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    Righteous Pop Music, Vol. 1

    Y Not Today (YMCA) Pharaoh, Pharaoh (Louie, Louie) Ill Be There Come On

    Christian, Get On Fire (Light My Fire) All I Wanna Do Heavenly Pie (American Pie) Im a Believer The Great Pretender Ill Get a Crown (I Get Around) Lean On Him (Lean On Me

    DRP-01 $15.00

    Righteous Pop Music Parodies with a Christian Message

    Creative Ministry Solutions best-selling CD series features hit tunes of the past with purposeful Christian lyrics. The creative genius of master parody songwriter Mark Bradford is evident in each song.

    The RPM series is popular with puppet teams, creative arts performers, evangelists, pastors, and families. Song titles on each album are listed below, with original titles in parenthesis.

    Download each album for only $1.00 each or listen to audio samples of each song

    at www.creativemin.com/rpm

    RPM Volume - TV Bibletunes

    Noahs Ark (Gilligans Island) Samson (George of the Jungle) Jonah (Flipper) David (Davy Crockett)

    Mary & Joseph (The Brady Bunch) Paul (Secret Agent Man) Also includes parodies of themes from Friends, Cheers, The Jeffersons, Welcome Back Kotter, Laverne & Shirley, The Monkees, Sesame Street, and many more, 20 songs in all!

    DRP-0 $15.00

    Righteous Pop Music, Vol. 3

    Power of God (Power of Love) Dont Worry, Trust Jesus (Dont Worry, Be Happy) Its a Jungle Out There

    (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) Everybody Praise Now (Everybody Dance Now) Gods Love (Good Lovin) Beep Beep For the Longest Time The Broad Way (On Broadway) Return to Jesus (Return to Sender) Were Gonna Read the Bible (We Didnt Start the Fire)

    DRP-03 $15.00

    Righteous Pop Music, Vol. 4

    Love is a Wonderful Thing Walk Like a Christian (Walk Like an Egyptian) My God (My Girl) Help Me,

    Jesus (Help Me, Rhonda) His Love Will Go On (My Heart Will Go On) Tell God About It (Tell Him About It) I Will Follow Him Payin Your Tithe (Stayin Alive) Put the Love of God in Your Heart (Put a Little Love in Your Heart) Sanctuarian Rhapsody (Bohemian Rhapsody)

    DRP-04 $15.00

    Righteous Pop Music, Vol. 5

    He Loves You (She Loves You) Believe I Want It Gods Way (I Want It That Way) Turning Christianese (Turning

    Japanese) The Way He Loves Me (The Way You Love Me) I Still Havent Got What Im Praying For (I Still Havent Found What Im Looking For) Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Boat (Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head) All Prayed Up (All Shook Up) Wake Up, Lazy Christian (Wake Up, Little Susie) Take My Sins Away (Take My Breath Away)

    DRP-05 $15.00

    Righteous Pop Music, Vol. 6

    Give Me Some Blessin (Give Me Some Lovin) Walking with the Son (Walking on the Sun) Let Him

    Be There (Let Me Be There) Fifty Ways to Follow Jesus (Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover) I Can See Clearly Now Preacher Man (Candy Man) Be My Savior (Be My Baby) Put Me in, Coach (Centerfield) Stuck in the Nursery with You (Stuck in the Middle with You) Hey, Job (Hey, Jude)

    DRP-06 $15.00

    Righteous Pop Music, Vol. 7

    Ready to Go Are You Gonna Go His Way? (Are You Going My Way) With Arms Wide Open Lets

    Get Spiritual (Lets Get Physical) Streets of Gold (Fields of Gold) You Give God a Bad Name (You Give Love a Bad Name) A Change Would Do You Good (Change Would Be Good) God Works in Mysterious Ways (Mysterious Ways) Hold His Hand (Hold My Hand) Stand

    DRP-07 $15.00

    Righteous Pop Music, Vol. 8

    Whole Lotta Praisin Goin On (Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On) (God Loves) Everyday People (Everyday People) How Sweet It Is

    (How Sweet it is to be Loved by You) What I like About God (What I Like About You) Salvation (Vacation) You Dont Mess Around With Sin (You Dont Mess Around with Jim) Manic Sunday (Manic Monday) Standing on the Rock (At the Hop) Time After Time (Time After Time) Sweet Home up in Heaven (Sweet Home Alabama)

    DRP-08 $15.00

    RPM Easter and Christmas 1 & Three albums to make your holidays bright! Use them for seasonal programs or unforgettable holiday gifts. See page 6 or online for details. $15.00 each

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    RPM Bonus Singles

    The RPM Bonus Singles are a series of Righteous Pop Music parody songs from Mark Bradford. These individual songs are only available via download, with new ones arriving on a regular basis. Please call or visit our website for song titles. $1.49 each

    Righteous Pop Music, Vol. 9

    Higher and Higher Stock the Boat (Rock The Boat) Witness in the Streets (Dancing in the Streets)

    Washin My Sins Away (Twistin the Night Away) Pharisee (Refugee) Just What I Needed The Saviors Love (The Game of Love) Wake Me Up When the Sermon Ends (Wake Me Up When September Ends) You Must Be Born Again (Wont Get Fooled Again) Where the Broken Hearts Go (Where Do Broken Hearts Go?)

    DRP-09 $15.00

    Righteous Pop Music, Vol. 10

    Get Ready For Christ to Come (Get Ready) Hosanna (Rosanna) Happy in Jesus

    (Happy Together) I Want Jesus (I Want Candy) Old Time Religion (Old Time Rock n Roll) Shepherd Boy (Sk8er Boi) I Love Jesus Christ (I Love Rock n Roll) And She Prays (And She Was) Message in the Bible (Message in a Bottle) God Shack (Love Shack)

    DRP-10 $15.00

    Righteous Pop Music, Vol. 11

    Praise the Lord All Night (Rock and Roll All Nite) God Will Provide (I Will Survive) His Love (This

    Love) Sunday School Rock (Crocodile Rock) You Oughta Be a Christian (Girlfriend) Everybody Must Get Saved (Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35) One Way Up to Heaven (One Way or Another) Hello, God Loves You (Hello, I Love You) Fishers of Men (Its Raining Men) I Wanna Know What God Is (In My Life)

    DRP-11 $15.00

    Righteous Pop Music, Vol. 1

    Taking Care of Others (Taking Care of Business) When He Saved the World (Viva La Vida) God Talkin

    (Jive Talkin) Let Gods Love Open the Door (Let My Love Open the Door) 10 Things (7 Things (I Hate About You)) You Really Saved Me (You Really Got Me) Lets Pray Together (Lets Stay Together) I Want a Big God (I Want a New Drug) No One (No One) Small Church (Small Town)

    DRP-1 $15.00

    Righteous Pop Music, Vol. 13

    I Gotta Feelin (I Gotta Feelin) Perfect Love (Tainted Love) Jesus is the Rock (Loves Me Like a Rock)

    And Then He Saved Me (And Then He Kissed Me) Read It (Beat It) Service Time (Closing Time) Be Hot or Be Cold (Hot N Cold) Living Water (Black Water) Since My Sins are Gone (Since U Been Gone) Send Glory Down (Dont Bring Me Down)

    DRP-13 $15.00

    Righteous Pop Music, Vol. 14

    Change Sin Stinks (Love Stinks) He Wont Leave Me (Please Dont Leave Me) Live Like the

    Savior (Live Like Were Dying) Gods House (Brick House) Down at the Al-tar (Down on the Corner) Thank God Im a Preacher Boy (Thank God Im a Country Boy) Hey Soul Fixer (Hey Soul Sister) Praise Song (Love Song) Walk His Way (Walk This Way)

    DRP-14 $15.00

    Baskin in His Sonshine This series has two more Christian parody albums from Mark Bradford. Please call or visit our website for song titles and details. $15.00 each

    More Parody Albums from Mark BradfordSafety RockFor schools, scouts, or community, this album will tune kids into messages about fire safety, calling 911, stranger danger, bullying, and more, put to fun tunes of the past. DSM-01 $15.00

    Listen Him This is a series of six Christian parody albums written by Mark Bradford. Each CD has ten songs and contains parodies of popular hits from various decades.

    $17.00 each

    Pulpit PopThis new CD features a collection of parodies sharing the funny side of church life.

    Thank God Im a Preacher Boy (Thank God Im a Country Boy) Payin Your Tithe (Stayin Alive) Stuck in the Nursery with You (Stuck in the Middle with You) Preacher Man (Candy Man) Manic

    Sunday (Manic Monday) Wake Me Up When the Sermon Ends (Wake Me Up When September Ends) Sunday School Rock (Crocodile Rock) Gods Been Good to Me So Far (Lifes Been Good) Service Time (Closing Time) Sunday Sunday (Monday Monday) Mamas, Dont Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Preachers (Mamas, Dont Let Your Babies Grow up to Be Cowboys) Sanctuarian Rhapsody (Bohemian Rhapsody).

    DRP-70 $15.00

    Righteous Pop Music, Vol. 15

    Born Again (Born This Way) Wanna Be Praising Jesus (Wanna Be Star- tin Something) Hell Be There (Reach Out (Ill Be There)) Everyday I Read the Book (Everyday I Write the Book) Tonight Tonight Samaritan Woman (American Woman) Reign Over Me (Rain Over Me) God on Top (Love on Top) God is in the House (Burning Down the House) Need You Lord (Need You Now) DRP-15 $15.00

    Praise & ShoutThis album features 12 songs that are all parodies of, or songs in style of, the greatest band of all time...The Beatles! Seven songs are parodies, and the other five are in the style of classic Beatles songs. See page 11 for The Fabric Four puppets.

    Praise and Shout (parody of Twist and Shout) Can't Buy God's Love (parody of

    Can't Buy Me Love) Something (parody of Something) A Shelter in the Time of Storm (style of A Hard Day's Night) He is Mine (parody of I Feel Fine) My Jesus, I Love Thee (style of Michelle) Got to Get God into My Life (parody of Got to Get You into My Life) He Can Wash Them Out (parody of We Can Work It Out) I Surrender All (style of Let It Be) The Way, The Truth, The Life (style of Get Back) The Old Rugged