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Simple Machines

Rube Goldberg Challenge

What are Simple Machines

Simple machines are machines that help us do hard tasks into easy a easy one.For example: Lifting a piano upstairs, you have two options lift it with your strength or us a simple machine called a pulley. This way you will finish your job in a easier and less stressful way.

Our 1st Simple Machine

Our first simple machine was the pulley. In this project we used it to go down and knock over some cards, as this happens the other part goes up because of the weight. Another scenario would be using the pulley to get something from one place to up or down.

Our 2nd Simple Machine

Our second simple machine was a lever.In this project we used a lever by balancing a ball and hitting one side of the lever to cause the other to rise and makes the ball go along and down.In another scenario a lever is used as a teeter totter which goes up and down due to the weight.

Our 3rd Simple Machine

Our third simple machine was a inclined plane.In our project we used the inclined plane as some kind of ramp which leads the wheel and axle down. In another scenario for a inclined plane is a movers van. At the back of the truck there is a inclined plane which is used to lower the heavy and big appliances down instead of lifting it.

Our 4th Simple Machine

Our fourth simple machine was a wheel and axle. This was used for when the inclined plane released the wheel and axle it went down the ramp and hit the cards and ruler which pressed the button. In another scenario this is used for fishing, when you bring the fish in you use the wheel and axle bringing the sting around and the object to you.


In this project we learned how simple machines are everywhere and how they can help us a lot by simply making tasks easier, hitting and planing out was a hard because there were many mistakes but at the end it was worth it. The end, Thank you!