Revit Architecture 2012 Keyboard Shortcuts

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Revit Architecture 2012 Keyboard ShortcutsCentral File ER Editing Requests RL Reload Latest Home Build WA Wall DR Door WN Window CM Place Component Home Model AD Attach Detail Group AP Add to Group CG Cancel Group LI Model Lines GP Create Group EG Edit Group UG Ungroup EX Exclude from Group RG Remove from Group FG Finish Group MP Move to Project RA Restore Excluded Groups RB Restore Excluded Member Home Datum LL Add Level Line GR Add Grid Line Home Room RM Add Room RT Add Room Tag Home - Work Plane RP Add Reference Plane Annotate Dimension DI Dimension Aligned EL Spot Elevation EW Edit Witness Line Annotate Detail DL Detail Line Annotate Text TX Text F7 Spell Check FR Find & Replace Annotate Tag TG Tag by Category RT Add Room Tag View Graphics VG Visibility / Graphics TL Thin Lines RR Render View Windows WC Cascade Windows WT Tile Windows Ctrl + Tab Cycle Windows View - Overrides EOD Element Graphics EOG Element Graphics Ghost EOH Element Graphics Halftone EOT Element Graphics Transparent VOG Category Graphics Ghost VOH Category Graphics Halftone VOT Category Graphics Transparent Modify Modify MD Modify AL Align MV Move OF Offset CO Copy MM Mirror - Pick Axis DM Mirror - Draw Axis RO Rotate R3 Change Rotate Center Location TR Trim / Extend TE Trim / Extend Multiple SL Split Element AR Array RE Scale PN Pin UP Unpin DE Delete RC Repeat Command SA Select All Modify View LW Linework VH Hide Category EH Hide Element SO SP SX SQ SR SW ST PC Snaps Off Perpendicular Points Quadrants Snap to Remote Objects Work Plane Grid Tangents Snap to Point Cloud

View Control Bar HL Hidden Lines SD Shading with Edges WF Wireframe HH Hide Element HC Hide Category HI Isolate Element IC Isolate Category HR Reset Temp Hide/Isolate RH Toggle Reveal Hidden EU Reveal Hidden Elements VU Reveal Hidden Category Keyboard Shortcuts KS Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Shortcuts Ctrl+C Copy Ctrl+O Open Ctrl+N New Project Ctrl+P Print Ctrl+S Save Ctrl+X Cut Ctrl+V Paste Crv+Y Redo Ctrl+Z Undo F1 Help

Zoom ZA Zoom All to Fit Manage Settings ZE Zoom Extents UN Project Units ZR Zoom Region SU Sun Settings ZO Zoom Out GD Graphic Display Options ZP Zoom Previous ZS Zoom Sheet Modify Properties Steering Wheel PP Tiles Properties Window On/Off SHIFT+W Modify Clipboard MA Match Type Properties Modify Geometry SF Split Face PT Paint CS Create Similar Snaps SS SC SZ SE SN SI SM Turn Overrides Off Centers Close Endpoints Nearest Intersections Midpoints

Michael Fettkether Created July 5th 2011


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