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<ul><li><p>8/2/2019 RHS Water in the Garden</p><p> 1/6</p><p>Saving water, time, and money: simple steps</p><p>Choosing plants that survive drought10 top tips to being water wise</p><p>.g.k/gg</p><p>Water in</p><p>the Garden</p><p>RHS/TimS</p><p>andall</p></li><li><p>8/2/2019 RHS Water in the Garden</p><p> 2/6</p><p>Get Water Wise</p><p>Gardeners use about two-thirds o the domestic water</p><p>supply during hot dry spells. This huge demand is hard to</p><p>sustain in a drought so, not surprisingly, water companies</p><p>encourage gardeners to do their bit to help reduce their</p><p>usage. Thankully it is possible to have a beautiul garden</p><p>and still be water wise.</p><p>Use this leaet to discover our top tips or gardening withoutdraining mains water supplies. Then, i you wondered which</p><p>plants can take the heat, see our handy guide inside. Finally,</p><p>to fnd out how to make the best o the water you do have,</p><p>see our great ways to water section.</p><p>We hope you fnd this inormation helpul anddont orget theres plenty more on the RHS</p><p>website at .g.k/gg</p><p>Qck c</p><p>Therightamountofwatering</p><p>cansaveyoutimeandmoney,</p><p>aswellaswater</p><p>Usingrainwaterandgrey</p><p>watercanhelpcutyourmains</p><p>consumption</p><p>Mostlawnsandestablished</p><p>treesandshrubsdontneedwatering</p><p>Excessiveamountsofwater</p><p>simplydrainoutofreachof</p><p>plantsroots</p><p>Insufcientwatersprinkled</p><p>onthesoiljustwetsthesoils</p><p>surface-toensureyoure</p><p>usingwatercorrectlykeepon</p><p>reading</p></li><li><p>8/2/2019 RHS Water in the Garden</p><p> 3/6</p><p>save Water,</p><p>time and moneyReducing the amount o water needed to keep a garden green and growingis surprisingly easy. Using just a ew simple tips its possible to minimisewater use; reduce the time needed to apply it; and even save money i youare on a meter. t bg jg bf, </p><p>ten Water-savinG tips</p><p>1 Grow drought-tolerant plants thatdont need as much help to survive2 Put saucers under containers so waterdoesnt run away and you can help</p><p>reduce the time spent watering</p><p>3Limit use o hanging baskets and</p><p>utilise water-storing crystals to reduce</p><p>the amount o watering needed</p><p>4 I possible, plant in spring or autumnwhen the ground is damp5 Avoid watering lawns they soongreen up ater rain</p><p>6Install water butts to collect rain</p><p>to use in dry spells</p><p>7 Mulch in late winter to lock in soilmoisture and prevent weeds growing8 Recycle water rom the kitchen andbathroom (see collecting and using</p><p>grey water right)</p><p>9</p><p>Remove weeds they use water</p><p>that your other plants can soak up</p><p>10 Prepare soil in autumn and winterto minimise moisture lossKey:savesmoneysaveswatersavestime</p><p>Ccg g g w</p><p>Plantscanbewateredwith</p><p>bath,showerandkitchenwater,</p><p>whichiscollectivelyreferredto</p><p>asgreywater.Soilandpotting</p><p>compostareeffectiveatlteringout</p><p>contaminants,includingsoapsand</p><p>detergents,sotheresnoneedto</p><p>worryaboutusingitonyourplants.</p><p>Howeveritisgoodhygiene</p><p>practicenottousebathandshowerwateron</p><p>ediblecrops.</p><p>RHS/NeilHepworth</p></li><li><p>8/2/2019 RHS Water in the Garden</p><p> 4/6</p><p>Choosing plants to cope with dry conditionsneed not be daunting or costly. Drought-tolerant plants are simply those with cleverways o surviving with little water. Justlook out or the ollowing drought-tolerantcharacteristics</p><p>Cool CharaCteristiCs ac contain volatile scented</p><p>compounds that are thought to cool oliage</p><p>as they evaporate, reducing water loss</p><p> F, cc store moisture</p><p>or dry spells</p><p> G usually signiy drought resistance</p><p> h shade themselves with their own</p><p>hairs</p><p> l g loses less water than sot</p><p>leaves</p><p> lg, w are very good at shedding</p><p>heat without losing water</p><p> s shed heat and have ew pores</p><p>rom which to lose water</p><p> sk act as fns that cool the plant</p><p>n cc?</p><p>TheRHSPlantSelectorcanhelpyoupickdrought-</p><p>tolerantplantsatrhs.org.ukLikewise,theRHSPlant</p><p>Finderlistsmorethan60,000plantsandwhereto</p><p>buythem.Youcanalsobuyarangeofdrought-</p><p>tolerantplantsthroughtheRHSOnlinePlantShop.c.k/-g--g/</p><p>Key:planthasanRHSAwardofGardenMeritRHSPerfectforPollinators(attractsinsects)</p><p>p</p><p>Acanthus spinosus(bearsbreeches)</p><p>Alchemilla mollis(ladysmantle)</p><p>Dianthus(pinks,sweetWilliam)</p><p>Eryngium giganteum(seaholly)</p><p>Nepeta aassenii(catmint)Phlomis ruticosa</p><p>Phormium(NewZealandax)</p><p>Rosmarinus ofcinalisMissJessoppsUpright(rosemary)</p><p>Salvia ofcinalisPurpurascens(sage)</p><p>Salvia nemorosaOstfriesland</p><p>Sedum spectabile(iceplant)</p><p>Stachys byzantina(lambsears)</p><p>Stipa gigantea, S. tenuissima</p><p>(ornamentalgrasses)</p><p>Verbena bonariensis.Verbascum(mullein)</p><p>sb</p><p>Choisya ternata(Mexicanorangeblossom)</p><p>Cistus purpureus(rockrose)</p><p>Lavandula angustiolia</p><p>Hidcote(lavender)</p><p>PerovskiaBlueSpire(Russiansage)</p><p>Sarcococca hookeriana(Christmasbox)</p><p>Skimmia japonica</p><p>Stachysbyzantina</p><p>Alloftheseplantshaveoneormoreof</p><p>thesecharacteristics,ensuringtheyare</p><p>toughandeasytogrowonceestablished.</p><p>hot plant ChoiCes</p></li><li><p>8/2/2019 RHS Water in the Garden</p><p> 5/6</p><p>WhiCh WaterinGeQuipment to use?</p><p>h produce jets o water that can damage thesurace o the soil, resulting in water running away rom</p><p>plants. Solve this by attaching a lance or spray gun</p><p>Wg c without a rose (sprinkle head) behave like</p><p>hoses, but are more work! With a rose on, there is little run-o</p><p>sk have limited uses in most gardens such as</p><p>watering a large area ready or planting</p><p>ig based on seep and drip hoses allow</p><p>water to sink slowly into the soil, but they should only be</p><p>allowed to wet the top 30cm o soil</p><p>When do plants need Water?The best guide comes rom digging a hole to a spades</p><p>depth; i the soil eels damp at this depth watering is not</p><p>needed; i it eels dry then some plants will need a drink.</p><p>However it is worth remembering the ollowing too:</p><p> Drought-tolerantplants,mostlawnsandestablishedtreesand shrubs, and large ruit trees wg</p><p> Fruitandvegetablesusuallyc q w</p><p>wg. The quality and quantity however, is improved</p><p>by watering close to harvest</p><p> Whentheleavesarethecrop,suchaslettuce,theplants</p><p>should never go short o water. Wg b w</p><p>wk b g is usually sufcient</p><p> Containersneed q wg because they only</p><p>hold a limited amount o water. Apply water when thesurace o the compost appears dry</p><p>Great Ways to WaterWatering is not complicated, but there is more to it than just showeringthirsty plants. Here are some tips on how to water plants eectivelyand when to water or the best results</p><p>hw w</p><p>Applyitatasteadyrateat</p><p>thebaseofstems,aswetting</p><p>theleavesisawasteThesurroundingsoilshould</p><p>staydry,withallthewater</p><p>goingtotheroots</p><p>Alwayschecktheweather</p><p>forecastandonlywaterifnot</p><p>enoughrainfalls</p><p>Aimtosupplyenoughwatertojustmoistenthetop30cm</p><p>(1ft)ofsoil.Excesswaterwill</p><p>quicklydrainbelowwheretherootscanreach</p><p>RHS/TimSandall</p></li><li><p>8/2/2019 RHS Water in the Garden</p><p> 6/6</p><p>2012 Royal Horticultural Society, 80 Vincent Square,</p><p>London SW1P 2PE</p><p>RHS Reg Charity No 22879 / SCO38262</p><p>Join the rhs today</p><p>Free days out at Gardens all year round</p><p>Including the our RHS Gardens: Wisley, Rosemoor, HarlowCarr and Hyde Hall where you can bring a amily guest or</p><p>ree, plus access to a urther 60 gardens at selected periods</p><p>Free events at rhs Gardens</p><p>Get involved in hundreds o ree, special events at the our</p><p>RHS Gardens including exclusive member-only events</p><p>priority BooKinG and</p><p>disCounted tiCKets to rhs shoWs</p><p>See the RHS Shows frst on members days or save money</p><p>on your show tickets including the RHS Chelsea Flower Show</p><p>Free monthly maGaZine the Garden</p><p>Every issue is ull o practical advice and includes the</p><p>RHS Lie section dedicated to how you can make the</p><p>most o your membership</p><p>Free eXpert adviCe</p><p>So you can transorm your own green space.</p><p>terms &amp; Conditions:Individual membership is usually51; joint 73 per year, normal pricevalid until 31/01/2013. 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