Results of the T-n-T Social Media Survey

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Results of the T-n-T Social Media Survey. Results of the T-n-T Social Media Survey. A Rumsfeld Paradox. KNOWN. The message is that there are known knowns . There are things we know that we know. . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Results of the T-n-T Social Media Survey

The Results of the CommForum Social Media Survey

Results of the T-n-TSocial Media SurveyPresented by Matthew J. Adams, College of LS&A Web services specialist.@mtthw_j_dmshttp://matthewjadams@posterous.com

The social media survey is a truly collaborative effort of the Trends and Tech Social Media team. I want to start by thanking members of the TnT committee and ask them to stand before we get into the rest of the survey.

In the next 25 minutes or so, well review the highlights of the survey results and begin (really) a conversation that may help you tweak your approach to social marketing.

The survey was administered via email to around 600 names in the Communicators Form in September, 2010 with some interesting results

76 people responded for a 13% response rate with some pretty clear information


Video of Rumsfeld from here: of the T-n-TSocial Media SurveyA Rumsfeld Paradox3KNOWNKNOWNUNKNOWNUNKNOWNThe message is that there are known knowns. There are things we know that we know.

There are known unknowns; that is to say there are things now know we dont know. But there are also unknown unknowns; there are things we do not know we dont know.

So when we do the best we can, and we pull all this information togetherand and we then say, Well, thats basically what we see as the situation. That is really only the known knowns and the known unknownsAgendaKnown KnownsUnknown KnownsKnown UnknownsUnknown UnknownsAgendaKnown KnownsUnknown KnownsKnown UnknownsUnknown UnknownsSo, what did we know going into the survey?

We knew that there was a ton happening in the arena of social media at the U of MI.that people were embracing it to some degreethat there were concerns about embracing itCommunicators forum was, in general, requesting education about the matter

What did we uncover in the survey that we already knew?The three top descriptions participants chose to identify their roles were marketing (37/49%), communications (61/80%) and management (15/20%). Respondents could choose more than one description. You use social media nearly as much for work as you do for play

And now for a little exerciseEveryone stand up.If your work tasks include social media communication or marketing less than 20 minutes a day, please sit downThose of you still standing, raise your hand if your work tasks include social media communication or marketing more than 90 minutes/day

6On average, how many hours of your work week are spent on your unit's participation in social media?75% of respondents are spending at least 2-4 hours a week (25-50 min/day) 24% are spending 60-80 minutes a day. More than 10% are spending more than 9 hours a week (1.8 hrs/day).

As far as what social media technology youre spending your time onany guessesI mean, you already know that

7What is the social media technology you use to engage your PRIMARY audience most?

For the most part this was true for both primary and secondary audiencesthe leaders in those categories were Primary: General Population and Secondary: Current Students8AgendaKnown KnownsUnknown KnownsKnown UnknownsUnknown UnknownsIn other words, stuff we really learned from this

For example9How familiar are you with any of the following social media tools?While you may not be surprised at this chart, if I add a little context it suddenly gets more powerful.

You may recall that the scale for this question was never heard of it, familiar, using it regularly, and integrating it strategically

This chart actually represents the combined numbers for respondents who report they use these tools regularly or strategically.10How familiar are you with any of the following social media tools?Actually using it regularly and strategically!!!!!11How useful do you feel your social media efforts have been as a tool for engaging your PRIMARY audience?% usefulMost respondents feel that they are effectively engaging their audience using their preferred social medium. While the final aggregate score was around 52, this chart demonstrates that a significant portion of respondents thought their effectiveness was higher than that.

I believe we have a couple of individuals who have volunteered to share their success stories with us

12AgendaKnown KnownsUnknown KnownsKnown UnknownsUnknown UnknownsWe learned that theres stuff we dont really knowhavent figured out yetthese points are really a call to action, Im guessing youll see what comes next from the Social Media trends and Tech team and, perhaps, OVPC begins to really address thispersonally, I think this section is what demonstrates to us that we are truly in the adolescence of social media adoption at the university.13Do you measure and reportthe effectiveness of your social media efforts to your management?Effectiveness and strategy go hand in hand. The survey revealed that 81% of you felt your use of social media at work was strategicand at least 50% effective in reaching our primary and secondary audiences, but we dont know , know because 77% report never or infrequentlyso how do we know were impactful? How do we know what to change?In other words, I think Im being strategic and successful, but Im not really measuring itand Im not really sure I want anyone to ask. = teenage adolescence?14What is your greatest concern regarding incorporating social media into your marketing and communication plan?Finally we can talk about the things you (and I mean we) dont really know about social mediathe question about concern raised three key elementsthat followed through onto15Which aspects of social media are you interested in learning more about? what you want to learn more aboutAs this was discussed in pretty good detail at many of the TnT meetings, we feel these are the main elements of any M/C plan IF IT IS GOING TO BE STRATEGICwhich begs two questions

Is it a part of your strategic marketing plan? Being scrutinized by audience? Wrapped into your event planning? Elevated to the level of direct mailing or advertising when appropriate?What can be done to make some of these unknowns known?

Certainly the Communicators Forum is a part, and we in the Technology and Trends group are in the final planning stages of creating an online place for us to share whats happening around our table, successes and best practices.

But one other thing I wanted to offer and place before you was the importance of various opportunities to participate in a Community of Practicea place to talk about trends and share success stories and.failuresin an effort to truly grow in this area.

If youd like more information about how to joint TnT, please see one of us after and give us your business card/e-mail

TnT is such a groupand perhaps more need to be created around specific topics or primary audiences or that would begin to fill in some of these known unknowns.

16AgendaKnown KnownsUnknown KnownsKnown UnknownsUnknown UnknownsSo.questions?17Thank you!