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  • READ THE SOL TIMES ONLINE @ WWW.SOLTIMES.COMKitchen open: 12.30 - 3.00, 7.00 - 10.00. Closed Thursdays

    Plaza Los Jazmines 10, 04740 Roquetas de MarOpposite Playa Capricho in the car park

    Tel: 950 334 439 Email: [email protected]

    Enjoy Pierres French CuisineMEnu dEL dia 9.00 served friday - wednesday

    rack of Lamb available


    ISSuE 399 ROQuETAS & ALMERIMAR 7 - 13 AuGEST. 7 yRS



    Wide range of UK, Continental & Indian

    Foods & Spicesnew Selection of electrical goods

    toasters, Kettles, Irons & Coffee machines

    CaLLe JaBeQUe, 42, aLmerImar


    OPenIng HOUrS: mOn - FrI 10am - 6Pm Sat & SUn 10am - 7Pm

    teL: 950 609 419

    ArkritesBritish Food Storewell stocked selection of:

    Groceries & frozen foodsincludinG leGs of new zealand lamb,

    Gammon joints, lambs liver.larGe selection of GreetinG cards

    In the UrB oF roqUetAS de MAr, jUSt oFF AvdA de MedIterrAneo In the SqUAre neAr LA GAMBA toScAnA & theoS

    Mon - fri: 10.30am - 2.30pm sat: 10am - 2pm tel: 950 334 081

    out of hours please call 950 334 544

    Free Home Delivery

    Tel: 645 066 538CaLLE faRO, aLMERiMaR

    At the entrAnce to the port

    Variety Bar

    Leos New

    MenuOUT NOWLots of Choice

    Leos New

    MenuOUT NOWLots of Choice

    Daily menu from Mondays to Friday 11 (starter ,1st course, dessert, drink & bread)

    1 pizza + salad + 1 drink = 6.50 1pm-4pm

    il TeATrorestauranteSUmmer OFFerS

    Pasaje los Jazmines, 16. urb. Playa serena (Roquetas de Mar) REsERVas: 950 335 360 [email protected]

    REsTauRanTE iL TEaTRO aLMERia

    Pizzas to take away for 5 All Day

    POrtOBeLLOraStrO aLmerImarPOrtOPPOSIte

    LeOS BarartS and antIQUeSCar BOOt SaLeFLea marKet

    every 2nd Sunday of the month

    InFOrmatIOn: 660 32 12 30OPen 5.30Pm

    11 aUgUSt


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    2 SOLTIMES AUGUST 2013 ...remember to say you saw it in the sOL TiMEs


    computers ~ laptopsfull repair service

    mobile phones, sales, repairs & unlocking area distributor for

    hits sim cards

    950 479 502connexions

    Call into our shop in Turre town square just along from the Cajamar bank

    distributor for dont lose your tv channels

    Android TV boxes AVAilAble no sATelliTe dish needed


    service available 4&6mb from 24.95 p/m No landline requiredCall us for details if you are a part time resident.

    New wireless BrOADBAND iNterNet


    OWNERS Of kILLER DOGS MAy fACE LIfEThe owners of killer dogs could face life in jail under proposals

    put forward by ministers, according to press reports.The Mail Online reports that 16 people have been mauled to

    death since 2005, but the law states dog owners can only go to prison for a maximum of two years.

    Ministers have now launched a public consultation as to whether owners should face jail terms of up to ten years if their pet injures someone and life for a fatal attack. Killing or injuring a guide dog could also attract a maximum penalty of ten years.

    The move comes months after Jade Anderson, 14, was killed by four dogs while visiting a friend near Wigan.

    Every year dogs are responsible for 210,000 attacks around 6,000 of which lead to hospital visits. The Government said it would introduce new measures to tackle out of control dogs

    The Government said it would introduce new measures to tackle out of control dogs

    The CWU union representing postmen and telecoms engineers who suffer 5,000 attacks a year welcomed the move, pointing out that at present some owners are fined just 100 if their dog attacks.

    General secretary Billy Hayes said: Current sentencing arrangements do not match the serious nature of offences.

    This consultation is very welcome and hopefully indicates the Government is serious about tackling the problem of irresponsible dog ownership.

    The consultation was launched yesterday by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

    Members of the public will be asked their opinion on the severity of punishments, with recommendations put forward in the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill.

    Animal welfare minister Lord de Mauley said: Dog attacks are terrifying and we need harsh penalties to punish those who allow

    their dog to injure people while out of control.Its crucial the laws we have in place act as a deterrent to stop

    such horrific incidents.Last month Jade Andersons parents, along with the parents of

    four-year-old John Paul Massey who died after his uncles pitbull attacked him in 2009 presented a petition to Downing Street calling for David Cameron to take action to prevent more attacks.

    In February the Government said it would introduce new measures to tackle out of control dogs by changing the law to ensure irresponsible owners can be prosecuted regardless of where their dog attacks.

    But David Hanson, Labours policing spokesman, said: The Governments proposals on dangerous dogs are weak.

    As the victims of dog attacks, select committees, the RSPCA and the British Veterinary Association have made clear, the Government should legislate for dog control notices which would give local councils and the police the powers they need to make sure owners are responsible and dog attacks are stopped.

    Crime prevention minister Jeremy Browne said: Dog owners who fail to take responsibility for their dogs must be held accountable.

    This Government is taking urgent action to protect the public from out of control dogs. We are changing the law so owners can be prosecuted for attacks on private property and our anti-social behaviour reforms will give police and local agencies more effective powers.

    A report published in June by the charity Guide Dogs revealed attacks by other dogs on guide dogs are at an all-time high of ten a month.

    A total of 240 attacks were reported between March 2011 and February 2013.

    Ecologistas en Accin Almanzora are extremely concerned about a plague of Cochinilla del Carmn, the Cochineal beetle, which, according to the Consejera de Medio Ambiente de Murcia, has been present on prickly pears in the Murcia region since 2007.

    It is thought that the beetles have been brought in on plants that were imported from other countries during the housing boom, and have been present in the Almanzora Valley since 2013.

    The Cochineal Insect is a scale insect traditionally used by Native Americans to make a crimson dye called cochineal. In the 1550s Spanish explorers brought cochineal from Mexico back to Europe, and it became the most widely traded and, next to gold and silver, the most valuable product of the West Indies.

    Cochineal is one of the few water-soluble colourants that resist degradation with time. It is one of the most light and heat-stable and oxidation-resistant of all the natural colourants and is used in a vast range of foods and drinks which contain a red colourant.

    It is also used in a wide range of pharmaceutical products, and is considered so safe that it is one of the very few dyes to be licensed

    for use in eye cosmetics. The insect feeds on Prickly

    Pear cacti and are most obvious on the flat pads of the cactus, where they occur in colonies covered with a fluffy white wax. The insects bright reddish body is not visible unless the waxy secretions are scraped away and the scales outer covering is punctured. Cochineal is produced from the dried, crushed bodies of the cochineal scale insects. A carefully tended cactus yields about 20 pounds of

    scale each year. About 70,000 insects are needed to make a pound of dye, and as of 2005, the market price of cochineal was between 50 and 80 USD per kilogram.

    The insect does not kill the host plant, though it may weaken it, and so it is not generally regarded as a pest. Methods of control are to use a soap-based product. However, Ecologistas en Accin Almanzora are concerned that those who eat the fruit of plants which are host to the insect, and which have been treated, may ingest some of this wash, a potash soap, which they regard as poisonous.

    For more information contact [email protected] or call 609 335 530


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    4 SOLTIMES AUGUST 2013 ...remember to say you saw it in the sOL TiMEs

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