Roman Republic Building an Empire

Roman Republic

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Roman Republic. Building an Empire. Warm Up. Romulus & Remus. According to legend, King Numitor was overthrown by his brother. The king’s daughter, Silvia was imprisoned in the Temple to Mars, god of War. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roman RepublicBuilding an Empire

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Warm Up

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Romulus & Remus• According to legend, King Numitor was

overthrown by his brother. The king’s daughter, Silvia was imprisoned in the Temple to Mars, god of War.

• There she gave birth to twins, Romulus and Remus. The new king ordered the twins to be drowned in the Tiber River but they were rescued by a wolf.

• The boys were later adopted by a shepherd, named Faustus.

• When the boys grew up they met their grandfather and planned to avenge him. They raised an arm and overthrew the king.

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Reme or Rome?

• To commemorate their victory, the brothers planned to build a city along the banks of the Tiber River where the wolf had found them.

• There were 7 hills in this area. Romulus and Remus fought over which hill to build the city upon and what to name of this new city

• When Remus made fun of the wall that Romulus was building, the fighting increased and Remus was killed.

• The city was named Rome after the surviving brother.

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Task #1• Turn to your shoulder partner.• One of you will tell the other the story, you

just heard.• The other one will listen quietly and then fill in

any details that the other person missed.• What 3 facts do you think is most important

to remember about this legend of the founding of Rome? Write them down in your notes.

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Etruscans• By 600 BCE Rome had grown to

become a powerful city state.• It relied on trade with groups

around the city—most importantly the Etruscans.

• The Etruscans shared many Greek ideas with the Romans:• Alphabet• Toga• Architecture (like the arch)• Sewage systems• Chariot Racing

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Republic!• Early Rome was ruled by 7 kings. • In 509 BCE, the last king (an

Etruscan) was overthrown by a group of Roman aristocrats

• Rather than crown their own king, the aristocrats decided to create a new kind of government, called a republic.

• A republic is a type of government in which citizens have the right to vote select their leaders. Leaders rule in the name of people.

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Task #2• On your map of Europe, draw in the

beginnings of the Roman Empire. This marks the first stage of Rome’s expansion.

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Punic Wars• To become a leading power in the

Mediterranean, Rome had to defeat the Phoenicians and their powerful stronghold of Carthage.

• What do we know about the Phoenicians?

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1st Punic War• Carthage and Rome

fought for 23 years over control of Sicily

• Rome’s strength: army• Carthage’s strength: navy• Rome’s solution – build up

its navy• Rome’s new weapon –

grappling hook– Lashed ships together

• Rome won – Sicily became a province of Rome

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2nd Punic War• Carthage regained its strength and became

a world power again.• General Hannibal wanted to keep Rome from

threatening Carthage’s trade. He gathered 35,000 soldiers and 37 elephants in Spain.

• Challenge: Rome is not along the ocean and Rome now has a navy. How is Hannibal going to attack Rome?

• Leads army from Spain, through southern France and the Alps, to invade Italy from the north.

• What would you do if you were leading Roman forces? How would you defeat Hannibal?

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Scipio Afrikaunus• Rome’s general, Scipio, developed a

surprising counter-offensive. He attacks Carthage itself.

• Hannibal is forced to choose whether he tries to take Rome or save his home city.

• Hannibal was defeated at the Battle of Zama, Northern Africa.

• Carthage had to pay heavy fines to Rome, give up all their new colonies in Spain and sign a treaty promising never to fight another war without Rome’s permission.

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3rd Punic War

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Results OF the punic Wars

• Carthage became a Roman colony/province in North Africa

• Rome went on to conquer Greece, which had been an ally of Carthage.

• Rome was the only superpower and went on to conquer western Europe and the Mediterranean.

Page 17: Roman  Republic

Task #3• On your map draw in the lands Rome takes

after defeating Carthage in the Punic Wars.