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THE CALL OF THE SEA1. Visualization Close your eyes and think of the sea. What sights and sounds come to your mind? What do you feel when you think about the sea? Now open your eyes and spend a few minutes writing down whatever came into your mind, in your own language or English. 2. Sea Vocabulary: Odd word out In pairs or small groups, circle the word which does not belong to each of the following groups. Use a dictionary to help you. SEA ASSOCIATIONS Which of these words is not associated with the sea? Spray, tides, waves, ocean, cliffs, bay, shore, rocks, hive, port, surf, current , shipwreck, voyage, channel, dock, jetty, cargo, port ON THE BEACH Which items would you not expect to find on the beach? shingle, pebbles, shells, rocks, starfish, sand, spanner, sand dunes, seaweed, driftwood, turtle

3. Sea Vocabulary: Onomatopoeic words A. Certain words are called onomatopoeic because the sound of the word is like its meaning. Example: I love hearing the birds twitter on a Sunday morning Twitter is an onomatopoeic word because it sounds like the sounds birds actually make. Sea vocabulary is often onomatopoeic. Match these sounds to the things which make them. Some sounds can be linked to more than one thing Lapping Screeching Roaring Howling Crashing Boats waves Slapping Hooting Squelching Splashing




B. What other onomatopoeic words do you know? Make a list with your partner. C. What other onomatopoeic words do you know in your own language? Share them with your group. 4. Writing a descriptive paragraph Yesterday you made a trip to the coast. Write a paragraph describing what you saw, the sounds you heard and the way you felt. Write about 75 words.

SEA CREATURES Which creature is associated with the sea? not

Porpoise, turtle, lobster, whale, shark, seal, dolphin, puffin, penguin, crab, squirrel WORDS FOR BOAT Which of the following is not a word for a kind of boat? yacht, dinghy, raft, tram, tug, speedboat, canoe, barge, car, ferry, catamaran, oil tanker, galleon, trawler

THE STORY OF ROBINSON C RUSOERead the version below of the story of Robinson Crusoe. Try to guess the meaning of unfamiliar words As you read, number these events in order in which they happened. a. Crusoe is shipwrecked b. He meets Friday c. He is made a slave d. He returns to England e. He manages a plantation f. He sees an English ship on the horizon g. He rescues the ships captain h. He builds a home on the island i. He runs away to sea j. He accepts his life on the island k. He salvages things from the shipwreck

Never had any adventurer s misfortunes, I believe, begun earlier or continued longer than mine. I m Robinson Crusoe and this is my story I was born in the year 1632 in the city of New York. I had always wanted to go to the sea but my father wanted me to enter the law. Against the wishes of my parents I joined a big trading ship when it was in the dock at Hull. I knew I was breaking my father s heart but the call of the sea was too strong. At first I was terribly seasick but I gradually learned to adapt and weather the great storms which blew up. On one occasion, to my misfortune, I was taken as a slave but I escaped. For some time I even ran a plantation in Brazil but I could not resist returning to the sea. This time, however, the ship was wrecked and I was the only survivor. The sea had washed me onto a deserted tropical island. Am I all alone? I called, and my despair knew no depths as I realized I was condemned to live in a silent world, forever an outcast in this horrid place. I knew I had to swim back to the ship before it sank completely and salvage everything of value. The task was urgent as my survival depended on it. On the boat I found the ship s dog and two cats. These creatures, with a parrot I taught to speak, and a goat, were for many years my only companions on the island. For a home, I built a strong shelter close to fresh water. I explored the island and found fruit trees and a herd of goats. I sowed barley I had taken from the ship, and made a calendar to mark the passing of the days. I resolved to look on the bright side rather than the dark side of my condition. The doings of the greedy, material world and my own past wickedness became more and more remote. I spent many hours in hard labour, improvising baskets, pots, a boat and

other necessities, but I always made time for spiritual contemplation. Each year the crops increased, and my family was contented and I learned to love the beauty of the island. Yet I longed to see a human face and hear a human voice. My solitude ended when, walking towards my boat, I stopped, thunderstruck, at the sight of strange footprint in the island. This incident marked the beginning of my friendship with a man who lived on a distant island. He was escaping the anger of his countrymen and I gave him refuge. Friday , as I called him, wanted to learn English and gradually we learned to understand one another and appreciate each other s way of life. My luck changed when an English ship appeared on the horizon. Friday and I observed a rowing boat coming ashore. My guess was right. The crew of the ship had mutinied and the captain and some of his loyal followers had been taken prisoner. Friday and I worked out a way to capture the mutineers and set the captain free. The captain of the ship offered to take me back to England. Friday, who I found as true and good as a friend as a man could ever wish for, was going to accompany me. So, on December 19th 1686, after 28 years on the island, one of the strangest stories ended as I, Robinson Crusoe sailed away from the island, never to return.

THE STORY OF ROBINSON C RUSOE5. Comprehension check 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. What future did Crusoe s father want for his son? Even before the shipwreck, Crusoe had many adventures. What were they? How did Crusoe feel when he realised he was all alone on the island? What did he manage to do before the wrecked ship sank? Describe Crusoe s way of life on the island. What was the first sign that another human being had visited the island? How did Crusoe finally manage to escape from the island? Explain the meaning of the mutineer

6. Continuing a story creatively Try imagining that you are Robinson Crusoe, on your way back to England. Use these questions to help you continue his story. l What will you most miss about your island life? l What did you choose to take with you? l What have you learned from your experiences? Do you feel the hardships of the island made you a better and more understanding person? l Who will remember you at home? Who will you want to see? l How will you make your living? l What might be the difficulties of fitting into a normal life again? l What will be your future plans and dreams Share your ideas with your classmates. Word-limit: 100 to 150 words

F UTURE D REAMSWRITING FOR TALKNIG My dreams for the future1. Think about your future. How do you see your life ? l Next year l In the five years of time l In the ten years time Write some notes about your hops and ambitions at each of these times Ask and answer questions about them with a partner.

2. Read Susannah s talk on her future dreams. What are her definite plans? What is she not sure about? What are her hopes, ambitions, and dreams? 3. Now read Susannah s talk again carefully. There are six paragraphs. In each one underline any Hello everyone. My name is Susannah, Suzie for short. I m 18 years words or expressions that would be useful when old. At the moment I m in my second year at art school and I often you write a talk about your future. Compare with dream about my future. I have big plans and I would like to tell you a your partner. bit about them. My most immediate plans are holiday plans. I m going to visit my 4. Rewrite the first paragraph about. Read it aloud to your partner. brother who is working in Australia. My mother and I are going to spend Christmas with him in the summer sun. I m excited about that. 5. Write a talk about your future plans and dreams When I return, I have to make a final decision about which course I m (word limit 100 to 200 words). Mark pauses and going to study next year. I m still not sure I might do fashion design words you want to stress. Practise reading it or I might do landscape design. It is difficult because I m interested in aloud. Give your talk to the class. Answer any both clothes and gardens. If I choose landscape, I would like to work questions with my friend Jasper. He is brilliant with gardens and we have already worked on two projects together. It was great fun and we get on very well. In five or ten years time I would like to have my own business and work for myself, like my father. He has his own building business. I might even do a business course after I finish art school. Of course, one day I hope to marry and have children ideally, before I m 30, but I can t plan that until I meet the right person. In my dreams I see myself at 40 running a successful gardening company with about 20 employees. I ll design beautiful gardens for people. I ll have a beautiful house, two beautiful children and, of course a husband, who is as successful as I am.My dreams for the future



Read this story from a teenage magazine about a seaside holiday and fill in the gaps by adapting the words in the brackets

A HAPPY ENDINGHave you ever ____________ (be) on holiday with your family and really wished you had a friend of your own age around? Last summer my parents and I were _____________ (stay) in a caravan on the coast. I loved the area but was feeling a little sad as my best friend, who was suppose to be with me, had _____________ (cancel) at the last minute. One morning I ____________ (wake) up very early and decided to collect she