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Roman Republic/Empire

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Roman Republic/Empire. Rome. Holy land of the Ancient Hebrew. Where it all began. Advantage’s of Rome’s location?. Peninsula Midpoint of Mediterranean Sea Vast rich farmland. This is the direct opposite of Greece. Rome began as a city state with a monarch. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roman Republic/Empire


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Advantage’s of Rome’s location?

• Peninsula

• Midpoint of Mediterranean Sea

• Vast rich farmland7/2013

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In 509 B.C., Romansoverthrew the Etruscan king (tyrant)

Rome began as acity state with a monarch.


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part of the official title of a king


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System of Government where the people have the power to work and chooseleaders


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All ___________ have the right to vote

2 executiveconsuls

Poor/Slaves/Newcomers Patrons

Status and influence


Real power of important


ClientsStrikes &Refusals

To do duty

Tribune of the people



Hold publicOffice for

Marry patricians

Veto Lawsmade bysenate

12 StoneTablets in



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What is the Significance of the Twelve Tables?

• The Foundation of Roman Law• Settled dispute between Patricians and

Plebeians• The Earliest Surviving piece of

Literature coming from the Romans.• Held the Society together7/2013

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Punic Wars


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Punic Wars• 1st War: Rome wins and gains Sicily

• 2nd War: Hanibal crosses the Alps and invades Italy. He does much damage but is unable to take Rome

• 3rd War: Roman Politicians convince the Roman military to attack Carthage.

- Carthage is destroyed- The people are killed or sold into slavery- - Romans pour salt on the fields to make them barren7/2013

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Republic Collapses

• Rome’s victory in Carthage brought conflict between the rich and poor in Rome

(Civil War)• Triumvirate (three leaders) formed.• Civil War between three leaders• Generals are popular with discontented

(unhappy) citizens • Julius Caesar made reforms and

increased his popularity7/2013

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Republic Collapses

• Julius Caesar wins civil war and becomes absolute ruler

• Members fear that he is becoming to powerful, kill him

• Augustus, Caesar’s nephew take over power


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Octavian Augustus

Pax Romana - Roman Peace 7/2013

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- Bible- Old Testament- New Testament

- Golden Rule- Morality (right & wrong)

- 10 Commandments- Dietary Laws (fasting,

no meat on Friday)

- Roman Emperor Constantine converts

- Eventually all Roman citizens become Christians

- Jesus = Savior/Messiah- Baptism

- Monotheistic- Resurrection

- Holly Trinity (Father, son,holy spirit)

- Heaven- Spiritual Morality

- Jesus- 12 Apostles/

Disciples- Priests/Bishops/Pope

- Peter, Paul- Constantine7/2013

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Downfall of theEmpire:

Decline of Rome

•Oppressive gov’t loss or • pop support

• No way to choose next emperor

• Strongest general• became emperor• Gladiators

•Mercenaries- Army • full of hired

soldiers• with divided

loyalties• Invasions

• Heavy taxes• high

unemployment• gap between rich and poor

• Are selfish & lazy

• Low morals• Patriotism is