RHS Marching Blue Devils Uniform Campaign

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<ul><li><p>8/8/2019 RHS Marching Blue Devils Uniform Campaign</p><p> 1/2</p><p>c/o RPS Music Department70 Memorial ParkwayRandolph, MA 02368</p><p>randolphboosters@yahoo.com</p><p>http://www.facebook.comRandolph Music Boosters Group</p><p>The above is just an example ofwhat we will accomplish!</p><p>WE NEED YOU!</p><p>YES! I/We would like tocontribute to the RHS BandTogether! Uniform Campaign!</p><p>Name(s)_______________________</p><p>Year of Graduation (If Alumnus)_______________________Business Name (If Applicable)</p><p>_______________________Address_______________________Email (Optional)</p><p>_______________________Phone Number</p><p>_______________________</p><p>Enclosed, please find my taxdeductible donation in the amount</p><p>of$____________.</p><p>Please make checks payable to:Randolph Music Boosters</p><p>Please mail your donation to:</p><p>The Randolph Music Boostersc/o RPS Music Department</p><p>70 Memorial ParkwayRandolph, MA 02368</p><p>Please ask your employer if yourcompany has a matchingcontribution plan. Enclose the forms</p><p>and well fill them out!</p><p>Thank you for your support!</p><p>RHS Uniform CampaignRandolph High School</p><p>Band Together!UniformCampaign</p><p>The Randolph MusicBoosters</p>mailto:randolphboosters@yahoo.commailto:randolphboosters@yahoo.comhttp://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#!/group.php?gid=110250606693&amp;ref=tshttp://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#!/group.php?gid=110250606693&amp;ref=tshttp://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#!/group.php?gid=110250606693&amp;ref=tsmailto:randolphboosters@yahoo.com</li><li><p>8/8/2019 RHS Marching Blue Devils Uniform Campaign</p><p> 2/2</p><p>RHS Marching Band Uniforms</p><p>By The Numbers</p><p>Average life of a uniform: 10-12 years</p><p>RHS uniforms were purchased by the MusicBoosters in 1985. They were rendered unusable ina basement flood at the high school three yearsago. Had that not occurred, the uniforms wouldhave been 25 years old. Prior to that, the townpurchased uniforms for the band in 1970.</p><p>Size of the band in 2010: 60No. of uniforms to be purchased: 110</p><p>Cost of a uniform pant in 1985: $17Cost of a uniform pant in 2010: $40</p><p>Cost of a uniform jacket in 1985: $49Cost of a uniform jacket in 2010: $100</p><p>Cost of a shako in 1985: $16Cost of a shako in 2010: $34</p><p>Cost of a plume in 1985: $8Cost of a plume in 2010: $16</p><p>Cost of marching shoes in 1985: $11Cost of marching shoes in 2010: $22-$35</p><p>Cost of a rain poncho in 1985: $26Cost of a rain poncho in 2010: $54</p><p>Cost of a shako cover: $2Cost of a garment bag: $9</p><p>Funds To Be Raised $30,000</p><p>Randolph High School Marching Blue Devils Band</p><p>Our Story</p><p>Wheres the band?, Why dont we march competitively?</p><p>Why arent our kids in the Night Before the 4 th Parade?These are questions the Randolph Music Boosters oftenhear.</p><p>In 2003, the music department suffered devastating budgetcuts. Instrumental instruction was cut at the elementarylevel; the band program cut from RCMS and subsequentreductions in staff. The program has been partially restoredat both the 5th and 6th grade levels over the past two yearsand band restored at RCMS in 2006, with one instructor atall six schools. In 2008, the district had the great fortune tobe able to engage a second instructor. We now havesufficient, but certainly not all, staff/students enrolled in theprogram andwere ready to take it to the next level.</p><p>While our band sounds first rate, they lack the toolsnecessary to match their look to the sound, namely nouniforms. This also inhibits our ability to participate invarious other opportunities that require a uniform.Through the dedication, countless hours of hard work anddonations on the part of many, our Booster organizationwas able to recently purchase 150 uniform polos for RHSband and choral students .The band wore them for the firsttime in the 2010 Memorial Day Parade. The impact wasimmediate and overwhelming! The shirts will continue to beused as our casual uniform for many years to come! Thestudents take great pride in representing our community,participating in civic events and bolstering school and townpride. We can only imagine what other opportunities toadvance the cause would occur with the purchase ofmarching band uniforms.</p><p>As good stewards of your contribution, every uniform will bestored in designated cabinets at Randolph High Schoolminimizing wear and tear. Every gift, no matter the size,makes a positive impact on current and future generationsof Randolph Marching Band students.</p><p>Please consider helping us outfit the students of theRandolph High School Marching Blue Devils Band.Thefour-month process of manufacturing our uniforms can onlybegin when the total amount of money has been raised.</p><p>With sincerest gratitude,</p><p>Sharon Swain</p><p>Randolph Music BoostersPresident 2010/2011randolphboosters@yahoo.com</p><p>tel: 781-963-1119</p><p>The 2010 Band Together!Uniform</p><p>Campaign</p><p>We hope that you will consider contributingto the 2010 Randolph High SchoolMarching Blue Devils Band UniformCampaign.</p><p>All donations are fully tax deductibleand all levels of contributions make alasting positive impact on the nextgeneration of Randolph MarchingBlue Devils Band members.</p><p>Based on conservative price estimates, thecost of fully outfitting one Devil is $277.Consider Adopting-A-Devil today or choosefrom any of the support levels below.</p><p>Levels of Support</p><p>$1-99Letter of Appreciation</p><p>$100-249Certificate of AppreciationRecognition in Annual Concert Program</p><p>$250-499Framed Certificate of AppreciationRecognition in Annual Concert Program8x10 Portrait of the Randolph Marching</p><p>Blue Devils Band in new uniforms</p><p>$500+Framed Certificate of AppreciationRecognition in Annual Concert Program8x10 Portrait of the Randolph Marching</p><p>Blue Devils Band in new uniformsName sewn into uniform jacket</p>mailto:randolphboosters@yahoo.commailto:randolphboosters@yahoo.commailto:randolphboosters@yahoo.com</li></ul>