Rick & Don’s session The Business Landscape for Partners

Rick & Don’s session

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Rick & Don’s session. The Business Landscape for Partners. Agenda. Level Set What’s new in H1 2009 What’s coming in H2 2009/2010 Upside to your business – actionable . ““More Mobility – Less Budget”. Aberdeen Group March 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Rick & Don’s session

Rick & Don’s session

The Business Landscape for Partners

Page 2: Rick & Don’s session

Agenda• Level Set• What’s new in H1 2009• What’s coming in H2 2009/2010• Upside to your business – actionable

Page 3: Rick & Don’s session

““More Mobility – Less Budget”Aberdeen Group March 2009

216 organisations interviewed from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific)


Adoption of mobility:Less than 2% of respondents have no plan to implement mobility

now or in the future

Mobility Initiative 2006 2009In Place 59% 84%No Plans 19% 1%

Page 4: Rick & Don’s session

The Joys, Pains Of Switching Smart PhonesBecause I regularly use both gadgets and am

accustomed to their different features, I have included fresh observations from five people who recently

switched from BlackBerrys to iPhones.

Smartphones – and Challengers - To Take Global ShareWe also forecast the vendor landscape; predicting vertically integrated

“challengers”, like Apple, RIM, Palm, and possibly others, will take significant market share from some incumbent cellphone, PC, and

consumer electronics vendors. Others that, in our view, are positioned to benefit include: 1) carriers that “get it”; 2) smartphone suppliers/partners;

and, 3) emerging/transplanted web, software, content, and media businesses. 

Page 5: Rick & Don’s session

Converged Devices in FY09

Source: Microsoft Internal Research

Business Consumer

Page 6: Rick & Don’s session

Primary Mobile Business Experiences

Device Security and Manageme


Unified Communication

s and Collaboration

Business Process


Page 7: Rick & Don’s session

Extending Platforms in Action


Page 8: Rick & Don’s session

Single Number Reach

• Scenario: Alex calling Ben

Alex select “Work Call” (signal goes trough the cellular network data channel)

Alex and Ben both receive call back from OCS (signal goes through cellular network voice channel+ PSTN)





OCS 2007 R2

Page 9: Rick & Don’s session

What happened in 08/09• SCMDM 2008 SP1

– designed to cost-effectively support large-scale• Multiple Instance: Supports deployments where multiple points of control are required

within a single forest. • PIN Reset: Allows users to request a PIN reset on their device• Active Directory/Windows Server 2008: support for Windows Server 2008 Active Directory

functional level. • Performance/Scalability: Increased system capacity.

• Customer deployments– FMCG, Policing, Agriculture, government


Page 10: Rick & Don’s session

Security Security Security Windows Mobile 6.1 and Systems Centre Mobile Device

Manager achieve globally recognised certification

Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 4 (EAL4).

Windows Mobile 6.1 operating systemSystem Centre Mobile Device Manager 2008 and Service Pack 1

Page 11: Rick & Don’s session

Shoulder to the Wheel• Windows Mobile Enterprise Roadblocks

– Data plans & cost control– Support : phone, OS, Exch ActiveSync

• Who do you call ? One throat to choke– Better User Interface

Page 12: Rick & Don’s session

Solving problems with Telstra• Cost

– Utilising infrastructure you have paid for• Exchange, OCS, SharePoint, Intranet via Active Sync

– Cost Certainty - Fixed monthly fee– All traffic included when in MDM tunnel

• Support– Integrated Support– Certified & Tested Devices

• Performance– Next G™ (high Speed & Coverage)– Only network optimised for AS & MDM

Page 13: Rick & Don’s session

Exchange is GREAT Breadth Messaging Play

Page 14: Rick & Don’s session

Seizing the Business Customer Opportunity The time is now!

Leader in Gartner enterprise wireless e-mail MQ

Outlook Mobile – Exchange 2010 update coming

Page 15: Rick & Don’s session

Security - answers for customers“Even Microsoft (and yes, it hurts to say something nice about Microsoft) has a secure remote wipe function with

Windows Mobile that actually works.”“If you’ve implemented the iPhone (which is clearly a

consumer phone and NOT an enterprise phone as currently designed), you’ve hung yourself out to dry if a

phone “goes missing” with confidential data.”http://ridethelightning.senseient.com/2009/07/iphone-security-a-complete-misnomer.html

Page 16: Rick & Don’s session

Microsoft Mobile Enterprise Solution• MMEP (Microsoft Mobile Email Plan)

– A fixed monthly pricing plan per service per month– All data usage related ActiveSync PIM*– Plus 100Mb of WAP/modem usage per service per month *– End-to-end technical phone support from Telstra, which is backed by Microsoft Premier

Support **

* while the Smartphone is on the Telstra Next G network in Australia1/3

** for your nominated IT representative ^ available from 8am – 6pm local time Monday to Friday on days which are not national public holidays.

Page 17: Rick & Don’s session

Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008

Depth SOE Play



Mobile VPN

Page 18: Rick & Don’s session

Microsoft Mobile Enterprise Solution• MMSP (Microsoft Mobile Services Plan)

– A fixed monthly pricing plan per service per month proposition incorporating:– Email and data usage through the Microsoft SCMDM VPN 2 *– CAL for Microsoft SCMDM for the service whilst it remains connected to the plan– End-to-end technical phone support from Telstra, which is backed by Microsoft Premier

Support **

Unleash your customers current infrastructure

* while the Smartphone is on the Telstra Next G network in Australia1/3

** for your nominated IT representative ^ available from 8am – 6pm local time Monday to Friday on days which are not national public holidays.

Page 19: Rick & Don’s session

Windows phone

RIM/Blackberry vs Exchange Architecture

Microsoft Exchange Servers

Corporate Application


BlackBerry Enterprise


te Firewall


Wireless Networks

BlackBerryWindows phone




Page 20: Rick & Don’s session

Getting after Blackberry - TCOhttps://roianalyst.alinean.com/microsoft/mobile/launch.html

Page 21: Rick & Don’s session

1. IT Services

2. Selling Connected Experiences

3. Deploying Mobility Solutions

Partner Opportunities

IT Services Device/Plans Retail

Device/Plans Commission

Device/Plans IT Services

MO or Disti

ISV Application Sales/Deployment




Page 22: Rick & Don’s session

Offer a complete mobility solution with ICT

Include Windows Mobile® smartphones in your sales today

• Just add Windows Mobile® smartphones and a Telstra Next G™ connection to your solution

• Add a suite of services from Telstra such as Business Broadband, Mobile Broadband, Fixed lines and so on…

Page 23: Rick & Don’s session

Increase your revenue with Windows Mobile®

Customer Pays Upfront (appears on Telstra bill)

$0 $99 $99

Customer monthly plan $99 $129 $149Dealer outlays Nil Nil NilDealer receives $110 $150 $190

And that’s per device – a 20 staff customer could add $3800 in gross profit

Page 24: Rick & Don’s session

What’s new in 6.5

Page 25: Rick & Don’s session

Summary• Not expecting love • Hammer at Enterprise Advantages

– Extending MS platforms to the mobile screen– TCO and architecture advantage – Security differentiator– LoB is our heritage

• Telstra delivering – Fixed price, support and muscle– Opportunity to make trailing revenues

• Developer readiness for next wave