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    RingCentral® Professional Services Implementation & Onboarding Methodology

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    RingCentral® White Paper | RingCentral Professional Services Implementation & Onboarding Methodology

    Any technology transition can be challenging; and moving your communications

    system to a new platform is certainly a significant transition. It’s critical that your

    new communications vendor has defined, comprehensive, and proven processes for

    implementing the new system with minimal disruption. The new vendor must also

    provide superior training, and ongoing post-implementation support for future systems

    changes, and a responsive service team for ongoing support.

    RingCentral® Professional Services Implementation & Onboarding Methodology

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    RingCentral® White Paper | RingCentral Professional Services Implementation & Onboarding Methodology

    We take a multiphased approach to guiding and

    advising you, with multiple touch points throughout

    your engagement, from the time you first evaluate

    our solution, through in-depth consultation with

    our engineers to understand your unique technical

    situation. We work with you and your technical team,

    offering expert assistance.

    RingCentral provides complete implementation

    services to get the your account up and running,

    walking your team through the physical setup of phones

    and networks, and the configuration settings for your

    employees. Our world-class after-sales support team

    stays with you for the life of your account.

    The RingCentral implementation specialist assigned

    to your account holds a customer kickoff meeting with

    your technical team to gather detailed information

    about your needs, current setup, n umber of locations,

    and more, to tailor an implementation plan that is

    custom-designed to meet your specific profile, including

    your locations, your mobile workers, and your timeline.

    Rollout can be phased in, or done all at once, according

    to your requirements.

    We assist with the demanding details of the number

    transfer/porting process. To achieve our goal of Zero

    Downtime during porting, our dedicated porting team

    follows our proven process to ensure that the number

    transfer truly is seamless.

    RingCentral’s experienced implementation team

    provides your IT team with the detailed information

    they need to prepare your network for deployment.

    We train your administrators on the system--and train

    users to manage their own settings.

    The RingCentral Professional Services Methodology

    creates a smooth process that removes unpredictability

    and allows us to keep your implementation schedule

    on track.

    Implementation Process Overview

    This document provides a detailed look at RingCentral’s proven methodology for implementation and onboarding

    of customer accounts (starting at 100 users) and post-sale support. The experienced RingCentral team is with you

    every step of the way, to ensure a smooth transition with zero downtime.

    Introductory Meeting

    System Discovery Deployment

    Ongoing Support

    Voice of the CustomerTraining

    The RingCentral Zero-Downtime Implementation Process

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    RingCentral® White Paper | RingCentral Professional Services Implementation & Onboarding Methodology

    1 Introductory Meeting

    At the introductory meeting, we introduce your team to your RingCentral Implementation Success Team,

    discuss your project at a high level and set expectation as to the lifecycle of the implementation will look like,

    and schedule the discovery and design calls.

    The RingCentral Implementation Success Team is our expert, experienced team who will surround you during

    the implementation and afterwards to ensure that you have the smoothest transition, and are able to take full

    advantage of RingCentral’s superior features now and in the future. The team is composed of these members:

    • Your Implementation Advisor is here for one-on-one sessions to address your unique business

    environment. Your Advisor works with you to transfer existing phone numbers, connect multiple locations,

    add user accounts, and set up mobile users. They’ll also provide training programs for your administrators

    and rollout programs for your entire workforce, ensuring that everyone will be able to

    use RingCentral Office quickly and efficiently.

    • Your Implementation Project Manager provides project management assistance and is your main contact

    for any major concerns. With such a feature-rich new phone system, it’s reassuring to have someone who

    can help re-verify your requirements and fine-tune the end-design.

    • You can rely on your Sales Account Representative to inform you of the latest updates to your phone

    system, the latest innovations, and relevant programs to keep you ahead of your business needs.

    • Your Account Executive ensures continuity of knowledge of your account from sale to implementation.

    • Your Technical Support Representative is here to keep your phone system on track. When you have

    technical issues, you need answers quickly and can’t waste time. It’s good to be able rely on a responsive

    Support Representative with high SLA standards who has a deep level of product knowledge, combined

    with a sound understanding of your account setup. Your Technical Support Representative will provide you

    with timely, guided, and accurate expertise.

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    RingCentral® White Paper | RingCentral Professional Services Implementation & Onboarding Methodology

    2 System Discovery

    The RingCentral Implementation Advisor does a comprehensive analysis of your telephony requirements,

    to understand your unique processes and needs, for example for call routing and for connecting remote

    employees. RingCentral Office is a highly adaptive and reliable system with many included features that

    can handle complex and fast-growing businesses. To craft your requirements into the design for your new

    RingCentral system that meets your precise needs and plans, we discover and document:

    • Goals for your new phone system

    • Current phone system —current PBX and its features, types of phones, mobile phones, networks, so we can

    help you consolidate and simplify systems

    • Number of current locations

    • Current configuration and approach for connecting locations, mobile workers, and remote workers into a

    single integrated system

    • Requirements for mobile and distributed employees and consultants

    • Requirements for your auto-attendant, call groups, and call flows

    • Network requirements

    • Timeline and rollout approach - phased rollout or one-time deployment

    Craft the Design Document

    Analyzing data from the discovery phase, we craft and review with your team the Design document and

    Implementation test plan.

    Generate the Statement of Work

    We develop the Statement of Work (SOW) for your approval. The SOW defines the services and deliverables,

    expectations and processes, and your and our responsibilities for the implementation process. This document

    reduces uncertainty and your transition risk issues by providing you with a clear blueprint and road map, with

    clear lines of communication and expectations on both sides.

    Help Ensure Network Readiness

    To ensure the highest quality of service, the RingCentral team provides your IT department with all necessary

    information regarding Internet connectivity, capacity, and VoIP quality (QoS). See the RingCentral Brief

    “Quality of Service: The role of QoS in Network Readiness and Reliability” and the RingCentral Whitepaper

    “Strategies for Delivering Reliable Call Quality in Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems”.

    http://netstorage.ringcentral.com/documents/qos_brief.pdf http://netstorage.ringcentral.com/documents/qos_whitepaper.pdf

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    RingCentral® White Paper | RingCentral Professional Services Implementation & Onboarding Methodology

    3 Deployment

    The RingCentral implementation process addresses every aspect of a successful deployment to keep the

    migration on track. This is no cookie-cutter template: We customize the implementation to your specific

    business needs and your timeline. Here are the key steps.

    Establish the Transition Timeline

    For enterprise deployment, the transition from the old system to the new is typically done in phases, due to

    several factors:

    • Larger employee population

    • Multiple distributed locations

    • Mobile or remote workers

    • More complex multi-vendor contract renewals to navigate

    • Greater complexity of number porting

    • Greater complexity of network infrastructure, especially with multiple locations

    Accordingly, we consult closely with you to customize the transition timeline according to your needs and your

    situation. Typically, this involves working with you and your team to set up a single site and test it. Following,

    you are ready and able to roll out and test successive sites.

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