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    GARYCo-Creator of theDUNGEONS &

    DRAGON Game

    A P E R I G E E B O O K

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    Gygax, Gary.Role playing mastery.

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  • This work is dedicated to the players of the


    DUNGEONS & DRAGONS@ games, and all other role-

    playing game enthusiasts who have brought so much to

    this new form of gaming. Live long and prosper!

  • Acknowledgments

    The names of most of the games referred to in this work arefederally registered trademarks and are the property of ei-ther the game publisher or a third party who has granted tothe game publisher the right to manufacture a game usingthe name. The references to game titles in this book, with orwithout trademark labels, do not constitute a challenge bythe publisher or the author to the ownership of the title inquestion.

    Iwish to express my appreciation to Frank Mentzer and ErnieGygax for their assistance in putting this book into form.Grateful acknowledgment is also due to Kim Mohan, whoseeffort in organizing and editing the final stages of this work madeit all possible. The kind offices of Will Niebling enabled me toinclude much of the appendix information without weeks ofsearching. As active RPG participants, these three are alreadymembers of the group to whom this work is dedicated in the firstplace, but each deserves special thanks in addition. Here you are!

  • Contents

    What Is Mastery? 11

    1 Role-Playing: The Foundation of Fun 17

    2 The Master Player 24

    3 The Master GM 41

    4 The Group: More Than Its Parts 57

    5 Rules: Construction and Reconstruction 77

    6 Searching and Researching 104

    7 Tactical Mastery 120

    8 Designing Your Own Game 138

    9 Mastery on the Grand Scale 153

  • C O N T E N T S

    10 An Overview of Progress Toward Mastery


    Appendix A: Organizations and Regional Groups

    Appendix B: Annual Conventions Featuring

    Role-Playing Games

    Appendix C: Professional Periodicals Serving the

    Role-Playing Game Community

    Appendix D: Role-Playing Games and ProductsCurrently Available, Their Genres, and Their


    Appendix E: Glossary of Terms Used in This Work

    and in the Gaming Community









  • Preface



    hy read a book on Role-Playing Mastery? If you have spenthundreds of hours involved in role-playing games, you

    might think you are a master already. Well, you are no doubtgood at what you do, and having fun at it, or you wouldnt still bedoing it. But unless you are part of a small, active minority, youhave far more to learn than you imagine. In fact, even if you arealready one of the so-called hard core aficionados, many tricksremain to be learned, and the information that this book containswill be helpful.

    It is hoped (and I go so far as to assume) that interested butnonexperienced individuals will read this work prior to beginningactivity in role-playing games. This will save them from the fatethat has befallen so many of their fellows in the past and turnedthem from role-playing game (RPG) participants into unin-terested parties in the space of a few frustrating and/or boringsessions of play. The greatest enemy is improper use of the gamevehicle for some purpose other than its intended one. Many gamesare mere pastime activities, but RPGs are enjoyable pursuits of asought-after nature and are hobbylike, rather than pastime crea-tions aimed at filling an otherwise empty period of leisure. While


  • R O L E - P L A Y I N G M A S T E R Y

    some games are aimed at rainy afternoons or social gatheringsthat might bring boredom, role-playing games are designed forand should be played under far different circumstances. Partici-pants engage in the play of such games because they have an activedesire to do so. This is because the games of this nature providethem with fun, excitement, challenge, social interaction, andmuch more on an ongoing basis.

    Knowledgeable estimates place the number of avid players ofrole games in the neighborhood of three and one-half million inNorth America, five million worldwide. That is a lot of players,and these are enthusiasts. These figures do not include occasionalparticipants in role-playing games. The number of persons whohave played at least once is certainly twice as large as the numberof enthusiasts.

    A certain few of the enthusiasts have matured and developed,then strived for and attained the status of mastery of their craft-and certainly tomorrows masters will include some of todayscasual players as well. Mastery as a player or a game master (GM)can be achieved by anyone, despite his or her present level ofexpertise in or enthusiasm for role-playing games. Mastery isachieved by understanding the game system, using it fully andcorrectly, excelling in operation within the system, and assuringthat the experience is enjoyable for all the individuals concerned.The road to mastery is neither smooth nor short, and a lot of worklies ahead of anyone setting out on the journey. Some who do setout will not reach the final destination- but, as will be demon-strated in this work, the journey itself is one worth taking regard-less of how long it lasts.

    As it is with other kinds of mature amusements and diversions,so it is with role-playing games: The higher the level of play, themore enjoyable the game. Simply put, mastery of role-playing isnot so much an effort toward individual excellence as it is abroadening of personal knowledge, contributing to social groupactivity, and increasing the fun and excitement that stem fromsuperior participation. This is when role-playing becomes cap-tivating. When you master role-playing, you become immersed inan activity that is peerless among leisure-time pursuits.


  • W H A T I S M A S T E R Y ?

    Is it magic that strikes your fancy? The fiery breath of a dragon?Or perhaps you are captivated by blazing six-guns, the tension ofan espionage mission, or the lure of the far-flung galaxies of thefuture! Whatever the attraction is, surviving in the aftermath of aworld-shattering holocaust or tracking down the unnameablehorrors that lurk in dark and remote places, you can find it withinthe realm of role-playing games. The entire spectrum of thrillingaction and excitement is available in the comfort of your home.Better still, the adventure is shared, and actively so. You are notengaging in parallel entertainment such as watching a film withfriends. You are not alone reading a book or contesting against acomputer program. A role-playing game is a group-interactiveactivity-and a ticket to worlds of adventure for you and yourfriends.

    The purpose of this book is to inform role-game enthusiasts ofthe history and scope of the role-playing hobby pursuit, to assistall participants in understanding the games, campaigns, and dy-namics involved; and to inform participants of the methods ofbringing play to a high level in order to enhance their enjoyment.Collaterally, the work is aimed at strengthening and building thehobby by enabling players and game masters alike to assist in thisundertaking. This book is, then, both a guide to better role-playing and a rough map of the territory that encompasses creat-ing new approaches to existing games and design and develop-ment of new entries in the field.

    From the ranks of those who achieve role-playing mastery in themonths and years ahead will come the next generation of gamedesigners and authors, who will use their RPG experience andtheir own original ideas to create a new crop of role-playing gamesystems. Others who achieve mastery will accomplish nothingmore than giving themselves and their friends hour upon hour-perhaps a lifetimes worth-of the unique brand of enjoyment andexcitement that results when an RPG is played the way it wasmeant to be played. That, in itself, is a prize that makes the longroad to mastery well worth traveling. By picking up this book,you have taken the first step on that journey.


  • Chapter 1



    T o begin at the beginning, it is important to know the dif-ference between role-playing and role assumption. Role-playing can be defined as acting out a make-believe position. Achild might pretend to be an adult, a male may act out the part of afemale in a theatrical performance, or a game enthusiast may playthe role of a secret agent. Think of role-playing as taking theposition and characteristics of someone you cannot actually be-come at the time (or ever).

    In some cases, a role that is played can or eventually will beassumed in reality. For instance, a little boy playing the father orthe husband in a childrens game of house might eventually be-come a married parent in later years. Time and education, desireand circumstances can well affect things so that a ro