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Robot flower. Phil Culverhouse CRNS University of Plymouth. Concept. Fun Behaves For Girls & Boys Explores Science Maths technology. School applications. D&T: the robot flower can be designed & built by school pupils during laboratory sessions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Robot flower

  • Robot flowerPhil CulverhouseCRNSUniversity of Plymouth

  • ConceptFunBehavesFor Girls & BoysExploresScienceMathstechnology

  • School applicationsD&T: the robot flower can be designed & built by school pupils during laboratory sessions Electronics: design the circuits and sensorsComputing: for control and behaviour).Mathematics: for assessing acceleration, inertia,Science: measure light energy input

  • A behaving robotmake it dance, make it react to stimulii ie. make it behaveShrink from touchBe bold, be shyChange behaviour through timeCan learn to habituate stimulii

  • School usesYear 4-7: School buys kit with electronics, PIC and/or processor options and uses them to show robot interactions; Year 9: D&T classes design mechnical parts following classroom guidance notes. They could be made on a laser cutter or rapid prototyper and then assembled with electronics and operated; Electronics Alevel: students design electronics control system following classroom guidance notes; Year 9-11: Computing class design behaviours, either single flowers or groups. Can also explore remote control methods, following class guidance notes; Year 6: pupils design petals and fit to flower head. Perhaps changing servo motor speeds to alter reactions to stimulii and Year 8-10: Mathematics pupils have known masses of each mobile part, and calculate accelerations and energy inputs etc. Again a class guidance note will suggest options.

  • Final design