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    RESOURCE GUIDE Rockwell Automation ∙ 1211 133rd Ave, Wayland, MI, 49348 ∙ 269-792-7000

    Revision 1.2


    02 Sample Code Safety functions and links for sample code website

    click for more information and direct links

    Quick Reference Manuals Popular labs, quick reference guides, and technotes


    Free Tools Integrated Architecture tools, faceplates, migration tools, and add-

    on instructions


    Product Info What’s New and product information


    Software Activation/Downloads Links for software activation, downloads, and product

    compatibility and download center


    01 Videos and Webinars YouTube Channel videos and customer webinars

    09 Services and Solutions Information on a variety of service offerings including training,

    field service, and migration programs

    Accelerator Toolkits Toolkits that aid in decreasing control system design and

    development time

    05 10 Technical Support Information on contacting tech support

    Rockwell Mobile Apps Popular labs, quick reference guides, and technotes




    Faceplate/Add-on Instructions An automation specialist discusses the faceplate/add-on instruction sets

    available from Rockwell Automation with a live demo with a CompactLogix


    Create and Configure a New Application in FactoryTalk View ME Online Automation Class overviews how to create and configure a new

    application in FactoryTalk View ME 5.0

    Connected Components Workbench Software Tutorials Video tutorials on how to program with the Connected Components

    Workbench (CCW) software

    How-To Series with RSLogix 5000 Video tutorials on how to program with the RSLogix 5000 software

    FactoryTalk View Video Tutorials Training videos on how to program with FactoryTalk View 7.0 software

    Rockwell Software

    YouTube Playlist


    Genius Webinars

    Upcoming Live


    Rockwell Software

    Video Library

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    Integrated Architecture

    Tools Video Library

    Previously Recorded




    Micro 800 Controllers Basics Learn how to configure and program our Micro 800 controllers with

    Connected Components Workbench (CCW)

    1771 to 1756 I/O Conversion Reduce downtime with a 1771 to 1756 I/O conversion system. This

    conversion enables removing power supplies and minimizing wiring errors

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    Sample Code Library An online library that allows you to retrieve samples of code that have been

    developed by other users and post code that you think others might find helpful.

    The Sample Code Library site is a place to share best Integrated Architecture

    applications, including logic, HMI and drives

    Pre-engineered Machinery Safety Application Examples The documents in this archive provide detailed information that outlines the

    functionality, performance, and products that are required for each safety function.

    They also come with a produced SISTEMA Performance Level calculation as outlined in EN ISO 13849-1

    Add-On-Instructions (AOI) Configure a control application using pre-defined objects for common functions

    helping to reduce engineering time. Add-On Instructions allow modules of

    code, with pre-defined functionality, to be connected together in a drag and

    drop environment to rapidly define a control function

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    Product Drawings Offering a powerful range of product drawing tools to help you design & apply our

    products. Available on-line or for download, our tools help you access information

    while in the office or on the go

    Faceplates Library of HMI graphics and faceplates available for numerous Rockwell

    Automation products and other devices

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    Product Configuration & Selection Directory Browse for additional product information or configure


    CrossWorks Competitive Cross Reference This tool embedded in ProposalWorks provides

    assistance converting competitive catalog numbers to

    similar Allen-Bradley products

    Global SCCR Selection Tool The Global Short Circuit Current Ratings (SCCR)

    Selection Tool provides coordinated high fault branch

    circuit solutions for motor starts, soft-starters, and

    component drives.

    Integrated Architecture Builder Configure your Logix-based automation systems

    (including the PlantPAX process automation system), select

    hardware, and generate bills of material for applications

    including controllers, I/O, networks, drives, cabling &

    wiring, and motion control.

    Product Lifecycle Status Identify the most contemporary Rockwell Automation


    Product Selection Toolbox A collection of Product Selection and System Design

    software tools that help you select Allen-Bradley

    products and design application solutions.

    ProposalWorks P