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RSCM-Annual-Report-2016.inddR E V I E W OF 2015
Our mission
We are pleased to present the RSCM’s Annual Review for 2015, to let you, the
RSCM’s affi liates, members and donors, know what we achieved during the year.
Three new posts took shape in 2015, and you will see below the work that we have
been able to do in training worship leaders, developing singers, encouraging
music-making in rural churches, and supporting worship with instruments. We
are showing this through the stories of some of those who benefi ted from these
programmes. The provision of a full-time post in training clergy and lay ministers
is a particular ‘game-changer’. The gamut of RSCM’s work continues to be backed
up with relevant publications and sustained through the invaluable help of our
local Area volunteers. In these programme changes, and through a hymn book
survey feeding into revisions to Sunday by Sunday, we are listening to the needs of
churches and members and, we hope, matching RSCM’s resources to those needs.
2015 has seen generous giving to the RSCM especially from its members and
supporters, from grant-making trusts, and in several liberal bequests. We are
most grateful for your gifts which help to sustain and develop our work. We look
forward to your feedback on the direction the RSCM is pursuing, and on how we
can best serve your needs.
RSCM’s mission is ‘the study, practice and improvement of music and other
matters relevant to the conduct of Christian worship’. We pray for the resources
and vision to support and further develop this work in future.
Registered Offi ce 19 The Close Salisbury Wiltshire SP1 2EB
Registered Charity Number 312828 Company Registration Number 250031
Royal Patron Her Majesty the Queen Patrons The Right Revd The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland His Grace the Archbishop of Westminster The Revd The Moderator of the Free Church Federal Council Lord Carey of Clifton President The Most Revd and Rt Hon The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury Vice-Presidents The Right Revd David Stancliffe The Right Revd Nicholas Holtam Brian Kay
Council (Trustees and Directors) The Rt Hon Lord (Brian) Gill (Chairman) Ian Church (Vice-Chairman) Tony Culyer Katherine Dienes-Williams Rowan Morton-Gledhill The Rt Revd Stephen Platten Michael Perrier David Price Phil Taylor (appointed 16 March 2015) Robin Thomas Graham Wadley Peter Connor
The Voluntary Forum Ian Church (Chairman) Alan McGuinness (North East Wales) Andrew Moodie (Peterborough and Northamptonshire) Tim Morris (Worcestershire) Michael Perrier (Birmingham) Martin Van Bleek (North West Europe) Craig Cartwright (North and East Yorkshire)
Senior Offi cers and Managers Director: Andrew Reid Deputy Director (Operations): Stephen Mansfi eld Deputy Director (Education and Voluntary Networks; Safeguarding): Rosemary Field
The RSCM is a Christian charity which
promotes the study, practice and
improvement of music and other matters
relevant to the conduct of Christian worship.
Our mission is to encourage and inspire
• the good use of high-quality, appropriate
music in Christian worship, whatever the
style or tradition;
individual church or community;
and young people, to become involved in
church music;
practice, to develop both skills
and understanding;
Christian worship and those who lead
its music, in which good and appropriate
music is valued and supported, and in
which high standards are sought and can
be developed.
we rely on our own network of volunteer
committees, and we work with other
organizations whose purposes align
fulfi l the RSCM’s mission within their own
work and worship.
of how music can enhance worship, and
we provide education and training for
all who contribute to music in worship
to serve their churches and worshipping
communities well.
RSCM Director RSCM Council Chairman
Elaine Wykes (above right) attended the
RSCM’s Strengthen for Service course at Sarum
College, Salisbury, a two-day residential
course for clergy, readers and lay leaders on
music and liturgy, including managing a
music team and choosing appropriate music.
‘Not only was the course constructive, in that it gave me a solid grounding in the history of church music, including an interesting historical timeline of hymnody, church music and psalmody, but it also gave me a good working base from which to work in my future ordained ministry, when engaging with the organists, music directors and choirs in my curacy churches.
To have looked in-depth at the effects of music on a congregation, and how to thoughtfully select hymns and music was, for me, an invaluable addition to my clergy “toolkit”.’
The Revd Helen Bent (right), RSCM’s Head of
Ministerial Training says, ‘We need to think carefully about the words we are putting on the lips of our congregations. How are words going to form their faith and help them with discipleship? Over time, what they sing, what they say, and what they pray within services are going to shape what they believe in their Christian lives.’
Rick Bowers (below) attended a Lift Up Your
Voice course in Devon, a day event designed
for churches with few or no musicians
offering simple musical ideas and building
confidence in leadership.
‘You don’t need to have a great deal of knowledge about the music; you just need to have the confidence to know which direction to go in, and to try and help indicate, rather like hand signals in a car! [The course was] very good, very simple and straightforward and I enjoyed it.’
The Strengthen for Service
music and liturgy, enabling
work confidently with the
musicians in their churches.
the UK with regional and cultural
variations. Participants are introduced
congregations in song, with the voice
as the only ‘instrument’. The day course
ends with an act of worship devised by
the delegates themselves.
to serve our educational work,
including reaching out to
and working with clergy and
lay ministers. Miles Quick,
with experience as lay
clerk and band player,
was appointed as Head
Your Voice courses. The Revd
Helen Bent was next to join the
team as Head of Ministerial
Training, in partnership
the Strengthen for Service
Adrian Lucas was appointed
shaping our provision and
resources for singers and
coordinating RSCM choirs.
Training worship leaders
Supporting rural churches
Age 42 Expected years of ministry 20+ Congregation size Two churches, each
with 50–75 members
about the simple method of animating people
in singing and teaching new things, said, ‘The idea of standing up in front, not to be an opera singer or anything, just to show people where the tune’s going, to smile at them, to look open-faced and encouraging can make a real difference. It will take some time to get to that place of confidence in singing together, but I think this direct approach is where to begin.’
The Voice for Life training scheme provides
a framework for choral singers to
develop their vocal skills, their musical
understanding and their knowledge of
repertoire. It comes with a range of teaching
material and supporting resources, and
gives plenty of advice on the practicalities
of running a choir. It enables choir trainers
and teachers to train their choir or group
more effectively, and helps singers grow as
musicians and members of a musical team.
During 2015 Voice for Life awards were
made to young people and adults in the UK
and internationally:
‘In summer 2015, 13 candidates from Holy Cross, Crediton undertook Voice for Life examinations,’ says Patricia Robottom. ‘The result was two new Silvers (one with distinction) and 11 Bronze. Our 40+ strong choir has been entering candidates for a long time, but this is the first time that adults have joined the process here. They found the learning and examinations very encouraging and supporting, and affirmed many who have been singing in church choirs for years or even decades. The eight adults achieved six merits and two distinctions and are very proud of their medals. The photograph shows 12 of the award winners, varying in age from teenager to 80-something. We are very grateful to our (then) Acting Director of Music, Richard Stephens, for his time, support and encouragement.’
During 2014–2015 the Voice for Life materials have been revised
and updated, including two new choir trainers books: How to
Use Voice for Life and The Voice for Life Guide to Musicianship.
A third volume, The Voice for Life Guide to Choir Training is
currently in production.
committees in the UK, Ireland,
France and North-West
Europe. These committees
coordinate training, support,
local Area. In 2015 386 events
were held throughout the
UK and Ireland, organized
by RSCM Area committees.
choirs, providing opportunities to sing
services at other events at high musical
standards in cathedrals, churches and other
venues around the UK.
David James says, ‘Now enjoying my third year with RSCM Scottish Voices, I am always looking forward to the next gig. Expanding my repertoire, under expert and enthusiastic direction, in a most convivial atmosphere, at the warm invitation of so many historic and beautiful churches around Scotland, is an absolute joy and privilege. I have forged valuable new friendships, and take away to my other choirs new skills and techniques. What is not to love?!’
In March 2015 over a hundred people gathered
at St Stephen’s church in Westminster for a
joint Musicademy/RSCM day course. After
the opening worship,
Areas co-hosted a half-term singing event
for young people at the Cathedral Church
of St Nicholas, Newcastle. Twenty-six
choristers from aged 7 to 17 were directed
by Tom Leech (Director of Diocese of Leeds’
School Singing Programme), and worked
happily and hard to produce two memorable
services, using a wide variety of music from
plainsong to spirituals, and 14th-century
Cuncti simus concanentes from Llibre Vermell
de Montserrat to modern day Song of Mary by
The RSCM Guide to Plainchant – an introduction to plainsong was published
during 2015. It is both a revision of the seminal and best-selling ‘Plainchant
for everyone’ by Dr Mary Berry, a leading plainchant expert who died in
2008, and an anthology of chant which can be used in church services and
workshops, compiled by John Rowlands-Pritchard. The resource proved
immediately popular, and had to be re-printed within six weeks of publication.
The Young Voices Festival publication, Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly, commemorating
the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, was published and widely used.
covered a wide range of contemporary
worship music. The participants were from a
variety of church traditions, including RSCM
affiliates and churches
using Musicademy’s
expertise of other
tutors to bring our
own strengths to a
Moodie were appointed as Regional
Coordinators for the North and South of
England, joining Coordinators in Wales,
Scotland and Ireland. The Coordinators
work with local volunteers to ensure RSCM
missional coverage in local Areas and link
directly with churches and schools.
Honorary awards In 2015 the RSCM made
honorary awards to the
following people who have
made a significant contribution
FRSCM – Martin Baker, Canon
Andrew Millington, Andrew
Nethsingha, David Ogden
Reverend Michael Tavinor,
Liverpool Area committee:
because church music
have that same opportunity
Worship with instruments
Local RSCM activities
New publications Eunice Woof (centre) with RSCM Director Andrew Reid and Chair of Council Brian Gill
Margaret Rizza. Following positive feedback
from choristers and parents, the course was
repeated in 2016. Andrew Robinson says,
‘Fun while learning, fellowship and hospitality, history, worship, liturgy and faith all combined in one course. Sing 4 Joy has run for two years and we hope will run into a third February half-term.’
2015 2014
Affiliates 3,938 3,998
Individuals 1,244 1,299
Affiliates 941 999
service, including Celebration Day at
St Edmundsbury Cathedral. Festival books
are now produced annually.
‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done was a great service book choice for our North Wales Area Choral Festival,’ says Alan McGuinness,
The RSCM offers a wide range of benefits
to members, including support and advice,
magazines, resources, and discounts on
music and courses – all to help you and
the other musicians in your worshipping
community make the best music possible. To
find out what advantages your membership
offers visit www.rscm.com/membership
annually by a small amount. Factors such
as the disbanding of church choirs, the
combining of churches into benefices, the
closing of churches and the reduction of
disposable income particularly within
Chair, North Wales
Area. ‘With both accessible traditional and contemporary music for a wide range of abilities, including specially commissioned settings, our assembled singers felt it was a valuable resource for repeated use back in their parishes.’
partially offset by a significant number
of new churches joining the RSCM. The
movement of clergy and musicians between
churches and schools, and peer to peer
recommendation have both been key in
leading to new affiliates joining; RSCM’s
increasing range of educational programmes
is also playing a part in this growth.
The acquisition of Cathedral Music in 2014 reaped real dividends
in 2015, as RSCM members were able to access their titles at
considerable discount, and sales of both Cathedral Music titles
and general sales through RSCM Music Direct benefited. Through
this acquisition RSCM has significantly increased its resourcing of
churches through new musical repertoire for worship.
International activities The RSCM’s partner
organizations in Australia,
Canada, New Zealand,
membership benefits and
RSCM Australia Summer
Andrew Reid, RSCM Director,
formed National Choir visited
Westminster Abbey to sing
services in December 2014 –
January 2015. Local branches
many other events spanning
their ministry back in their own
churches with renewed skills
and enthusiasm.
Festival services
Your membership
In 2015 we carried out a hymn book survey to help us determine which books to
list in Sunday by Sunday. We wanted to find out which are the most popular books,
receive feedback on Sunday by Sunday, and gain a picture of how worship
is planned and designed across different church traditions to make sure
that we are providing the most suitable resources. We had an overwhelming
response from nearly 2,000 people and we thank everyone who took part.
We have made some changes in Sunday by Sunday as a result of the survey,
and all your comments feed into our ongoing work to review what we
provide to members, and how we reach out to non-members, to serve the
worshipping life of the Church.
*RSCM America, RSCM Australia, RSCM Canada, RSCM New Zealand, RSCM South Africa
Income % £
Governance 4 66,000
Fundraising 3 46,399
Foundation UK
Headley Trust
The year returned a surplus of over £116,000.
On the back of two preceding years’ surpluses, this has further
strengthened RSCM’s capacity to invest for growth across all its
areas of mission, and in terms of the infrastructure necessary to
support these activities. We have taken greater hold of how we
are managing charity funds and ensuring that we convert these
reserves into mission and impact in planned and increasingly
targeted ways that both serve our supporters and honour God.
Visit www.rscm.com for full details of
RSCM membership, courses, programmes
www.rscm.com/shop. Log on
receive your discount.
RSCM Celebration Day 2015 at St Edmundsbury Cathedral
We would like to acknowledge and thank the many
individuals and organizations listed below for their
generous gifts in support of our mission. We apologize
for any inaccuracies or omissions. (Donations made in
December may appear in the 2016 Review).
Director’s Circle (£5,000–£24,999)
Mr John F. Buckley Mr Richard A. Knight*
Sir Sydney Nicholson Founders Circle (£1,000–£4,999)
Bryan Anderson, FRSCM Mr Edward J. Kisby Dr Francis Niles Nicholas Andrew Reid In memory of Amy McMillan,
LRAM, ARCM & other anonymous donors
Best Friends (£500–£1000) John Dennes Mr Alastair Hunter Sir John Margetson KCMG Oxford Consultancy
Partnership Limited & other anonymous donors
Great Friends (£100–£499) Adrian R. Adams Mr and Mrs David Allen GE and AG Andrews In memory of John Michael
David Atterbury Mr Colin Attree Mr J Baker Ian Barber John Barnard, ARSCM Miss Marianne Barton Dr Hugh R. Benham The Revd Canon John E.
J. Berry Dr John Bertalot, MA (Cantab),
Robert Blackman, MBE Mrs M. F. Buchan Mr Nicholas P. Cabot Mr Brian Carter H. Ciechowska in memory of
Mrs A I Schouwenburg and Mr J Martyn
Miss Valerie Couch John Crothers Michael J. S. Cubbage Professor Tony Culyer Dr David C. Currie The Rt Revd Edward F. Darling,
ARSCM Mr David J. L. Davies John Deavin Miss Angela R. Draper The Revd Canon John Draper The Rt Revd Timothy Dudley-
Smith, FRSCM, in continuing gratitude to William Llewellyn
Eileen Mr Christopher W. Field Mr Richard A. Finch John Fleming in memory of Mr
Jack Morse, Org & Choir Mr Christopher M. Fletcher-
Campbell Mr Alf Fortnam Mr Eric N. French In Memory of Mr W H Childs Dr Geoffrey Gibbons Mrs Valerie Gibbons Mr Jonathan Gibbs Mr Malcolm Goldring,
HonRSCM Mr Alun D Grafton Dr Margaret E. Graham Mr Andrew E. Grimshaw The Revd John Grover Mrs Carol Hainsworth Dr Peter J. Harland Sir David Harrison, CBE,
FRSCM S. Haslam Mr Richard W. D. Hemingway Mr John Hickman Miss D V Hilliar Mr Frederick James Frederick Jones* Mr Christopher A. Joseph June Kendall Mr G Knight* Dr Judith A. Langfield Rex Latter Mrs Bridget le Huray Mrs Eira Leach Mrs Diana F. Lee-Browne Mr John R. Lester Mr and Mrs Gordon R.
Lounsbach Mr Gordon Lucas Sir David Lumsden, FRSCM Miss Margaret J. Mayell Iain D. Nisbet, HonRSCM Mr Ian B. Orr, ARSCM Mr David E. Palmer The Revd Canon John A.
Patrick The Revd Benjamin L. M.
Phillips Professor Lionel J. Pike Mr John Read Dr David & Mrs Susan Reid
Miss Maureen Rouse The Rowland Trust Fund David Salter Mr Nick P Sharman J. Soulsby Mr Richard Stones Lady Tollemache Alan and Ann Treloar Dr Ian Trushell Ms Barbara Tucker Mr Michael J. Tyrrell Mr David J. Veasey Mrs Flora R. Wallace Mr Nigel Walsh Alistair Warwick Miss Frances A. Webb Mrs Marion Welch Mr Ruscombe C. Westmacott Martin J. White, ARSCM Dr Arthur W. Wills, OBE,
FRSCM Mrs Christine V. Wilson M. J. Winzer Stephen and Judy Woodley Mrs Beryl J. Yorath & other anonymous donors
Friends (£25–£99) Dr Lesley Abrams Mrs Dora O. Aburrow Mr Derek Acock Mrs Juliette C. Adams Mr B. R. Adams Mr John A. Akroyd Mr Arnold Allcock Mrs Sue Allen Mr R. Harry Allen Mr R. F. Allwright Mr Stephen P. Anderson Miss Carolyn M. Andrew Mr R. V. Angell Mr John W. Anson Mr Ian Appleby Mr C. Arnold Mr Robert H. C. Ascott Mr Michael D. Ash Mr Frank Ashton Mr Keith Bailey Roderick Baker The Revd Canon Christopher
Barber Mrs P. A. Barber Mr Cliff P. Barber Mrs D. J. Barker Mr and Mrs A. Barnaby Mr David Barradell Mr Michael S. Barron Mrs Gill Barrow Christopher Barton, ARSCM Mrs Linn Batho Mr Alan A. Bayliss Mr J. H. Beastall Robin Bell, ARSCM Mr Derek W. Bell Miss Elizabeth Bell Mr Michael J. Bennett Mr C. Bennett Mr A. B. Bennett Jo Bennett Anne Benson Mr Angus J. Bentall Mrs M. M. Berry Mr Martyn P. Berry Mrs J. Bettenson The Revd H. J. J. Bird Mr David F J Bird Mr Paul V. Bloomfield Mrs A. F. Bloor Mrs Sara Bond Dr Peter J. Boshier Mr Kingsley G. Boulton Mrs Gillian M. Bowden Mr R. A. J. Bower Mrs Janet N. Bowles Mrs Heather F. Braddock Mr David J. Brazier Mr Adrian and Mrs Annette
Brett Mr P. W. Broadhurst Mrs Edith R. Brockhurst Mrs Isobel D. Brooker Mrs Jennifer Brooks The Very Revd Dr A. W. G.
Brown Nigel C. Brown Mr R. T. Brown Mr L. R. N. Bruford Mr D. G. Bryan Mr John Bryden Ms Christine S. Buchan Mrs R. A. S. Buchanan Mr John A. L. Buckingham Mr G. D. Budd Mr A. J. Bulley Mrs M. A. Burnham Dr Helen Burrows Mrs Margaret Butler, FRSCM Miss Zoe Byford Professor Christopher R.
Calladine Mr M. T. Campbell Gordon & Julie Campbell
Family Trust Miss Susan Carey Miss Jennifer A. Carson
Mr George H. Carter Mr Philip N. Chadwick Mr Andrew B. Chapman Miss M. Chorlton Mrs Nancy E Chown In memory of Frank Semper Ms Fiona Chryssides Mr Dave J. Clark Mr D. T. Clark Patricia C. Clarke Mr J. N. Clarke Mrs Anne Clements Mr John Clisset Mrs Jean Collier John Collingbourne Mr Len F. Collins* Miss Susan L. Collins Mrs Ruth D. Collop Drs. P. and L. Comerford Mrs Audrey M. Cooper Mr Basil A. Cooper Mr R. A. Cotterill Mr Paul S. Covell Mr J. E. Craddock Dr Anthony Crossland Mary Crossley The Revd Canon John Y. Crowe The Revd Preb David B.
Crowhurst Mrs Katharine L. Cumberledge Mr D. M. Cundy The Revd Michael E. Currah Miss Elinor M. D’albiac Mrs Margaret Dale The Rev David J. Dalglish Mrs Pam Daniels Mr J. C. Davies Mr Douglas I. S. Davies Mr N. W. F. Dawson Mr Kenneth F. Day Mr Brian M. De Looze John Dean Mr John G. Deane Mr and Mrs J. D. Demack Mr Peter Dengate Mrs Mary M. Denning Miss Shirley Dex Dr and Mrs Alan T. Dinsdale Mrs Jane Donaldson Janet P. Dorey In memory of Eleanor Lucy
Dormor Mrs Glynis Dudeney in memory
of Stephen Andrew Farr Philip E. Duffy, FRSCM Mr P. M. Dunning Mr Alan L. Durand Mr Douglas A. Dytor Mr K. F. Earl Roy Edwards Bambo Efstathiou Dr M. A. Elder Mr Philip Elliott Mr Michael Emery Mr J. D. Emmerson Ms Jackie P. Etheridge John Evans Mr James D. S. Faircliffe Mrs B. M. Fairclough Paul Fearnley Mr D. R. Ferns Graham Fife The Revd Dr Donald Firth Vivien Fisher The Rt Revd John Flack Miss Barbara E. Fleming Mr George Fletcher-Baker Miss K. E. Foale The Revd Christopher J. Ford Mr E. M. Foster Mr C. J. Foster Mr David Fouracre Mr Norman Fox Miss Sylvia Fox Mr Frank Foxen Mr Nigel L. Francis Mr David Freeman Miss M. L. Frew * Mr Robert S. Frier Richard Gadsby Mr John Gale Dr and Mrs Ray Gambell Mr Philip H. Gardner The Revd Michael Garland Mr C. F. Garman Peter J. Garner Mr John A. Garratt Mr John Gascoigne Mr G. George Mr Keith B. Gibbs Mr Mark R. Gibson Mrs Jean Gill Mr Terry W. Goddard Mr R. F. I. Goodgame Dr Andrew N. Gorsuch Mr C. G. Gosling Peter Gould Mr A. Gould Mr J. M. Graham Mr Ronald Graham-Clarke Mrs Susan J. Grange Mrs Ruth M. Grant Mr Paul W. Grant George W. Gray Mr Peter W. Green
Mr John Green Mr Andrew P. J. Green Miss Emma Greenfield Mrs Catherine M. Greenlees Mr S. H. J. Gregory The Revd Canon Bernard B.
Gribbin Dr H. R. Gribbin Mrs A M Griffith Mrs Kay Griffiths Mr Stuart Guppy Mr Donald Haigh Shirley Haines Mr Mike Hales Mr Warren S. Hall Mr W. M. Hall Mr Peter A. Hall Mr K. R. Hall Mr Julian Hall Mr and Mrs P. R. Hall Mr Michael Halls Mr Anthony G. Hancock Miss Mary Hardman Llywela V. Harris Mrs Dorothy Harrison Anthony J. Harrow Mrs Diana M. Hart Mr Peter S. Hart Ms Jeannette A. Hartley Miss Margaret Harvey In memory of Hazel Harvey Gerald B. Harvey Mr David Hawkins Mrs Kathryn Haworth Mrs Joleen A. Hayes Mrs Rose E. M. Hayward The Revd Canon Neil C.
Heavisides Mr Ian G. Henderson Mrs Val J. D. Henry Miss Mavis J. Henshaw Mr N. Hensman Mrs Diana Hewlett Mr Brian Hicks Mr Anthony Hill Mr Christopher B. Hobart The Revd Christopher J. P.
Hobbs Mr Len J. Hobson Mr Andrew J. E. Hodges Brian M. Hogben Ms Gillian Hogg Mr J. W. Holl Mr Richard G. Hollingdale Mrs M. Hilary Holloway Mr Percy C. Holloway Dr J. Holloway Mrs Phyllis D. Holt Mr Geoffrey R. Hooper Aidan C. A. Hopkins Miss M. Horne Mrs Susan Howell Evans Miss Patsy A. Howes Mr John Hudson Jamie Hudson Mrs Sara E. Hughes Mr David C. B. Hughes Mrs Julia Hurle Michael F. Hyde Mrs Prue James Sir Brian Jenkins Dr David Jenkins Mrs Vivien M. John Mrs Jean M. Johns Mrs C. Johnson Mr Philip Johnson Mr Leonard Johnson Mr David Johnston Barry Johnston Mr P. N. Johnstone Mr Martin Jones Miss A. K. Jones Mrs Rosemary Jordan Mrs J. E. Keay Mrs Anne Keir Mrs S. R. Kemp Miss Stephanie J. Kemp Mr Roger A. Kenworthy Mrs Hilary J. Kerr Mr Stephen P. King Mr Jeremy G. Kirk Mr and Mrs Peter W. J. Kirk Mrs Sheila A. Knight Mr David O. Knight Miss R. Knight Mr Gordon Knights Mrs Jane Lambert Miss Christine V. Lane Mrs Brenda Large D. Latham Professor Ian D. Lawrie Fiona le Masurier Dr R. Leslie Mr and Mrs J. Levett Mr C. Lewis Mrs Janet Liddicoat Mr David Aprahamian Liddle Dr Simon G. Lindley, FRSCM Mr J. Little Alan Livingstone Mr Richard H. Lloyd, FRSCM Captain Sir Norman Lloyd-
Edwards Mr Stephen Lomas Mrs Joan M. Loveday Dr C. R. Lovell Mr Michael R. Lovett Mr Bryan G. Lowe Mrs Kay Lucas Mr Roger G. T. Lucas Adrian Lucas Mr Peter F. Lutton Mr Iain G. Macfarlane Prof M. K. C. MacMahon Mr Rodney M. Mahon Mr Eric Mansbridge Mrs Dawn C. Mansfield John B. G. Marsden Miss Elizabeth M. Martin Miss Christine E. P. Matthews
Father J. Rex Matthias Mr Brian J. H. Mattinson The Revd Gillian H Maude Mr A. A. McInnes Mr John M McIntosh Mr Donald R McLeod Mrs Susan M. Merchant Mrs Kathleen M. Merigold Mrs Enid Mitchell Mr J. M. Molony Mr Martin J. Monkman Mr Nigel N. Moody Mrs S. A. Moon Mr Adrian H. Moore Mr A. E. Moore Maureen Moreton Gerald Moreton Mr Peter R. Moss Barry V. Moult The Revd Frederic C. Muir,
ARSCM Mr Martin Nash Mrs Lucy B. Nattrass Mrs Stella E. Nesbit T. A. Newton Ms E M Orford Mrs M. E. Padfield Miss Jane H Palmer Mr Ian M. Palotai Mr A. T. Parish Charles Parker Mr Richard J. Parry Miss Kathleen M. Patrick Mr A. G. Patton Mr Martin Paxton Mrs Julia Pearson The Reverend N Penn-Allison The Rt Revd Michael Perham,
FRSCM Mr John Piggins Mr Richard J. Pilkington Mr John Pockett Lieutenant-Colonel A. John
Powell, MBE Dr David Price Christopher Price Mr Michael E. Prosser Brigadier Neville Pughe Mr Miles D. Quick Mrs Christine P. Quinton Dr Peter G. Rae Mr C. Randolph The Revd Canon David & Mrs
Gillian Ratcliff Mr John E. Ratcliffe Mr Alan P. Read Mr Brian J. Reid Mr P. J. A. Renshaw The Revd James Reveley Mr David F. C. Reynolds Mr O. Richards in memory
of my wife, Melissa Hilton Richards
Mrs J. Richardson Miss Anne Rickwood in
memory of E H Warrell Mr P. G. Riley Dr Patricia Riley Sister Rita-Elizabeth Mrs Margaret Roberts Mr R. John Roberts Mr Philip Roberts Mr Arthur John Robertson Dr Laurence T. Rogers The Revd Canon Paul R. Rose Mrs Daphne J. Rose Dr A. J. Rostron, PhD Mr M. S. Rowling Mr Alan Russell Mr Frank C. Sanderson Mrs Constance M. Saunders Mr Roger K. Saville Mrs Mary Jane Savvides Mrs Jean Schofield Mr S. Scott Mr P. B. Scott Mr Colin J. Scott Canon John Seymour Mr Roger Sharp Mr Graham F. Sharp Dr Ian Sharp Mr James Shore Mrs Valerie Shuttleworth Mrs Audrey F. Silke Mrs Margaret Simmonds in
memory of K E Woodley Mr R. Simpson Professor David Sims Mr R. W. Slogrove The Revd Laurence S. Smith Mrs Margaret Smith of
Cheshire Mrs Jean Smith Mr J. C. Stephen Smith Mr I. E. Smith Mr Andrew Smith Gordon Smith David Gerald Smith William J. Snowley, HonRSCM Mrs Diana Sparkes Mr R. J. E. Sparkes Mr Graham R. Spearman Mr T. B. Spires Mrs Cherry J. Spreadbury Miss Hilary Spurgeon Miss Jennifer Stankley Mrs R. J. Steel Mr Dennis Stevenson Dr William Stevenson Mr Neville W. Stevenson-Watt Miss Gloria Stewart Miss J. Stoggles Dr Christopher J Storr Mr John Straw Mr Michael J. Street Mr M. C. T. Strover Mr M. P. Sullivan Mr M. Sykes Mr R. John Tayler Mr David W. Taylor
Crowborough, St John the Evangelist
Earsdon, St Alban Friern Barnet, St John the
Evangelist Fulbeck, St Nicholas’ Church Hutton, All Saints W. St Peter Kibworth, St Wilfrid Kildare, St Brigid’s Cathedral Lynton, St Mary Virgin Matlock Bank, All Saints Nidarosdomens Guttekor Northwood Hills, St Edmund Poulton, St Luke’s Church Rosyth, St Margaret Rotary Club of Northwich Salisbury, St Thomas & St
Edmund Church Selling, St Mary the Virgin Seraphim, Association of
Young Choristers for the Diocese of Georgetown in Guyana
Shipbourne, St Giles’ Church Silverstone, St Michael Speldhurst, St Mary Virgin St Mary, Fordingbridge Stamford, St Mary Streetly, All Saints Diocese of Swansea & Brecon Warlingham, All Saints’ Church Warwick, Collegiate Church
Of St Mary Dean and Chapter at
Westminster Abbey West Wickham, Emmanuel Urc
Music Sunday Arborfield, REME Corps and
Garrison Church of St Eligius Bemerton, St Andrew Bredon, St Giles Church Burford, St John the Baptist
Church Bursledon, St Leonard Cheltenham, St Mark Cotswold Edge Parishes
Church Choir Crewe, St Andrew With St John
The Baptist Dalmahoy, St Mary’s Church Dawlish Methodist Church Dewsbury Minster Church of
All Saints Finchley, St Mary-at-Finchley
Parish Church Finedon, St Mary the Virgin Glasgow, St Mary’s Cathedral Great Gransden, St
Bartholomew and Little Gransden
Moseley PC, St Mary’s Church Osmotherley and Hillside
Parishes Shifnal, St Andrew’s Church St Raphael, St John the
Evangelist Tisbury PC, St John the Baptist Wavertree, Holy Trinity Parish
Church Wickham Bishops, St
Bartholomew’s Church Choir
Legacy Society Members Dr John Bertalot, FRCO(CHM),
FRSCM, HonFGCM, ARCM John and Ruth Buckley Dr James Burchill Ian Church John Crothers Michael J. S. Cubbage Professor Tony Culyer John Deavin Mrs Julian C. Demetriadi John Dennes Roger Doughty The Revd Canon John Draper Peter Earl Vivien Fisher Mr John Gale Dr Norman Gee Lord Gill George W. Gray Mr Peter S. Hart Mr Maurice R. Hartless Mr Peter Herrick Patrick L. Hodson Aidan C. A. Hopkins Martin J. R. How, MBE, FRSCM Trevor Jarvis Dr Bernard Knowles David Knox Mr John W. Lindsey Rev Dr Tim Macquiban Mrs Gelda McCulloch C. Norris Mr Mick Perrier David Price Mr John E. Ratcliffe Margaret Rizza Miss Maureen Rouse The Rowland Trust Fund Mr Roland W. Saunders David Gerald Smith Leslie J. Thistleton Mrs Jacqueline K. S. Ward Andrew Wells M. G. Wigney Roger Martin Williams M. J. Winzer Joanne Witchard-Jones & other anonymous members
Mrs Marjorie V. Taylour* The Revd Brian Tetley Mrs Gillian A. Thornhill Dr Peter W. Thornton Dr and Mrs J. M. Thresh Mrs Kathryn Tipping Mrs Sylvia Tomlinson Mr A. J. Tomsett Dr Adam Towler Mr Christopher Town Mr Stephen Trahair Dr Ronald W. Truman Mrs Sheila H. Tucker Mrs Margaret Turnbull Mrs J. Turner Mrs Patricia Venn Mr K. M. Vigus Gordon A. Viney, MBE Mr Clement H. Virgo Mrs Rosalind P Vogado Mr Ashley J. Vowles Mr R. W. Wady Mrs Lucy Walker Mrs Margaret-Kristine Wallace Mr Robert C. Wallace Mr Hugh Wallace Mr A. D. Wallis Mr and Mrs Philip J. Walsh Mrs S. E. M. Wanty Mrs Jacqueline K. S. Ward Chris Wardle Mr J. Irvine Watson Geoff Weaver, FRSCM Mrs Elizabeth Weavin Mr P. W. G. Webber Mrs Joan M. Weir Mrs H. E. Wells Dr Michael Wells Mr B. J. Welsh Mr Robert A. West Mr Richard F. Wheen Mr Peter J. White Mr Christopher White Everson Whittle M. G. Wigney Mr Stuart G. Wild Dr Anne E. Wilkening in
memory of Eileen Beable Mrs Helen Williams Dr Jim Williamson Miss Linda M Willis The Revd Dr Quentin H. Wilson* Mr Robert D. Wilson Mr J. S. Wilson Mrs M. Winney Mrs B. M. Witts Mr Neville B. Wood Mr D. B. Woods Mr Andrew J. Woods Prof Martin J. Woodward Miss E. Woolmington Mr B. E. Woolnough Mr Simon P. L. Worley The Revd John R. Wraight Mrs Lesley Wright Mr R. F. J. Wright Dr J. R. S. Wrightson Mrs S Wyld Mr Robert Yeomans, ACertCM In thanks for studentship and
opportunities in the 1960s & other anonymous donors
Memorials and Tribute Gifts In memory of the late Mr David
Jeffreys In memory of the late Mrs
Marjorie V. Taylour In memory of the late Tom
Schofield Gillespie In Memory of the late Eileen
Phyllis Lewcock In memory of the late Mr Len
F. Collins In Memory of the late Mr
Frederick J S Dight In memory of the late Miss M.
L. Frew In memory of the late Ursula
Griffiths In memory of the late Dudley
H. Gummer
Buckley Broadhead The Estate of Ian Estwick
Haden The Estate of the late David
Leeke The Estate of Roy Lillington The Estate of Philip Andrew
Mason The Estate of Graham J.
Partridge The Estate of Mrs Irene Reid The Estate of Mrs Sheila Mary
Streek The Estate of Ernest Leslie
Thorley The Estate of Mrs Gladys
Yolland The Estate of John Sanders
Churches and Organizations Abingdon, St Helen Bandon, Union Of Parishes Barbados, St Stephen Berwick-upon-Tweed, Parish of
Holy Trinity and St Mary Bledlow Ridge, St Paul Branksome Park, The Choir of
All Saints Breaston, St Michael Parish of Caerphilly Carlton-in-Lindrick, St John the
Evangelist Cleeve and Claverham
Parochial Church Council *Deceased