RIZVI COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCE COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCE COMMERCE Off. Carter Road ... Maharashtra and H.S.C. Board to conduct classes of FYJC and ... Junior College : (Std XI) Arts, Sci

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    Off. Carter Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai - 400 050.

    Introduction :

    The Rizvi Education Society was established in the year 1982by Dr. AKHTAR HASAN RIZVI (M.P.), who set his heart on therealisation of a dream the establishment of a mini university cateringto a variety of educational interests and aspirations.

    The foundation stone of Rizvi College of Arts, Science andCommerce was laid by the former Chief Minister of MaharashtraState, Late Padmabhushan Shri. Vasantdada Patil on 31st March1985. The magnificient college building was constructed in a recordtime of two months and twelve days, which is an eloquent testimonyto the skill, resourcefulness, tenacity of purpose and mighty willpower of Dr. A.H. Rizvi.

    The college is affilliated to the University of Mumbai for teachingcourses leading to B.A., B.Sc., B.Com. BMS, BMM and M.Comdegrees, and is recognised by the Education Department, Govt ofMaharashtra and H.S.C. Board to conduct classes of FYJC andSYJC alongwith vocational courses in Electronics, ComputerScience and Information Technology. The College also undertakescourses in MCVC recognised by the Technical Board, Govt. ofMaharashtra.

    Mission Statement :

    The College aims at developing overall personality of studentsand inculcating in them the highest principles of unity and nationalintegrat ion through i ts motto - 'HUMANISE, EQUALISE,SPIRITUALISE.

    General Information

    Web-Site of the College Students may log on towww.rizvicollege.com for queries, information, notice-boardupdate, defaulters list, time-table, results and other matters.

    Academic Year 2003 - 20041st Term : 09th June 2003 - 10th October 2003.

    Diwali Vacation : 11th October 2003 - 06th November 2003.

    2nd Term : 07th November 2003- 30th April 2004.

    Winter Break : 26th December 2003 - 01st January, 2004.

    Summer Vacation : 01st May 2004 - 08th June, 2004.

    Administrative Office Timings for studentsMonday to Friday 10.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.

    Saturday 10.00 a.m. - 12.00 noon


    1. Entry to college premises, lectures, practicals, College functionsor access to the library, college office, laboratories, canteen isstrictly through a valid identity card which must be wornthroughout the stay in the college premises.

    2. Each student admitted to the college is expected to behave insideand outside the college in an orderly and disciplined manner andto have regard for the staff and the good name of the college.

    3. Smoking, chewing of tobacco, pan and spitting is strictly prohibitedin the college premises and college gatherings. The above offenceis punishable under the Mumbai Police Act.

    4. Students must read and follow the general and classified noticesdisplayed on the notice boards from time to time. Ignorance ofany information put up on the notice boards will not be accepted.

    5. Students are not allowed to form any society, make collections orand sell tickets, hold meetings, invite any person to addressmeetings and go on excursion, or picnics without the permissionof the Principal.

    6. All notices put up on the notice boards or announcements made,must have the previous approval of the Principal.

    7. All Associations and Committees constituted by the Principal toconduct various student activities, should not hold meetings orpublish papers without the prior approval of the Principal.


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    8. Student are expected to take proper care of the college propertyand help in keeping the premises neat and tidy. Damaging theproperty of the college by disfiguring walls, doors, fittings orbreaking furniture etc. is a breach of discipline and the guilty willbe duly punished.

    9. Students should not communicate any information to the presswithout the written permision of the Principal.

    10.Students applying for certificates, testimonials, concession formetc. and those requiring the Principal's signature on any kind ofdocument or application, should first contact the office at leasttwo days in advance. No papers should be brought by any studentdirectly to the Principal for signature.

    11.Loitering in the corridor, while lectures are in progress is strictlyprohibited.

    12.Matters not covered by the above rules will be at the discretionof the Principal.


    1. Admission will be strictly on merit basis. Seats will be allotted ona first come first served basis.

    2. The College has been granted the "Minority Status", thereforeadmissions will be granted according to rules and regulationsapplicable to this Category. Fifty percent seats in all courses /classes are reserved for muslim minority.

    3. Those who fail to pay the prescribed fees, within the stipulatedtime will forfeit their claim for admission.

    4. Repeaters will not be granted admission.

    5. Students from other colleges will be admitted only if seats areavailable after granting admission to our own students afterrequisite permission from the competent authority and verificationof their original documents.

    6. All admissions will be subject to the guidelines of the Universityand Education Department Govt. of Maharashtra received fromtime to time and as decided by the Rizvi Education Society.


    7. Students seeking admission must apply in the prescribedform at the beginning of each academic year.

    8. A student once admitted will be considered as duly enrolledfor the academic year and the student shall be liable to paythe full fees for the whole year unless the student informsthe Principal in writing of his / her intention to leave thecollege well in advance.

    9. For admission to the first year classes it is necessary toproduce in the original (i) S.S.C./H.S.C. exams certificate(ii) statement of marks (iii) School / Jr. College leavingcertificate (iv) Eligibility certificate from university of Mumbaiin the case of student passing an Examination other thanthat of the H.S.C. Board, Maharashtra State and (v) TransferCertif icate, in case of the students coming from othercolleges, affi l iated to Mumbai University (vi) Migrationcertif icate in case of student coming from outside thejurisdiction of University of Mumbai.


    Junior College

    According to Mumbai Divisional Board's Regulation No. 88(I)(a)for grant of terms, a student must attend 75% of the lectures,tutorials and practicals during each term. Therefore, if thestudent fails to achieve the required attendance, his / herexamination form for the Board examination will not be acceptedand / or forwarded to the Board and the student will neither beissued with the Hall tickets / nor be allowed to appear for theHSC Board / Annual Examination.

    Degree College

    1. According to University Circular No. UG/502 of 1999 forgranting the terms in each subject, the minimum attendance of75% of the theory, lectures, practicals and tutorials (whereverprescribed) separately will be required out of the total numberof lectures, practicals & tutorials in each subject conducted inthe term.Therefore, if the student fails to achieve the required

  • attendance his/her examinations form will not be accepted / orforwarded to the university and the student will neither be issuedwith the Hall tickets / nor be allowed to appear for the University/ Annual examination.

    2. Working students should not seek admission in theCollege instead they shall opt for Correspondence Coursesoffered by the University. Their applications will not beentertained for the purpose of concession in attendance.


    SYJC (XII)

    Any student who fails to show satisfactory progress in all subjectsat the SYJC (XII) Preliminary Examination or remains absentfor the examination for any reason, may not be sent up for theHSC Board examination.

    Examination for S.Y.J.C. (Std. XII) Arts, Science & Commercewill be as per the guidelines give by the H.S.C. Board.

    FYJC (XI)Scheme of Exam under Promotion Rule (A + B + C)


    FIRST TERMSr. Examinations Max Duration Approx. RemarkNo. Marks Period of exam if any

    I. First Unit Test 50 1 hours August / Sept. A1II. First termi- 100 3 hours October B

    nal exam



    SECOND TERMIII. Second 50 1 hours January A2

    unit testIV. Final 100 3 hours February / C

    Exam March

    A + B + C = 300 A = A1 + A2 3 3

    DEGREE COLLEGEA. Examination :1. There shall be two examinations, one at the end of each term andthey shall be called first term examination and second term examination.Both term examinations shall be of equal marks and of equal duration.First term examination shall be based on the portion of the syllabustaught in the first term and the second term examination shall be basedon the portion of the syllabus taught in the second term as prescribed bythe Board of studies.2. The Practical examination in a subject shall be held only once andat the end of the second term.3. The passing shall be based on the average of the first termexamination and second term examination.4. The heads of passing in theory and practical shall be separate.5. Scheme for paper without practical and paper with practical areas follows :PAPER WITHOUT PRACTICAL

    First Term Exam. Marks 50Second Term Exam. Marks 50

    PAPER WITH PRACTICALFirst Term Exam. Marks 50Second Term Exam. Marks 50Practical Exam at theEnd of 02nd Term Marks 40 per paper

    In subjects where project/tutorials are prescribed as part of workloadin the syllabus, the papers in such subjects for each term examinationshall be of 50 marks and 2 hrs. duration. Marks secured in each papershall be appropriately converted into theory component (marks out of 45as applicable) and remai


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