Romanticism. American Romanticism  1800-1860 What 3 Elements of the Industrial Revolution influenced the Romantic Period?

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Text of Romanticism. American Romanticism  1800-1860 What 3 Elements of the Industrial Revolution...

  • Romanticism

  • American Romanticism1800-1860

  • What 3 Elements of the Industrial Revolution influenced the Romantic Period?

  • Industrial Revolution: Progress with a PriceMid-1700s. Factories and industry replace agriculture as chief means of support for lower classes.Americans see themselves as moving forward and growing as a country.

  • 1: Better transportation leads to better exchange of ideasThe steamboat and the railroad become common. Greater infrastructure brings together different parts of the country.

  • 2: More options for womenTypical jobs for women had been to sew,take in laundry, work as dairy maid, or act as housekeeper or maid. All of these require a stable household.New jobs for women were factory work. Women could live at the factory and make their own money.

  • 3: Poor working conditions for mostLowells Factories working conditions:A. Women worked at least 12 hours a day. B. Women required to go to church; no male visitors allowed at factory/dormitory.

  • **Poor Working ConditionsC. Boarding house rooms held up to 6 girlsD. Average age=24; some as young=10 years old.

  • **The Mills and Factories Shirtwaist Factory fire victims 1911

  • American RomanticismAffected by Industrial Revolution, but based largely on optimism

  • Optimism: Half empty or half full?

  • OptimismUS citizens felt optimistic for many reasons:The little colonies beat the big British Empire.Everyone can succeed. Andrew Jacksonnot an upper-class guybecomes president in 1828.Reform movements are common.

  • Optimism led to the Age of Reform (during Romantic Period)Prisons and Mental InstitutionsPrison Reform1850sTreatment of Mentally Ill 1840s

  • Age of ReformWomens Suffrage

    Abolitionist movement

  • Idealism and TranscendentalismIdealismphilosophy based on idea that evidence of the divine is not found in the outer world as much as the inner world of the individual. This philosophy originated in Germany.Transcendto move above or beyond.Transcendentalismphilosophy based on the idea that one moves beyond the physical to the spiritual through awareness. Intuition, introspection, and self-trust. Many American Romantic writers were also Transcendentalists.

  • Romanticism 1800-1860.Not a Valentines Day idea. Romantic writers did share two key beliefs:1. Emotion was valued over intellect.2. Basic goodness and equality were a part of everyone.

  • The Big Romantic IdeasOptimism and Individualism (not conformity)Kinship with NatureThe Power of Darkness (fascination with disease, madness, death, evil, the supernatural, and the destructive qualities of nature)

  • Important Romantic Writers:Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Margaret Fuller

    Henry David Thoreau

    Walt Whitman

  • Dark Romantic WritersEdgar Allan PoeWashington IrvingNathaniel Hawthorne

  • Tensions would lead to Civil WarEnd of the Romantic Era


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