Resources For Career Information Reference Guide (October 2005)

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  • 1. RESOURCES FOR CAREER INFORMATION REFERENCE GUIDE October, 2005This reference guide, developed by the Iowa Labor Market Information (LMI) Project, will help you to use Labor Market Information in career planning and education. Youll find resources for such information as the skills and education needed for specific jobs, training opportunities, curriculum ideas, and lesson plans. The reference guide is arranged alphabetically by topic, enabling you to find various sources for the items you may need. A sampling of resources has been included. Information from Americas Career InfoNet and the Iowa Workforce Development Labor Market Information Bureau are featured, but many other resources are also listed. Inclusion in this resource guide does not mean that the web site or resource is endorsed by the Iowa LMI Project. You likely have many resources not included in this particular guide and will no doubt discover additional ones as you explore web sites and publications. Please make notes in this guide to personalize it for your own use. This guide was last updated on 7/21/2005 however sites do change with little warning. Please be aware of that and notify Charlotte Rashid of any changes or problems. Her phone number is (563) 336-3471. Her e-mail address is If you would like to customize this guide to include your own local resources, contact Charlotte and she will send you the Word document.1

2. TOPICSRESOURCESADDRESS/PUBLICATIONAdult Training Programs Employment & Training Administration Earnings byCareer Voyages Educational Level Education Payshttp://teen.educationpays.orgOccupational Outlook Quarterly Occupational Outlook Quarterly of Apprenticeship Training, Employer & Labor Services Joint Apprenticeship & Trng. Comm. http://www.njatc.orgNational skill Standards Boardhttp://www.nssb.orgRiley Guide (Select A-Z Index, select Apprenticeships)Assessments Americas Career InfoNet (Select Skills Profiler, Testing & Assessment, or Resource Library followed by Occupational Information and Career Assessment)Assessment Guides Key Management International One Stop (Select Testing & Assessment)Career Toolbox Available at most local IWD offices. 2 3. Assessments (Continued)Holland Career Game Indiana Career & Postsecondary Center Keirsey Personality/Temperment Sorter in several languages) Online Tools for Career Planning & Dev. (Under Job Seekers, select Career Planning Tools, then Online Self Tests) Riley Guide (Select A-Z Index, select Assessment Resources) Work Keys World of Work Map Exploration ACTE Online also resourcesunder Assessments)Americas Career InfoNet Bureau of Labor Statistics (Select Career Information for Kids) Biotechnology Careers Cal State University Career Development Resources (Texas) Career Guidance & Decision Making Career Skills Career Voyages Careers in Healthcare 3 4. Career ExplorationCHOICES Available at most local IWD offices. (Continued) Youth Corner Careers Girl http://www.engineergirl.orgEnvironmental Careers (Select Careers)Gender & Science Digital Labhttp://gsdl.enc.orgIowa Workforce Development (Select Labor Market Information or Students)IPTV - School to Careershttp://careers.iptv.orgI Seek (Select Explore Careers)Job Shadows http://www.jobshadow.orgJob Star Central Your Future Step http://www.nextstepmagazine.comOccupational Outlook Handbook*Net http://online.onetcenter.orgRiley Guide (Go to the A to Z Index, select Career Exploration)Student.Gov (Select Explore Careers)Student Transitions http://www.studenttransitions.com4 5. Career Exploration (Cont.) Tech Career Compass Wetfeet What Do They Do? World of Work Map PathwaysIPTV - School to Careershttp://careers.iptv.orgCareer VideosAmericas Career InfoNet IPTV - School to Careershttp://careers.iptv.orgClassroom Speakers IPTV - School to Careers IWD Contact your local Iowa Workforce Development OfficeCollege Planning College Planning Getting Ready for College Early U.S. Dept. of Education, 1-800-USA-LEARN(publication or online) Iowa College Student Aid Commission Students.gov Think College Search Career Mart (Select College) College Planning Smart Career Move (Select Living, selectEducation) The Princeton Review 5 6. Community ServiceStudents.Gov (Select topics under Community(Also See Volunteering)Service)Cost of Living Cost of Life Cost of Living Comparator Ideas & Advanced Technology Environmental Edu. Ctr. http://www.ateec.orgLesson PlansAll Math Alliant Energys Power House Kids American Tech Publishers Ask Eric Association for Career & Technical Ed. Biotechnology Lesson Plans from Pioneer Building Career Awareness in the Charlotte Rashid, EICCD, LMI Project, 1-563-336-3471Elementary Classroom (publication) E-mail at Classroom Connect Curriculum Resource Center Dept. of Labor Educational Resources Educators Reference Desk Engineer Girls Entrepreneurship Education ESL Partyland Federal Resources for Educational Excellence 6 7. Curriculum Ideas & First Gov (Under Information by Topic, select Lesson Plans (Cont.)Education/Jobs) Gender & Science Digital Library GeoSpy Get Tech Girls Go Tech Girls Incorporated Illinois Department of Natural Resources Illinois Education to Careers (Select Partnership Resources, then Teachers Corner) Illinois Home Page (Select Learning under State Links) Institute for Entrepreneurship Iowa Home Page (Select Education, then select A-ZEducation Resources Online; or Select Kids Too) IPTV - School to Careers Iowa State Extension Services Junior Achievement Kidzworld LD Online Listen Up! 7 8. Curriculum Ideas & National Dissemination Center &http://www.nccte.orgLesson Plans (Continued) National Research Center for Career & Technical Education National Science Digital Library Nortel Networks Kidz Online Oklahoma Dept. of Career & Tech. Ed. Oregons OLMIS PBS for Kids PBS Teacher Source Population Connection Project Learning Tree School Discovery Science & Math Activities Teacher Vision Teachers Planet The Gateway U.S. Dept. of Education Using Labor Market Information in theCharlotte Rashid, EICCD, LMI Project, 1-563-336-3471Classroom (Resource Packets) E-mail at Weekly Reader Work Ethics 9. Curriculum Ideas & Yahooliganshttp://www.yahooligans.comLesson Plans (Continued)Directories of Web SitesAmericas Career InfoNet (Select Career Resource Library, selectAbout Jobs Job and Resume Banks)Job Board Directory http://www.airsdirect