Resources, Trade & the Environment World Geography Mr. Paul Farmer

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Resources, Trade & the Environment World Geography Mr. Paul Farmer Slide 2 World Resources Our Planet Earth provides the elements necessary to sustain life. Resources are unequally distributed Resource management & conservation Slide 3 World Trade Natural Resources are distributed unequally so we must trade among other countries. Free Trade (WTO) The World Trade Organization promotes free trade internationally. (NAFTA) The North American Free Trade Agreement has removed trade barriers among the U. S., Canada,& Mexico (EU)European Union provides free trade, common currency within the European states. Barriers to Trade Tariffs on imported goods or set limits on how much can be imported. Embargo bans trade with another country for political or economic reasons GLOBALIZATION connects the world at the economic, political and cultural scale. Slide 4 World based on HDI and GDP Slide 5 Factors that make the worlds countries more Interdependent(Globalized) Technology Transportation Communications Freedom of Trade Need to Manage Resources Global Awareness of Environmental Concerns Slide 6 World Environmental Concerns Global Concerns : Global Warming Pollution: Water includes oil spills from tankers, chemical & industrial waste from factories, fertilizers & chemicals used by farmers, animal wastes, & untreated sewage. Air burning of fossil fuels by vehicles and industries are causes. Land results from unsanitary dumpsites, radioactive waste, & chemical waste.