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<ul><li><p>Rethinking Our Classrooms Volume 2Complete Table Of Contents </p><p>"Rethinking Our Classrooms" is divided into the seven sections shown below. </p><p>Introduction The Power of Words The Power of the Past The Power of Critique The Power of Social Action Rethinking School Culture Rethinking Assessment </p><p>Introduction </p><p>The Power of Words </p><p>l Where I'm From: Inviting Students' Lives into the Classroom 6 by Linda Christensen </p><p>l "Where I'm From" 6 by George Ella Lyon </p><p>l "I Am From Soul Food and Harriet Tubman" 8 by Lealonni Blake </p><p>l "I Am From Pink Tights and Speak Your Mind" 9 by Djamila Moore </p><p>l "I Am From . . ." 10 by Oretha Storey </p><p>l "I Am From Swingsets and Jungle Gyms" 10 by Debby Gordon </p><p>l An International Proverbs Project 11 by Jim Cummins and Dennis Sayers </p><p>l "Race" 15 by Cang Dao </p><p>l For My People 16 by Linda Christensen </p><p>l What Color Is Beautiful? 18 by Alejandro Segura-Mora </p><p>l Ebonics and Culturally Responsive Instruction 22 by Lisa Delpit </p><p>l Exploring Black Cultural Issues 27 by Bakari Chavanu </p><p>l "Ode to Writing" 31 by Jessica Rawlins </p><p>l "I am Proud to Be Bilingual" 32 by Monica Thao </p><p>The Power of the Past </p><p>l Unsung Heroes 34 </p><p>Page 1 of 3Rethinking Schools Online</p></li><li><p>by Howard Zinn l Teaching About Unsung Heroes 37 </p><p>by Bill Bigelow l Discovering the Truth about Helen Keller 42 </p><p>by James Loewen l On the Road to Cultural Bias 45 </p><p>by Bill Bigelow l Fiction Posing as Truth 57 </p><p>by Debbie Reese, et al. l Rethinking the U.S. Constitutional Convention: A Role Play 63 </p><p>by Bob Peterson l A New U.S. Bill of Rights 70 </p><p>by Larry Miller l "Waiting at the Railroad Cafe" 72 </p><p>by Janet Wong l A Lesson on the Japanese-American Internment 73 </p><p>by Mark Sweeting l "In Response to Executive Order 9066" 75 </p><p>by Dwight Okita l What the Tour Guide Didn't Tell Me 76 </p><p>by Wayne Au </p><p>The Power of Critique </p><p>l Ten Chairs of Inequality 82 by Polly Kellogg </p><p>l Teaching Math Across the Curriculum 84 by Bob Peterson </p><p>l Percent as a Tool for Social Justice 89 by Bob Peterson </p><p>l The Human Lives Behind the Labels 91 by Bill Bigelow </p><p>l "The Stitching Shed" 100 by Tho Dong </p><p>l Bias and CD-ROM Encyclopedias 101 by Bob Peterson </p><p>l Where's the 'R' Word? 105 by Bob Peterson </p><p>l Girls, Worms, and Body Image 107 by Kate Lyman </p><p>l Math, Maps, and Misrepresentation 112 by Eric Gutstein </p><p>The Power of Social Action </p><p>l "We Had Set Ourselves Free" 116 by Doug Sherman </p><p>l From Snarling Dogs to Bloody Sunday 119 by Kate Lyman </p><p>l Mississippi Freedom Schools 126 by David Levine </p><p>l Improvs and Civil Rights 134 by Bill Bigelow </p><p>l The Poetry of Protest 135 by Linda Christensen </p><p>l "Jorge the Church Janitor Finally Quits" 136 by Martn Espada </p><p>l A Bill of Rights for Girls 138 by Mary Blalock </p><p>l The Trial 140 by Kate Lyman </p><p>l Students Blow the Whistle on Toxic Oil Contamination 144 </p><p>Page 2 of 3Rethinking Schools Online</p></li><li><p>by Larry Miller and Danah Opland-Dobs l "Garbage" 146 </p><p>by Bill Steele, Mike Agranoff, and Pete Seeger l AIDS "You Can Die From It" 149 </p><p>by Kate Lyman l "at the cemetery, walnut grove plantation, south carolina, 1989" 154 </p><p>by Lucille Clifton </p><p>Rethinking School Culture </p><p>l When Things Turn Ugly 156 by Donn Harris </p><p>l Rethinking Discipline 160 by Jehanne Helena Beaton </p><p>l Creating Classroom Community 163 by Beverly Braxton </p><p>l A Mother Speaks Out 167 by Leslie Sadasivan </p><p>l Teaching the Whole Story 168 by Kate Lyman </p><p>l Playing Favorites 176 by Mara Sapon-Shevin </p><p>l Black Teachers on Teaching 181 by Michele Foster </p><p>l School System Shock 186 by Melony Swasey </p><p>l Arranged Marriages, Rearranged Ideas 188 by Stan Karp </p><p>l Out Front 194 by Annie Johnston </p><p>l Staying Past Wednesday 199 by Kate Lyman </p><p>l "Earth's Last Cry" 202 by Rachel M. Knudsen </p><p>Rethinking Assessment </p><p>l Why the Testing Craze Won't Fix Our Schools 204 by the Editors of Rethinking Schools </p><p>l Basketball and Portfolios 207 by Linda Christensen </p><p>l One Size Fits Few 211 by Susan Ohanian </p><p>l Tracking and the Project Method 214 by Bob Peterson </p><p>l Motivating Students to do Quality Work 219 by Bob Peterson </p><p>l Resources 225 l Poetry Teaching Guide 240 </p><p>by Linda Christensen l Index 242 </p><p> 2002 Rethinking Schools * 1001 E. Keefe Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53212 * Phone(414) 964-9646, or (800) 669-4192, FAX: (414) 964-7220 Email: </p><p>Page 3 of 3Rethinking Schools Online</p></li></ul>