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Revolutions and libraries Magda El- Sherbini. ALA Program Dancing at the Revolution?: Libraries and the Arab Spring Uprisings ALA International Relations Committee The Near East and South Asia Subcommittee and the Africa Subcommittee ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, California - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Revolutions and libraries Magda El- Sherbini

My trip to Alexandria

Revolutions and librariesMagda El-SherbiniALA ProgramDancing at the Revolution?: Libraries and the Arab Spring UprisingsALA International Relations Committee The Near East and South Asia Subcommittee and the Africa SubcommitteeALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, CaliforniaJune 24, 20121Magda El-Sherbini6/24/20121

Bibliotheca Alexandrina web site2Magda El-Sherbini6/24/20122WhatWhenWhereWhy

Alexandria 2010-20113Magda El-Sherbini6/24/2012I went to Egypt for 9 monthsStarted in December 2010 and lasted until August 2011, with some interruptions.I went to Alexandria EgyptReceived a Fulbright Grant3To conduct researchTo teach and share experienceTo learn what others are doingTo establish connections

The Grant4Magda El-Sherbini6/24/2012Research Arabic name authority filesTeaching seminars and workshops on library topicsLearn what the international library community is doing in the area of authority control and sharingExplore the possibility of establishing cooperation among libraries

4ArrivalFulbright office in CairoApartment in AlexandriaBeginning of my projectLegal mattersThe Beginning5Magda El-Sherbini6/24/2012Arrived in CairoVisit Fulbright offices, 5

My First StopFulbright Office6Magda El-Sherbini6/24/20126How it startedWhen it openedInternational fundingShowcase of EgyptContinuity with the pastThe New Alexandria Library7Magda El-Sherbini6/24/2012The Bibliotheca Alexandrina was created in association with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Snohetta Arkitektur Landskap of Oslo, Norway, won the international competition to design the library. Since its completion in 2002, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina functions as a major library and cultural center serving the city of Alexandria and the region.

7Alexander the Great, 300 BC founder of AlexandriaThe Ptolemy rulers establish libraryGreatest learning center of the Roman worldDestruction of the library - earthquakeAncient Library8Magda El-Sherbini6/24/2012The ancient Library of Alexandria was situated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and it dates back to around 300 BC, when the Ptolemy dynasty ruled Egypt. It was build as a greatest learning center of the Roman world. Although it was subsequently destroyed, its story provided inspiration for the creation of the New Bibliotheca Alexandrina some two thousand years later8Much more than a libraryCultural centerMuseumConference centerPlanetariumLearning centerLibraries

The Alexandria Library9Magda El-Sherbini6/24/2012.Today, the library houses collections of rare books and manuscripts, a childrens library, a youth library, a library for the blind and many others. It is open to scholars, researcher, and the public.

9General Director and six sectors: Academic and Culture affairs Sector; Directors office sector; External relations Sector; Finance and Administration Sector; Information Communication Section and; Library Sector

Organizational Structure10Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201210Chief LibrarianMain Library Department; Special Libraries Department Arabic Bibliographic Standards; Francophone Library Department; Information Services Department; Technical Service Department

The Library Sector11Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201211The Main Library, considered the largest reading room of the world

Includes all types of materials

Main Library12Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201212

The BA LibraryALA) Annual Conference in Anaheim, California,Bibliotheca Alexandrina web site13Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201213

The BA LibraryBibliotheca Alexandrina web site14Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201214

More LibraryBibliotheca Alexandrina web site15Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201215

Reading RoomsBibliotheca Alexandrina web site16Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201216

The LibraryBibliotheca Alexandrina web site17Magda El-Sherbini6/24/2012Student17Library for the blind Taha Hussein LibraryYoung peoples LibraryChildrens LibraryArts and Multimedia LibraryFrancophone LibraryRare Books and Special Collections The Map LibraryInternet ArchiveSuperCource Project

Special Libraries18Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201218

Taha Hussein LibraryBibliotheca Alexandrina web site19Magda El-Sherbini6/24/2012Taha Hussein, Ph.D.Receiver of the United Nations Human Rights AwardThe library was named after a great Egyptian writer named Taha Hussein, who was blind himself. He was one of the prominent writers of his time, affecting the cultural life in Egypt, as well as the Arab world.


The White Canes Day - SafetyBibliotheca Alexandrina web site20Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201220

Marching by the seaBibliotheca Alexandrina web site21Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201221

Young Peoples LibraryBibliotheca Alexandrina web site22Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201222

Bibliotheca Alexandrina web site23Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201223

Childrens LibraryScience FestivalBibliotheca Alexandrina web site

24Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201224

Science FestivalActivitiesBibliotheca Alexandrina web site25Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201225

Big Read program

Bibliotheca Alexandrina web site26Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201226

Bibliotheca Alexandrina web site27Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201227Egypt is ChangingMeeting with the Families of the 25th of January Revolution MartyrsArts and Multimedia Library

28Magda El-Sherbini6/24/2012The Conference comes in context with the BAs interest in the radical changes in Egypt and the Arab World at large. It tackles current critical issues including the current phase, the role of political parties, media and constitutional amendments

The Lecture tackles the definition of the constitution, the history of the Egyptian constitution, and an overview on the latest constitutional amendments. The lecture is given by Mahmoud Ezzat, who is in charge of 28Francophone LibraryGift from the French National Library (BnF) to the BA.

A collection of 500,000 French books published between 1996 and 2006 in different fields.

The BA became the fourth largest francophone library in the world with the biggest collection of French books outside France

29Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201229A large collection of commemorative coins, maps, personal effects, stamps collections as well as significant documentsA large collection of copies of the Arabic, Persian, and Turkish manuscripts in the British Library numbering 14,000. It is considered the biggest collection in EuropeRare Books and Special Collections 30Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201230One of the most significant maps in the collection is a rare facsimile of Al-Sharif Al-Idrissis Map of the Earth drawn for King Roger II of Sicily in 1154.

Facsimile edition of the Manuscript Chart of the Gulf and MesopotamiaThe Map Library31Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201231

Al-Sharif Al-Idrissis Map32Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201232The Internet Archive (IA) is a recorded memory of the all the web pages on every website on the Internet since it started in 1996.

http://archive.bibalex.orgInternet Archive33Magda El-Sherbini6/24/2012Through the Internet Archive, you can retrieve expired webpages, trace the development of websites, and go back to events that have shaken the world.

The archive at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) now includes 70 billion webpages covering the period 19962007, 2000 hours of Egyptian and US television broadcasts, 1,000 archival films and 25,000 digitized books acquired through the Open Content Alliance (OCA) consortium. It is capable of storing 3.7 petabytes of data on 1636 computers. The archive is fully operational and the collection is widely accessed by national, regional and international users through the BA website,, via the Wayback Machine, with over 31 million hits yearly.

Originally initiated in San Francisco, the original Internet Archive signed an agreement in 2002 with the BA to render the latter a backup for the original and to create two mirror sites for the Internet Archive. According to the agreement, the original IA donated the first generations of machines to the BA for web archiving followed by the second generation in 2006 to accommodate 1.5 petabytes of data in 23 racks. Following that date, machines for web collections were designed and manufactured locally at the BA with a storage capacity of 2.2 petabytes hosted on 20 racks. Currently, the archive has a capacity to hold up to 3.7 petabytes of varying data on 1, 636 computers. The stored data includes, to date, the web collection from1996 till 2007 encompassing web pages, Egyptian and US television broadcasts, archival films and digitized books.The archive is fully operational and the collection is widely accessed by national, regional and international users through the BA mirror site,, via the Wayback Machine, with over 31 million hits yearly.The BA Internet Archive is the first center of its kind established outside US borders. It is designed not only as a backup for the mother archive in San Francisco, but also as a hub for Africa and the Middle East.


Internet Archive 34Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201234

Internet Archive35Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201235

36Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201236

37Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201237Is a repository of lectures on global health and prevention designed to improve the teaching of prevention.

SuperCourse38Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201238

My Cubicle 39Magda El-Sherbini6/24/201239BA Ancient Alexandria Information Architecture ProjectContinuing EducationOnline learning toolsWebinarSeminar on Organization of InformationResource Description and Access: the new cataloging code (3 days worshop-60 staff)Library of