Return Back to Homework. “I'm looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each- other love!â€‌ ~Carrie Bradshaw

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  • I'm looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each- other love! ~Carrie Bradshaw
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  • Occupation: Columnist for the New York Star, author of Sex and the City a book of her past columns Pets: Apple laptop Weaknesses: Mr. Big, cooking, Manolo Blahniks, cigarettes Status: Dating Mr. Big for the third and final timeThird times a charm! Passions: Cosmopolitans, New York, writing, crazy couture fashion, and her best friends
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  • I said no white, no ivory, no nothing that says virgin. I have a child. The jig is up. ~Miranda Hobbs
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  • Occupation: Partner at a Law Firm, mother to her son: Brady Hobbs Pets: Tabby cat named Fatty Weaknesses: Chocolate cake and smoldering black male doctors Status: Married to longtime boyfriend and father of her son: Steve Brady Passions: Running, watching Jules and Mimi on TiVo, star magazine, and her best friends
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  • Could you please not use the F-word in Vera Wang!? ~Charlotte York
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  • Occupation: Saleswoman in an exquisite art gallery, donates time at art museums Pets: A Blue Ribbon winning King Charles spaniel named Elizabeth Taylor Goldenblatt Weaknesses: Latin gardeners, Tiffany & Co., bald Jewish lawyers, and Bunny Status: Married to her Jewish divorce attorney, Harry Goldenblatt; Divorced from Dr. Trey MacDougal Passions: Marriage, Home & Garden Magazine, and being with her best friends
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  • How we are in bed is how we are in life. Ive never met a man who is good at life but bad in bed. ~Samantha Jones
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  • Occupation: Personal Relations Executive for New Yorks Finest Pets: Her very own rabbit Weaknesses: Richard Wright, Pink, perfect, amazing, pearls, younger men Status: Finally tied down to the Absolute HunkSmith Jerrod Passions: Sexuality, Pilates, delivery boys, Fryers, the Birkin bag, and her best friends
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  • After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you smile Mr. Big Hey pop-tart! What cha know, whod ya see, whereve ya been? Aiden Shaw You comic?--Aleksandr Petrovsky Alrighty Trey MacDougal Hey gorgeous. Richard Wright Oh come onI want a baby. It would be fun! Steve Brady Im sorry. I cant. Dont hate me. Jack Berger on a post-it I think it may be too latehe just said sex was dirty! Harry Goldenblatt And when Im done q-ballin here, Im movin right over to yours. Smith Jerrod
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  • Carrie BigAiden Berger Russian Would call NY his home, but moved to Napa because he was tired. A self-made entrepreneur. Spends his leisure time golfing and listening to jazz Lives in the City, but would prefer to spend his time in up- state NY at his cabin Sells and makes his own furniture Spends his time with his dog Pete, and just being simply amazing Berger is a novelist. He loves his motorcycle, post its and collecting playing cards from the streets of NY He is scared of Prada A.K.A. the Russian Originally from St. Petersburg Russia, Aleksandr now lives in NY and in Paris Famous artist from the 70s He loves to spoil Carrie with nauseating romantic gestures
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  • Miranda SteveRobert Steve owns his own bar Scout named after his dog Steve is a fanatic of the NY Knicks. He loves basketball, his dog, his son, and Miranda Dr. Robert Leeds works for the NY Knicks. Loves a brother with an accent and big giant cookies that say I Love You
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  • Charlotte HarryTrey Partner at a prestigious Law Firm Was hired as Charlottes divorce attorney A Jewish man who is bald, hairy in all the wrong places, and chews with his mouth opened. Loves tea, and being in his birthday suit. A well-known cardiologist Comes from a very wealthy Irish background Nickname: Scooner Loves: His mother, Bunny Hates: Anything Mandarin Fears: His bed
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  • Samantha SmithRichard Originally a waiter at Raw Struggling actor and a recovering alcoholic Smith turned into the Absolute Hunk over night Loves to hold Samanthas hand Hotel entrepreneur Luxurious lifestyle; flying to Brazil on his private jet Wines and dines his women, keeping things X-rated Known as a Playboy Loves sushi
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  • Puberty is just a phase. But 15 years of rejection is a lifestyle. Stanford Blatch That is the fourth person to stop and gush. I swear that dogs getting cruised more than me, and we are on the corner of gay and gay. Anthony Marentino Stanford will always be Carries plus one A dependable friend, and a great fashion consultant A.K.A. Rick9plus Chars former wedding planner Anthony is always the one Charlotte calls with fashion or dating advice He is very blunt, and loves being the devils advocate
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  • Who Should Carrie Be With? Carrie's Men UOP Voters Mr. Big800 Aiden Shaw750 Jack Berger200 Aleksandr Petrovsky250 Total 2000
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  • The End!!! To get more information on all of the fabulous ladies, gentlemen, and queens, log onto their website at Thank youI hope you enjoyed!!!