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    Volume 13: Number 1. Spring 2018





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    TResearch is an official science publication of Teagasc. It aims

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    Why scientists should engagewith the publicIn 2015, Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) commissioned a study

    carried out by Millward Brown entitled Science in Ireland Barometer,

    which analysed the Irish publics perceptions and awareness of

    STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) in society. In

    summary, the study found that while half of the Irish population

    feel uninformed about STEM, 58% are interested in it. However,

    according to SFI, this positive feeling is tempered by a lack of

    confidence in and connection to the role of science in peoples

    lives; 71% of Irish adults feel developments in science and

    technology are too specialised to understand (this compares to

    35% in New Zealand). Not only that, but nine out of 10 surveyed

    agreed that young peoples interest in STEM is essential for our

    future prosperity.

    Teagasc has long been involved in science outreach activities such

    as Science Week, aimed mainly at secondary school and third-level

    students. In recent years, we have stepped up our involvement with

    the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition and we have

    expanded the audiences of our Science Week events to include

    primary level students and open edutainment events for the general

    public. Many of our researchers also participate in public

    engagement events such as FameLab, Im a Scientist, Get me out

    of here, and so on.

    This year, Teagascs Research Directorate is establishing a Science

    Communications and Outreach Working Group. This Working Group

    will enable Teagasc to take a more co-ordinated approach to science

    communication and outreach activities across Teagascs research

    programmes. Through this we hope to communicate the relevance

    of our science to the everyday world, and there is no shortage of

    material across our research programmes, from the health of our soils

    to clean watercourses, and from developing sustainable methods of

    animal production to food safety and the development of new food


    It is important for Teagasc to communicate the relevance of its work

    to everyday lives and to the development of Irish society and the

    economy (particularly the agri-food sector) to stimulate interest,

    excitement and debate about STEM. An engaged and scientifically

    informed society benefits society as a whole.

    Cn fth ar cheart deolaithecaidreamh a dhanamh leis an bpobal

    Sa bhliain 2015, choimisinaigh Fondireacht Eolaochta ireann

    Millward Brown chun staidar dar teideal Science in Ireland Barometer

    a dhanamh. Rinneadh anails sa staidar sin ar dhearctha phobal

    na hireann i leith STEM (eolaocht, teicneolaocht, innealtireacht

    agus matamaitic) sa tsocha agus ar an bhfeasacht at aige air. Mar

    achoimre, fuarthas amach sa staidar go bhfuil spis ag 58% de

    phobal na hireann in STEM, c go measann leath an phobail gur

    beag eolas at aige air. Dar le Fondireacht Eolaochta ireann, fach,

    baintear den mhothchn dearfach at ag daoine i leith STEM mar

    gheall ar an easpa muinne at acu san bhar agus ar an easpa

    tuisceana at acu ar an rl a imronn an eolaocht i saol daoine;

    measann 71% daosaigh in irinn gurb amhlaidh, mar thoradh ar a

    speisialaithe at siad, go bhfuil s rchasta dibh forbairt san

    eolaocht agus sa teicneolaocht a thuiscint (i gcomparid le 35%

    daosaigh sa Nua-Shalainn). N hamhin sin, ach chomhaontaigh

    naonr as gach deichnir a ndearnadh suirbh orthu go mbeadh r

    rathnas amach anseo ag brath go mr ar spis a bheith ag daoine

    ga in STEM. Le fada an l, t Teagasc ag glacadh pirt i

    ngnomhaochta for-rochtana eolaochta amhail Seachtain na

    hEolaochta, at drithe go promha ar dhalta menscoile agus ar

    mhic linn tr leibhal. Le blianta beaga anuas, t rl madaithe

    glactha againn i dTaispentas Eola ig agus Teicneolaochta BT agus

    t an lon rannphirtithe inr Seachtain Eolaochta madaithe againn

    tr rl a thabhairt do dhalta bunscoile inti agus tr imeachta oscailte

    oideachais shiamsil a rechtil don phobal i gcoitinne. Chomh

    maith leis sin, glacann cuid mhr dr dtaighdeoir pirt in imeachta

    rannphirtochta poibl amhail FameLab, Im a Scientist, Get me out

    of here agus araile.

    T Grpa Oibre um Chumarsid agus For-Rochtain Eolaochta

    bhun ag Stirthireacht Taighde Teagasc i mbliana. Cumasidh an

    Grpa Oibre sin do Teagasc cur chuige nos comhordaithe a

    ghlacadh i leith gnomhaochta Cumarside agus For-Rochtana

    Eolaochta ar fud a Chlr Taighde. T sil againn a bhartha at an

    eolaocht don ghnthshaol a liri trd an obair sin. T cuid mhr

    bhar ann ar fud r gclr taighde, lena n-irtear slinte r n-

    ithreacha, crsa glanuisce, forbairt modhanna inbhuanaithe tirgthe

    ainmhithe, sbhilteacht bhia, agus forbairt tirg nua bia.

    T s tbhachtach go lireoidh Teagasc a bhartha at a chuid oibre

    don ghnthshaol agus do shocha agus geilleagar na hireann (go

    hirithe an earnil agraibhia) a fhorbairt chun spis agus dspis in

    STEM a spreagadh agus dospireacht faoi STEM a choth. Is chun

    tairbhe don tsocha ar fad at socha a bhfuil spis aici san eolaocht

    agus a bhfuil eolas aici uirthi.

    Catriona BoyleScience Communications and Outreach,

    Teagasc Head Office

    Catriona BoyleCumarsid agus For-Rochtain EolaochtaCeannoifig Teagasc

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    BTYSTE 2018

    Teagasc and the European Commission will co-fund a new programme

    which will employ 20 new experienced researchers for 36 months each

    over the next five years. The fellowships aim to develop the next

    generation of agri-food research leaders to underpin the objectives of

    Irelands Food Wise 2025 strategy. This new programme, which

    launches in Spring 2018, offers applicants the opportunity to conduct

    their research in the best academic, or non-academic, organisation of

    their choice worldwide (outside of Ireland) for 18 months, fol