villa set across the road from the sea and within a short walking distance to the tourist office, medical center, commercial center, supermarkets, banks and all amenities that mojcar has to offer.

    The property has a total built area of 120 mts2 on two levels and the plot measures 218 mts2. The villa is comprised of a large living / dining room,

    a large kitchen and a conservatory and open terrace on the upper level followed by two double bedrooms, a family bathroom and a large master bedroom with en suite bathroom on the lower level. From the terrace there is access to a roof solarium with great views.

    The property is immaculately kept throughout and it also benefits from a shed / outside store

    room, a private plunge pool and landscaped easy to maintain private garden. it offers views to the sea and the mountains and mojcar Pueblo.

    This is a must see property and the low asking price makes it very attractive. For more information or to book a viewing appointment please visit our office or contact us via phone or e-mail. ref: 1510

    GreAT oPPorTUNiTy NoT To Be miSSeD

    iN moJACAr PlAyA! 199.995

  • 17SOLTIMES SEPTEMBER 2013www.soltimes.com

    PrOPerty OF tHe WeeKdetached villa stone throw away from the beach, with 3 beds, 2 baths, private pool, lounge / dinner, complete kitchen, fantastic sea & mountain views, large Roof terrace, various terraces, Private locked garage, close to all amenities.REduCEd from 320.000.

    REF 632 mojacaR 199,00

    Superb opportunity - Penthouseapartment on 2 levels, of 132m built includes 2 large terraces giving amazing sea views and only 50 metres to the beach. With 2 bedrooms,2 bathrooms, air-con(hot and cold) Private secure parking, lift.

    REF.663 caRBonERaS 119,950

    Charming new 1st floor apartment, with 50m terraces giving wonderful sea views, close to the beach and amenities. 2 double beds,2 baths. Fitted kitchen, underground parking & store room, Green garden & communal swimming pool.

    REF.587 PalomaRES 89.000

    Traditional villagehouse totally restored and full of character and charm. 115m2 built - 2 beds,2 baths,large kitchen,lounge and study area.Big roof terrace with Jacuzzi and inner courtyard.Tranquil location with easy access/parking.

    REF.629 caRiatiz 99.950

    Fantastic opportunity - semi-detached Cortijo of 130m2,full of character and charm with a beautiful garden of 300m2.Ready to move into but needs some minor updating.3 double beds,2 baths.Wooden beams and log-burner.Huge roof terrace with amazing views.Patio and car port.30 mins to the coast.

    REF.601 SoRBaS 64,500

    Charming Penthouse apartment, with 70m terraces giving wonderful sea views, close to the beach and amenities. 2 double beds,2 baths. Fitted kitchen, underground parking, communal swimming pool, very sunny apartment.

    REF.583 mojacaR 109,000

    Amazing opportunity - last available villa at this price - 275m2 built,600m2 plot - 3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms,cloakroom,pre-installation for air-con.Fenced garden with beautiful mountain views.Walking distance to the beach.Reduced from 307,000.

    REF.542 laS nEgRaS 160,000

    Brand new Penthouse apartment with 3 beds, 1 bath,fabulous mountain views, kitchen, living/dining room, 80m private solarium, in the central of Turre, walking distance to all amenities.

    REF.584 tuRRE 58.000

    Light and airy large size 89m Apartment, 2 double bedrooms, 1 complete bathroom 50m terrace with fantastic mountain views, Small style complex with a pool Easy parking next to entrance of property, disable access for wheel chair, 3 minute walk to Bars, Restaurants and amenities.

    REF411 mojacaR 109,950

    A beautiful villa in immaculate condition - build 122m2,plot - 1070m2.3 beds,2 baths,swimming pool,garage,air-conditioning,central heating.Superb garden full of mature trees and plants.Lovely location with wonderful mountain views

    REF.621 zuRgEna 165,000


    Beautiful new villa with beautiful mountain views, 100m built on a 400m2 plot,3double bedrooms, 2bathrooms, sun terrace, space for a pool, pre-installed A/C, reduced from 200.000, absolute bargain.

    REF.616 tuRRE 99,500


    WanteDWe are constantly looking to

    expand and replenish our portfolio of properties in mojacar and

    surrounding areas, especially turre, Los gallardos, Bedar,

    antas, vera & garrucha.

    IF yOU Want tO SeLLPLeaSe COntaCt US


  • 18 SOLTIMES SEPTEMBER 2013 ...remember to say you saw it in the sOL TiMEs

    Call us for more info or visit www.styleshairdressers.com

    hair & Beauty

    fABuLOuS NEW OffERStyles

    find us on

    C/Villaricos, [email protected]: 634 358 340

    wacky wednesdays

    telephone : 644 496 198

    Mini Manicures & pedicures.ONLy 5Short Hair Blowdry......barGain at 5

    providing a full Range of all HAIR & BEAuTy TREATMENTS

    inc: Nails, Waxing,Threading & Reiki

    JeweliciousNEW TO STyLES

    925 handmade silver jewelry beautiful beads & jewellery1 Of a Kind jewellery designs

    repairsdesign your own jewellery

    Commisions Taken


    EsTabLisHEd 5 yEaRs wiTH 100% CusTOMER saTisfaCTiOn

    P.O box 133, Cortijo Cabrera, Turre almeria, sPainTel: 627 907 207 / 634 319 882

    Email: [email protected] web: www.solshaders.com

    Turn your outside area into a dry & wind free enclosure & enjoy the outside while still being inside


    awninGs & inTERnaL bLinds diRECT fROM ManufaCTuRERs


    sizes 8 - 28 catered for

    Tel: 677 542 931www.donnasboutique.es

    FInD US On donnas boutique

    fabulous cloThing & accessories

    ...its all in the detail

    Bedar, 04288 (next to Miramar Restaurant)

    Tel: 607 705 085 or 687 938 466Email: [email protected] - Friday 10am - 3.30pm




    This wonderful semi detached Cortijo is located in a beautiful spot just 5 minutes outside Tabernas. The property boasts 4 beds, 3 baths & a flat plot of 3,500m2 with over 120 mature Olive trees.

    Sales office now open in Bedar




    A charming 1/2 bedroom detached property situated in a small hamlet just a 5 minute drive from the pretty village of Lubrin. It has been sympathetically restored & has an exquisite rear garden.

    OLV448 TURRe

    This fabulous, luxury property with private pool & olive farm is located less than 30 minutes to the coast in a tranquil setting. The stunning stone built property has been architect designed with some truly unique features and attention to detail.




    This beautifully reformed 4 bed Cortijo & separate 2 bed Casita is set in a wonderfully peaceful location only 30 minutes from the coast. The property includes its own water supply & full solar power system.


    Paseo del Mediterraneo 19, Mojacar Playa, Almeria (near the Hotel Best indalo) Tel: 950 478 612 / 610 808 631 [email protected]


    we have 15 years experience of the local coastal property market, with an unrivalled reputation for reliable, honest advice and value for

    money and we urgently need more properties to sell and rent. we believe our commission charges are unbeatable - check us out.

    ref: Pm/GS 1 bed penthouse apartment nr beach, sea vews, garage, pool, a/c

    moJACAr - reDUCeD 69,950

    ref: Pr/mG 2 bed 1.5 bath, 1st floor apt, terraces, solaruim, a/c, nr beach, pool

    moJACAr - reDUCeD 84,950Prices stated are fixed for 7 days mininum from the time of going to press, include sales commission and

    exclude taxes and notary or other legal charges and fees

    REnTaLs - saLEs -ManaGEMEnT - MainTEnanCE

    Bm/SB - Semi-detached 2 beds, 2 levels, sea views, a/c, pool, gardens, close to beach.moJACAr -reDUCeD 109,000

    Ref:LA/GK - 3 bed 1st fl. apt, 3 pools & gardens. 300m to beach, tennis, liftmoJACAr - reDUCeD 119,950



    DONNA BOUTIqUE - fabulous fashions for all occasions sizes 8 -28 catered for! Firmly into its second year of trading, Donnas Boutique is a familiar sight in the heart of Turre. Owner Donna Booth has been delighting the ladies of all areas with a fabulous range of fashions to suit everyone. All shapes and sizes are catered for and age is certainly no barrier as Donna prides herself on selecting fashions that all women can wear. The recently introduced Curve range of clothing flatters the more shapely figure and enhances a womans best featuresA wide selection of shoes, bags and accessories makes Donnas Boutique a one-

    stop-shop for that special occasion or for everyday wear. with years of experience in the fashion industry and a real passion for the business, Donna offers a personal-styling service for anyone needing a helping-hand. with a huge following on her Facebook page, word of her extensive collection has

    spread and Donna can now offer Europe-wide delivery with shipments three-times per week. Keen to keep her stock fresh, Donna has new items arriving every two weeks

    and the latest fashions can be viewed on her Facebook page, so click onto Donnas Boutique and hit the LIKE button to be automatically entered into a competition for a chance to win a clothing voucher to spend in her shop! So whatever the occasion, drop into Donnas Boutique for your best shopping experience!

  • 19SOLTIMES SEPTEMBER 2013www.soltimes.com

    computers ~ laptopsfull repair service

    mobile phones, sales, repairs & unlocking area distributor for

    hits sim cards

    950 479 502connexions

    Call into our shop in Turre town square just along from the Cajamar bank

    distributor for dont lose your tv channels

    Android TV boxes AVAilAble no sATelliTe dish needed

    TO fIND OuT If yOuR AREA IS COVERED GO TO www.connexionsonline.net

    Service Available 4&6mb from 24.95 p/m No landline requiredCall us for details if you are a Part Time Resident.

    New wireless BrOADBAND iNterNet


    stop n sHop in your...

    Super CornerenGlisH supermarKet

    turre, neXt to meson del poBre

    all your FaVourite Brands and more in one superstore!!

    open mon-sat 9:30-6pm & sun 9:30-1:30pm

    teL: 950 479 213

    the Fundraiserthe FundraiserCharity & Community shops

    Helping the disabledCancer researchvera Orphanage

    asprodalbaand many more

    Opposite Super Turre in Turre & Just before the Guardia Civil in VeraOpen 6 days a week... times on shop doors

    contact 664 620 288

    The peoples charity, The Peoples Choice

    Run totallyby volunteers

    We put our hearts into helping

    vera SHOP HaS nOW mOveD tO JUSt BeFOre tHe gUarDIa CIvIL & neXt tO tHe CHIneSe SHOP

    Replacement Windows & Doors

    Aluminuim & upVC fitted & Made to Measure

    Supplying & fitting windows & doors for 25 years

    Tel: 600 049 515Tel: 600 049 515 Get The Best For Less

    Pull down / sliding blinds & screens, windows & Patios

    Vertical blinds security Grills awnings

    All AREAS covERED ~ SpEEDy RESponSEcAll now FoR youR no-oblIgATIon quoTE

    Mosquito screens & BlindsBUgSBUgS

    mobile: 699 909 737

    Office: 950 528 334

    e-mail: [email protected]


    C/Avda de Almeria 17, 04639, Turre, Almeria, Tel: 950 47 96 46RestauRante pizzeRia

    Find us on

    Pizza Mari Cruz

    mAri CrUzMenu del diaChanges Regularly

    speCialises in bbq Meat & fish, paellas & tapas

    fReshly Made pizzas & pastaMenu del noChe



    take a trip to turre

    seleccionesseleccionesdisplaying a great selection of

    new & used furniture

    OpEN THuRSDAy NIGHT 6pM - 8pMwe also stock sportswear

    supplied direct from the uKFind us in turre near the Fundraiser.

    Summer opening times Mon - Sat from 9am - 3pm

    tel: 634 347 295


    ALL DAy BREAkfASTSfrom 3.50

    telephone: 634 309 540


    1 CourSe 6.95 INC GLASS Of WINE


    QuIz - MONDAy 5.30pMkARAOkE SATuRDAy 8.30pM


    OPeN every DAy 9Am till lAte - kitCheN 10Am ClOses At 6Pm


    ONLy6 .95

    fuLL MENu AVAILABLEOPEn EVERyday 11aM - LaTE MOnday 5PM - LaTEAvenida de Almeria 36, 04639 Turre, Almeria

    Indian restaurant & tapas bar

    every SUnDay LIve mUSIC

    Happy Hour 11am - 6pmBeer & Wine OnLy 1

    tel: 950 468 425www.chiliturre.com

    BUGS has been supplying & fitting windows & doors for 25 years. Pull down / Sliding Blinds & Screens, windows & patios, Vertical Blinds, Security Grills, and Awnings as well as aluminum and UVpC replacement doors and windows, peter will give you a friendly, speedy response and covers all areas.SUpER CORNER is run by friendly couple Simone and Nabil. Living

    in Spain there is no need to miss out on your favourite UK foods. You can shop for all your British branded supplies whether the food you require is tinned, frozen, packet, or fresh, all at bargain prices. Open every day. Now selling a selection of wines & chilled soft drinks, a massive chocolate and sweet section aswell as fashionable sunglasses and birthday cards. pop into Super corner & treat your taste buds.CHILI BAR AND RESTAURANT boasts a spacious terrace where you

    can sit in the sun or shade every day serving delicious authentic Indian tapas with your drink including chicken madras, korma and onion bhaji to name a few. Menu del dia at 8.50 /noche at 10 are served every day.There is also a vast menu that includes Indian themed pizzas and kebabs and a full range of house and special dishes to sample eating in or Take away. Live entertainment is now running throughout the summer where happy hour from 11am till 6pm means you can buy beer and wine for only 1. Meet Ali and his friendly team who will always give you a warm welcome.SOLO SAT is the number one company to use for all your satellite

    TV, air conditioning installations and repairs. Nik has over 12 years experience of fitting all types of satellite TV systems and air con units domestic and commercial, phone him for more info, he is always happy to answer any queries you may have at anytime. 1.9 m dishes delivered to your door on a van that can. why compromise?CONNEXIONS has been up and running now for 10 years and is

    constantly keeping up to date with modern technology. Ken and Gill offer a great service. There is a wide range of laptops, tablets, mobile phones, books as well as art pieces. Also in store is the new Android TV box, no satellite dish needed just an internet connection of at least 2mbs. If you need a new TV to cope with the swap over we can help! we still do a full repair & upgrade service. Summer times have now finished and the shop will be open 9.30 2pm and 5pm - 8pm Monday Friday and 9.30am till 2pm Saturday.SOLSHADERS has been operating in this area for more than 7 years

    & is a fully legal Company. Their fantastic range of Awnings (which can protect your terrace from the wind), Insect Screens and Internal Blinds are available in a variety of colours & styles with a sign writing service also available. Justin is committed to giving all his clients 100% satisfaction & offers a free on site quotation without obligation & with his outstanding prices & excellent after sales service you are guaranteed a professional job from start to finish. Give us a call on 627 907 207 / 634 319 882 or Email: [email protected] HAIR AND BEAUTY SALON is a well established part of the

    community offering top quality and service at very competitive prices. Wacky Wednesdays 10 till 2, short hair blow drys 5, and on the beauty side mini manicure and mini pedicure only 5 each, appointments are advised. New to styles this month is Jean from Jewelicious who is joining Michelle and Kerry with her 925 handmade silver jewelry, she can also do repairs and change your old silver jewelry into your own design. pop in and see the girls in their own environment where the welcome is always friendly and very welcoming.GILLEES BAR is situated at the entrance to Turre and has a large

    projector screen to cover all football, English/Spanish and major sports events. Food menu includes Full English breakfasts, served all day, Friday is Fish & chips day and on Sundays a traditional roast dinner is served

    and during September a glass of house wine. Special menu is changed daily, prices start from 4.95. Private functions are also catered for, call in for more information.SELECCIONES situated next to the butchers has now been opened

    for nearly 6 months, selling good quality, good conditioned, new and used furniture. They do house clearances & also purchase single items which they are happy to sell on consignment with excellent rates of commission. Their onsite man with a van is happy to deliver and collect various items making sure they reach you in one piece. New branded sportswear direct from the UK is also available. You are guaranteed to receive a 1st class excellent service. we are now doing Spain - UK trips and are open Thursday 6 - 8pm.MARI CRUZ is situated in Turre high street. It has a lovely outside

    terrace and roomy indoor area. Specializing in grilled meats, fish all cooked on BBq & regional dishes as well as a great variety of wine, beers, tapas and an excellent variety of freshly homemade pizzas & pastas is available to eat in or take away. There is Lounge for meetings, company dinners, small events & birthdays. Enjoy a free bottle of cava when a minimum of 4 people order a starter and main course from the A la carte menu for this week only.FUNDRAISERs Adene is involved in helping to raise monies for

    a number of local charities in the local are and have have recently donated over 30 boxes of clothes to Betel a Spanish ONG who aid the homeless. They are always welcoming quality clothes, hangers & plastic bags as well as books & all household items. we are now just before the guadia civil station in Vera. Just past the bull ring there is a chinese shop on your left going into the town. were next door. Its a lovely shop and their clothes are still 1.

  • 20 SOLTIMES SEPTEMBER 2013 ...remember to say you saw it in the sOL TiMEs

    nUrSeS & CarerS WanteD

    the flu jabflu vaccination by injection, commonly known as the flu jab is available every year to

    protect adults (and some children) at risk of flu and its complications. flu can be unpleasant, but if you are otherwise healthy it will usually clear up on its own

    within a week.however, flu can be more severe in certain people such as: anyone over the age of 65 pregnant women children and adults with an underlying health condition (particularly long-term heart

    or respiratory disease) children and adults with weakened immune systems anyone in these risk groups is more likely to develop potentially serious complications of

    flu, such as pneumonia (a lung infection), so its recommended that they have a flu vaccine every year to protect them.

    how the flu jab worksstudies have shown that the flu jab definitely works and will help prevent you getting

    the flu. however, it wont stop all flu viruss and the level of protection may vary between people, so its not a 100% guarantee that youll be flu-free.

    over time, protection from the injected flu vaccine gradually decreases and flu strains often change. so, new flu vaccines are produced each year which is why people advised to have the flu jab need it every year too.

    flu jab side effectsserious side effects of the injected flu vaccine are very rare. you may have a slight

    temperature and aching muscles for a couple of days after having the jab, and your arm may be a bit sore where you were injected.

    When to have a flu jab?the best time to have a flu vaccine is in the autumn, from the beginning of october to

    early november.the flu jab for 2013/14each year, the viruses that are most likely to cause flu are identified in advance and

    vaccines are made to match them as closely as possible. the vaccines are recommended by the World health organization (Who).

    the 2013/14 vaccine protects against three types of flu virus. this years flu jab protects against:

    h1n1 the strain of flu that caused the swine flu pandemic in 2009 h3n2 a strain of flu that can infect birds and mammals and was active in 2011 b/Massachusetts/2 a strain of flu that was active in 2012 is there anyone who shouldnt have the flu jab?Most adults can have the injected flu vaccine, but you should avoid it

    if you have had a serious allergic reaction to a flu jab in the past.People who have egg allergy may be at increased risk of reaction to

    the injectable flu vaccine because some flu jabs are made using eggs.


    juDGE ORDERS DIVORCING COupLE TO SpLIT HOME DOWN THE MIDDLEA judge in Seville has taken the principle of

    divide and rule to a new frontier in a divorce case settlement by ordering a couple to split their home down the middle, despite the property belonging to the parents of the husband.

    In her ruling, the family court judge noted that the 250-square-meter apartment is in reality two conjoined abodes, and with minor adaptions can be easily turned into 2 independent ones, of 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

    According to El Pais, the judge stated that as no action had been ta