Results Framework Template: Version 2

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CDCS Goal. Development Objective. Development Objective. Development Objective. Development Objective. Intermediate Result. Intermediate Result. Intermediate Result. Intermediate Result. Results Framework Template: Version 2. Sub-Intermediate Result. Sub-Intermediate Result. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Results Framework Template: Version 1</p> <p>Results Framework Template: Version 2CDCS GoalDevelopmentObjectiveDevelopmentObjectiveDevelopmentObjectiveDevelopmentObjectiveIntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultIntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultIntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultIntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultIntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultIntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultIntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultIntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultSub-IntermediateResultINSTRUCTIONS | Results Framework Template: Version 2This template can be used to create a Results Framework. If your Results Framework needs fewer results, adjust the number before entering your results and group the diagram to secure its shape. Text can be added after the diagram is grouped. Results Framework Template: Version 1 in this toolkit contains IRs without sub-IRs for Missions that are not including sub-IRs.</p> <p>How to Use This TemplateOpen the template in Microsoft PowerPoint. Customize your template according to the results you need and save it to your computer for future editing. To insert your diagram into a Microsoft Word document, select the entire diagram and group the pieces together (Arrange &gt; Group). Copy the grouped diagram and open your Word document. Paste your diagram into your Word document using Paste as Picture.</p> <p>an interactive toolkit developed and implemented by:Office of Trade and Regulatory ReformBureau of Economic Growth, Education and EnvironmentUS Agency for International Development (USAID)For more information, tutorials and additional templates, pleasevisit or email</p>


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