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Research Infrastructures and H2020 WP 2016- · PDF file · 2016-03-23Research Infrastructures and H2020 WP 2016-2017 ... 2016 2020* 73 3,6 ... IAGOS In-service Aircraft for a Global

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  • Research Infrastructures and H2020

    WP 2016-2017

    EaP PANEL on Research and Innovation

    2016 annual event Horizon 2020 NCPs training

    16-17 March, Kyiv, Ukraine

    Galle DECROIX

    French NCP for RI

  • Research Infrastructures Research infrastructures are facilities, resources and services that are used by the

    research communities to conduct research and foster innovation.

    Major scientific equipmentsKnowledge-based resources


  • Why an EU approach forResearch Infrastructures?

    To address collectively the complexity and cost of the design and development of new world class research infrastructures

    To open access to the research infrastructures existing in the individual Member State to all European researchers

    To avoid duplication of efforts and to coordinate and rationalise the use of these research infrastructures

    To trigger the exchange of best practice, develop interoperability of facilities and resources, develop the training of the next generation of researchers

    To connect national research communities and increase the overall quality of the research and innovation

    To help pooling resources so that the Union can also develop and operate research infrastructures globally

  • From FP7 to Horizon 2020

    More focused support to the implementation and operation of world-class infrastructures such as ESFRI projects

    Broader access to and deeper integration of European research infrastructures Assure the sustainability during the life cycle of the RI (European / National RI

    roadmaps, new type of users, market analysis, business plan) Foster the innovation potential of research infrastructures Widen the participation to pan-European research infrastructures More support to e-infrastructures Reinforce policy support to European strategy on research infrastructures Develop international dimension of the actions

  • RIbudget:DGRTDpart+DGCNECT(INFSO)part.However1programmecommittee.

    FP6 RIbudget :715M (i.e.4%ofFP6totalbudgetFP6)fromwhichDGINFSO :~182M (25,5%)

    FP7 RIbudget:1715M (i.e.3,4%ofFP7totalbudgetFP7)fromwhichDGINFSO :475M (27%)

    H2020 RIbudget:2488M (i.e.3,2%ofH2020totalbudget)fromwhichDGCONECT : 830M (33%)WP20142015:554,5MfromwhichESFRI:199MfromwhichDGCONECT:184,5MWP20162017:613MfromwhichESFRI:110MfromwhichDGCONECT:~241M


  • Industrial leadershipSocietal challenges Health, demographic change, wellbeing Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine -

    maritime research, bio-economy Secure, clean and efficient energy Smart, green, integrated transport Climate action, resource efficiency, raw materials Inclusive, innovative societies Secure societies

    European Research Council Future and Emerging Technologies Marie Curie actions European Research infrastructures (including e-infrastructures) 2.488 M

    Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies (ICT, space, nanotechnologies, advanced materials and advanced manufacturing and processing, biotechnology)

    Access to risk finance Innovation in SMEs

    Excellent science

    Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020)

  • A Coherent Toolbox of Activities

    ImplementationConcept Preparation Operation

    DesignStudy Preparatory


    ESFRI & Other World Class RI (OWCRI) of pan European interest

    ESFRI & Other World Class RI (OWCRI) of pan European interest Integrating


    Support to Implementation & OperationIndividual projects - Clusters Innovation & Human


    EU Structural Funds & National Funding

    Policy support actions International Cooperation

  • Research Infrastructures in the 2016-2017 Work


    Research Infrastructures Unit European Commission DG Research & Innovation

  • What's new A strategic approach with more attention to the contribution

    to the current political priorities More integration with other parts of Horizon 2020, in

    particular the Societal challenges, to exploit synergies and complementarities, and address their identified gaps

    New and reinforced emphasis on innovation, sustainability and data exploitation throughout all programme, in particular in actions for advanced communities and established pan-European research infrastructures

    Support to large scale initiatives for innovation New approach for integrating activities with different

    processes for Starting and Advanced Communities More open and bottom-up topics A more coherent WP: Open Research Data pilot and TA/VA

    provision applicable to both RI and e-infrastructires

  • Research Infrastructures Calls 2016-175 Calls 15 topics 613 M

    1. Development and long-term sustainability of new pan-European RIs (4) 140 M

    2. Integrating & Opening RIs of European Interest (2) 200 M

    3. e-Infrastructures (5) (funded by DG CNECT) 221 M

    4. Fostering the innovation potential of RI (2) 30 M

    5. Support to Policy & Internat. cooperation (RI/e-RI) (2) 22 M

  • Call INFRADEV Development and long-term sustainability of new pan-European RIs

    To support the development of a comprehensive landscape of new sustainable world-class research infrastructures in Europe, helping to respond to challenges in science, industry & society

    Emphasis on long-term sustainability, efficient operation, data management and on fostering the innovation potential

    1. Design studies 2. Preparatory Phase of ESFRI projects 3. Individual support to ESFRI & OWCRI 4. Pilot action for a Eur. Open Science Cloud for Research

  • INFRADEV-01-2017 - Design studies

    Support the conceptual and technical design of new research infrastructures, which are leading-edge user facilities of a clear European dimension and interest : Bottom-up call, aimed at identifying the RIs that really have the

    potential to become the next generation of European world-class RI Total budget 20 M - EU contribution per proposal (RIA) between 1-3 M Leading to a 'conceptual or technical design report' through

    Scientific & technical work: drafting of concepts & engineering plans for the construction; creation of prototypes; work to ensure the take-up and the efficiency of the services provided to scientific communities and

    Conceptual work: plans to integrate the new RI into the European RI landscape; estimation of budget for construction and operation; plans for an international governance structure; planning of research services to be provided; procedure and criteria to choose the RI site.

  • INFRADEV-02-2016 - Preparatory Phases

    Support the preparatory phase of ESFRI projects: Targeting the new projects in the 2016 update of the ESFRI roadmap Total budget 40 M - EU contribution per proposal up to 4 M Coordination & Support Action (CSA) Leading to a legal and financial agreements for the setting-up of the RI

    through work on: Legal setting; Governance structure; Management and logistic organisation; Financial setting for construction, operation and decommission; Strategic aspects such as socio-economic and local/regional impact; Technical aspects when necessary to complete the final technical design.

  • INFRADEV-03-2016-2017 Individual support to ESFRI & OWCRI

    To facilitate and support long-term sustainability and efficient operation of the ESFRI & Other World-Class RI (OWCRI): Targeting individual ESFRI RI and OWCRI with established legal

    structure and governance at EU or international level, such as ERIC. Total budget 70 M - EU contribution per proposal (CSA) 2 - 5 M On a competitive basis: proposals must demonstrate their crucial need

    for the requested support and how this will ensure their sustainability Proposals must also explain complementarities with previous or

    current EU grants. Covering: membership enlargement, international cooperation, testing

    and improvement of access provision to users to increase reliability and create trust, definition of business model & service model agreements, outreach and technology transfer.

  • ESFRI : European Roadmap for RI Created in 2002 (open coordination approach)

    Intergovernmental concertation Elaboration of the idela list of European Research Infrastructures for XXI


    Process 2 delegates per country (nominated by the government) 7 Strategic Working Groups

    Livrables ESFRI Roadmap (2006, 2008, 2010, 2016)

    29 ESFRI landmarks (in implementation) 21 ESFRI projects (9 projects in 2008, 6 in 2010, 6 in 2016)

    ERIC status (2009)


  • **for centralised services NA= Not Available*expected

    ECCSEL European Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Laboratory Infrastructure

    2008 2016 ERIC under preparation 80-120 1**

    EU-SOLARIS European SOLAR Research Infrastructure for Concentrated Solar Power

    2010 2020* ERIC under preparation 120 3-4

    MYRRHA Multi-purpose hYbrid Reactor for High-tech Applications 2010 2024* NA 100

    WindScanner European WindScanner Facility 2010 2018* 45-60 8

    ACTRIS Aerosols, Clouds and Trace gases Research Infrastructure

    2016 2025* 190 50

    DANUBIUS-RI International Centre for Advanced Studies on River-Sea Systems

    2016 2022* 222 28

    EISCAT_3D Next generation European incoherent scatter radar system

    2008 2021* 74 6

    EPOS European Plate Observing System 2008 2020* ERIC under preparation 53 15

    SIOS Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System 2008 2020* 80 2-3

    AnaEE Infrastructure for Analysis and Experimentation on E

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