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<ul><li><p>Elgendy, Rick CV 1 </p><p>Rick Elgendy Ph.D. Candidate, Theology </p><p>Curriculum Vitae The University of Chicago Divinity School 1025 E. 58th St. Chicago, Illinois | 60637 </p><p>4759 N. Paulina St., Number 1 Chicago, Illinois | 60640-4459 </p><p>elgendy@uchicago.edu | 847.347.3180 </p><p>____________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Education </p><p>The Divinity School, University of Chicago | Chicago, Illinois Ph.D. in Theology (In Progress) </p><p>Dissertation: Power, Complicity, and Resistance: Rereading The Powers With Karl Barth and Michel Foucault Oral (Midpoint) Review completed, November, 2012 </p><p> Committee: Kevin Hector, Theology and Philosophy of Religion, chair </p><p>Kathryn Tanner, Theology (Yale Divinity School) Arnold Davidson, Philosophy of Religion/Foucault Charles Mathewes, Theological Ethics (University of Virginia) </p><p> Qualifying Exams Autumn Quarter, 2010: </p><p>History of Christian Thought, 150-1325 Willemien Otten History of Christian Thought, 1277-1600 Susan Schreiner Christology Kathryn Tanner Issues in Contemporary Theory Kathryn Tanner and Dwight Hopkins </p><p> Master of Arts in Divinity (M.A.), Spring, 2007 </p><p> Georgetown University | Washington, D.C. </p><p>Bachelor of Arts, Spring, 2005 Majors: Theology (with honors) and Philosophy | Minor: Government Honors: Graduated Magna Cum Laude, Senior Honors Thesis (with distinction) in Theology </p><p>Professional Appointments Lake Forest College | Lake Forest, Illinois </p><p>Lecturer in Religion, Politics, and Philosophy, 2011-2013 </p></li><li><p>Elgendy, Rick CV 2 </p><p>Publications Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles: </p><p>Practices of the Self and (Spiritually) Disciplined Resistance: What Michel Foucault Could Have Said about Gregory of Nyssa, Studia Patristica LXII (2013), 103-113. </p><p> Reconsidering Resurrection, Incarnation, and Nature in Schleiermachers Glaubenslehre, International Journal of Systematic Theology 15:3 (July 2013), 301-323. </p><p> Manuscript in Preparation: </p><p>Before Authority: Renegotiating Power and Theology, edited volume (with Joshua Daniel) of conference proceedings, including introduction and chapter, Revelation without Authority </p><p> Book Reviews: </p><p>Review of Jennifer M. McBride, The Church for the World: A Theology of Public Witness. Journal of Religion, forthcoming. </p><p> Review of Vincent W. Lloyd, The Problem with Grace: Reconfiguring Political Theology. Journal of Religion 92.4 (October 2012), pp. 556-557. </p><p> Review of Adam Kotsko, The Politics of Redemption: The Social Logic of Salvation. Journal of Religion 91.4 (October 2011), pp. 567-569. </p><p> Review of William T. Cavanaugh, Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire. International Journal of Systematic Theology 11.4 (October 2009), pp. 488-489. </p><p> Review of Charles Mathewes, A Theology of Public Life. Anglican Theological Review 90.4 (Fall 2008), pp. 825-826. </p><p>Invited and Online Contributions: From Political Theology Today, Weblog of the journal, Political Theology: </p><p>The Irony of Gun Control, January, 2013 From the Religion and Culture Web Forum: </p><p>Christians, Public Policy, and Church and State Separation, a response to Richard Land (Southern Baptist Convention), May, 2010 </p><p> From Sightings, an online, semiweekly commentary from the Martin Marty Center: To Pray or Not to Pray? Civil Religion and the 9/11 Memorial, September 15, 2011 The Radicalism of Caritas in Veritate? July 16, 2009 A Public Theology or a Theology of the Res Publica? July 3, 2008 </p></li><li><p>Elgendy, Rick CV 3 </p><p> Fellowships, Awards, and Grants </p><p> Louisville Institute Dissertation Fellowship, 2013-2014 Alma Wilson Teaching Fellowship (University of Chicago, for teaching in Undergraduate Program in Religious Studies), 2013-2014 Divinity School Prize for Excellence in Teaching, 2013 Martin Marty Center Junior Dissertation Fellowship, 2011-2012 Doolittle-Harrison Fellowship (travel support for international presentation), 2011 Norman Perrin Fund Travel Grants, 2009; 2011 Border Crossing Teaching Fellowship (for participation in Ministry Thesis Seminar), 2009-2010 Divinity School Full Tuition Award (M.A. Program), 2005-2007 Theta Alpha Kappa Theological Honor Society Undergraduate Achievement Award (Georgetown University Chapter), 2004 </p><p>Selected Presentations Revelation without Authority, Before Authority: Renegotiating Power and Religion, University of Chicago Divinity School (May, 2012). Practices of the Self, Reading Across Divides: What Michel Foucault Could Have Said about Gregory of Nyssa, International Conference on Patristic Studies, Oxford University (August, 2011). To Care for Oneself: Spirituality, Asceticism, and Subjectivity in Gregory of Nyssa and Michel Foucault, They Shall be Called Children of God: Violence, Transformation, and the Sacred, Annual Convention of College Theology Society, Iona University (June, 2011). </p><p> Liturgical Participation: John Howard Yoder and Charles Mathewes on a Christian Ethic of Contemporary Citizenship, Secularization and Revival: The Fate of Religion in Modern Intellectual History, Baylor University (October, 2009). </p><p> Parables: Study at the Crossroads of Epistemologies, with Alan Levinovitz (James Madison University). The Academy and the Marketplace, Annual Meeting of the Society for Values in Higher Education (July, 2009). </p></li><li><p>Elgendy, Rick CV 4 </p><p> Teaching Experience </p><p> Instructor of Record: </p><p>The University of Chicago Undergraduate Program in Religious Studies Marginalized Theologies Spring Quarter, 2014 Lake Forest College, Departments of Religion and Philosophy Does God Exist? Fall Semester, 2012; Fall Semester, 2013 Thesis Committee for Student in RELG/PHIL (Augustine and Existentialism), Fall 2012 Christianity and Politics Spring Semester, 2012 Religious Existentialism Fall Semester, 2011 </p><p> Teaching Assistant: </p><p>The University of Chicago Divinity School History of Christian Thought V Spring Quarter, 2011 Senior Ministry Thesis Seminar 2009-2010 School Year Introduction to Theology Spring Quarter, 2009 </p><p>Pedagogical Training Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Chicago </p><p>Certificate in University Teaching, 2011- (pending Individual Teaching Consultation): Includes Workshop on Teaching in the College; Seminar on Course Design; Workshop on Course Design; Workshop on Collaborative Learning; Seminar on Teaching Portfolio; Workshop on Teaching Portfolio; Workshop on Teaching Philosophy </p><p> University of Chicago Divinity School </p><p>Certificate in the Craft of Teaching in the Academic Study of Religion, 2013: Program includes two-day Workshop on Teaching in the College, syllabus workshop with Director of Undergraduate Studies, three quarterly seminars on course design and teaching in Religious Studies, seven additional programs sponsored by area workshops and special events. </p><p> Lake Forest College </p><p>Sponsored by the Learning and Teaching Center: Mid-Semester Evaluations; Seminars including Grading for Grammar and Usage; Length of Assignments; Developing Confidence in the Classroom; Fostering Discussion of Controversial Issues; The Use of the Lecture at a Liberal Arts College Additional Training: Ally Program: training for and service as a Faculty Ally at Lake Forest College, providing resources and support for members of College community facing prejudice/marginalization. Cultivating Safe Space for Religious Diversity: training from Interfaith Youth Core/Office of Intercultural Relations, Lake Forest College. </p></li><li><p>Elgendy, Rick CV 5 </p><p> Professional Experience and Service </p><p> Convener Deans Student Search Committee, 2013 Conference Organizer Before Authority: Renegotiating Power and Religion, May, 2012 Interviewer Georgetown University Alumni Admissions Program, 2009-2013 Divinity School Social Co-Chair, 2008-2009 Theology Club Organizer, 2006-2007 </p><p>Languages </p><p>German (reading exam high pass, Summer, 2008) French (reading exam high pass, Summer, 2006) </p><p>Professional Memberships </p><p>American Academy of Religion Society of Christian Ethics Karl Barth Society of North America </p><p>References </p><p>I will gladly provide references on request. </p></li></ul>


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