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<p>Oracle Retail Data Model Overview</p> <p>The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracles products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.</p> <p>Retail Data ModelDatabase TechnologyAvailable Today!</p> <p>Retail Domain Knowledge BI Technology</p> <p>3Copyright 2009, Oracle and / or its affiliates. All rights reserved.</p> <p>Key Messages</p> <p>Speed to Value</p> <p>Standards-based, pre-built, pre-tuned data model with intelligent insight into detailed retailer and market data enabling retailers to quickly gain value</p> <p>Reduced Total Cost of Ownership</p> <p>Fast, easy and predictable implementation, reduced technology &amp; 3rd Party costs for both immediate and ongoing operations by leveraging pre-built content</p> <p>Best in class</p> <p>Modern, topical and relevant Data Model developed using deep retail market expertise with leading Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence technology</p> <p>4Copyright 2009, Oracle and / or its affiliates. All rights reserved.</p> <p>Speed to ValueBuild from Scratch with Best of Breed Approach Training &amp; Roll-out Define Metrics &amp; Dashboards</p> <p>Oracle Retail Data Model</p> <p>Oracles Approach: Delivers retailer and market insight quickly Rapid implementation, predictable costs lead to higher ROI Combines deep retail market expertise with industry-leading technology</p> <p>Data MovementTraining &amp; Roll-out Define Metrics &amp; Dashboard Data Movement Easy to Use, Easy to Adapt Comprehensive Retail Measures &amp; Metadata for Business Intelligence Reporting &amp; Ad-hoc Query Automatic Data Movement from your ARTS compliant 3NF schema to OLAP, Mining &amp; Dimensional Schema Pre-built DW Schema (3NF,STAR,OLAP) with Retail best Practice embedded and Pre-tuned for Oracle data warehouses, including the HP Oracle DB Machine</p> <p>DW DesignDW Design</p> <p>months or years</p> <p>weeks or months</p> <p>5Copyright 2009, Oracle and / or its affiliates. All rights reserved.</p> <p>Reduced Total Cost of Ownership</p> <p>Complete</p> <p>Open</p> <p>Integrated</p> <p>Comprehensive Industry Portfolio</p> <p>Standards-Based Architecture</p> <p>Designed to Work Together</p> <p>More Value Less Complexity</p> <p>More Choice Less Risk</p> <p>More Flexibility Less Cost</p> <p>6Copyright 2009, Oracle and / or its affiliates. All rights reserved.</p> <p>Best-in-classOracle #1 for Retail Oracle #1 for Data Warehousing</p> <p>Market Size is $6.7 Billion with 14.6% Growth YoY1</p> <p>7Copyright 2009, Oracle and / or its affiliates. All rights reserved.</p> <p>Oracle Retail Data ModelAn Overview</p> <p> Oracle Retail Data Model</p> <p>Industry Standard Compliant (ARTS) Embedded strong Retail expertise 3NF Logical Data Model Physical Data Model designed &amp; pretuned for Oracle Including Exadata Storage</p> <p>Oracle Database Enterprise Edition</p> <p>Oracle Exadata Storage</p> <p>Industry-specific measures &amp; KPIs Pre-built OLAP models Pre-built Data Mining models Usable within any Retail Application Environment Sample reports and dashboards Based on Oracle BI EE Plus</p> <p>Compression</p> <p>Data Mining</p> <p>Partitioning</p> <p>OLAP</p> <p>RAC</p> <p>Oracle Retail Data ModelFoundation for Business Information FlowSell-Side POS (Point-of-Sale) Web stores &amp; Catalog Order Management Inventory Optimization Advertising &amp; Promotions Customer Service Workforce Scheduling Personalized Marketing</p> <p>Buy-Side Advanced Planning &amp; Scheduling (Demand Driven) Inventory Tracking Pricing Cost Forecasting Purchase Order Mgmt. Retail Partnerships Warehouse Mgmt.</p> <p>Customer &amp; Consumer Interaction</p> <p>Retailer Sales Marketing Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge Demand Consumer Knowledge Knowledge</p> <p>In-Side Manufacturing/Sourcing Sales Forecasting Inventory Tracking Inventory Knowledge Forecasting Knowledge</p> <p>Product Knowledge</p> <p>Partners</p> <p>Data WarehouseMfg Perf. Knowledge Sourcing Knowledge</p> <p>Suppliers</p> <p>Distributors</p> <p>Oracle Retail Data ModelFoundation for Business Information FlowStore-sideRetailer Knowledge Marketing Knowledge Sales Knowledge</p> <p>Data Warehouse</p> <p>In-side</p> <p>Consumer Knowledge Demand Knowledge Inventory Knowledge Forecasting Knowledge</p> <p>Buy-sideSourcing Knowledge Mfg Perf. Knowledge Product Knowledge</p> <p>10Copyright 2009, Oracle and / or its affiliates. All rights reserved.</p> <p>Oracle Retail Data ModelIndustry Coverage</p> <p>Grocery Department Stores Discounters Hard Goods Apparel &amp; Footwear Soft Goods Convenience Stores Gas Stations</p> <p>11Copyright 2009, Oracle and / or its affiliates. All rights reserved.</p> <p>Oracle Retail Data ModelKey Statistics</p> <p> Data Model Contents 650+ Tables and 10,500+ Attributes (ARTS++) Industry-specific 1200+ Measures &amp; KPIs with Business and Technical Definitions 4 Pre-built Analytical Workspaces 12 Pre-built Data Mining Models Automatic Data Movement from 3NF to STAR schema, OLAP Cubes and Data Mining Models Sample Reports &amp; Dashboards using OBIEE Designed and optimized for Oracle data warehouses, including the HP Oracle Database Machine Central repository for atomic level data Rapid implementation</p> <p>Business Area CoveragePre-Built Measures &amp; KPIsStore Operations Point of Sale Loss Prevention Inventory Category Management Workforce Management Customer Promotion Order Management Store performance, Shopper Conversion, Comparative Store Analysis Multi Channel, POS Flow Unusual Transactions, Hidden Patterns, Attribute Analysis</p> <p>Merchandising Merchandise Performance, Item-Basket, Fast &amp; Slow Movers Inventory State Analysis, Forecast out-of-stock and zero selling. Product Mix, Shelf Analysis, Customer Purchase vs. Syndicated Data Employee Utilization, SPIFF &amp; Split Commission Analysis Clustering &amp; Segment - Creation, Migration, Analysis Causal Factor, Halo Impact &amp; Promotional Lift Integrated Analytic between e-commerce and Retail</p> <p>Business Area CoveragePre-Built Measures &amp; KPIsMerchandising Merchandising Role: Commonly a merchant or planner Product stars and dogs Inventory levels vs. planned inventory levels Suppliers that help / hinder performance Identifying locations that over/under perform</p> <p>Store Operations Store Operations Role: Commonly a store manager Store traffic patterns to determine staffing Understand opportunities to control loss Relative store performance rankings Identify what sells in the stores vs. doesnt Identifying potential risks for out of stocks</p> <p>Category Management Role: Commonly a Category Manager Controlling purchase costs Reviewing supplier item coverage Understanding consumer purchases of new / current products vs. market data Determining store layouts and planogams</p> <p>Marketing Role: Commonly a marketing analyst Identify consumer spending habits using market data Analyzing a retailers loyalty program customers to better target campaigns Measuring customer promotion response rates</p> <p>Oracle Retail Data ModelComponents</p> <p>Base Layer (3NF)</p> <p>Derived &amp; Aggregate Layer</p> <p>Sample Reports</p> <p>Oracle Retail Data ModelWhy multiple layersIntelligent Interactions (Data Mining)Is the product assortment optimal for all my regions?</p> <p>Fact-Based Actions (OLAP, Statistics)What are my potential out-of-stock situations?</p> <p>Predictive</p> <p>Performance Management (KPI, Guided Analytics)How is the business doing compared to last year? Compared to plan?</p> <p>Forecasting</p> <p>Value</p> <p>5Analysis</p> <p>Slice/Dice, Ad-hoc, Query , BI ToolsWhat is my gross margin return on space?</p> <p>4 3</p> <p>Transactional ReportingHow are my catalog and internet sales performing?</p> <p>Reporting</p> <p>2</p> <p>1Generation Step</p> <p>Oracle Retail Data ModelAutomatic Data Movement</p> <p>Oracle Retail Data Model</p> <p>Lookup</p> <p>Reference</p> <p>3NF Base</p> <p>Intra-ETL Derived (Derived)</p> <p>Intra-ETL (Aggregate)</p> <p>OLTP Systems</p> <p>Source ETL (Data Quality, Staging, Interface)</p> <p>Aggregate</p> <p>Leveraging Data Warehouse FeaturesEmbedded as part of VLDB design, not an afterthoughtPartitioning Partitioned Outer Join Reference Architecture Frequent Item Set Advanced Statistics Ranking Lag / Lead</p> <p>Compression 3-5x Storage Savings</p> <p>OLAP Time Series Forecasting</p> <p>Data Mining Classification (ABN/Decision Tree) Association Rules (Apriori)</p> <p>Materialized Views User Choice SQL Rewritten</p> <p>Differentiator: Smart Inventory ReportsOut of Stock Forecast (using built-in Forecasting &amp; OLAP cubes numerous methods supported)</p> <p>OLAP forecasting of sales &amp; inventory to predict potential stock shortage See which forecasting method fits best</p> <p>19Copyright 2009, Oracle and / or its affiliates. All rights reserved.</p> <p>Differentiator: Smart Category ReportProduct Category Mix Analysis: Suggest Items/Categories to Merchandise Together using a Pre-built Mining ModelAnalyzes Sales Transactions using the Association Rules (Apriori) Model to understand the Product Category Mix [If a Customer buys A and C, what is the likelihood the Customer would buy D?]</p> <p>20Copyright 2009, Oracle and / or its affiliates. All rights reserved.</p> <p>Why Oracle Retail Data Model?Top 10 Reasons</p> <p>1 2 3 4 5</p> <p>Retail expertise with best-in-class technology ARTS based normalized data model</p> <p>6 7</p> <p>Easily extendable &amp; customizable model Usable within any retail environment Designed and optimized for VLDB Automated data flow between components</p> <p>Modern and topical with retail depth and breadth 8 Intelligent retail insight using OLAP &amp; Mining Extensive business intelligence metadata 9</p> <p>10 Reduced implementation risk</p> <p>The Oracle Solution SetComplete, Integrated, Open EPM Workspace EPM Applications BI Applications</p> <p>Business Intelligence Foundation Middleware Oracle Retail Data Model Database HP Oracle Database Machine / Storage</p> <p>For More Information</p> <p> Retail Data Model</p> <p>or</p>