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  1. 1. Best Practice and Compliance: Commissioning A Sterile Processing Department for Improved Patient Care Roel B. Castillo Chris OBrien Lifehouse, Sterilising Services Manager, Camperdown, Sydney, Australia Objective To implement the requirements of legislative bodies in the Australian context and ensure that the processing of reusable medical devices are safe for use in between patients. Methodology Procurement and validation of processing equipment compliant with ISO and Australian standards; Formulation and implementation of policies and procedures as mandated by the requirements of Australian Standards 4187:2003 Cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing reusable medical and surgical instruments and equipment, and the maintenance of associated environment; the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare Standard 3: Preventing and Controlling Healthcare Associated Infections and the New South Wales State Health Department Policies and Guidelines. Documentation and internal audits to ensure compliance and a window of opportunity for successful continuous process improvement Conclusion It is essential to comply with regulatory bodies and "best practice" in setting up a new Sterile Processing Department to ensure patient safety in providing quality processed items for use between patients. SSD Staff Lifehouse, 2014 Results A strong sense commitment to ensure patient safety the following has been achieved: All reprocessing equipment that was procured are compliant with ISO and Australian Standards, relevant commissioning addressing the requirements of the Australian regulatory bodies Formulation and implementation of policies & procedures according to the mandates of the federal & state bodies, this includes workflows, safe work practices and staff training and education Ability to self-audit on a regular basis for continuous improvement Message A higher sense of commitment to meet the demands of improved practice for better patient care Roel Castillo, Sterilising Services Manager 119-143 Missenden Road Camperdown, NSW, 2050, PO Box M33 Riskman1 Software - Used by SSD staff Acknowledgements: 1 Copyright 2012 Riskman Noah T. Castillo Graphics Design Belief sterilisers and ASP sterilisers, Lifehouse SSD YX Washers, Lifehouse SSD

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