Rome City Schools 2010 – 2011 Professional Learning Plan Ms. Debbie Downer

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Text of Rome City Schools 2010 – 2011 Professional Learning Plan Ms. Debbie Downer

  • Rome City Schools

    2010 2011 Professional Learning PlanMs. Debbie Downer

  • Professional LearningAdvisory CommitteeMr. Jay ChesserEast Central Elementary

    Ms. Cindy PayneElm Street Elementary

    Ms. Laura GafneaMain Elementary

    Ms. Chris RogersNorth Heights Elementary

    Ms. Katie ChappellSoutheast Elementary

    Ms. LaSaunda MullinaxWest Central ElementaryMs. Linda GentryWest End Elementary

    Ms. Karen NicholsRome Middle School

    Ms. Pam BibbRome High School+Mr. Bruce JonesRome Transitional Academy

    Dr. David EhrlerAdministrative Annex

  • Professional Learning NeedsMath GPS Content and Assessment/Intervention



    Behavior/Classroom Management

    Response to Intervention

  • Kindergarten 6th GradeMath Training

    K-2 Math Teachers will attend one of following training sessions:

    September 28th Conceptual Understanding of Numbers and Operations

    October 26th Integrating Algebra January 11th Understanding Measurement

    3-6 Math Teachers will attend all three sessions:

    September 28th Conceptual Understanding for Numbers and Operations

    November 9th Integrating Algebra

    January 25th Understanding Measurement

    Training Provided by:Rome City Schools Math Coaches

  • Kindergarten 6th GradeWriting TrainingTeaching the Qualities of Writing to Our Youngest Learners (K-2)

    Kindergarten September 30th

    1st Grade September 14th

    2nd Grade September 9th

    Training Provided By: Mrs. Beth HerodDeveloping Writers Around Units of Study, Self-Assessment and Conventions (3-6)

    3rd Grade August 26th & January 20th

    4th Grade September 2nd & January 27th

    5th and 6th Grade August 19th & January 12th

    Training Provided By: Mrs. Cassie Parson

  • Kindergarten 6th GradeReading Training

    Kindergarten - December 2nd

    1st Grade - November 18th

    2nd Grade - November 4th

    3rd Grade - October 21st

    4th Grade - October 28th

    5th and 6th Grade October 12th

    Training Provided By: Mrs. Beth Herod and Mrs. Cassie Parson

  • Kindergarten 2nd Grade Science TrainingTeaching Writing Using Science

    Kindergarten - October 21st & November 30th

    1st Grade - October 21st & December 6th

    2nd Grade - November 16th and January 25th

    Science FOLDABLES

    3rd, 4th and 5th Grade February 10, 2010

    6th, 7th and 8th Grade March 22, 2010Training Provided by:Ms. Angela GuilfordEtowah GYSTCClasses are from 4:00-6:00

  • Technology TrainingDalton State College Educational Training Center will provide:

    27 Days of Instructional Technology Training 3 Days per School

    Training will focus on Interactive Boards, and will assist teachers in creating interactive lessons. Training will be in small doses during teacher planning time.

  • Classroom Management BehaviorThe Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Program focuses extensively on using verbal techniques to mediate situations with disruptive students. Dr. Dawn Kemp, Director of Special Education, is a certified trainer with this program.

    Dr. Kemp provided this training to Main Elementary School on August 9th, 16th and 23rd. She will continue to deliver this training throughout the school year.

    I will be prepared to handle situations that arise effectively.

    We will use this to improve discipline at our school.

    I will be able to handle a crisis situation in my classroom.

    I received a lot of good suggestions to de-escalate a verbal outburst.

  • Professional Learning CoursesRome Middle School

    Rome High School

    How to Grade for Learning (Linking Grades to Standards) and Rethinking Homework

    Training Provided By:Ms. Elaine Crouchand Ms. Cindy SmithA Framework for Understanding Poverty

    Training Provided By:Dr. Tygar Evans

  • Professional Learning Resources

    Using the Response to Intervention Model for Disruptive and Difficult Student Behaviors (Grades K-6)

    Response to Intervention Grades K-6 (Two Part Series)

    A Practical Approach to Classroom Management and Discipline (Grades K-6)

    Maximizing the Active Participation of Language Learning of ELL Students: Using Read Aloud, Shared Reading and Word Work (Grades K-5)

  • The ParaEducator Learning NetworkAvailable through Northwest Georgia RESA

    Allows Paraprofessionals to increase their content knowledge and skills by completing online course work at their convenience

    Courses include:The Role of the ParaEducatorContent Area Knowledge and Skills: MathematicsUnderstanding Students with Special NeedsClassroom Management for the ParaEducatorTechnology for the ParaEducator

  • The National Staff Development Council suggests that for every hour of content training, there should be seven hours of modeling, practice, coaching, and feedback.

    Run the Red Lights, Administrator, May 2009


    All students will graduate from Rome High Schoolprepared for college or work.