Restaurant in port vila makes your holidays more pleasurable

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  • Restaurant In Port Vila Makes Your Holidays More


    Vanuatu is primarily a group of small islands

    situated in the South Pacific region; and is only a

    few hours from Australia and New Zealand. In

    fact, it is known as one of the happiest places in

    the world. This special place is highly reputed for

    its beautiful scenery, lengthy beaches, high

    volcanoes, vast forests, clear lagoons, etc. You

    can climb up to the edge of the hot volcano, try

    out the exciting sea dive, ride in the flying boat;

    or simply relax and get refreshed by the gentle

    sea breeze. Thus, a large number of tourists from

    across the globe, especially come to Port Vila the

    capital city of Vanuatu; in order to enjoy their

    holidays and experience the modern as well as

    traditional environment of this island nation.

    Restaurants in Port Vila

    In the early days Vanuatu was occupied by both the English and French. Hence, their influence is

    reflected till today in the delicious foods and drinks served at the restaurants in Port Vila. Moreover, the

    chefs at these restaurants have the expertise to prepare a wide range of the tasty dishes that includes

    many local items, various sea foods and contemporary meals. Further, there are some restaurants

    where the kitchen is always open, round the clock and on all days of the week. So you can eat and drink

    whenever you like with your friends or family. And the best thing is that even a full meal is freshly

    prepared and readily available, when you visit the restaurant at any time of the day or night. Besides

    this, the excellent meals are provided in more than enough quantities; and the various items served for

    breakfast, lunch and dinner are reasonably priced.

  • Tasty Dishes at Restaurents in Vanuatu

    These days there are many restaurants in this island country that provide good quality food. Hence after

    visiting the first time many people come back to these places several times to enjoy the fresh and tasty

    dishes. For example, lots of people prefer to have various special dishes like, chicken prepared in the

    wood fire and served with different salads; steak with chips, variety of sauce and salad; etc. Further,

    these restaurants offer one of the finest menus such as the Tasty Thai, which includes many types of

    noodles. For instance, the favorite one is the thick egg noodles, with chicken and Asian vegetables,

    boiled in green curry sauce or red curry; mild or hot, as per your choice. Moreover, the Thai favorite

    includes rice stick noodles, chicken, egg, Asian vegetables, and crushed nuts with pad Thai sauce.

    Besides, the Pacific special, is a combination of thin egg noodles, roast pork, lean beef, chicken,

    pineapple, tomato, peanuts and Asian vegetables with sweet and tangy sauce. Additionally, the

    vegetarian special comprises of thin noodles, tofu and Asian vegetable, potato, nuts, with special Asian

    sauce and spices. Visit Emilys Cafe & Restaurant in Vanuatu.


    So, you should also visit the restaurants in Port Vila to enjoy the broad variety of tasty dishes and

    thereby make your holidays more pleasurable and memorable.

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