EDUCATION UC Ta rget City, CA  Major: Economics | Minor: Internati onal Relations, Entr epreneurship June 2017 GPA: 3.64 / 4.0  Relevant Coursework: Miro / Maro !ono"is# Prini$les o% Aountin&# !ntre$reneurs'i$ (tartin& an) Mana&in& *ew +usiness ,ent ures# (tatistis %or !ono"ists High School City, CA  Honors Graduate June 2013 AC-: 3 !n&lis': 34# Mat': 36# Rea)in&: 36# (iene: 3  *ational AP ('olar: Calulus +C: PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE US Ban City, CA U.S. Banks !sset Mana"ement Group pro#ides hi"h net $orth clients $ith risk mana"ement, due dili"ence and in#estment communication re"ardi n" asset a llocation, in#estment polic% and trust and &iduciar% responsi'ilities.  Investment Strategist Intern (u""er 201 Present Res$onsiilities inlu)e $er%or"in& attri ution analsis to $ort%olios o% over 0 "utual an) 'e)&e %un)s an) uil)in& "o)el  $ort%olios EXO U City, CA  E() U creat es a classroom*&ocused learner*centri c operatin" s%stem that runs acr oss multiple de#ices, i s compati'le $ith most )S+s, and deli#ers 'oth online and o&&line access to students in and 'e%ond the classroom.  Business Development Intern ($rin& 201 Present ea) 7 !5 su""er $ilot $ro&ra"s re$resentin& 81#00 )ollars in $otential revenue a%ter ollaoratin& wit' e)uators an) over 200 stu)ents aross os An&eles# t'e +a Area# an) Minnesota Collaorate wit' en&ineerin&# sales# an) usiness )evelo$"ent tea"s w'i' inrease) tea'in& e%%iien 369 a))in& intuitive navi&ation# si"$li%i n& t'e user inter%ae# an) %ousin& on ore %untions to version 3 an) 4 o% t'e solution ase) u$on %ee)ak %ro" 13 user testers Per%or" (- analsis o% 13 o"$etitors in t'e e)uation s$ae an) reo""en)e) $artners'i$s wit' earnin& Mana&e"ent (ste" o"$anies t'at oul) e inte&rate) into t'e !5 solution Tenni! Ser"ice City, CA e nnis Ser#ices incl ude strin"in" tennis rac-uets, sellin" strin"s, and teachin" children a"ed */0. Founder 200; 2013 <oun)e) tennis strin&in& usiness tennis an) &rew usiness %ro" ine$tion to 0 usto"ers over %our ears Av era&e) 8k in annual revenue over %our ears wit' a &ross $ro%it "ar&in o% 709 LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE Fraternity City, CA  1oundin" r easurer inter 2013 Present Mana&e) an) alloate a 840k annual 'a$ter u)&et a"on& soial events# television susri$tions# %oo)# )rinks# an) a$$arel Generate) 83k in a$ital &ains t'rou&' investin& e=ess 'a$ter %un)s in s'ort ter" "arketale seurities# re$resentin& a 69 annual return In"e!t#ent Cl$% City, CA 2ommittee Mem'er inter 2013 Present r&ani>e) an) lea) weekl ) isussions aout %inanial institutions# invest"ent strate&ies# an) urrent events wit'in &loal a$ital "arkets Per%or"e) )ue )ili&ene re&ar)in& urrent %inanial "arkets t'rou&' ase stu)ies an) )isussions wit' ot'er soiet "e"ers & De%ate City, CA eam 2aptain 2011 ? 2013 e) resear' $ro)ution o% an 1@ $erson tea" oor)inatin& tasks a"on& &rou$s o% to 10 )eaters an) or&ani>in& over 0 evi)ene %iles t'at ran&e) %ro" 0 to 200 $a&es. Ranke) as a to$ twent %ive ) eate $artners'i$ an) winner o% 2012 )eate tourna"ent an) runner u$ at 2012 )eate tourna"ent ADDITIONAL Sill!' <at(et, Man)arin C'inese <luent Organi(ation!' Autis" ($eaks# +usiness (oiet# Bnvest"ent (oiet Intere!t!' -ennis# oke# <i tness. (tart?u$ an) earl sta&e te'nolo&ies

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Thanks and Appreciate the Help Reddit. 1. What can I delete in order to make more room for the "Additional Section" (4 lines)2. Is the job description necessary? I included b/c

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EDUCATIONUC Target City, CAMajor: Economics | Minor: International Relations, EntrepreneurshipJune 2017 GPA: 3.64 / 4.0 Relevant Coursework: Micro / Macro Economics, Principles of Accounting, Entrepreneurship Starting and Managing New Business Ventures, Statistics for Economists

High SchoolCity, CAHonors GraduateJune 2013 ACT: 35 (English: 34, Math: 36, Reading: 36, Science: 35) National AP Scholar: Calculus BC: 5

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE US Bank City, CAU.S. Banks Asset Management Group provides high net worth clients with risk management, due diligence and investment communication regarding asset allocation, investment policy and trust and fiduciary responsibilities.Investment Strategist InternSummer 2015 Present Responsibilities include performing attribution analysis to portfolios of over 50 mutual and hedge funds and building model portfolios

EXO U City, CAEXO U creates a classroom-focused learner-centric operating system that runs across multiple devices, is compatible with most OS's, and delivers both online and offline access to students in and beyond the classroom.Business Development InternSpring 2015 Present Lead 7 EXO U summer pilot programs representing $1,500 dollars in potential revenue after collaborating with educators and over 200 students across Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Minnesota Collaborate with engineering, sales, and business development teams which increased teaching efficiency by 36% by adding intuitive navigation, simplifying the user interface, and focusing on core functions to version 3 and 4 of the solution based upon feedback from 153 user testers Perform SWOT analysis of 13 competitors in the education space and recommended partnerships with Learning Management System companies that could be integrated into the EXO U solution

Tennis ServiceCity, CA Tennis Services include stringing tennis racquets, selling strings, and teaching children aged 5-12.Founder2009 2013 Founded tennis stringing business tennis and grew business from inception to 50 customers over four years Averaged $5k in annual revenue over four years with a gross profit margin of 70%

LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCEFraternity City, CAFounding Treasurer Winter 2013 Present Managed and allocate a $40k annual chapter budget among social events, television subscriptions, food, drinks, and apparel Generated $3k in capital gains through investing excess chapter funds in short term marketable securities, representing a 6% annual return

Investment ClubCity, CACommittee Member Winter 2013 Present Organized and lead weekly discussions about financial institutions, investment strategies, and current events within global capital markets Performed due diligence regarding current financial markets through case studies and discussions with other society members\DebateCity, CATeam Captain2011 - 2013 Led research production of an 18 person team by coordinating tasks among groups of 5 to 10 debaters and organizing over 50 evidence files that ranged from 50 to 200 pages. Ranked as a top twenty five debate partnership and winner of 2012 _____ debate tournament and runner up at 2012 ____ debate tournament

ADDITIONALSkills: FactSet, Mandarin Chinese (Fluent)Organizations: Autism Speaks, Business Society, Investment Society Interests: Tennis, Hockey, Fitness. Start-up and early stage technologies