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ROBOTIC POOL SCRUBBER CLEANER - Best Pool Supplies - Pool … · 2014. 5. 21. · 1. ROBOTIC POOL SCRUBBER CLEANER. 2. The Next Generation:! •Independent to the pool’s pump &

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Text of ROBOTIC POOL SCRUBBER CLEANER - Best Pool Supplies - Pool … · 2014. 5. 21. · 1. ROBOTIC POOL...

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    The Next Generation:!!•Independent to the pool’s pump & filter system.!!•R120 is self-driven by three internal motors.!!•Replicates the pool’s filtration system, Admiral Ultra vacuums in water, dirt and debris via an internal pump & filters the water via it’s filtration system.

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    The Next Generation:!!•No installation, hoses or additional equipment is required, just turn it on and it will vacuum, scrub & clean the pool’s & walls floor within three hours.!!•Admiral Ultra is suitable for vinyl liners, fibreglass, tile & concrete residential pools up to 9m x 12m.

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    Release The Pool Skimmer:!!•Without a suction cleaner attached to the pool skimmer, it is left free to skim the top of the pool.!!•Removing restrictions on the pool skimmer also increasing the poll’s turnover rate, improving water clarity.

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    Direct Drive Motors:!!•R120’s front & rear Gel-pro brushes are both powered by the cleaner’s Direct Drive motors with increased torque & efficiency.!!•It’s Direct Drive motors allows for powerful scrubbing, pin point navigation, better traction & superior climbing capabilities.

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    All Terrain Traction Plus Gel-Pro Brushes:!!•R120 has two sets of continuous traction wheels to enhance it’s climbing performance.!!•It’s Gel-pro brushes are gentle enough for vinyl liners, yet rugged enough to clean the dirtiest concrete & fibreglass pools.

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    Scrubs The Pool Floor, Walls & Steps:!!•R120 not only cleans the pool’s floor, it also climbs & scrubs the pools steps & walls up to the water line. .

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    Wide Cleaning Path:!!•The strategic location of the vacuum intake ports & the advanced geometry of the under belly allows debris to be vacuumed not only from underneath the cleaner, but also from the sides.

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    Large Intake Ports:!!•R120’s extra large vacuum intake ports are placed directly behind both its cleaning brushes, enabling the vacuuming of large leaves & debris.

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    Admiral Ultra Performance:!!•The beauty of the R120 pool cleaner is that it operates independently from your pool’s filter and pump. ! !•R120 has 3 self-driven internal motors. One to vacuum up water, dirt, and debris through a built-in pump and filter it through an internal filtration system, and dual direct drive motors driving two powerful scrubbing brushes and propelling the R120 around the pool.! !•R120’s Robotic technology allows for the automatic and systematic cleaning of the swimming pool without relying on the operation of the pool’s filtering equipment.

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    Quick-Drain For Easy Lifting:!!•R120’s quick-drain system allows water to rapidly flow back into the pool, immediately lightening the cleaner for quick & easy removal from the pool.

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    Intelligent Navigation:!!•R120’s navigation system prevents the cleaner from getting caught on any obstacles.!!•Plus its intelligent programming sends the cleaner in a different direction every time. Improving pool coverage.

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    Extra Large Filter Bag:!!• R120’s filter bag is designed to maximise its capacity & micro filters down to the finest debris.

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    Save Time, Water & Chemicals:!!• R120 micro filters & circulates the pool water reducing filter maintenance, saving water & pool chemicals.!!

    Energy Saving:!!•R120’s water-cooled pump motor represents the latest in green technology.!!•R120 operates on only 120 watts of power.

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    Caddy Included For Convenient Storage & Transport:!!

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    Technical Specifications & Warranty:

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