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Revival Church is a prayer-fueled prophetic ministry in the Detroit area.


  • seniorlead johnburtonWelcome to our experiment in revival!

    Thank YOU for participating in the min-istry of Revival Church. We are fully de-voted to stirring up prayer, prophecy and the pursuit of revival.

    God is moving on the Earth, yet we must not allow ourselves to presume that freedom will arrive without our radi-cal participation. At the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. you will find etched into the wall:

    F R E E D O M I S N O T F R E E

    As we align ourselves well, pray continually, dive deep into an intimate encounter with Jesus and listen to His every word, God will raise up a rem-nant. Revival will burn.

    If this concept captures your heart, please let me know. We want to do ev-erything we can to help you connect well with the Revival Church family.

    May God bless you powerfully! Welcome to Revival Church 2

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    from the RevivalisBetterThan... series

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    Why does it take an outpouring to reintroduce the church to the power of God? Why are movements like Lakeland, Brownsville and Toronto special and rare? Why is it so difficult, in most cities in America, to find a church on fire?

    When the Holy Spirit is operating in free-dom in our churches, there will be little need for a jolt from Heaven to get us nor-malized. But, until then, we must cry out for a lightning strike of revival in our cit-ies. We need to apply the paddles to the heart of the church and shock it back to life.

    God moved in remarkable power last night at The International House of Prayer East Detroit last night. Heres one testimony:

    John,IveNEVERexperiencedwhathappenedtomelastnight.Itsexplainable but incomprehendableIf it hadnt happened tome Icouldntunderstand it in its fullness!!!Thatwhite hotfireWhenyousaid..ImnottalkingaboutyourweaknessesImtalkingaboutANNOINTINGthatFIREhitmychest likeonlysomethingIveseeninamovie..likeacomethittingearthistheonlywaytodescribeit..thatshowit feltand lasted forwhat seemed like foreverburninmeGod!!NowIknowwhatyouwere talkingaboutwhenyourshoulderwasonfireinthatcave!!!

    The prevailing theme thats being communicated this week during this con-ference is that encounters like this one are actually to be very normal, quite average in the church!

    We are in the midst of a national crisis- a national church that has a form of godliness but denies the power. Its a Sadducee spirit that radically minimizes or discounts all together the supernatural, resurrection power of Jesus. Its common to hear about the resurrection reality in our pulpits, but rarely see resurrection power.

    Bring on the paddles.


    considered to be SPECIAL and RARE?

    By John Burton

  • The contention of this book is simple - THE EXTREME MANIFEST PRESENCE OF GOD IS THE BIBLICAL NORM for a New Testament believer. We label it many ways - revival, an outpouring, renewal - and certainly different moves of God have distinct flavors to them. However, regardless of the descriptive term we attach to it, we simply are not experiencing it. Just as we dont attempt to start driving a car in fifth gear, we should understand that the pursuit of revival must begin at the appropriate place. As we move through the gears, we will find ourselves picking up speed and momentum toward the goal of a city-wide outpouring of the Holy Spirit!

    I just finished reading 20 Elements of Revival. Everyone should read this book! I wish I had the cash for a case of this book. Seriously! I keep thinking of more people who NEED a copy of it! Its very, very, very rare for me to feel this way about a book other than the Bible.-Kathi Sharpe

    ORDER TODAY AT AMAZON.COM Welcome to Revival Church 9

    Discover a unique online community of people committed to stewarding the prophetic.

    PropheticPulse is the place to submit your dreams, visions, prophecies, words and other such data... and then actively work with others on analyzing, discussing, comparing and connecting them.

    How many people around the world are receiving similar prophetic insights? What can we do to respond to the call to handle messages from Heaven responsibly?

    Visit today. Register, submit prophecy and participate in an ongoing and developing discussions about what God is saying to His Church.

  • Whats the best way to connect and

    participate in the Revival Church mission?

    JOIN THE MINISTRY STAFF!The coming revival is going to demand that we are ordered, strategic and positioned well. The bar of commitment for this mission must be higher than many of us may be accustomed to. With this in mind, we encourage those who have the availability to join the Ministry Staff.

    If you are interested, let someone with a staff badge know, or shoot us an email us at

    MINISTRY STAFF QUALIFICATIONS1. Participate in our primary Sunday service (including prayer at 5pm)

    (of course!)2. Participate in a weekly two-hour corporate prayer meeting at Revival Church, the

    International House of Prayer East Detroit or another church or ministry (around here, prayer is the main thing!)

    3. Participate on a ministry team which includes a two-hour weekly team meeting (youll love connecting and serving with other zealots for Jesus!)

    4. Participate in the Monday 8pm radio show (listen in and join in the show at

    5. Participate in the monthly ministry staff small group (at John & Amys home, lots of food and lots of fun!) Welcome to Revival Church 10

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  • propheticART

    This painting is a modern interpretation of Ezekiels dry bones. A friend of mine asked me to paint him an interpretation of these verses. He was a small group leader and had a caring, gentle leadership style. Most paintings of this story show Ezekiel out in the open proclaiming to the field of dry bones in an impersonal way. I wanted to show that sometimes God will heal the dry bones as we care individually and personally for those God brings into our lives. It might not be all stage and glamour. 6th is a reference to Sixth Street in Austin, TX. The skeletons walk the streets. The Open bar sign also speaks of the harvest being ripe and hearts being open for the Word, prophetic evangelism. There is a tiny warfare scene in the clouds.

    EnriqueS.CrosbywasborninLosAngelesandgrewupinSanMarcosTX.Godtouchedhimattheageof21,andproceededtoservehiminworship,music,danceandpainting.ThemessagewasstrengthenedwhenheheardMikeBickleandspent2yearsonstaffatIHOP-KC.Enriquehasbeenmarriedfor10yearstoHeidiandhavethreekids,Mattie,7,Zechariah,3,andZoe,dueinJuly. Welcome to Revival Church 12

  • propheticART

    This image is one He recently gave me during my private time with Him. I saw Him painting my hands and I asked Him, what are you doing? I am painting your hands with my love and grace for my purposes--in you. I asked if I could look at them and see the colors and he said, it doesnt mat-ter, I have painted them with my Glory As He was painting them, they got very warm and stayed that way the whole day.


    mymindseye.SoIbegantoarguewiththeLord,butHesaid,Iwillhelpyou.SoIgotupandstartedpaintingwithsomeoilpastelsthechurchprovided.AsIdid,ifIgotstuck,Hewouldlaymedownagainbythespirit,andbringthehorseclosetome,andletmestudyit.WhenIfinished,IheardHimsaytome,Delightyourselfinme,andIwillgiveyouthedesiresofyourheart. Welcome to Revival Church 13

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    5pm prophetic prayer6pm primary weekly worship service

    MONDAY7pm ministry team conference call

    (for those on the team and anybody interested in more info about Revival Church) call: 641.715.3625, enter code 1090575

    8pm revival prayer and discussion radio showvisit or call 646.478.4408

    WEDNESDAY7pm live video broadcastonline at

    FRIDAY7pm prayer & worshipat the International House of Prayer East Detroit

  • Declaring the Burning Word of the Lord Welcome to Revival Church 16

  • Welcome to Revival Church 17

    CHILDRENS MINISTRYIts super duper, really, really, big time important to us!What are kids capable of?


    C h e c k i n y o u r l i t t l e w o r l d c h a n g e r s a t the welcome desk Sunday between 5:45 and 6pm.

  • Welcome to Revival Church 18

    Curled up on my couch, worship music playing qui-etly in the background, I drifted into a place of deep rest. The Holy Spirit enveloped me, drawing me into a heavenly realm and showed me things that brought great encouragment for my family after many years of pushing forward in diligent faith. God has given us much to look forward to.

    In the midst of receiving encouraging revelation about Gods desires for us, circumstances vied for my attention. I became distracted and discouraged. Things became grey and misty in my mind. I had my feet stuck on planet earth and forgot I wasnt a resident here. I found myself asking, Why am I despairing?

    Now, as I tried to rest, I struggled. I was still mulling over everything and asking why and how instead of truly resting in Him. I was not submitting my thoughts to Him as I needed to. Seeing me in my state of weakness, the enemy saw his opportunity and employed oppression to hang over me like a heavy blanket.

    During a worship service, the Holy Spirit surrounded me and drew me close. I could reach up and touch the face of Jesus as I felt His hand on my face. Even though I was still caught in the turmoil of my mind, allowing the enemy to romp around in my thoughts, Jesus was loving on me, drawing me to Himself.

    The next morning, as I tried to rest in Him, I heard Him gently and sincerely asking, What is more important to you, Beloved? Which do you desire more, a solution or Me? Oh my Jesus, how could anything be more desirable than You!? You are the

    solution to any struggle that I face! Upon my return, I sensed His laughter and His joy over me.

    I repented and renounced my desire to see things made right. I let go of fear and once again clung completely to my King. It took discipline as I had to train my mind to stop thinking about stuff that was bugging me and just enjoy being with my Jesus.

    It wasnt over yet. There was still that stubborn oppression that wanted to weigh even heavier and drive me back into dis-couragement. It wasnt easy but I had to stand against it. The battle raged a little more as intimidation and thoughts of doubt were thrown into the mix. You cant overcome this. Its too hard. It will never go away. I got my husbands ipod, put on the praise and worship music and pressed forward. The heavi-ness broke. Just as I once heard Graham Cooke say, you go into your refuge and come out of your fortress.

    Now the Lord had my full attention again.

    Allowing God to transform our minds to a Kingdom mindset takes consistent practice and application. With this experi-ence I realized my focus shifted more to the things I DO for Jesus because I love Him and His people so much instead of remaining firmly focused on who He is and who I am in Him. This slight shift opened a door for me to be overwhelmed by circumstances.

    I picture myself holding His hand and looking all

    Kingdom Focusby Amy Smith

  • Welcome to Revival Church 19

    by Amy Smith

    around pointing and saying, Jesus, what about this and what about that! Oh, look there! What are we going to do about that? Finally, He touches my chin and gently draws my face to look at Him. His smiling eyes, filled with love, laugh-ter and infinite knowing, look into mine. Trust me. Ive got you covered.

    Every moment we must remember who we are to Him and in Him. We must tru-ly keep our eyes fixed on Him. It doesnt matter what is going on. He knows, He will handle it. When our eyes are on Him, and His peace is in our hearts, He will show us how to pray. He will flow through us and we will find ourselves do-ing things we never thought possible.

    When we remember who we are to our God and where we stand with Him, then we will not be shaken. Our feet will stay in the Kingdom Dwellers realm and we will walk in love, obedience, confidence in our God and in the power of His won-derful Holy Spirit. The more intimate our relationship with Him, the deeper we go into the kingdom mindset; the further we meander into the heavenly realm, the more we become true Kingdom Dwellers. The heavenly realm

    is eternal and immeasurable. Yet greater still is our loving Creator, our Daddy God, Our Savior and Friend, our Com-forter and Counselor.

    Lets get lost in Him and find heaven on earth...and then share it with others.

    Colossians 3:1-4 Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will ap-pear with Him in glory.

    (Lets consider the truth that we DIED and our life is hidden with Christ in God. Christ is our life. So He will take care of all those things in our life that we let our-selves be concerned with. He is our life He is a good steward. He takes care of things. He will take care of every aspect of our life. Do we trust Him?)

    Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers, what-ever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is love-ly, whatever is admirable if anything is

    excellent or praiseworthy think about such things.

    (Since we trust Him with our life, we can busy our minds with things that are in alignment with Phil 4:8. What a won-derful gift and freedom God has given us. He has freed our minds to be filled with promises, hope and life!)

    Amy Smith is a stay at homemom and spends time makingworship flags, writing blog ar-ticles and devotionals aswell asassisting her husband with hissoundcompanyandraisingtheir

    three children, ages 5, 10 and 11. She holds anAssociatesDegree in EarlyChildhoodDevelopmentfromWilliamTyndaleCollegeandhashad13yearsexperienceteachingandleadingworshipinchildrensministry.Mostrecently,shehasparticipatedinwor-shipministry byusingflags andbanners, propheticdanceandsinging.

  • The coming moves of God will require nothing short of a revolution of our current structures, models and mindsets.

    Not an adjustment or an enhancement, but deep reform. The resulting fire and presence of the Holy Spirit will cause us to

    marvel and wonder why we ever resisted at all.- John Burton

    Meeting in the First United Methodist Church, 24036 Greater Mack Road, St. Clair Shores, Michigan 48080

    ph 313.799.FIRE |