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  • 1 Integrity Responsibility Harmony Respect Love of Learning

    CAULFIELD JUNIOR COLLEGE Internationally Accredited School

    NEWSLETTER March 24th, 2016

    186 Balaclava Road, Caulfield North Website:


    Principal: Amanda McLean Assistant Principal: Vicki Phyland

    Statement of International Mindedness

    At Caulfield Junior College it is an understanding that students will develop the knowledge

    and skills to appreciate our own and other peoples cultures; exploring differences and embracing them in

    order to become responsible citizens of our world.

    Term Dates 2016

    Term 1: 1st February to 24 March


    Term 2: 11 April to 24 June

    Term 3: 11 July to 16 September Term 4: 3 October to 20 December (Tuesday)

    Notices sent home this week School Photograph Information




    from Amanda

    Dear Parents and Caregivers, Vicki Phyland It with excitement that I inform the CJC community that Vicki Phyland our assistant principal, will take up the acting principal role for term 2, at Malvern Central Primary School. Vicki is an experienced assistant principal and this is a wonderful opportunity for her. French LOTE teacher This term we have been trialling a range of French speak-ing teachers to teach children in the composite classes French. I am pleased to announce that we have appointed Louis Bournik Kabengele (preferred name Bournik). We look forward to officially welcoming Bournik to our staff next term. Bruno Devalle French Pedagogical Inspector This week we have had a visit from Bruno Devalle the French Inspector of the AEFE who supervises the Asian Pacific Region. During his visit Bruno has inspected teach-ers in the French Section Elective, provided whole school professional learning for staff, facilitated a Parent Forum, visited Auburn High School and worked with Caulfield Jun-ior College leadership. As pedagogical inspector Bruno has had the opportunity to work in many schools in the Asian Pacific Region and ob-serve how learning and teaching in schools that have a French stream has changed and evolved over the last five years. Bruno has shared some of his experiences with staff and parents. On Tuesday Bruno attended the year 1/2 planning day and observed how teachers work collaboratively to write a unit of inquiry and a literacy and numeracy planner based on skills and concepts for both streams of the school as we move towards one curriculum. Bruno spoke to staff and parents about the French and Victorian Curriculum being 80% the same and that the fo-cus of learning and teaching should be on the learning of skills. The 20% difference in the curriculums can be taught by either teacher in the Binomes, meaning that teachers can teach each others curriculum. For example: in Maths in the French Curriculum, data is introduced in year 3. In the Victorian Curriculum, data is informally introduced in

    Calendar 2016

    Thursday 24th MarchLast Day of Term 2.30pm Finish 12th AprilHouse Cross Country Gr. 36, Caulfield Park

    Friday 15th AprilGr. 5/6 Lightening Premiership. Wednesday 20th AprilSchool Photos.

    Wednesday 11th MayGr. 1/2Sovereign Hill. Thursday 6th October (begins) Prep Footsteps Program (13/10,

    20/10, 27/10 and 10/11 (incl disco)

    School Council Meeting Dates

    Tuesday 26th April, Monday 23rd May, Monday 25th July, Monday

    29th August, Monday 7th November, Tuesday 13th December.

  • 2 Integrity Responsibility Harmony Respect Love of Learning

    Foundation. Bruno spoke to teachers about taking the best of both curriculums and that is it okay to teach more. Therefore teachers in the French Section Elective can teach data such as pictographs in Foundation and teachers in the Binomes can teach aspects of the French Curriculum too. This supports student learning and teach-ers working together, as well as ensuring that learning and teaching is bilingual. Enjoy the break I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and look for-ward to seeing our students and families when school returns on Monday 11th April.


    Chers Parents

    Toute lquipe de la FSE tient remercier tous ceux den-

    tre vous qui sont venus la confrence de prsentation

    de la FSE conduite par Caroline notre directrice, celle de

    Monsieur Delvalle linspecteur de la zone Asie-Pacifique,

    ceux qui ont donn de leur temps en participant diff-

    rents fund raising, en accompagnant les lves de CM2 et

    6me en camp ou en tant membres du comit de pa-

    rents, ceux qui sont venus la working bee de ce trimes-

    tre, ceux qui ont fait des donations de livres et les ma-

    mans qui continuent leur remarquable volontariat en

    bibliothque et qui ont organis laprs-midi du livre.

    Bonnes vacances.

    Nous vous rappelons que mardi 12 avril il y a le cross

    country pour les lves de CE2 la 6eme et que vendre-

    di 15 avril cest le Lighting Premiership pour les lves de

    CM2 et 6eme.

    Sites interactifs gratuits de ressources pour les vacances

    Si vous dsirez proposer des activits en franais vos

    enfants pendant les vacances nous vous recommandons

    ces sites qui vous proposent des liens vers des sites fran-

    ais, des exercices en ligne

    et des jeux ducatifs gratuits pour les lves du prscolai-

    re la 6me.

    Dear parents

    The FSE team would like to thank all of you who were

    able to attend the conference by Caroline about the

    FSE, the one directed by Mrs Delvalle, who gave their

    time to participate in fund raising, who went in camp

    with the Y5/6 students, by being a member of the Par-

    ents committee, by coming to the working bee, by do-

    nating books, and the mothers who did a fantastic job

    in the library and the organisation of afternoon of the

    French book.

    We would like to remind you of the following dates:

    Tuesday 12th April - Cross Country years 3 6

    Friday 15th AprilLigntening premiership years 5/6

    Website for the holiday

    If you would like your child to do some activities in

    French over the holidays we recommend the following

    sites which contain a lot of links to French sites, free

    online exercises and educative games for students from

    Prep to Y6.

    Happy holiday.

    Gilles et Caroline

    Excursion to Canberra for Years 5 / 6

    Students from our Caulfield Junior College have recently undertaken an education tour of the national capital. Stu-dents were given the opportunity to participate in a vari-ety of educational programs with a focus on Australias

    history, culture, heritage and democracy. The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capi-

    tal as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the

    Australian Government contributed funding of $30.00 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education

    Rebate program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the ex-



  • 3 Integrity Responsibility Harmony Respect Love of Learning


    Lost Property is now located at the Uniform

    Shop, upstairs.


    There will be a price increase in our uniform shop as of Term 2,

    2016. New pricing will be published shortly.


    K YO

    U !

    Dear School Community.

    We would like to share with you about the generosity and care of one of our students in grade 5, Amelie Bourrat.

    Amelie raised $700 by making cards and selling proceeds from biscuits at her parents - Christina and Thomas, patisserie. She then donated that money to Ardoch Youth Foundation

    to support students experiencing disadvantage with their education.

    What an amazing effort !!

    Well done Amelie.


    Dear Parents,

    It appears our technical issues are now


    Library should be ready for borrowing

    in the first week of term 2 !!


    Trudy (Library)

    (Thank you so much to the students

    who have been helping in the library

    by putting books away.)

  • 4 Integrity Responsibility Harmony Respect Love of Learning


    Dear Parents/Caregivers.

    School Photography day is nearly here. WEDNESDAY APRIL 20, 2016. Details went home with students today.

    Our preferred method of ordering is online ordering. Details (online order code) will be on the informa-

    tion sent home today.

    Sibling orders can be made online however there are sibling forms are available at the office if you wish or

    you can download them from https://sc