RHS GARDEN Self Guided Activity Ideas for Schools Stage 2 RHS GARDEN ROSEMOOR Self Guided Activity Ideas for Schools PARtS Of A flOwER SkEtchInG Encourage the children to look in detail at the flower

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Key Stage 2RHS GARDEN ROSEMOORSelf Guided Activity Ideas for SchoolsPARtS Of A flOwER SkEtchInGEncourage the children to look in detail at the flower parts.how long will it take?As long as you likewhat do I need to bring?Clipboard, Pencils PaperMagnifying glasshow do we do it?Look in detail at the parts of a flower. Choose a flower and see if they draw it, identifying and labelling all the parts.Diagram below is generalised and flowers can come in many variations (many carpels, fused carpels etc) so can be fun trying to label all parts.where can we do it?All parts of the garden particularly the formal garden.Follow Up Activities Dissect a flower and label the parts - this website has many resources including instructions on dissecting a flower (Part B).www.saps.org.uk/primary/teaching-resources/239-reproduction-and-life-cycles-part-1-parts-of-a-flower Make your own 3 dimensional model flower out of craft or recyclable materials including all the parts in the diagram.Parts of a flowerPEtAlS - some may have guiding lines/spots or colours to help direct the pollinating insect.SEPAlS - if there are any left, these protect the flower when it was in bud.nEctARIES - at the base so pollinators are made to brush past the stamen and carpelAnthER - where the pollen is made.fIlAMEnt - the stalkStAMEnSThe male part of a flower made up of:StIGMA - has a sticky surface and is where the pollen lands.StylE - supports the stigmacARPElThe female part of a flower made up of:OvARy - hollow base containing ovules which develop into seeds after fertilisation.when can we do it?Spring, summer and early autumn.Registered charity No. 222879/SC038262 rhs.org.uk/rosemoor All images RHSwww.saps.org.uk/primary/teaching-resources/239-reproduction-and-life-cycles-part-1-parts-of-a-flowerwww.saps.org.uk/primary/teaching-resources/239-reproduction-and-life-cycles-part-1-parts-of-a-flower


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