C-1 MI-090424 www.richtek.com MARKING INFORMATION OUTLINE As some of Richtek power management ICs features various voltage versions or functionalities. To avoid additional part number may cause the data sheet being changed frequently, this document will provide the reader with an index of the marking information listed below. R7730 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C7 R7731 Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C7 RT8001 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C7 RT8003 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C7 RT8004 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C7 RT8005 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C7 RT8006 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C7 RT8007 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C7 RT8008 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C7 RT8009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C8 RT8010 Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C8 RT8011 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C9 RT8012 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C9 RT8016 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C9 RT8015 Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C9 RT8017 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C9 RT8018 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C9 RT8019 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C9 RT8020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C9 RT8023 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C10 RT8024 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C10 RT8025 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C10 RT8026 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C10 RT8028 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C10 RT8035 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C10 RT8036 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C10 RT8043 Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C10 RT8058 Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C10 RT8100 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C10 RT8103 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C11 RT8106 Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C11 RT8109 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C11 RT8110 Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C11 RT8151 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C11 RT8201 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C11 RT8202 Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C11 RT8204 Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C11 RT8205 Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C11 RT8207 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C11 RT8208 Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C11

Richtek Marking Code

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Page 1: Richtek Marking Code

C-1MI-090424 www.richtek.com


OUTLINEAs some of Richtek power management ICs features various voltage versions or functionalities. To avoid additional partnumber may cause the data sheet being changed frequently, this document will provide the reader with an index of themarking information listed below.

R7730 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C7R7731 Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C7RT8001 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C7RT8003 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C7RT8004 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C7RT8005 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C7RT8006 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C7RT8007 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C7RT8008 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C7RT8009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C8RT8010 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C8RT8011 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C9RT8012 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C9RT8016 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C9RT8015 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C9RT8017 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C9RT8018 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C9RT8019 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C9RT8020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C9RT8023 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C10RT8024 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C10RT8025 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C10RT8026 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C10RT8028 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C10RT8035 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C10RT8036 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C10RT8043 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C10RT8058 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C10RT8100 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C10RT8103 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C11RT8106 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C11RT8109 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C11RT8110 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C11RT8151 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C11RT8201 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C11RT8202 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C11RT8204 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C11RT8205 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C11RT8207 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C11RT8208 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C11

Page 2: Richtek Marking Code



RT8209 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C12RT8215 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C12RT8251 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C12RT8258 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C12RT8259 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C12RT8268 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C12RT8271 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C12RT8450 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C12RT8451 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C12RT8452 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C12RT8500 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C12RT8502 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C12RT8507 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C12RT8560 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C12RT8561 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C13RT8562 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C13RT8800 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C13RT8805 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C13RT8805C ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C13RT8805E ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C13RT8807 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C13RT8920 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C13RT9004 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C13RT9008 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C14RT9010 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C14RT9011 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C14~C16RT9012 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C16RT9013 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C17~C18RT9014 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C19RT9015 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C19RT9016 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C19RT9017 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C19RT9018 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C19RT9020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C20RT9022 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C20RT9023 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C20RT9024 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C20RT9026 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C20RT9028 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C20RT9029 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C20RT9030 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C21RT9032 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C21RT9035 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C21RT9036 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C21

Page 3: Richtek Marking Code

C-3MI-090424 www.richtek.com


RT9037 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C21RT9038 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C21RT9040 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C21RT9043 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C21RT9046 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C21RT9101 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C22RT9133 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C22RT9134 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C22RT9135 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C22RT9136 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C22RT9137 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C22RT9138 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C22RT9139 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C22RT9142 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C22RT9161 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C23RT9162 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C24RT9163 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C24RT9165 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C24RT9166 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C24~C25RT9167 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C25~C26RT9168 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C26RT9169 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C27RT9170 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C28RT9177 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C28RT9178 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C28RT9179 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C28RT9181 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C28RT9182 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C29RT9186 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C29RT9187 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C29RT9188 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C29RT9191 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C29RT9193 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C30~C31RT9194 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C31RT9198 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C31~C32RT9198T----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C33RT9201 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C33RT9220 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C33RT9258 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C33RT9259 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C33RT9261 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C34RT9266 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C35RT9268 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C35RT9269 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C35

Page 4: Richtek Marking Code



RT9270 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C35RT9271 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C35RT9272 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C35RT9273 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C35RT9275 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C35RT9276 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C35RT9277 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C35RT9278 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C35RT9284 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C36RT9285 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C36RT9287 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C36RT9288 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C37RT9289 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C30RT9291 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C37RT9292 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C37RT9293 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C37RT9296 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C37RT9297 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C37RT9298 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C37RT9300 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C38RT9301 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C38RT9302 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C38RT9360 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C38RT9361 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C38RT9362 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C38RT9363 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C39RT9364 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C39RT9365 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C39RT9366 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C39RT9367 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C39RT9368 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C40RT9370 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C40RT9371 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C40RT9372 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C40RT9373A ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C40RT9376 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C40RT9378 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C40RT9379 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C41RT9401 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C41RT9403 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C41RT9501 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C41RT9502 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C41RT9505 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C41RT9511 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C42

Page 5: Richtek Marking Code

C-5MI-090424 www.richtek.com


RT9513 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C42RT9514 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C42RT9515 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C42RT9545 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C42RT9547 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C42RT9590 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C42RT9591 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C42RT9592 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C42RT9593 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C42RT9594 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C42RT9595 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C42RT9605 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C43RT9607 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C43RT9608 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C43RT9609 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C43RT9618 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C43RT9645 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C43RT9701 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C43RT9702 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C43RT9705A ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C43RT9705B ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C43RT9706 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C43RT9709 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C44RT9711 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C44RT9712 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C44RT9713 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C44RT9715 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C45RT9716 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C45RT9718 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C45RT9719 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C45RT9721 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C46RT9722 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C46RT9723 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C46RT9724 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C46RT9725 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C46RT9726 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C46RT9801 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C46RT9807 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C46RT9808 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C46RT9809 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C47RT9816 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C47RT9817 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C47RT9818 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C47~C49RT9819 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C50

Page 6: Richtek Marking Code



RT9820 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C51RT9828 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C51RT9903 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C51RT9907 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C51RT9909 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C51RT9910 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C51RT9912 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C51RT9913 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C51RT9914 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C51RT9915 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C52RT9921 Series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C52RT9929 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C52RT9953 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C52RT9966 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C52

Page 7: Richtek Marking Code

C-7MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT8001Part Number Product Code Package

RT8001PQV AF- VDFN 3x3-10

RT8003Part Number Product Code Package

RT8003PQV AG- VDFN 3x3-10

RT8004Part Number Product Code Package

RT8004PQV A6- VQFN 4x4-16 RT8004GQV A6= VQFN 4x4-16

RT8006Part Number Product Code Package

RT8006PJ5 A5- TSOT-23-5 RT8006-12PJ5 A7- TSOT-23-5

RT8008Part Number Product Code Package

RT8008PB WS- SOT-23-5 RT8008GB WS= SOT-23-5 RT8008-12PB YZ- SOT-23-5 RT8008-15PB XK- SOT-23-5 RT8008-18PB X5- SOT-23-5 RT8008-25PB X6- SOT-23-5 RT8008-25GB X6= SOT-23-5 RT8008-33PB X7- SOT-23-5 RT8008PJ5 A4- TSOT-23-5 RT8008GJ5 A4= TSOT-23-5 RT8008-12PJ5 A9- TSOT-23-5 RT8008-15PJ5 A3- TSOT-23-5 RT8008-18PJ5 A8- TSOT-23-5 RT8008-25PJ5 A0- TSOT-23-5 RT8008-25GJ5 A0= TSOT-23-5 RT8008-33PJ5 A6- TSOT-23-5

RT8005Part Number Product Code Package

RT8005PQV B2- VDFN 3x3-10

RT8007Part Number Product Code Package

RT8007PF A9- MSOP-10 RT8007PQV BG- VDFN 3x3-10

R7730Part Number Product Code Package

R7730GE OP= SOT-23-6

R7731Part Number Product Code Package

R7731GE OQ= SOT-23-6

R7731 Series

R7731APart Number Product Code Package

R7731AGE DP= SOT-23-6

Page 8: Richtek Marking Code


RT8010/APart Number Product Code Package

RT8010PQV CA VDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-10PQV CB VDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-12PQV CC VDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-15PQV CD VDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-18PQV CE VDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-25PQV CF VDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-33PQV CG VDFN 2x2-6 RT8010PQW D5 WDFN 2x2-6 RT8010GQW ET WDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-10PQW D6 WDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-10GQW GB WDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-12PQW D7 WDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-12GQW GC WDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-15PQW D8 WDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-15GQW GD WDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-16PQW DG WDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-18PQW D9 WDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-18GQW GA WDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-25PQW DA WDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-25GQW EW WDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-33PQW DB WDFN 2x2-6 RT8010-33GQW GE WDFN 2x2-6 RT8010APQW C8- WQFN 3x3-16 RT8010AGQW C8= WQFN 3x3-16

RT8010 Series

RT8010BPart Number Product Code Package

RT8010BGQW EA WDFN 2x2-8

RT8009Part Number Product Code Package

RT8009PB WT- SOT-23-5 RT8009GB WT= SOT-23-5 RT8009-12PB 0A- SOT-23-5 RT8009-12GB 0A= SOT-23-5 RT8009-13PB 0C- SOT-23-5 RT8009-18PB XL- SOT-23-5 RT8009-18GB XL= SOT-23-5 RT8009-33PB WU- SOT-23-5 RT8009PJ5 AD- TSOT-23-5 RT8009GJ5 AD= TSOT-23-5 RT8009-10PJ5 AP- TSOT-23-5 RT8009-10GJ5 AP= TSOT-23-5 RT8009-12PJ5 AE- TSOT-23-5 RT8009-12GJ5 AE= TSOT-23-5 RT8009-13PJ5 B1- TSOT-23-5 RT8009-15PJ5 AL- TSOT-23-5 RT8009-16PJ5 AF- TSOT-23-5 RT8009-18PJ5 AA- TSOT-23-5 RT8009-18GJ5 AA= TSOT-23-5 RT8009-25PJ5 AB- TSOT-23-5 RT8009-25GJ5 AB= TSOT-23-5 RT8009-33PJ5 AC- TSOT-23-5 RT8009-33GJ5 AC= TSOT-23-5

Page 9: Richtek Marking Code

C-9MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT8011 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT8011PF A8- MSOP-10 RT8011GF A8= MSOP-10 RT8011PQW BR- WDFN 3x3-10 RT8011GQW BR= WDFN 3x3-10 RT8011APQW BK- WDFN 3x3-8E RT8011AGQW BK= WDFN 3x3-8E

RT8012APart Number Product Code Package

RT8012APQW BH- WQFN 4x4-24 RT8012AGQW BH= WQFN 4x4-16

RT8016Part Number Product Code Package

RT8016PQW DW WDFN 2x2-6 RT8016GQW FT WDFN 2x2-6 RT8016-10PQW DX WDFN 2x2-6 RT8016-10GQW G8 WDFN 2x2-6 RT8016-12PQW EP WDFN 2x2-6 RT8016-12GQW F8 WDFN 2x2-6 RT8016-13GQW FK WDFN 2x2-6 RT8016-15PQW F5 WDFN 2x2-6 RT8016-18PQW DY WDFN 2x2-6 RT8016-25PQW F6 WDFN 2x2-6 RT8016-33PQW DZ WDFN 2x2-6 RT8016-33GQW GJ WDFN 2x2-6

RT8018Part Number Product Code Package

RT8018PJ5 AQ- TSOT-23-5 RT8018-12PJ5 AR- TSOT-23-5 RT8018-33PJ5 AS- TSOT-23-5

RT8019Part Number Product Code Package

RT8019PJ5 AT- TSOT-23-5 RT8019GJ5 AT= TSOT-23-5 RT8019-10GJ5 B9= TSOT-23-5 RT8019-12PJ5 AU- TSOT-23-5 RT8019-12GJ5 AU= TSOT-23-5 RT8019-33PJ5 AV- TSOT-23-5 RT8019-33GJ5 AV= TSOT-23-5

RT8017Part Number Product Code Package

RT8017PQW DG- WDFN 3x3-12 RT8017GQW DG= WDFN 3x3-12 RT8017APQW DR- WDFN 3x3-12

RT8015 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT8015AGQW EL= WDFN 3x3-10 RT8015BGQW GG= WDFN 3x3-10

RT8020Part Number Product Code Package

RT8020PQW C1- WDFN 3x3-12 RT8020GQW C1= WDFN 3x3-12 RT8020APQW C2- WDFN 3x3-12 RT8020AGQW C2= WDFN 3x3-12 RT8020BPQW C3- WDFN 3x3-12 RT8020BGQW C3= WDFN 3x3-12 RT8020CPQW C4- WDFN 3x3-12 RT8020CGQW C4= WDFN 3x3-12 RT8020DPQW C5- WDFN 3x3-12

Page 10: Richtek Marking Code


RT8100Part Number Product Code Package

RT8100PQV A5- VQFN 3x3-16 RT8100APQV CZ- VQFN 3x3-16

RT8058Part Number Product Code Package

RT8058PQW CB- WQFN 3x3-16 RT8058GQW CB= WQFN 3x3-16

RT8058 Series

RT8058APart Number Product Code Package

RT8058AGQW E9= WDFN 3x3-10

RT8023Part Number Product Code Package

RT8023PQW BW- WQFN 4x4-24 RT8023GQW BW= WQFN 4x4-24

RT8028Part Number Product Code Package

RT8028PJ5 AZ- TSOT-23-5 RT8028-12PJ5 AX- TSOT-23-5 RT8028-33PJ5 AY- TSOT-23-5

RT8024Part Number Product Code Package

RT8024GB 0M= SOT-23-5 RT8024-18GB 1G= SOT-23-5 RT8024-33GB 0P= SOT-23-5 RT8024GJ5 B3= TSOT-23-5 RT8024-33GJ5 B5= TSOT-23-5

RT8025Part Number Product Code Package

RT8025GB 0N= SOT-23-5 RT8025-33GB 0Q= SOT-23-5 RT8025GJ5 B4= TSOT-23-5 RT8025-12GJ5 BG= TSOT-23-5 RT8025-13GJ5 BC= TSOT-23-5 RT8025-15GJ5 BH= TSOT-23-5 RT8025-18GJ5 BJ= TSOT-23-5 RT8025-25GJ5 BF= TSOT-23-5 RT8025-33GJ5 B6= TSOT-23-5

RT8026Part Number Product Code Package

RT8026GF AC= MSOP-10

RT8043Part Number Product Code Package

RT8043WS AD WLCSP 1x2-8 RT8043AWS AE WLCSP 1x2-8

RT8036Part Number Product Code Package

RT8036DGQW G9= WQFN 3x3-20 RT8036EGQW GA= WQFN 3x3-20

RT8035Part Number Product Code Package

RT8035GQW GD= WQFN 3x3-10

Page 11: Richtek Marking Code

C-11MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT8202 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT8202APQW DJ- WQFN 3x3-16 RT8202AGQW DJ= WQFN 3x3-16 RT8202PQW C6- WQFN 4x4-16 RT8202GQW C6= WQFN 4x4-16 RT8202BGQW A4= WQFN 3.5x3.5-14

RT8204 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT8204PQW DK- WQFN 3x3-16 RT8204AGQW JL= WQFN 3x3-16 RT8204BGQW FR= WQFN 3x3-16 RT8204CGQW H6= WQFN 3x3-16

RT8151Part Number Product Code Package

RT8151PQW BU- WQFN 4x4-24 RT8151GQW BU= WQFN 4x4-24

RT8110 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT8110PV8 A4- SOT-23-8 RT8110BGJ8 A9= TSOT-23-8

RT8109Part Number Product Code Package

RT8109GQW ER= WDFN 3x3-10

RT8201Part Number Product Code Package

RT8201GQW D2= WQFN 4x4-24

RT8103Part Number Product Code Package

RT8103PQV CQ- VQFN 3x3-16

RT8106 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT8106PQW DY- WDFN 3x3-10 RT8106GQW DY= WDFN 3x3-10 RT8106AGQW EP= WDFN 3x3-10

RT8205 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT8205AGQW CJ= WQFN 4x4-24 RT8205BGQW CK= WQFN 4x4-24 RT8205CGQW CL= WQFN 4x4-24 RT8205DGQW CB= WQFN 4x4-24 RT8205EGQW DT= WQFN 4x4-24

RT8207Part Number Product Code Package

RT8207GQW CP= WQFN 4x4-24 RT8207AGQW DH= WQFN 4x4-24

RT8208 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT8208AGQW FF= WQFN 3x3-16 RT8208BGQW FG= WQFN 3x3-16

Page 12: Richtek Marking Code


RT8450Part Number Product Code Package

RT8450GQW EN= WDFN 3x3-12

RT8451Part Number Product Code Package

RT8451GQW F5= WDFN 3x3-12

RT8452Part Number Product Code Package

RT8452GQW F4= WQFN 3x3-16

RT8560Part Number Product Code Package

RT8560PQW C8- WQFN 4x4-20 RT8560GQW C8= WQFN 4x4-20

RT8502Part Number Product Code Package

RT8502GQW F3= WDFN 3x3-8

RT8500Part Number Product Code Package

RT8500WS A0 WLCSP 1.5x1.5-8

RT8271Part Number Product Code Package


RT8507 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT8507BGJ5 BD= TSOT-23-5 RT8507B-20GJ5 BE= TSOT-23-5 RT8507AGQW H0 WDFN 2x2-6 RT8507B-20GQW HC WDFN 2x2-6

RT8259Part Number Product Code Package

RT8259PE DK- SOT-23-6 RT8259GE DK= SOT-23-6 RT8259GJ6 C5= TSOT-23-6

RT8258Part Number Product Code Package

RT8258GJ6 C4= TSOT-23-6

RT8215Part Number Product Code Package

RT8215GQW FX= WQFN 3x3-16

RT8251Part Number Product Code Package

RT8251GQW GE= WQFN 3x3-16

RT8268Part Number Product Code Package


RT8209 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT8209AGQW FH= WQFN 3x3-16 RT8209BGQW A0= WQFN 3.5x3.5-14 RT8209EGQW A3= WQFN 3.5x3.5-14

Page 13: Richtek Marking Code

C-13MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT8800 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT8800PQV AA- VQFN 3x3-16 RT8800APQV AP- VQFN 3x3-16

RT8805Part Number Product Code Package

RT8805PQV AT- VQFN 3x3-16 RT8805GQV AT= VQFN 3x3-16 RT8805PQVA BN- VQFN 4x4-24 RT8805GQVA BN= VQFN 4x4-24

RT8805CPart Number Product Code Package

RT8805CPQV AU- VQFN 3x3-16 RT8805CGQV AU= VQFN 3x3-16 RT8805CPQVA BR- VQFN 4x4-24 RT8805CGQVA BR= VQFN 4x4-24

RT8561Part Number Product Code Package

RT8561PQW C7- WQFN 4x4-24 RT8561GQW C7= WQFN 4x4-24

RT8562 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT8562GQW CY= WQFN 4x4-24 RT8562AGQW DG= WQFN 4x4-24

RT8561 Series

RT8561APart Number Product Code Package

RT8561AGQW CZ= WQFN 4x4-24

RT8805EPart Number Product Code Package

RT8805EGQWA D0= WQFN 4x4-24

RT8807Part Number Product Code Package

RT8807PQV BS- VQFN 4x4-24

RT8902Part Number Product Code Package

RT8902GQW D5= WQFN 4x4-16

RT8920Part Number Product Code Package

RT8920PJ8 A8- TSOT-23-8

RT8807 Series

RT8807BPart Number Product Code Package

RT8807BGQW D7= WQFN 4x4-24

RT9004 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9004APQV AL- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9004BPQV AM- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9004CPQV AU- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9004DPQV AV- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9004EPQV AW- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9004FPQV AX- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9004GPQV AY- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9004HPQV AZ- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9004JPQW DS- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9004KGQW EY= WDFN 3x3-10

Page 14: Richtek Marking Code


RT9011Part Number Product Code Package

RT9011-BJGJ6 C2= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-BMPJ6 BA- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-CBGJ6 C9= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-CCPJ6 AD- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-CGGJ6 C8= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-CJGJ6 BU= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-CMPJ6 AZ- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-CSPJ6 AC- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-CSGJ6 AC= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-DFPJ6 BE- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-DKPJ6 A5- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-FFPJ6 BF- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-FGGJ6 CE= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-FMPJ6 B6- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-FSPJ6 B0- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-GKPJ6 BD- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-GMPJ6 A7- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-GSPJ6 AB- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-GSGJ6 AB= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-JGPJ6 AF- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-JGGJ6 AF= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-JMPJ6 AP- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-JPPJ6 B8- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-JSPJ6 A0- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-KKGJ6 C0= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-KMPJ6 A9- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-KNPJ6 A6- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-MBPJ6 B9- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-MJPJ6 AG- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-MMPJ6 AH- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-MMGJ6 AH= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-MPPJ6 B7- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-MGPJ6 AE- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-MGGJ6 AE= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-MSPJ6 AA- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-MSGJ6 AA= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-NDPJ6 BG- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-NNPJ6 A8- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-NNGJ6 A8= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-NGPJ6 BH- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-PJGJ6 BY= TSOT-23-6

RT9010Part Number Product Code Package

RT9010-12PJ6 B1- TSOT-23-6 RT9010-12GJ6 B1= TSOT-23-6 RT9010-13GJ6 C6= TSOT-23-6 RT9010-18PJ6 B2- TSOT-23-6 RT9010-25PJ6 B3- TSOT-23-6 RT9010-28PJ6 BC- TSOT-23-6 RT9010-30PJ6 B4- TSOT-23-6 RT9010-33PJ6 B5- TSOT-23-6 RT9010-33GJ6 B5= TSOT-23-6

RT9008Part Number Product Code Package

RT9008PE DE- SOT-23-6 RT9008GE DE= SOT-23-6

Page 15: Richtek Marking Code

C-15MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9011Part Number Product Code Package

RT9011-GMPQW E4 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-GMGQW GG WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-GPPQW E6 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-GSPQW BY WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-JGPQW BZ WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-JGGQW HG WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-JLPQW EU WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-JMPQW DU WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-JPPQW BJ WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-JPGQW HJ WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-JSPQW E1 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-JSGQW GT WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-KKPQW EH WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-KMGQW GF WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-LMPQW EQ WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-MBPQW D4 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-MFPQW D3 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-MGPQW BN WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-MGGQW F7 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-MJPQW DV WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-MMPQW CM WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-MMGQW FA WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-MNPQW ER WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-MSPQW BL WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-MSGQW FB WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-NGPQW EK WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-NNPQW EN WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-PGPQW BG WDFN 2x2-8

RT9011-PMPQW E3 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-PMGQW H3 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-PSGQW G7 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-PGGQW FL WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-PPPQW DD WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-QQPQW ES WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-QQGQW FC WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-RQPQW EG WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-SQPQW BM WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-SSPQW DP WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-SSGQW ED WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-TPPQW BH WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-DDPQW B D9- WDFN 3x3-8

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9011-PSGJ6 BV= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-PGPJ6 AJ- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-PMPJ6 AQ- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-PPPJ6 AR- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-SFGJ6 CA= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-SNPJ6 BJ- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-SPPJ6 BK- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-SSPJ6 AS- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-SSGJ6 AS= TSOT-23-6 RT9011-XMPJ6 BL- TSOT-23-6 RT9011-CCPQV A9 VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-CSPQV A8 VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-DKPQV A0 VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-FMPQV AL VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-GKPQV AP VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-GMPQV A2 VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-GSPQV A7 VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-JGPQV AZ VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-JMPQV AT VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-JPPQV B0 VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-JSPQV A5 VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-KMPQV A4 VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-KNPQV A1 VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-MGPQV AJ VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-MMPQV AU VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-MSPQV A6 VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-NNPQV A3 VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-PMPQV AV VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-PPPQV AW VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-SSPQV AX VDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-BMPQW DC WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-CGGQW GZ WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-CSPQW EB WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-CJGQW HK WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-CMPQW BV WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-FMPQW BX WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-FMGQW FU WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-FQPQW E0 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-GKPQW DT WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-GKGQW F9 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9011-GLPQW E7 WDFN 2x2-8


Page 16: Richtek Marking Code


RT9012Part Number Product Code Package

RT9012-FMPQV AS VDFN 2x2-8 RT9012-GMPQV AC VDFN 2x2-8 RT9012-GSPQV AH VDFN 2x2-8 RT9012-JGPQV AM VDFN 2x2-8 RT9012-JMPQV AR VDFN 2x2-8 RT9012-JSPQV AF VDFN 2x2-8 RT9012-MGPQV AK VDFN 2x2-8 RT9012-PPPQV AQ VDFN 2x2-8 RT9012-FMPQW E2 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9012-GMPQW EV WDFN 2x2-8 RT9012-GPPQW BU WDFN 2x2-8 RT9012-NNPQW D2 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9012-NNGQW H2 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9012-MGPQW BK WDFN 2x2-8 RT9012-MGGQW FV WDFN 2x2-8 RT9012-FSPQW BP WDFN 2x2-8

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9011-DFPQWB DA- WDFN 3x3-8 RT9011-FFPQWB D4- WDFN 3x3-8 RT9011-NDPQW B DB- WDFN 3x3-8 RT9011-NGPQWB DC- WDFN 3x3-8 RT9011-NNPQW B D1- WDFN 3x3-8 RT9011-MGPQWB E8- WDFN 3x3-8 RT9011-PGPQW B DE- WDFN 3x3-8 RT9011-PPPQWB E1- WDFN 3x3-8 RT9011-SNPQWB D2- WDFN 3x3-8 RT9011-SPPQWB D3- WDFN 3x3-8 RT9011-SSPQWB E0- WDFN 3x3-8 RT9011-XMPQWB DD- WDFN 3x3-8 RT9011-CCPQWC AL WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-EEPQWC AM WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-EEGQWC AP WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-EJGQWC BJ WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-GGGQWC BC WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-GKGQWC BM WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-GMGQWC AR WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-GSPQWC BD WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-GSGQWC B1 WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-JKGQWC BH WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-JLGQWC BK WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-KCPQWC AQ WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-KSGQWC AV WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-KLGQWC AU WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-KMGQWC BA WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-KNGQWC BN WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-MQGQWC AY WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-MSGQWC B8 WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-NPGQWC BE WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-PMPQWC B0 WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-PMGQWC B5 WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-SGGQWC B9 WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-SKPQWC AN WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-SSGQWC DG WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9011-SLGQWC B6 WDFN 1.6x1.6-6


Page 17: Richtek Marking Code

C-17MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9013Part Number Product Code Package

RT9013-12PB WE- SOT-23-5 RT9013-12GB WE= SOT-23-5 RT9013-13PB ZU- SOT-23-5 RT9013-13GB ZU= SOT-23-5 RT9013-15PB WG- SOT-23-5 RT9013-15GB WG= SOT-23-5 RT9013-16PB ZY- SOT-23-5 RT9013-18PB XB- SOT-23-5 RT9013-18GB XB= SOT-23-5 RT9013-20PB XJ- SOT-23-5 RT9013-23GB 2T= SOT-23-5 RT9013-25PB WH- SOT-23-5 RT9013-25GB WH= SOT-23-5 RT9013-26GB 0U= SOT-23-5 RT9013-27PB XH- SOT-23-5 RT9013-28PB XD- SOT-23-5 RT9013-28GB XD= SOT-23-5 RT9013-29PB ZD- SOT-23-5 RT9013-30PB WW- SOT-23-5 RT9013-30GB WW= SOT-23-5 RT9013-31PB WX- SOT-23-5 RT9013-31GB WX= SOT-23-5 RT9013-32PB YU- SOT-23-5 RT9013-33PB WJ- SOT-23-5 RT9013-33GB WJ= SOT-23-5 RT9013-1BPB WF- SOT-23-5 RT9013-1HPB XC- SOT-23-5 RT9013-2HPB XE- SOT-23-5 RT9013-2HGB XE= SOT-23-5 RT9013-12PU5 BB- SC-70-5 RT9013-13GU5 CH= SC-70-5 RT9013-15PU5 AV- SC-70-5 RT9013-15GU5 AV= SC-70-5 RT9013-18PU5 AW- SC-70-5 RT9013-25PU5 AX- SC-70-5 RT9013-27PU5 BK- SC-70-5 RT9013-28PU5 AY- SC-70-5 RT9013-28GU5 AY= SC-70-5 RT9013-30PU5 AZ- SC-70-5

RT9013 Series

RT9013Part Number Product Code Package

RT9013-31PU5 B0- SC-70-5 RT9013-33PU5 B1- SC-70-5 RT9013-1BGU5 CD= SC-70-5 RT9013-1HPU5 BC- SC-70-5 RT9013-2HPU5 BD- SC-70-5 RT9013-2HGU5 BD= SC-70-5 RT9013-1BPQV AJ- VDFN 3x3-8 RT9013-12PQV AA- VDFN 3x3-8 RT9013-15PQV AD- VDFN 3x3-8 RT9013-25PQV AE- VDFN 3x3-8 RT9013-33PQV AH- VDFN 3x3-8 RT9013-CIPQV AS- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9013-12PQW B2 WDFN 2x2-6 RT9013-12GQW HE WDFN 2x2-6 RT9013-13PQW EJ WDFN 2x2-6 RT9013-15PQW B3 WDFN 2x2-6 RT9013-18PQW B4 WDFN 2x2-6 RT9013-25PQW B6 WDFN 2x2-6 RT9013-27PQW EZ WDFN 2x2-6 RT9013-28PQW B7 WDFN 2x2-6 RT9013-30PQW B9 WDFN 2x2-6 RT9013-30GQW H4 WDFN 2x2-6 RT9013-33PQW BA WDFN 2x2-6 RT9013-1BPQW E5 WDFN 2x2-6 RT9013-1HPQW B5 WDFN 2x2-6 RT9013-2HPQW B8 WDFN 2x2-6

Page 18: Richtek Marking Code


RT9013BPart Number Product Code Package

RT9013B-12GU5 CM= SC-70-5 RT9013B-15PU5 C0- SC-70-5 RT9013B-18PU5 C1- SC-70-5 RT9013B-25PU5 C2- SC-70-5 RT9013B-27GU5 CV= SC-70-5 RT9013B-28PU5 C3- SC-70-5 RT9013B-33PU5 C5- SC-70-5 RT9013B-35PU5 C6- SC-70-5 RT9013B-2HPU5 C4- SC-70-5 RT9013B-15PQWA AH WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9013B-18PQWA AC WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9013B-21GQW C BB WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9013B-25PQWA AD WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9013B-30GQW C B4 WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9013B-32GQW C BL WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9013B-33PQWA AE WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9013B-35PQWA AG WDFN 1.6x1.6-6

RT9013APart Number Product Code Package

RT9013A-15PU5 BY- SC-70-5 RT9013A-18PU5 CB- SC-70-5 RT9013A-26GU5 CC= SC-70-5 RT9013A-28GU5 CP= SC-70-5 RT9013A-30GU5 CL= SC-70-5 RT9013A-35PU5 BZ- SC-70-5 RT9013A-15GY B6= SC-82 RT9013A-18GY AY= SC-82 RT9013A-25GY AZ= SC-82 RT9013A-28GY B0= SC-82 RT9013A-30GY B5= SC-82 RT9013A-33GY B1= SC-82

Page 19: Richtek Marking Code

C-19MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9015Part Number Product Code Package

RT9015PV8 A3- SOT-23-8

RT9016Part Number Product Code Package

RT9016-25PB X2- SOT-23-5 RT9016-30PB 0B- SOT-23-5 RT9016-33PB W V- SOT-23-5 RT9016-18PQV CJ VDFN 2x2-6 RT9016-18PQW BQ WDFN 2x2-6

RT9017Part Number Product Code Package

RT9017-15PV LJ- SOT-23-3 RT9017-30PV L8- SOT-23-3 RT9017-32PV L9- SOT-23-3 RT9017-33PV J2- SOT-23-3 RT9017-35PV LA- SOT-23-3 RT9017-18PBR X3- SOT-23-5 RT9017-20GBR 2E= SOT-23-5 RT9017-25PB X4- SOT-23-5 RT9017-30PB YE- SOT-23-5 RT9017-32PB YF- SOT-23-5 RT9017-33GB 0F= SOT-23-5 RT9017-35PB YN- SOT-23-5 RT9017-18PQW BR WDFN 2x2-6 RT9017-2HPQW DR WDFN 2x2-6

RT9014 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9014-DKPQV A3- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9014-FMPQV A9- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9014-GMPQV A7- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9014-GSPQV AT- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9014-JSPQV AP- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9014-MGPQV AA- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9014A-JPPQV AH- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9014A-MGPQV AJ- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9014A-PPPQV B0- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9014A-PGPQV B1- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9014-JNPQW DQ- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9014A-CSPQW DH- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9014A-FPPQW BC- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9014A-FMPQW CF- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9014A-GKPQW DL- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9014A-GPPQW E4- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9014A-JPPQW C7- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9014A-PJPQW BX- WDFN 3x3-10

RT9018 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9018PQV BA- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9018APQW BH- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9018A-10GQW GX= WDFN 3x3-10 RT9018A-12PQW BS- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9018A-12GQW BS= WDFN 3x3-10 RT9018A-18GQW GL= WDFN 3x3-10 RT9018A-15GQW F1= WDFN 3x3-10 RT9018A-1KPQW BT- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9018BPQW BL- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9018B-12PQW BM- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9018B-18GQW F2= WDFN 3x3-10 RT9018B-25GQW ES= WDFN 3x3-10 RT9018B-1KPQW BN- WDFN 3x3-10

Page 20: Richtek Marking Code


RT9020Part Number Product Code Package

RT9020-15GU5 CW = SC-70-5 RT9020-18PU5 BW- SC-70-5 RT9020-18GU5 BW= SC-70-5 RT9020-25GU5 CE= SC-70-5 RT9020-27PU5 BV- SC-70-5 RT9020-28GU5 CN= SC-70-5 RT9020-30PU5 BH- SC-70-5 RT9020-30GU5 BH= SC-70-5 RT9020-31PU5 BE- SC-70-5 RT9020-31GU5 BE= SC-70-5 RT9020-33PU5 BF- SC-70-5 RT9020-33GU5 BF= SC-70-5 RT9020-1HGU5 D5= SC-70-5 RT9020-18PB YT- SOT-23-5 RT9020-18GB YT= SOT-23-5 RT9020-25GB 2A= SOT-23-5 RT9020-28PB YD- SOT-23-5 RT9020-28GB YD= SOT-23-5 RT9020-30PB ZE- SOT-23-5 RT9020-30GB ZE= SOT-23-5 RT9020-31PB XM- SOT-23-5 RT9020-31GB XM= SOT-23-5 RT9020-32GB 2B= SOT-23-5 RT9020-33PB XN- SOT-23-5 RT9020-33GB XN= SOT-23-5 RT9020-1BPB XP- SOT-23-5

RT9022Part Number Product Code Package

RT9022PU6 A0- SC-70-6 RT9022GU6 A0= SC-70-6 RT9022PE D9- SOT-23-6 RT9022GE D9= SOT-23-6

RT9023Part Number Product Code Package

RT9023-30PB ZQ- SOT-23-5 RT9023-31PB ZR- SOT-23-5 RT9023-33PB ZV- SOT-23-5 RT9023-30PU5 BM- SC-70-5 RT9023-31PU5 BN- SC-70-5 RT9023-33PU5 BQ- SC-70-5

RT9024Part Number Product Code Package

RT9024PE DA- SOT-23-6 RT9024GE DA= SOT-23-6

RT9026Part Number Product Code Package

RT9026PFP A0- PMSOP-10 RT9026GFP A0= PMSOP-10 RT9026GQW E6= WDFN 3x3-10

RT9028Part Number Product Code Package

RT9028GU5 CA= SC-70-5 RT9028GQW AK WDFN 1.6x1.6-6

RT9029Part Number Product Code Package

RT9029GU5 CU= SC-70-5 RT9029-15GU5 D6= SC-70-5 RT9029-25GU5 CX= SC-70-5 RT9029-28GU5 CY= SC-70-5 RT9029-30GU5 CZ= SC-70-5 RT9029-31GU5 D0= SC-70-5 RT9029-32GU5 D1= SC-70-5 RT9029-33GU5 D2= SC-70-5

Page 21: Richtek Marking Code

C-21MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9030Part Number Product Code Package

RT9030-10GU5 C7= SC-70-5 RT9030-11GU5 CQ= SC-70-5 RT9030-12GU5 CR= SC-70-5 RT9030-13GU5 CS= SC-70-5 RT9030-14GU5 CT= SC-70-5 RT9030-15GU5 CG= SC-70-5 RT9030-17GU5 CJ= SC-70-5 RT9030-18GU5 CK= SC-70-5 RT9030-25GU5 C8= SC-70-5 RT9030-33GU5 CF= SC-70-5 RT9030-1BGU5 D3= SC-70-5 RT9030-10GQW BU WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9030-12GQW BV WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9030-15GQW AJ WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9030-18GQW AW WDFN 1.6x1.6-6 RT9030-33GQW B7 WDFN 1.6x1.6-6

RT9032 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9032AGQWA AZ WQFN 1.6x1.6-8 RT9032BGQWA B2 WQFN 1.6x1.6-8 RT9032CGQWA B3 WQFN 1.6x1.6-8 RT9032DGQWA BP WQFN 1.6x1.6-8 RT9032AGQW FP WDFN 2x2-8 RT9032BGQW FQ WDFN 2x2-8 RT9032CGQW FY WDFN 2x2-8 RT9032DGQW G5 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9032JGQW HF WDFN 2x2-8

RT9035Part Number Product Code Package

RT9035-18GQW CU= WQFN 4x4-20

RT9038Part Number Product Code Package

RT9038-12GQW FR WDFN 2x2-8 RT9038-35GQW FX WDFN 2x2-8

RT9036Part Number Product Code Package

RT9036-33GB 0Y= SOT-23-5

RT9037Part Number Product Code Package

RT9037-33GB 1N= SOT-23-5 RT9037-33GBR 0Z= SOT-23-5

RT9046Part Number Product Code Package

RT9046GE E6= SOT-23-6

RT9040Part Number Product Code Package

RT9040GQW G4= WDFN 3x3-10

RT9043Part Number Product Code Package

RT9043GB 1X= SOT-23-5

Page 22: Richtek Marking Code


RT9138 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9138GF MG= MSOP-8 RT9138AGF DN= MSOP-8 RT9138BGQW H3 WDFN 2x2-6

RT9142Part Number Product Code Package

RT9142GQW JL= WDFN 3x3-8

RT9139 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9139BGQW FK= WDFN 3x3-10

RT9137Part Number Product Code Package

RT9137GJ5 BL= TSOT-23-5

RT9134Part Number Product Code Package

RT9134PQV A4- VQFN 4x4-16 RT9134GQV A4= VQFN 4x4-16

RT9135Part Number Product Code Package

RT9135PB V6- SOT-23-5

RT9136Part Number Product Code Package

RT9136PF AB- MSOP-10 RT9136GF AB= MSOP-10

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9726GU6 A1= SC-70-6


RT9133 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9133APB W7- SOT-23-5 RT9133AGB W7= SOT-23-5 RT9133APU5 AQ- SC-70-5 RT9133PF B2- MSOP-8 RT9133BPF B3- MSOP-8 RT9133BGF B3= MSOP-8 RT9133APQW CL WDFN 2x2-6 RT9133AGQW G3 WDFN 2x2-6

RT9101 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9101BWS A7 WLCSP 1.5x1.5-9 RT9101AGQW GH WDFN 2x2-8 RT9101GQW FL= WDFN 3x3-8

Page 23: Richtek Marking Code

C-23MI-090424 www.richtek.com

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9161A-18PV C8- SOT-23-3 RT9161A-18GV C8= SOT-23-3 RT9161A-25GV MK= SOT-23-3 RT9161A-28GV M0= SOT-23-3 RT9161A-32PV LX- SOT-23-3 RT9161A-33PV C6- SOT-23-3 RT9161A-33GV C6=- SOT-23-3 RT9161A-50PV KC- SOT-23-3 RT9161A-15PX GF- SOT-89 RT9161A-16PX G1- SOT-89 RT9161A-18PX G3- SOT-89 RT9161A-18GX G3= SOT-89 RT9161A-25PX GA- SOT-89 RT9161A-28GX GD= SOT-89 RT9161A-30PX GH- SOT-89 RT9161A-33PX GJ- SOT-89 RT9161A-33GX GJ= SOT-89 RT9161A-35PX G9- SOT-89 RT9161A-40PX GP- SOT-89 RT9161A-42PX CF- SOT-89 RT9161A-45PX GG- SOT-89 RT9161A-50PX CG- SOT-89 RT9161A-50GX CG= SOT-89


RT9161 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9161-18PV A2- SOT-23-3 RT9161-20PV A4- SOT-23-3 RT9161-25PV C1- SOT-23-3 RT9161-27PV C2- SOT-23-3 RT9161-28PV AA- SOT-23-3 RT9161-30PV C4- SOT-23-3 RT9161-33PV CV- SOT-23-3 RT9161-42PV KW- SOT-23-3 RT9161-45GV MC= SOT-23-3 RT9161-50PV AW- SOT-23-3 RT9161-50GV AW= SOT-23-3 RT9161-15PX AP- SOT-89 RT9161-18PX CT- SOT-89 RT9161-21PX C1- SOT-89 RT9161-22PX AS- SOT-89 RT9161-25PX A2- SOT-89 RT9161-25GX A2= SOT-89 RT9161-26PX AD- SOT-89 RT9161-27PX AG- SOT-89 RT9161-28PX AA- SOT-89 RT9161-30PX AE- SOT-89 RT9161-31PX AH- SOT-89 RT9161-33PX A3- SOT-89 RT9161-33GX A3= SOT-89 RT9161-36PX AL- SOT-89 RT9161-39PX A6- SOT-89 RT9161-40PX A7- SOT-89 RT9161-50PX CU- SOT-89 RT9161-30PZL RTB4- TO-92 RT9161-33PZL RTAD- TO-92 RT9161-50PZL RTC0- TO-92


Page 24: Richtek Marking Code


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9162-33PX A0- SOT-89 RT9162-35PX A1- SOT-89 RT9162-33PZL RTA2- TO-92


RT9163Part Number Product Code Package

RT9163-33PX A8- SOT-89 RT9163-33PXL CK- SOT-89 RT9163-50PX AT- SOT-89

RT9165Part Number Product Code Package

RT9165PX AN- SOT-89 RT9165GX AN= SOT-89 RT9165-80PX CV- SOT-89 RT9165PZ RTBA- TO-92

RT9166Part Number Product Code Package

RT9166-12PVL G2- SOT-23-3 RT9166-12GVL G2= SOT-23-3 RT9166-13PVL LV- SOT-23-3 RT9166-13GVL LV= SOT-23-3 RT9166-15PVL G3- SOT-23-3 RT9166-17PVL H3- SOT-23-3 RT9166-18PVL G4- SOT-23-3 RT9166-18GVL G4= SOT-23-3 RT9166-21PVL G9- SOT-23-3 RT9166-25PVL G5- SOT-23-3 RT9166-25GVL G5= SOT-23-3 RT9166-28PVL G8- SOT-23-3 RT9166-28GVL G8= SOT-23-3 RT9166-30PVL G6- SOT-23-3 RT9166-30GVL G6= SOT-23-3 RT9166-31PVL GC- SOT-23-3 RT9166-33GV MH= SOT-23-3 RT9166-33PVL G1- SOT-23-3 RT9166-33GVL G1= SOT-23-3 RT9166-35PVL GA- SOT-23-3 RT9166-36PVL GW- SOT-23-3 RT9166-12PX JG- SOT-89 RT9166-12PXL JA- SOT-89 RT9166-13PX LL- SOT-89 RT9166-15PX JJ- SOT-89 RT9166-15PXL JK- SOT-89 RT9166-16PX L9- SOT-89 RT9166-18PX JM- SOT-89 RT9166-18PXL JN- SOT-89 RT9166-18GXL JN= SOT-89 RT9166-21PXL JF- SOT-89 RT9166-25PXL JB- SOT-89 RT9166-26PXL LJ- SOT-89 RT9166-27PXL JC- SOT-89 RT9166-28PXL JS- SOT-89 RT9166-28GXL JS= SOT-89 RT9166-29PXL LE- SOT-89 RT9166-30PX JT- SOT-89 RT9166-30PXL JU- SOT-89

RT9166 Series

Page 25: Richtek Marking Code

C-25MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9167Part Number Product Code Package

RT9167-15PB E0- SOT-23-5 RT9167-17PB E2- SOT-23-5 RT9167-18PB E3- SOT-23-5 RT9167-18GB E3= SOT-23-5 RT9167-20PB E5- SOT-23-5 RT9167-25PB EA- SOT-23-5 RT9167-25GB EA= SOT-23-5 RT9167-26PB EB- SOT-23-5 RT9167-27PB EC- SOT-23-5 RT9167-28GB ED= SOT-23-5 RT9167-29PB EE- SOT-23-5 RT9167-30PB EF- SOT-23-5 RT9167-30GB EF= SOT-23-5 RT9167-31PB EG- SOT-23-5 RT9167-32PB EH- SOT-23-5 RT9167-33PB EJ- SOT-23-5 RT9167-33PBR IJ- SOT-23-5 RT9167-35PB EL- SOT-23-5 RT9167-36PB EM- SOT-23-5 RT9167-33GB EJ= SOT-23-5 RT9167-40PB ER- SOT-23-5 RT9167-41PB ES- SOT-23-5 RT9167-42PB ET- SOT-23-5 RT9167-42PBR IT- SOT-23-5 RT9167-45PB EW- SOT-23-5 RT9167-45GB EW= SOT-23-5 RT9167-47PB EY- SOT-23-5 RT9167-47GB EY= SOT-23-5 RT9167-50PB AS- SOT-23-5 RT9167-50GB AS= SOT-23-5 RT9167-50GBR CZ= SOT-23-5 RT9167-2HPB V5- SOT-23-5

RT9167 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9166A-18PVL MJ= SOT-23-3 RT9166A-33PVL GM- SOT-23-3 RT9166A-12PX J5- SOT-89 RT9166A-12PXL JH- SOT-89 RT9166A-12GXL JH= SOT-89 RT9166A-13PX GN- SOT-89 RT9166A-15PX L5- SOT-89 RT9166A-15GX L5= SOT-89 RT9166A-15PXL JL- SOT-89 RT9166A-18PX J6- SOT-89 RT9166A-18PXL JP- SOT-89 RT9166A-18GXL JP= SOT-89 RT9166A-20GXL LV= SOT-89 RT9166A-25PX J3- SOT-89 RT9166A-25PXL JD- SOT-89 RT9166A-25GXL JD= SOT-89 RT9166A-28PXL L7- SOT-89 RT9166A-29PXL LD- SOT-89 RT9166A-30PXL JV- SOT-89 RT9166A-31PXL LS- SOT-89 RT9166A-32PX LC- SOT-89 RT9166A-33PX J4- SOT-89 RT9166A-33GX J4= SOT-89 RT9166A-33PXL JE- SOT-89 RT9166A-33GXL JE= SOT-89 RT9166A-35PXL J8- SOT-89 RT9166A-36PXL L1- SOT-89 RT9166A-36GXL L1= SOT-89 RT9166A-42PX LK- SOT-89 RT9166A-45PX J7- SOT-89 RT9166A-25PZ RTFB- TO-92


RT9166Part Number Product Code Package

RT9166-33PX J1- SOT-89 RT9166-33GXL J9= SOT-89 RT9166-35PX J2- SOT-89 RT9166-35PXL LF- SOT-89 RT9166-36PXL JX- SOT-89 RT9166-42PXL JZ- SOT-89

Page 26: Richtek Marking Code


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9167B-25PF A8- MSOP-8 RT9167B-26PF A9- MSOP-8 RT9167B-33PF A0- MSOP-8


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9167A-15PB J0- SOT-23-5 RT9167A-18PB J3- SOT-23-5 RT9167A-18GB J3= SOT-23-5 RT9167A-20PB J5- SOT-23-5 RT9167A-25GB JA= SOT-23-5 RT9167A-28PB JF- SOT-23-5 RT9167A-28GB JF= SOT-23-5 RT9167A-29PB JE- SOT-23-5 RT9167A-30PB JD- SOT-23-5 RT9167A-30GB JD= SOT-23-5 RT9167A-31PB JG- SOT-23-5 RT9167A-33PB JJ- SOT-23-5 RT9167A-33GB JJ= SOT-23-5 RT9167A-33PBR KJ- SOT-23-5 RT9167A-35PB JL- SOT-23-5 RT9167A-36PBR KM- SOT-23-5 RT9167A-38GB JP= SOT-23-5 RT9167A-40GB 1Z= SOT-23-5 RT9167A-42PB JT- SOT-23-5 RT9167A-45PB JW- SOT-23-5 RT9167A-45GB JW= SOT-23-5 RT9167A-50PB CB- SOT-23-5 RT9167A-50GB CB= SOT-23-5 RT9167A-2HPB V3- SOT-23-5 RT9167A-2HGB V3= SOT-23-5


RT9168APart Number Product Code Package

RT9168A-33PBR MJ- SOT-23-5

RT9168Part Number Product Code Package

RT9168-33PBR LJ- SOT-23-5 RT9168-42PBR LT- SOT-23-5

RT9168 Series

Page 27: Richtek Marking Code

C-27MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9169 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9169-33PVL CD- SOT-23-3 RT9169-33GVL CD= SOT-23-3 RT9169-42PV BY- SOT-23-3 RT9169-45PVL LN- SOT-23-3 RT9169-47PVL LP- SOT-23-3 RT9169-48PV CX- SOT-23-3 RT9169-50PV CZ- SOT-23-3 RT9169-12PB W0- SOT-23-5 RT9169-12GB W0= SOT-23-5 RT9169-13PB C8- SOT-23-5 RT9169-16PB X9- SOT-23-5 RT9169-15PB C9- SOT-23-5 RT9169-18PB CK- SOT-23-5 RT9169-20PB CJ- SOT-23-5 RT9169-25PB C1- SOT-23-5 RT9169-26GB 1A= SOT-23-5 RT9169-30PB C3- SOT-23-5 RT9169-33PB CE- SOT-23-5 RT9169-45PB C6- SOT-23-5 RT9169-50PB VV- SOT-23-5 RT9169H-12GB YP= SOT-23-5 RT9169H-14GB 0E= SOT-23-5 RT9169H-15PB ZM- SOT-23-5 RT9169H-15GB ZM= SOT-23-5 RT9169H-18GB YQ= SOT-23-5 RT9169H-20PB YX- SOT-23-5 RT9169H-20GB YX= SOT-23-5 RT9169H-26GB YR= SOT-23-5 RT9169H-28GB 0K= SOT-23-5 RT9169H-31GB YS= SOT-23-5 RT9169H-33GB 0D= SOT-23-5

RT9169 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9169-12PX B1- SOT-89 RT9169-14PX B3- SOT-89 RT9169-15PX B4- SOT-89 RT9169-15GX B4= SOT-89 RT9169-16PX B5- SOT-89 RT9169-18PX B7- SOT-89 RT9169-24PX BD- SOT-89 RT9169-25PX BE- SOT-89 RT9169-27GX BG= SOT-89 RT9169-30PX BK- SOT-89 RT9169-30GX BK= SOT-89 RT9169-33PX BN- SOT-89 RT9169-40PX BV- SOT-89 RT9169-50PX C6- SOT-89 RT9169-50GX C6= SOT-89 RT9169-12PV B1- SOT-23-3 RT9169-12GV B1= SOT-23-3 RT9169-12PVL CF- SOT-23-3 RT9169-13GV B2= SOT-23-3 RT9169-13GVL MA= SOT-23-3 RT9169-15PV LK- SOT-23-3 RT9169-15PVL CB- SOT-23-3 RT9169-15GVL CB= SOT-23-3 RT9169-18PV B7- SOT-23-3 RT9169-18GV B7= SOT-23-3 RT9169-18PVL BP- SOT-23-3 RT9169-24PVL KQ- SOT-23-3 RT9169-25PV BE- SOT-23-3 RT9169-25PVL CH- SOT-23-3 RT9169-26GVL MD= SOT-23-3 RT9169-27PV BG- SOT-23-3 RT9169-28PV KT- SOT-23-3 RT9169-28GV KT= SOT-23-3 RT9169-28GVL M8= SOT-23-3 RT9169-30PV BK- SOT-23-3 RT9169-30GV BK= SOT-23-3 RT9169-30PVL CE- SOT-23-3 RT9169-31PVL LL- SOT-23-3 RT9169-32PV BM- SOT-23-3 RT9169-33PV BN- SOT-23-3 RT9169-33GV BN= SOT-23-3

Page 28: Richtek Marking Code


RT9181Part Number Product Code Package

RT9181PB R2- SOT-23-5 RT9181GB R2= SOT-23-5 RT9181-18PB DB- SOT-23-5

RT9177Part Number Product Code Package

RT9177-25PB HA- SOT-23-5 RT9177-28PB HD- SOT-23-5 RT9177-32PB HH- SOT-23-5 RT9177-25PBR PA- SOT-23-5

RT9177APart Number Product Code Package

RT9177A-25PB NA- SOT-23-5 RT9177A-30PB ND- SOT-23-5 RT9177A-32PB NH- SOT-23-5

RT9177 Series

RT9178Part Number Product Code Package

RT9178-25PB D6- SOT-23-5 RT9178-25GB D6= SOT-23-5 RT9178-28PB D1- SOT-23-5 RT9178-28PBR DF- SOT-23-5 RT9178-30PB D2- SOT-23-5 RT9178-30GB D2= SOT-23-5 RT9178-31PB D8- SOT-23-5 RT9178-32PB D7- SOT-23-5 RT9178-33PB D3- SOT-23-5 RT9178-2HPB D5- SOT-23-5

RT9179Part Number Product Code Package

RT9179PB XA- SOT-23-5 RT9179GB XA= SOT-23-5

RT9170Part Number Product Code Package

RT9170-12GV M1= SOT-23-3 RT9170-14GV M5= SOT-23-3 RT9170-18GV MF= SOT-23-3 RT9170-30PV H0- SOT-23-3 RT9170-30GV H0= SOT-23-3 RT9170-33PV H1- SOT-23-3 RT9170-12PB RE- SOT-23-5 RT9170-15PB VB- SOT-23-5 RT9170-18PB RK- SOT-23-5 RT9170-20PB VA- SOT-23-5 RT9170-27GB 0J= SOT-23-5 RT9170-28PB RG- SOT-23-5 RT9170-28GB RG= SOT-23-5 RT9170-30PB RH- SOT-23-5 RT9170-31PB WK- SOT-23-5 RT9170-33PB RT- SOT-23-5 RT9170-33PX K1- SOT-89

Page 29: Richtek Marking Code

C-29MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9186 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9186APQV A9- VDFN 3x3-8 RT9186AGQV A9= VDFN 3x3-8 RT9186A-33GQV H1= VDFN 3x3-8 RT9186APF DA- MSOP-8 RT9186AGF DA= MSOP-8 RT9186A-18GF D8= MSOP-8 RT9186A-33PF D0- MSOP-8 RT9186A-33GF D0= MSOP-8 RT9186BGF D7= MSOP-8


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9186BPF D7- MSOP-8 RT9186B-18PQV AU- VDFN 3x3-8 RT9186B-25PQV AV- VDFN 3x3-8 RT9186B-33PQV AW- VDFN 3x3-8

RT9186BPart Number Product Code Package


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9187-PQV B1- VDFN 3x3-8 RT9187-GQV B1= VDFN 3x3-8 RT9187-10PQV B2- VDFN 3x3-8 RT9187-12GQV B5= VDFN 3x3-8 RT9187-25PQV BB- VDFN 3x3-8 RT9187-27PQV EC- VDFN 3x3-8 RT9187-28PQV B3- VDFN 3x3-8 RT9187-33PQV B4- VDFN 3x3-8 RT9187-33GQV B4= VDFN 3x3-8


RT9187 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9187APB VE- SOT-23-5 RT9187A-10PB VF- SOT-23-5 RT9187A-27PB VP- SOT-23-5 RT9187A-28PB VG- SOT-23-5 RT9187A-33PB VH- SOT-23-5 RT9187A-2GPB Y9- SOT-23-5 RT9187APQV C6 VDFN 2x2-6 RT9187A-10PQV C3 VDFN 2x2-6 RT9187A-27PQV C2 VDFN 2x2-6 RT9187A-28PQV C4 VDFN 2x2-6 RT9187A-33PQV C5 VDFN 2x2-6


Part Number Product Code Package RT9191-31PB CX- SOT-23-5


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9182APE 2M- SOT-23-6 RT9182APES 2U- SOT-23-6 RT9182BPES 2V- SOT-23-6 RT9182CPES 2Y- SOT-23-6 RT9182DPES 2W- SOT-23-6 RT9182EPES 2Z- SOT-23-6 RT9182EGES 2Z= SOT-23-6 RT9182FPES 3B- SOT-23-6 RT9182GPES 3C- SOT-23-6 RT9182HPES 3D- SOT-23-6 RT9182IPES 3E- SOT-23-6 RT9182JPES 3F- SOT-23-6 RT9182KPES 3G- SOT-23-6 RT9182LPES 3H- SOT-23-6

RT9182 Series

Page 30: Richtek Marking Code


RT9193RT9193Part Number Product Code Package

RT9193-15PU5 AB- SC-70-5 RT9193-17PU5 A0- SC-70-5 RT9193-18PU5 A2- SC-70-5 RT9193-20PU5 BP- SC-70-5 RT9193-25PU5 A3- SC-70-5 RT9193-25GU5 A3= SC-70-5 RT9193-27PU5 AN- SC-70-5 RT9193-28PU5 AC- SC-70-5 RT9193-28GU5 AC= SC-70-5 RT9193-29PU5 BA- SC-70-5 RT9193-30PU5 AD- SC-70-5 RT9193-31PU5 AE- SC-70-5 RT9193-32PU5 BG- SC-70-5 RT9193-33PU5 A1- SC-70-5 RT9193-33GU5 A1= SC-70-5 RT9193-35PU5 AL- SC-70-5 RT9193-1HPU5 AM- SC-70-5 RT9193-2HPU5 AR- SC-70-5 RT9193-15PB DS- SOT-23-5 RT9193-15GB DS= SOT-23-5 RT9193-16PB ZX- SOT-23-5 RT9193-16GB ZX= SOT-23-5 RT9193-17PB W9- SOT-23-5 RT9193-18PB DC- SOT-23-5 RT9193-18GB DC= SOT-23-5 RT9193-20PB VQ- SOT-23-5 RT9193-24PB X8- SOT-23-5 RT9193-25PB DH- SOT-23-5 RT9193-25GB DH= SOT-23-5 RT9193-26PB VX- SOT-23-5 RT9193-27PB CS- SOT-23-5 RT9193-27GB CS= SOT-23-5 RT9193-28PB DJ- SOT-23-5 RT9193-28GB DJ= SOT-23-5 RT9193-29PB VN- SOT-23-5 RT9193-29GB VN= SOT-23-5 RT9193-30PB DK- SOT-23-5 RT9193-30GB DK= SOT-23-5 RT9193-31PB D0- SOT-23-5 RT9193-31GB D0= SOT-23-5 RT9193-32PB DZ- SOT-23-5

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9193-33PB DE- SOT-23-5 RT9193-33GB DE= SOT-23-5 RT9193-35PB VD- SOT-23-5 RT9193-36GB 0X= SOT-23-5 RT9193-39GB 0G= SOT-23-5 RT9193-50PB ZG- SOT-23-5 RT9193-1HPB VC- SOT-23-5 RT9193-2HPB CU- SOT-23-5 RT9193-2HGB CU= SOT-23-5 RT9193-4GGB XQ= SOT-23-5 RT9193-25GJ5 B7= TSOT-23-5 RT9193-28GJ5 BK= TSOT-23-5 RT9193-25PF DH- MSOP-8 RT9193-25GF DH= MSOP-8 RT9193-28PF DJ- MSOP-8 RT9193-28GF DJ= MSOP-8 RT9193-30GF AC= MSOP-8 RT9193-33PF DK- MSOP-8 RT9193-18PQV C1 VDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-28PQV C7 VDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-30PQV C8 VDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-33PQV C9 VDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-1HPQV C0 VDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-2HPQV CK VDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-18PQW BB WDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-24GQW FD WDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-25GQW FS WDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-28PQW BD WDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-29PQW EM WDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-30PQW EC WDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-33PQW BF WDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-33GQW HA WDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-35PQW DF WDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-1HPQW BC WDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-1HGQW HD WDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-2HPQW BE WDFN 2x2-6 RT9193-2HGQW FJ WDFN 2x2-6

Page 31: Richtek Marking Code

C-31MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9198 Series

RT9194Part Number Product Code Package

RT9194PE CD- SOT-23-6 RT9194GE CD= SOT-23-6

RT9193TPart Number Product Code Package

RT9193T-25PB WZ- SOT-23-5 RT9193T-33PU5 AS- SC-70-5 RT9193T-18PQV CH VDFN 2x2-6 RT9193T-18PQW BS WDFN 2x2-6

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9198A-42PY AC- SC-82 RT9198A-42GY AC= SC-82 RT9198A-44PY AT- SC-82 RT9198A-44GY AT= SC-82 RT9198A-50GBR 2G= SOT-23-5 RT9198-15PU5 AA- SC-70-5 RT9198-15GU5 AA= SC-70-5 RT9198-18PU5 A5- SC-70-5 RT9198-25PU5 A6- SC-70-5 RT9198-26PU5 B2- SC-70-5 RT9198-27PU5 AG- SC-70-5 RT9198-28PU5 A7- SC-70-5 RT9198-30PU5 A8- SC-70-5 RT9198-30GU5 A8= SC-70-5 RT9198-31PU5 AJ- SC-70-5 RT9198-32PU5 AH- SC-70-5 RT9198-33PU5 A9- SC-70-5 RT9198-35PU5 BJ- SC-70-5 RT9198-2HPU5 AT- SC-70-5 RT9198-15PU5R BR- SC-70-5 RT9198-18PU5R AF- SC-70-5 RT9198-18GU5R AF= SC-70-5 RT9198-25PU5R AK- SC-70-5 RT9198-26PU5R BX- SC-70-5 RT9198-27GU5R D4= SC-70-5 RT9198-28PU5R B9- SC-70-5 RT9198-28GU5R B9= SC-70-5 RT9198-29PU5R BS- SC-70-5 RT9198-30PU5R AU- SC-70-5 RT9198-31PU5R BU- SC-70-5 RT9198-32PU5R B8- SC-70-5 RT9198-32GU5R B8= SC-70-5 RT9198-2HPU5R BT- SC-70-5 RT9198-2HGU5R BT= SC-70-5 RT9198-15PY A6- SC-82 RT9198-15GY A6= SC-82 RT9198-18PY A1- SC-82 RT9198-25PY A2- SC-82 RT9198-26GY B7= SC-82 RT9198-28PY A3- SC-82 RT9198-30PY A4- SC-82

Page 32: Richtek Marking Code


RT9198 SeriesRT9198 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9198-15PBR VR- SOT-23-5 RT9198-15GBR VR= SOT-23-5 RT9198-18PBR DT- SOT-23-5 RT9198-18GBR DT= SOT-23-5 RT9198-19PBR YH- SOT-23-5 RT9198-20PBR VT- SOT-23-5 RT9198-24PBR W3- SOT-23-5 RT9198-25PBR DU- SOT-23-5 RT9198-25GBR DU= SOT-23-5 RT9198-26PBR W4- SOT-23-5 RT9198-27PBR W5- SOT-23-5 RT9198-28PBR DV- SOT-23-5 RT9198-28GBR DV= SOT-23-5 RT9198-29PBR VJ- SOT-23-5 RT9198-30PBR DW- SOT-23-5 RT9198-30GBR DW = SOT-23-5 RT9198-33PBR DX- SOT-23-5 RT9198-33GBR DX= SOT-23-5 RT9198-34PBR VZ- SOT-23-5 RT9198-35PBR Y7- SOT-23-5 RT9198-1HPBR W6- SOT-23-5 RT9198-4GGBR 0H= SOT-23-5 RT9198-25GJ5R B8= TSOT-23-5 RT9198-15GBG 1E= SOT-23-5 RT9198-18PBG YW- SOT-23-5 RT9198-18GBG YW= SOT-23-5 RT9198-33PBG Y4- SOT-23-5 RT9198-33GBG Y4= SOT-23-5 RT9198-39PBG Y8- SOT-23-5 RT9198-4GPBG Y3- SOT-23-5 RT9198-4GGBG Y3= SOT-23-5 RT9198-4GPF DE- MSOP-8 RT9198-27GQW H9 WDFN 2x2-6 RT9198-30GQW GN WDFN 2x2-6 RT9198-33PQW BW WDFN 2x2-6 RT9198-35PQW DE WDFN 2x2-6

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9198-31PY AK- SC-82 RT9198-31GY AK= SC-82 RT9198-32PY AL- SC-82 RT9198-33PY A5- SC-82 RT9198-34PY AM- SC-82 RT9198-35PY AN- SC-82 RT9198-44PY AP- SC-82 RT9198-1HGY BE= SC-82 RT9198-15PV GJ- SOT-23-3 RT9198-15GV GJ= SOT-23-3 RT9198-16GV M9= SOT-23-3 RT9198-18PV GE- SOT-23-3 RT9198-18GV GE= SOT-23-3 RT9198-25PV GF- SOT-23-3 RT9198-26PV KY- SOT-23-3 RT9198-27PV H5- SOT-23-3 RT9198-28PV GK- SOT-23-3 RT9198-30PV GG- SOT-23-3 RT9198-30GV GG= SOT-23-3 RT9198-31PV GV- SOT-23-3 RT9198-33PV GH- SOT-23-3 RT9198-34PV H2- SOT-23-3 RT9198-35PV KF- SOT-23-3 RT9198-15PB DM- SOT-23-5 RT9198-18PB DN- SOT-23-5 RT9198-20PB VS- SOT-23-5 RT9198-25PB DP- SOT-23-5 RT9198-27PB CT- SOT-23-5 RT9198-28PB DQ- SOT-23-5 RT9198-29PB VU- SOT-23-5 RT9198-30PB DR- SOT-23-5 RT9198-31PB CW- SOT-23-5 RT9198-32PB DY- SOT-23-5 RT9198-33PB DL- SOT-23-5 RT9198-33GB DL= SOT-23-5 RT9198-34PB VY- SOT-23-5 RT9198-35PB ZH- SOT-23-5 RT9198-50PB ZK- SOT-23-5 RT9198-1HPB WM- SOT-23-5 RT9198-2HPB VW- SOT-23-5 RT9198-4GPB ZJ- SOT-23-5

Page 33: Richtek Marking Code

C-33MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9198TPart Number Product Code Package

RT9198T-25PV J1- SOT-23-3 RT9198T-18PBR X0- SOT-23-5 RT9198T-25PB X1- SOT-23-5 RT9198T-33PU5 B4- SC-70-5 RT9198T-28PU5R B3- SC-70-5

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9201PQV A2- VDFN 3x3-10


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9220PQV AB- VDFN 3x3-10


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9259PQV A5- VQFN 4x4-16


RT9259 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9259CPQV BM- VQFN 4x4-16


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9258GQW CE= WQFN 4x4-24


Part Number Product Code Package

RT8204GQW DK= WQFN 3x3-16


Page 34: Richtek Marking Code


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9261B-18PB T3- SOT-23-5 RT9261B-28PB TD- SOT-23-5 RT9261B-30PB TF- SOT-23-5 RT9261B-30GB TF= SOT-23-5 RT9261B-32PB TH- SOT-23-5 RT9261B-33PB TJ- SOT-23-5 RT9261B-50PB AK- SOT-23-5 RT9261B-28PX FD- SOT-89 RT9261B-28GX FD= SOT-89 RT9261B-30PX FF- SOT-89 RT9261B-33PX FJ- SOT-89 RT9261B-36GX FM= SOT-89 RT9261B-42PX FT- SOT-89 RT9261B-50PX CX- SOT-89 RT9261B-50GX CX= SOT-89


RT9261APart Number Product Code Package

RT9261A-18PB G3- SOT-23-5 RT9261A-28PB GD- SOT-23-5 RT9261A-32PB GH- SOT-23-5 RT9261A-33PB GJ- SOT-23-5 RT9261A-37PB GN- SOT-23-5 RT9261A-38PB GP- SOT-23-5 RT9261A-50PB A4- SOT-23-5 RT9261A-32PX EH- SOT-89 RT9261A-33PX EJ- SOT-89 RT9261A-50PX AX- SOT-89

RT9261Part Number Product Code Package

RT9261-28PB FD- SOT-23-5 RT9261-30PB FF- SOT-23-5 RT9261-30GB FF= SOT-23-5 RT9261-32PB FH- SOT-23-5 RT9261-33PB FJ- SOT-23-5 RT9261-33GB FJ= SOT-23-5 RT9261-35PB FL- SOT-23-5 RT9261-35GB FL= SOT-23-5 RT9261-50PB A1- SOT-23-5 RT9261-27PX DC- SOT-89 RT9261-27GX DC= SOT-89 RT9261-30PX DF- SOT-89 RT9261-33PX DJ- SOT-89 RT9261-36GX DM= SOT-89 RT9261-40PX DR- SOT-89 RT9261-50PX AV- SOT-89

RT9261 Series

Page 35: Richtek Marking Code

C-35MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9270Part Number Product Code Package

RT9270PF A3- MSOP-8

RT9266Part Number Product Code Package

RT9266PE 31- SOT-23-6 RT9266GE 31= SOT-23-6 RT9266PX5 DA- SOT-89-5

RT9266BPart Number Product Code Package

RT9266BPE D1- SOT-23-6 RT9266BGE D1= SOT-23-6

RT9266 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9268PE 32- SOT-23-6


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9269PE 33- SOT-23-6


RT9271Part Number Product Code Package

RT9271PB V0- SOT-23-5 RT9271GB V0= SOT-23-5 RT9271PE CA- SOT-23-6 RT9271GE CA= SOT-23-6

RT9277 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9277PF A5- MSOP-8 RT9277APF A6- MSOP-8 RT9277AGF A6= MSOP-8 RT9277BPF A7- MSOP-8 RT9277BGF A7= MSOP-8 RT9277CGF DL= MSOP-8 RT9277DGF DM= MSOP-8 RT9277CGQW GC= WDFN 3x3-8 RT9277DGQW GJ= WDFN 3x3-8 RT9277PQV A0- VDFN 3x3-10

RT9275Part Number Product Code Package

RT9275PE CC- SOT-23-6

RT9272Part Number Product Code Package

RT9272PQV A5- VDFN 3x3-10

RT9273Part Number Product Code Package

RT9273PQV A6- VDFN 3x3-10

RT9278Part Number Product Code Package

RT9278PQV AC- VDFN 3x3-10

RT9278GQV AC= VDFN 3x3-10

RT9276Part Number Product Code Package

RT9276GQW EW= WDFN 3x3-10 RT9276-33GQW EU= WDFN 3x3-10 RT9276-50GQW EV= WDFN 3x3-10

Page 36: Richtek Marking Code


RT9287Part Number Product Code Package

RT9287-MGPQW CA- WDFN 3x3-10

RT9287 Series

RT9287APart Number Product Code Package

RT9287A-MGPQW CS- WDFN 3x3-12 RT9287A-MGGQW CS= WDFN 3x3-12 RT9287A-FQPQW CT- WDFN 3x3-12 RT9287A-SPGQW GW= WDFN 3x3-12

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9284PB V4- SOT-23-5 RT9284APB V7- SOT-23-5 RT9284BPB V8- SOT-23-5 RT9284APJ5 A1- TSOT-23-5 RT9284APJ5E AJ- TSOT-23-5 RT9284BPJ5 A2- TSOT-23-5 RT9284BPJ5E AH- TSOT-23-5 RT9284A-15PJ6 A1- TSOT-23-6 RT9284A-15PJ6E AV- TSOT-23-6 RT9284A-20PJ6 A2- TSOT-23-6 RT9284A-20PJ6E AW- TSOT-23-6 RT9284A-20GJ6E AW = TSOT-23-6 RT9284B-15PJ6 A3- TSOT-23-6 RT9284B-15GJ6 A3= TSOT-23-6 RT9284B-15PJ6E AX- TSOT-23-6 RT9284B-15GJ6E AX= TSOT-23-6 RT9284B-20PJ6 A4- TSOT-23-6 RT9284B-20GJ6 A4= TSOT-23-6 RT9284B-20PJ6E AY- TSOT-23-6 RT9284B-20GJ6E AY= TSOT-23-6

RT9284A/BPart Number Product Code Package

RT9285APJ6 AM- TSOT-23-6 RT9285BPJ6 AN- TSOT-23-6 RT9285BGJ6 AN= TSOT-23-6 RT9285APQW D0 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9285AGQW FW WDFN 2x2-8 RT9285BPQW D1 WDFN 2x2-8


RT9284 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9285CPJ6 BB- TSOT-23-6 RT9285CGJ6 BB= TSOT-23-6 RT9285CPQW DH WDFN 2x2-8 RT9285CGQW EL WDFN 2x2-8 RT9285CGQX E9 XDFN 2x2-8


RT9285 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9284QPJ5 AW- TSOT-23-5


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9284C-15GJ6 BR= TSOT-23-6


Page 37: Richtek Marking Code

C-37MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9288 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9288APE DC- SOT-23-6 RT9288AGE DC= SOT-23-6 RT9288BPE DD- SOT-23-6

RT9291Part Number Product Code Package

RT9291GQW E7= WDFN 3x3-8 RT9291GJ6 BX= TSOT-23-6

RT9293 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9293GJ6 BW= TSOT-23-6

RT9293AGJ6 BS= TSOT-23-6 RT9293A-20GJ6 CF= TSOT-23-6 RT9293BGJ6 BT= TSOT-23-6 RT9293B-20GJ6 C7= TSOT-23-6

RT9293CGJ6 BZ= TSOT-23-6

RT9293AGQW FM WDFN 2x2-8 RT9293AGQWA H5 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9293A-20GQWA HM WDFN 2x2-8 RT9293BGQW FN WDFN 2x2-8 RT9293BGQWA H6 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9293B-20GQWA HP WDFN 2x2-8 RT9293CGQW FZ WDFN 2x2-8 RT9293C-20GQWA HN WDFN 2x2-8

RT9292 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9292BGJ6 BQ= TSOT-23-6 RT9292CGJ6 BM= TSOT-23-6 RT9292DGJ6 BP= TSOT-23-6 RT9292BGQW F1 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9292CGQW F2 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9292DGQW GK WDFN 2x2-8

RT9296Part Number Product Code Package

RT9296GQW EX= WDFN 3x3-10 RT9296-33GQW H2= WDFN 3x3-10 RT9296-50GQW GF= WDFN 3x3-10

RT9289Part Number Product Code Package

RT9289GC A3= TSSOP-8

RT9297Part Number Product Code Package

RT9297GQW EZ= WDFN 3x3-10

RT9298Part Number Product Code Package

RT9298GQW F0= WDFN 3x3-12

Page 38: Richtek Marking Code


RT9362 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9362PQV AD- VQFN 3x3-16 RT9362APQV AK- VQFN 3x3-16 RT9362AGQV AK= VQFN 3x3-16

RT9361ABPart Number Product Code Package

RT9361APE D3- SOT-23-6 RT9361AGE D3= SOT-23-6 RT9361APJ6 AK- SOT-23-6 RT9361BPE D4- SOT-23-6 RT9361BGE D4= SOT-23-6 RT9361BPJ6 AL- SOT-23-6 RT9361AGJ6 AK= TSOT-23-6 RT9361AGQW F8 WDFN 2x2-6

RT9361 Series

RT9361CDPart Number Product Code Package

RT9361CPE D7- SOT-23-6 RT9361DPE D8- SOT-23-6 RT9361CPJ6 AT- TSOT-23-6 RT9361DPJ6 AU- TSOT-23-6

RT9360/APart Number Product Code Package

RT9360PQV A1- VQFN 4x4-16 RT9360APQV A2- VQFN 4x4-16

RT9360BPart Number Product Code Package

RT9360BPQV A3- VQFN 4x4-16

RT9360 Series

RT9300 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9300APE D6- SOT-23-6 RT9300AGE D6= SOT-23-6 RT9300BPE D2- SOT-23-6

RT9301Part Number Product Code Package

RT9301PJ8 A4- TSOT-23-8 RT9301GJ8 AA= TSOT-23-8 RT9301GQW E2= WDFN 3x3-8

RT9302Part Number Product Code Package

RT9302PJ8 A6- TSOT-23-8 RT9302GJ8 A6= TSOT-23-8

Page 39: Richtek Marking Code

C-39MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9363Part Number Product Code Package

RT9363PJ8 A5- TSOT-23-8 RT9363APJ8 A1- TSOT-23-8 RT9363BPJ8 A2- TSOT-23-8 RT9363CPJ8 A3- TSOT-23-8

RT9364Part Number Product Code Package

RT9364PQW AA- WQFN 3x3-16 RT9364GQW AA= WQFN 3x3-16

RT9363 Series

RT9363APart Number Product Code Package

RT9363APQW BW- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9363AGQW BW= WDFN 3x3-10

RT9363BPart Number Product Code Package

RT9363BPQW E3- WQFN 3x3-16 RT9363BGQW E3= WQFN 3x3-16

RT9364 Series

RT9364APart Number Product Code Package

RT9364AGQW FB= WQFN 3x3-16

RT9365Part Number Product Code Package

RT9365PQW AB- WQFN 3x3-16 RT9365GQW AB= WQFN 3x3-16

RT9366Part Number Product Code Package

RT9366PQW A0- WQFN 4x4-24 RT9366GQW A0= WQFN 4x4-24

RT9367Part Number Product Code Package

RT9367PQW CP- WQFN 3x3-16

RT9365 Series

RT9365APart Number Product Code Package

RT9365AGQW ET= WQFN 3x3-16

RT9367 Series

RT9367APart Number Product Code Package

RT9367APQW DF- WQFN 3x3-16 RT9367AGQW DF= WQFN 3x3-16

RT9367CPart Number Product Code Package

RT9367CGQW FM= WQFN 3x3-20

RT9367BPart Number Product Code Package

RT9367BGQW FT= WQFN 3x3-16

Page 40: Richtek Marking Code


RT9373APart Number Product Code Package

RT9373APQW CH- WQFN 3x3-16

RT9376Part Number Product Code Package

RT9376PQW DT- WQFN 3x3-16 RT9376GQW DT= WQFN 3x3-16

RT9372Part Number Product Code Package

RT9372-FMPQW CA- WQFN 4x4-24 RT9372-FMGQW CA= WQFN 4x4-24 RT9372-MGPQW C0- WQFN 4x4-24 RT9372-MGGQW C0= WQFN 4x4-24 RT9372-SPGQW CN= WQFN 4x4-24 RT9372-SSGQW CQ= WQFN 4x4-24

RT9372 Series

RT9372APart Number Product Code Package

RT9372A-FMGQW CS= WQFN 4x4-24 RT9372A-MGGQW CR= WQFN 4x4-24

RT9378 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9378GQW G0 WQFN 2x2-12 RT9378AGQW G1 WQFN 2x2-12 RT9378BGQW G2 WQFN 2x2-12

RT9370Part Number Product Code Package

RT9370PQW BJ- WQFN 4x4-24 RT9370GQW BJ= WQFN 4x4-24

RT9371Part Number Product Code Package

RT9371-FMPQW BK- WQFN 4x4-24 RT9371-FMGQW BK= WQFN 4x4-24 RT9371-MGPQW BL- WQFN 4x4-24 RT9371-MGGQW BL= WQFN 4x4-24 RT9371-MSPQW BX- WQFN 4x4-24

RT9368APart Number Product Code Package

RT9368APQW BJ- WQFN 3x3-16 RT9368AGQW BJ= WQFN 3x3-16

RT9368Part Number Product Code Package

RT9368PQV B8- VQFN 3x3-16 RT9368PQW A0- WQFN 3x3-16 RT9368gQW A0= WQFN 3x3-16

RT9368 Series

Page 41: Richtek Marking Code

C-41MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9380Part Number Product Code Package

RT9380-MGGQW F6= WQFN 3x3-20 RT9380-MFGQW F7= WQFN 3x3-20

RT9379Part Number Product Code Package

RT9379GQW A1 WQFN 2x3-16

RT9379APart Number Product Code Package

RT9379AGQW A2 WQFN 2x3-16

RT9379 Series

RT9379BPart Number Product Code Package

RT9379BGQW A3 WQFN 2x3-16

RT9401/APart Number Product Code Package

RT9401APV8 A1- SOT-23-8

RT9401BPart Number Product Code Package

RT9401BPV8 A2- SOT-23-8 RT9401BGV8 A2= SOT-23-8

RT9401 Series

RT9403Part Number Product Code Package

RT9403GV8 A6= SOT-23-8

RT9501 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9501APQV A8- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9501BPQV A1- VDFN 3x3-10 RT9501BPF C3- MSOP-8 RT9501BGF C3= MSOP-8

RT9503Part Number Product Code Package

RT9503PQW BD- WQFN 3x3-16 RT9503GQW BD= WQFN 3x3-16

RT9502Part Number Product Code Package

RT9502PQW CU- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9502GQW CU= WDFN 3x3-10

RT9505Part Number Product Code Package

RT9505PQW D8- WDFN 3x3-10 RT9505GQW D8= WDFN 3x3-10

RT9505A Series


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9505AGQW FJ= WDFN 3x3-10

Page 42: Richtek Marking Code


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9545OPE A4- SOT-23-6 RT9545OPER 2X- SOT-23-6 RT9545SPE 2K- SOT-23-6


RT9547Part Number Product Code Package

RT9547PE A6- SOT-23-6

RT9590Part Number Product Code Package

RT9590PQV A4- VQFN 3x3-16 RT9590GQV A4= VQFN 3x3-16

RT9591Part Number Product Code Package

RT9591PQV A7- VQFN 3x3-16

RT9593Part Number Product Code Package

RT9593PQV AQ- VQFN 3x3-16

RT9592Part Number Product Code Package

RT9592PQV AN- VQFN 3x3-16

RT9591 Series

RT9591APart Number Product Code Package

RT9591APQV CJ- VQFN 3x3-16

RT9594 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9594APQW DM- VQFN 3x3-16 RT9594BPQW DN- VQFN 3x3-16 RT9594AGQW DM= WQFN 3x3-16 RT9594BGQW DN= WQFN 3x3-16

RT9513Part Number Product Code Package

RT9513GQW EQ= WDFN 3x3-10

RT9511Part Number Product Code Package

RT9511GQW CM= WQFN 4x4-24

RT9514Part Number Product Code Package

RT9514GQW FD= WDFN 3x3-10

RT9515Part Number Product Code Package

RT9515GQW FE= WDFN 3x3-10

RT9595Part Number Product Code Package

RT9595GQW FC= WDFN 3x3-10

Page 43: Richtek Marking Code

C-43MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9605 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9605PQV B2- VQFN 4x4-24 RT9605APQV B3- VQFN 4x4-24 RT9605BPQV BD- VQFN 4x4-24 RT9605BGQV BD= VQFN 4x4-24

RT9607APart Number Product Code Package

RT9607APQV AB- VQFN 3x3-16

RT9607Part Number Product Code Package

RT9607PQV AJ- VQFN 3x3-16

RT9607 Series

RT9608Part Number Product Code Package

RT9608PQV BA- VQFN 4x4-24

RT9609Part Number Product Code Package

RT9609GQW CT= WQFN 4x4-24

Part Number Product Code Package



Part Number Product Code Package

RT9706PB W1- SOT-23-5 RT9706GB W1= SOT-23-5


Part Number Product Code Package



RT9701Part Number Product Code Package

RT9701PB C0- SOT-23-5 RT9701GB C0= SOT-23-5 RT9701PBL AH- SOT-23-5 RT9701GBL AH= SOT-23-5

RT9702 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9702PB T0- SOT-23-5 RT9702GB T0= SOT-23-5 RT9702APB T1- SOT-23-5 RT9702AGB T1= SOT-23-5 RT9702GJ5 BB= TSOT-23-5 RT9702APJ5 AK- TSOT-23-5 RT9702AGJ5 AK= TSOT-23-5

RT9645Part Number Product Code Package

RT9645PQV BE- VQFN 4x4-24

RT9618Part Number Product Code Package

RT9618GQW EF= WDFN 3x3-8

Page 44: Richtek Marking Code


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9711PB WL- SOT-23-5 RT9711GB WL= SOT-23-5 RT9711APB ZN- SOT-23-5 RT9711AGB ZN= SOT-23-5 RT9711APBG ZZ- SOT-23-5 RT9711AGBG ZZ= SOT-23-5 RT9711BPB Y1- SOT-23-5 RT9711GPB Y1= SOT-23-5 RT9711BPBG Y2- SOT-23-5 RT9711CPB ZP- SOT-23-5 RT9711CGB ZP= SOT-23-5 RT9711CPBG Y0- SOT-23-5 RT9711CGBG Y0= SOT-23-5 RT9711DPB Y5- SOT-23-5 RT9711DGB Y5= SOT-23-5 RT9711DPBG Y6- SOT-23-5 RT9711DGBG Y6= SOT-23-5 RT9711APJ5 AM- TSOT-23-5 RT9711AGJ5 AM= TSOT-23-5 RT9711BGJ5 BA= TSOT-23-5 RT9711CPJ5 AN- TSOT-23-5 RT9711CGJ5 AN= TSOT-23-5 RT9711DPJ5 B0- TSOT-23-5 RT9711DGJ5 B0= TSOT-23-5 RT9711APF DB- MSOP-8 RT9711AGF DB= MSOP-8 RT9711BPF DD- MSOP-8 RT9711BGF DD= MSOP-8 RT9711CPF DC- MSOP-8

RT9711 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9709GQW B EE= WDFN 3x3-10 RT9709AGQWB ED= WDFN 3x3-10 RT9709BGQWB EK= WDFN 3x3-10 RT9709PQW A0- WDFN 4x3-12 RT9709GQW A0= WDFN 4x3-12 RT9709AGQW A2= WDFN 4x3-12 RT9709BGQW A1= WDFN 4x3-12


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9713GB YA= SOT-23-5


Part Number Product Code Package


RT9712 Series

Part Number Product Code Package


RT9711 Series

Page 45: Richtek Marking Code

C-45MI-090424 www.richtek.com

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9715AGB 0S= SOT-23-5 RT9715BGB 1V= SOT-23-5 RT9715BGBG 1J= SOT-23-5 RT9715BGBR 1K= SOT-23-5 RT9715CGB 1B= SOT-23-5 RT9715CGBG 0V= SOT-23-5 RT9715DGB 1T= SOT-23-5 RT9715DGBG 1L= SOT-23-5 RT9715DGBR 1M= SOT-23-5 RT9715EGB 1R= SOT-23-5 RT9715FPB YB- SOT-23-5 RT9715FGB YB= SOT-23-5 RT9715FPBG YC- SOT-23-5 RT9715GGB 0T= SOT-23-5 RT9715GGBG 1F= SOT-23-5 RT9715GGBR 2F= SOT-23-5 RT9715HGB 1U= SOT-23-5 RT9715HGBG 0W= SOT-23-5 RT9715AGF MN= MSOP-8 RT9715BGF MR= MSOP-8 RT9715CGF MS= MSOP-8 RT9715DGF MT= MSOP-8 RT9715EGF MU= MSOP-8 RT9715FPF DG- MSOP-8 RT9715FGF DG= MSOP-8 RT9715GGF MP= MSOP-8 RT9715HGF MV= MSOP-8 RT9715AGQW F9= WDFN 3x3-8 RT9715BGQW G1= WDFN 3x3-8 RT9715CGQW G2= WDFN 3x3-8 RT9715DGQW FY= WDFN 3x3-8 RT9715EGQW FZ= WDFN 3x3-8 RT9715FPQW E5- WDFN 3x3-8 RT9715FGQW E5= WDFN 3x3-8 RT9715GGQW FA= WDFN 3x3-8 RT9715HGQW G0= WDFN 3x3-8

RT9715 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9719GE E1= SOT-23-6 RT9719AGE E5= SOT-23-6 RT9719GQW G4 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9719AGQW H7 WDFN 2x2-8

RT9719 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9718AGQW G0 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9718BGQW FZ WDFN 2x2-8 RT9718CGQW G9 WDFN 2x2-8 RT9718DGQW GL WDFN 2x2-8

RT9718 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9716AGQW D9= WQFN 4x4-20 RT9716BGQW DA= WQFN 4x4-20

RT9716 Series

Page 46: Richtek Marking Code


RT9808 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9808-16PV F0- SOT-23-3 RT9808-18PV GD- SOT-23-3 RT9808-20PV F2- SOT-23-3 RT9808-21PV F3- SOT-23-3 RT9808-22PV FC- SOT-23-3 RT9808-23PV FP- SOT-23-3 RT9808-24PV FG- SOT-23-3 RT9808-25PV FE- SOT-23-3 RT9808-27PV F4- SOT-23-3 RT9808-30PV F6- SOT-23-3 RT9808-33PV F7- SOT-23-3 RT9808-40PV FM- SOT-23-3 RT9808-42PV F9- SOT-23-3 RT9808-15PB ZC- SOT-23-5 RT9808-23PB Z4- SOT-23-5 RT9808-27PB Z7- SOT-23-5 RT9808-21PX G4- SOT-89 RT9808-33PX G5- SOT-89 RT9808-39PX GQ- SOT-89 RT9808-42PX G8- SOT-89

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9801APE 1J- SOT-23-6


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9801BPE 1K- SOT-23-6 RT9801BGE 1K= SOT-23-6


RT9801 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9807-20GB 2K= SOT-23-5 RT9807-29GB 1W= SOT-23-5


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9721GB 1C= SOT-23-5 RT9721AGB 1P= SOT-23-5 RT9721BGB 1Q= SOT-23-5

RT9721 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9722AGB 1H= SOT-23-5 RT9722BGB 1S= SOT-23-5 RT9722AGE DQ= SOT-23-6 RT9722BGE DT= SOT-23-6 RT9722AGQW H0 WDFN 2x2-6 RT9722BGQW H1 WDFN 2x2-6

RT9722 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9725AGQW GN= WQFN 3x3-20 RT9725BGQW GY= WQFN 3x3-20

RT9725 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9723GQW G3= WDFN 3x3-8


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9724GB 1Y= SOT-23-5 RT9724GQW GV WDFN 2x2-8


Page 47: Richtek Marking Code

C-47MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9809 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9809-23PV D8- SOT-23-3 RT9809-26PV DB- SOT-23-3 RT9809-27PV DC- SOT-23-3 RT9809-29PV DE- SOT-23-3 RT9809-30PV DF- SOT-23-3 RT9809-30PVL H4- SOT-23-3 RT9809-27PVL CA- SOT-23-3

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9817A-26PH A4- SOT-143 RT9817B-26PH A5- SOT-143 RT9817B-30GH AA= SOT-143 RT9817B-33PH A6- SOT-143 RT9817C-25GH A8= SOT-143 RT9817C-26PH A0- SOT-143 RT9817C-29PH A1- SOT-143 RT9817C-30PH A3- SOT-143 RT9817D-13GH A9= SOT-143 RT9817D-30PH A7- SOT-143 RT9817D-30GH A7= SOT-143 RT9817B-25GY B2= SC-82 RT9817B-27PY AH- SC-82 RT9817C-25PY AV- SC-82 RT9817C-25GY AV= SC-82 RT9817D-13GY B4= SC-82

RT9817 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9816A-18PY AE- SC-82 RT9816A-20PY AF- SC-82 RT9816D-12GY B3= SC-82 RT9816D-30GY BA= SC-82 RT9816D-31PY AG- SC-82

RT9816 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9818A-14PV GY- SOT-23-3 RT9818A-15PV KR- SOT-23-3 RT9818A-16PV GZ- SOT-23-3 RT9818A-18PV J6- SOT-23-3 RT9818A-18GV J6= SOT-23-3 RT9818A-20PV JC- SOT-23-3 RT9818A-20GV JC= SOT-23-3 RT9818A-22PV HQ- SOT-23-3 RT9818A-22GV HQ= SOT-23-3 RT9818A-23PV H6- SOT-23-3 RT9818A-24PV H7- SOT-23-3 RT9818A-25PV H8- SOT-23-3 RT9818A-27PV H9- SOT-23-3 RT9818A-27GV H9= SOT-23-3 RT9818A-28PV LD- SOT-23-3 RT9818A-29PV HE- SOT-23-3 RT9818A-30PV JD- SOT-23-3 RT9818A-30GV JD= SOT-23-3 RT9818A-33PV JT- SOT-23-3 RT9818A-34GV ME= SOT-23-3 RT9818A-36PV KD- SOT-23-3 RT9818A-40GV M7= SOT-23-3 RT9818B-14PV J0- SOT-23-3 RT9818B-15PV J4- SOT-23-3 RT9818B-16PV J5- SOT-23-3 RT9818B-16PVL GX- SOT-23-3 RT9818B-18PV KB- SOT-23-3 RT9818B-18GV KB= SOT-23-3 RT9818B-18PVL HW- SOT-23-3 RT9818B-24PVL HP- SOT-23-3 RT9818B-25PV HH- SOT-23-3 RT9818B-27PV JG- SOT-23-3 RT9818B-28PV KG- SOT-23-3 RT9818B-30PV HA- SOT-23-3 RT9818B-30PVL L6- SOT-23-3 RT9818B-31PV L5- SOT-23-3 RT9818B-42PV HJ- SOT-23-3 RT9818B-45PV LB- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-12PV HY- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-13PV LR- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-15GV M4= SOT-23-3

RT9818 Series

Page 48: Richtek Marking Code


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9818D-33GV JV= SOT-23-3 RT9818D-35GV MU= SOT-23-3 RT9818D-42PV JQ- SOT-23-3 RT9818D-27PV JL- SOT-23-3 RT9818D-27PVL JJ- SOT-23-3 RT9818E-12PV L7- SOT-23-3 RT9818E-18PV KE- SOT-23-3 RT9818E-19PV J3- SOT-23-3 RT9818E-20GVL MS= SOT-23-3 RT9818E-27PV LF- SOT-23-3 RT9818E-30PV K1- SOT-23-3 RT9818E-30GV K1= SOT-23-3 RT9818E-35PV K2- SOT-23-3 RT9818E-36PV JM- SOT-23-3 RT9818E-50PV HV- SOT-23-3 RT9818F-20PVL JF- SOT-23-3 RT9818F-34PV HT- SOT-23-3 RT9818F-36PV HU- SOT-23-3 RT9818F-38PV LE- SOT-23-3 RT9818G-20PV KL- SOT-23-3 RT9818G-30GVL MB= SOT-23-3 RT9818G-20GVL MR= SOT-23-3 RT9818A-20PB YJ- SOT-23-5 RT9818A-22PB WA- SOT-23-5 RT9818A-23PB WP- SOT-23-5 RT9818A-24PB ZS- SOT-23-5 RT9818A-25PB WQ- SOT-23-5 RT9818A-26PB WB- SOT-23-5 RT9818A-26GB WB= SOT-23-5 RT9818A-27PB WR- SOT-23-5 RT9818A-33PB WN- SOT-23-5 RT9818A-36PB YL- SOT-23-5 RT9818A-37PB WY- SOT-23-5 RT9818A-37GB WY= SOT-23-5 RT9818A-39PB YM- SOT-23-5 RT9818A-40GB 0L= SOT-23-5 RT9818B-30GB 1D= SOT-23-5 RT9818C-20PB YK- SOT-23-5 RT9818C-25PB XF- SOT-23-5 RT9818C-25GB XF= SOT-23-5 RT9818C-27PB WD- SOT-23-5

RT9818 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9818C-16PV LU- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-18PV JE- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-18GV JE= SOT-23-3 RT9818C-20PV KH- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-20GV KH= SOT-23-3 RT9818C-21PV GS- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-23PV LQ- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-23PVL J8- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-25PV GT- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-25GV GT= SOT-23-3 RT9818C-26PV KZ- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-27PV GU- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-27GV GU= SOT-23-3 RT9818C-27PVL JH- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-27GVL JH= SOT-23-3 RT9818C-28PV J9- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-29PV FR- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-29GV FR= SOT-23-3 RT9818C-29PVL K0- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-29GVL K0= SOT-23-3 RT9818C-30PV FS- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-30PVL K7- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-33PV HZ- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-33GVL M2= SOT-23-3 RT9818C-34PV JA- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-35PV JB- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-35GV JB= SOT-23-3 RT9818C-36GVL MP= SOT-23-3 RT9818C-41GVL MQ= SOT-23-3 RT9818C-42PV JS- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-42GV JS= SOT-23-3 RT9818C-46PV K8- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-47PV KJ- SOT-23-3 RT9818C-50PV KK- SOT-23-3 RT9818D-12GV LY= SOT-23-3 RT9818D-13GV M3= SOT-23-3 RT9818D-26GV M6= SOT-23-3 RT9818D-29PV JP- SOT-23-3 RT9818D-30PV JU- SOT-23-3 RT9818D-30GV JU= SOT-23-3 RT9818D-33PV JV- SOT-23-3

Page 49: Richtek Marking Code

C-49MI-090424 www.richtek.com

RT9818 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9818C-27GB WD= SOT-23-5 RT9818C-28PB XG- SOT-23-5 RT9818C-29GB 0R= SOT-23-5 RT9818C-30PB W2- SOT-23-5 RT9818C-33PB ZL- SOT-23-5 RT9818C-50PB VM- SOT-23-5 RT9818A-42PX LN- SOT-89 RT9818B-42PX LM- SOT-89 RT9818C-27PX LR- SOT-89 RT9818C-42PX H2- SOT-89 RT9818E-27PX LP- SOT-89 RT9818E-40PX LQ- SOT-89 RT9818A-21GU3 CX= SC-70-3 RT9818A-25PU3 A7- SC-70-3 RT9818A-30PU3 AL- SC-70-3 RT9818A-31PU3 AB- SC-70-3 RT9818A-33PU3 AA- SC-70-3 RT9818A-38PU3 A4- SC-70-3 RT9818A-41PU3 A5- SC-70-3 RT9818A-42PU3 A6- SC-70-3 RT9818B-14PU3 AP- SC-70-3 RT9818B-18PU3 AJ- SC-70-3 RT9818B-18GU3 AJ= SC-70-3 RT9818B-25PU3 A3- SC-70-3 RT9818B-27GU3 AU= SC-70-3 RT9818C-13PU3 AS- SC-70-3 RT9818C-16PU3 AG- SC-70-3 RT9818C-23PU3 AD- SC-70-3 RT9818C-25PU3 AQ- SC-70-3 RT9818C-27GU3 AT= SC-70-3 RT9818C-29PU3 A2- SC-70-3 RT9818E-18PU3 AK- SC-70-3 RT9818A-13PY AR- SC-82 RT9818A-23PY A7- SC-82 RT9818A-27PY AQ- SC-82 RT9818A-30GY BB= SC-82 RT9818A-36PY AD- SC-82 RT9818A-36GY AD= SC-82 RT9818C-14PY AJ- SC-82 RT9818C-26PY AU- SC-82 RT9818E-20GY BC= SC-82

RT9818 Series Part Number Product Code Package

RT9818E-21PY A8- SC-82 RT9818E-22PY A9- SC-82 RT9818E-23PY A0- SC-82 RT9818E-24PY AA- SC-82 RT9818E-25PY AW- SC-82 RT9818E-27GY B8= SC-82 RT9818E-33GY B9= SC-82 RT9818E-40PY AB- SC-82 RT9818G-20GY BD= SC-82

Page 50: Richtek Marking Code


RT9819 SeriesPart Number Product Code Package

RT9819C-40PV KX- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-44PV FZ- SOT-23-3 RT9819D-13GV LZ= SOT-23-3 RT9819D-25PV KA- SOT-23-3 RT9819D-26PV HK- SOT-23-3 RT9819D-27PV HL- SOT-23-3 RT9819D-27PVL KS- SOT-23-3 RT9819D-29PV HM- SOT-23-3 RT9819D-30PV HN- SOT-23-3 RT9819D-33PV HG- SOT-23-3 RT9819E-18GVL MT= SOT-23-3 RT9819E-23PV L1- SOT-23-3 RT9819E-24PV L2- SOT-23-3 RT9819E-25PV L3- SOT-23-3 RT9819E-26PV L4- SOT-23-3 RT9819E-27PV KU- SOT-23-3 RT9819E-28PV HS- SOT-23-3 RT9819E-40PV KV- SOT-23-3 RT9819F-27PV LS- SOT-23-3 RT9819F-34PVL JN- SOT-23-3 RT9819G-26PV HR- SOT-23-3 RT9819G-29PV K4- SOT-23-3 RT9819B-14PU3 AE- SC-70-3 RT9819B-24PU3 AM- SC-70-3 RT9819B-25PU3 AN- SC-70-3 RT9819B-28PU3 AC- SC-70-3 RT9819B-29PU3 AR- SC-70-3 RT9819C-28PU3 AH- SC-70-3 RT9819D-20PU3 AF- SC-70-3 RT9819A-39PY AX- SC-82 RT9819E-43PY AS- SC-82

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9819A-23GVL ML= SOT-23-3 RT9819A-24GVL MM= SOT-23-3 RT9819A-25GVL MN= SOT-23-3 RT9819A-27PV HX- SOT-23-3 RT9819A-27GV HX= SOT-23-3 RT9819A-27PVL J7- SOT-23-3 RT9819A-33PV JK- SOT-23-3 RT9819A-36PV LT- SOT-23-3 RT9819A-36PVL K9- SOT-23-3 RT9819A-40PV LC- SOT-23-3 RT9819A-42PV LH- SOT-23-3 RT9819A-42GV LH= SOT-23-3 RT9819B-15PV LW- SOT-23-3 RT9819B-18PVL HD- SOT-23-3 RT9819B-20GV MG= SOT-23-3 RT9819B-25PVL JZ- SOT-23-3 RT9819B-26PV KP- SOT-23-3 RT9819B-26GV KP= SOT-23-3 RT9819B-29PV L0- SOT-23-3 RT9819B-33PV LM- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-12PV JR- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-15PV K3- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-20PV KM- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-20PVL K5- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-22PV KN- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-23PV JW- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-25PV FU- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-26PV FV- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-26GV FV= SOT-23-3 RT9819C-26PVL HC- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-27PV HJ- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-27PVL K6- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-28PV LG- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-29PV FW- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-29GV FW= SOT-23-3 RT9819C-30PVL HB- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-30GVL HB= SOT-23-3 RT9819C-30PV FX- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-30GV FX= SOT-23-3 RT9819C-33PV HF- SOT-23-3 RT9819C-33GV HF= SOT-23-3

RT9819 Series

Page 51: Richtek Marking Code

C-51MI-090424 www.richtek.com

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9903PQV B1- VQFN 4x4-24


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9907PQV B4- VQFN 4x4-24


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9903BPQV B8- VQFN 4x4-24


RT9903 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9909PQV B6- VQFN 4x4-24


RT9909 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9909APQV BT- VQFN 4x4-24 RT9909AGQV BT= VQFN 4x4-24


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9828-WPPE DH- SOT-23-6 RT9828-GPPE DJ- SOT-23-6


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9820-09GH6 A2 SOT-563 RT9820-10GH6 A3 SOT-563 RT9820-14GH6 AC SOT-563 RT9820-17GH6 AD SOT-563 RT9820-18GH6 A0 SOT-563 RT9820-20GH6 A4 SOT-563 RT9820-28GH6 AE SOT-563 RT9820-29GH6 A1 SOT-563 RT9820-35GH6 AF SOT-563


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9910PQV B7- VQFN 4x4-24 RT9910APQV BG- VQFN 4x4-24 RT9910AGQV BG= VQFN 4x4-24


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9913APQV BC- VQFN 4x4-24 RT9913BPQV B0- VQFN 4x4-24 RT9913CPQV C1- VQFN 4x4-24 RT9913DPQV C2- VQFN 4x4-24

RT9913 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9912PQV TD- VQFN 4x4-24 RT9912GQV TD= VQFN 4x4-24 RT9912AGQW CG= WQFN 4x4-24

RT9912 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9914PQV B5- VQFN 4x4-24


Page 52: Richtek Marking Code


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9921PQV A9- VQFN 4x4-24 RT9921GQV A9= VQFN 4x4-24


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9929AGQV DC= VQFN 4x4-24


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9921CGQV CW= VQFN 4x4-24


RT9921 Series

RT9929 Series

Part Number Product Code Package

RT9929PQV BY- VQFN 4x4-24 RT9929GQV BY= VQFN 4x4-24


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9966GQW A0= WQFN 4x5-28


Part Number Product Code Package

RT9915PQV A8- VQFN 4x4-24 RT9915GQV A8= VQFN 4x4-24

RT9915Part Number Product Code Package

RT9953GQW DF= WQFN 4x4-24