Rival 1998 Kinship

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Rival on Amazonian Kinship (Anthropology)

Text of Rival 1998 Kinship

  • Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Irelandhttp://www.jstor.org/stable/3034825

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  • Jaye Renold

    Jaye Renold

  • Article Contentsp. [619]p. 620p. 621p. 622p. 623p. 624p. 625p. 626p. 627p. 628p. 629p. 630p. 631p. 632p. 633p. 634p. 635p. 636p. 637p. 638p. 639p. 640p. 641p. 642

    Issue Table of ContentsThe Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Vol. 4, No. 4 (Dec., 1998), pp. 619-872Volume Information [pp. ]Front Matter [pp. ]Androgynous Parents and Guest Children: The Huaorani Couvade [pp. 619-642]Ova Donation and Symbols of Substance: Some Variations on the Theme of Sex, Gender and the Partible Body [pp. 643-667]Investigating Cultures: A Critique of Cognitive Anthropology [pp. 669-688]Balinese Spatial Orientation: Some Empirical Evidence of Moderate Linguistic Relativity [pp. 689-711]Linguistic Innovation and Relationship Terminology in the Pearl Lagoon Basin of Nicaragua [pp. 713-730]Greek Hoplites, Warrior Culture, and Indirect Bias [pp. 731-751]Air Youth: Performance, Violence and the State in Cameroon [pp. 753-782]CommentEcological Knowledge in Tibet [pp. 783-786]Austronesian Chiefs: Metaphorical or Fractal Fathers? [pp. 786-795]Psychoanalysis, Buddhism and the Person [pp. 795-798]

    Book ReviewsReview: untitled [pp. 799-800]Review: untitled [pp. 800]Review: untitled [pp. 800-801]Review: untitled [pp. 801-802]Review: untitled [pp. 802-803]Review: untitled [pp. 803-804]Review: untitled [pp. 804-805]Review: untitled [pp. 805-806]Review: untitled [pp. 806]Review: untitled [pp. 807]Review: untitled [pp. 807-808]Review: untitled [pp. 808-809]Review: untitled [pp. 809-810]Review: untitled [pp. 810-811]Review: untitled [pp. 811]Review: untitled [pp. 811-812]Review: untitled [pp. 812-813]Review: untitled [pp. 813-814]Review: untitled [pp. 814-815]Review: untitled [pp. 815-816]Review: untitled [pp. 816-817]Review: untitled [pp. 817]Review: untitled [pp. 817-818]Review: untitled [pp. 818-819]Review: untitled [pp. 819-820]Review: untitled [pp. 820-821]Review: untitled [pp. 821-822]Review: untitled [pp. 822-823]Review: untitled [pp. 823-824]Review: untitled [pp. 824-825]Review: untitled [pp. 825-826]Review: untitled [pp. 826-827]Review: untitled [pp. 827]Review: untitled [pp. 828-829]Review: untitled [pp. 829-830]Review: untitled [pp. 830-831]Review: untitled [pp. 831-832]Review: untitled [pp. 832-833]Review: untitled [pp. 833-834]Review: untitled [pp. 834-835]Review: untitled [pp. 835]Review: untitled [pp. 836]Review: untitled [pp. 836-837]Review: untitled [pp. 837-838]Review: untitled [pp. 838-839]Review: untitled [pp. 839-840]Review: untitled [pp. 840-841]Review: untitled [pp. 841-842]Review: untitled [pp. 842-843]Review: untitled [pp. 843]Review: untitled [pp. 843-844]Review: untitled [pp. 844-845]Review: untitled [pp. 845-846]Review: untitled [pp. 846-847]Review: untitled [pp. 847-848]Review: untitled [pp. 848]Review: untitled [pp. 849]

    Books Received [pp. 851-857]Back Matter [pp. ]