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<ul><li><p>REQUIRED SUMMER READING APPROVED LIST FOR </p><p>FIRST GRADE </p><p>2018-2019 (*) Indicates books found in FCA Library. </p><p> If series is noted by a title, any book in that series may be read. </p><p>Themes are listed at the end of the list. </p><p>Please do not read more than two per series/theme until the minimum 10-book requirement is met. Then read extra!!! </p><p>Please specify title AND series/theme on summer reading log (when applicable-see examples). </p><p> Allard, Harry *Miss Nelson is Missing [C,P] </p><p>Ardema, Verna Why Mosquitoes Buzz in Peoples Ears [C,P] </p><p>Barlowe, D. Who Lives Here? [C] </p><p>Bemelmans, L. *Madeline (series) [C,P] </p><p>Berenstain, S.&amp; J. *The Berenstain Bears Go to School (B.Bears series) [C,P] </p><p>Berenstain, S &amp; J. *Trouble at School [C,P] </p><p>Borden, Louise A. Lincoln and Me [C] </p><p>Borden, Louise Off to First Grade [P] </p><p>Brett, Jan *Annie and the Wild Animals (any Jan Brett picture book) [C,P] </p><p>Brett, Jan *Town Mouse/Country Mouse [C] </p><p>Bridges, Ruby Ruby Bridges Goes to School: My True Story [P] </p><p>Brown, M. *Arthurs Tooth (Arthur series) [C,P] </p><p>Bulla, C.R. *Daniels Duck [C] </p><p>Burton, V. *Katy and the Big Snow [C,P] </p><p>Butterworth,N. &amp; M.Inkpen *Stories Jesus Told series (If reading from this Treasury, record each story separately on reading log.) </p><p>Butterworth,N. &amp; M.Inkpen *The Mouses Story: Jesus and the Storm (and series) </p><p>Capucilli, Alyssa *Biscuit (series) [C,P] </p><p>Carlson, Nancy Harriet and the Roller Coaster (Harriet series) [C,P] </p><p>Carlson, Nancy First Grade Here I Come! [C,P] </p><p>Carlson, Nancy I Dont Like to Read [C,P] </p><p>Carlson, Nancy Sit Still! [C,P] </p><p>Cleary, Brian Punctuation Station [C] </p><p>Cohen, M. The New Teacher [C] </p><p>Crawford, Kathleen *Have You Seen the Wind? </p><p>Cronin, Doreen *Click, Clack, Moo [C,P] </p><p>Cronin, Doreen Dooby, Dooby, Moo [C,P] </p><p>Cronin, Doreen Giggle, Giggle, Quack [C,P] </p><p>Cronin, Doreen Thump, Quack, Moo: A Wacky Adventure [C,P] </p><p>Crump, D. Creatures Small and Furry [C] </p><p>Darling, Kathy ABC Cats [C] </p><p>Darling, Kathy ABC Dogs [C] </p><p>Daugherty, J. *Andy and the Lion [P] </p><p>Davis, Meredith Up and Away! Taking a Flight [C] </p><p>Davol, B. *Christopher Church Mouse series </p><p>de la Bdoyre, Camilla Farmyard Friends series [C] </p><p>de Paola, Tomie Charlie Needs A Cloak [C,P] </p><p>de Paola, Tomie Pancakes for Breakfast [C] </p><p>de Paola, Tomie Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs [C] </p><p>Dobson, Danae *Woof series (The Best of Woof) [C] </p><p>Drummond, Allan Casey Jones [C] </p><p>Duvoisin, R. Petunia [C,P] </p><p>Eastman, P.D. *Are You My Mother? [C,P] </p></li><li><p>Eastman, P.D. *Go, Dog, Go [C,P] </p><p>Ehlert, Lois Eating the Alphabet [C,P] </p><p>Ehlert, Lois Lots of Spots [C,P] </p><p>Farmer, Bonnie ABC Letters in the Library [C] </p><p>Flack, M. Angus series [C] </p><p>Fredericks, Anthony Weird Walkers [P] </p><p>Fox, Mem Zoo Looking [C] </p><p>Galdone, Paul The First Seven Days [C] </p><p>Gambill, Henrietta *Dinosaurs in Gods World Long Ago </p><p>Gerstein, Mordecai *The Man Who Walked Between the Towers [C,P] </p><p>Gibbons, Gail *Check It Out: The Book About Libraries [C,P] </p><p>Gibbons, Gail The Milk Makers [C] </p><p>Godfrey, Jan *Who Made the Morning? </p><p>Guarino, D. *Is Your Mama a Llama? [C,P] </p><p>Harrison, David Caves: Mysteries Beneath Our Feet [C] </p><p>Ham, Ken *All Gods Children </p><p>Ham, Ken *Its Designed to Do What It Does Do </p><p>Henkes, K. *Owen [C,P] </p><p>Hoban, Tana 26 Letters and 99 Cents [C] </p><p>Hodgkins, Fran How People Learned to Fly [C,P] </p><p>Hoff, Syd *Danny and the Dinosaur (any Syd Hoff picture book) [C,P] </p><p>Hoff, Syd *Oliver [C,P] </p><p>Hopkinson, Deborah Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek: A Tall, Thin Tale [C,P] </p><p>Horenstein, H. Sam Goes Trucking [C] </p><p>Hudson, F.M. *My Bible Alphabet Book </p><p>Hurd, Edith Thacher Starfish [C] </p><p>Hutchins, Pat Changes, Changes [C] </p><p>Jenkins, Priscilla *A Nest Full of Eggs </p><p>Jenkins, Steve and Robin Page What Do You Do With a Tail Like This? [C,P] </p><p>Jeunesse, Gallimard * Airplanes and flying machines [C] </p><p>Keane, Glen *Adam Raccoon series </p><p>Keatts, E. *Goggles [C,P] </p><p>Keatts, E. *Peters Chair [C,P] </p><p>Keatts, E. Whistle for Willie [C,P] </p><p>Keller, Laurie Do Unto Otters [C,P] </p><p>Kingsbury, Karen Far Flutterby (and other childrens books by this author)[C] </p><p>Kirk, Pat &amp; Alice Brown *Bear Up [C] </p><p>Kraus, R. Whose Mouse Are You? [C,P] </p><p>Lane, M. The Beaver [C] </p><p>Lawrence, Jacob Harriet and the Promised Land [C] </p><p>Leedy, Loreen The Edible Pyramid [C] </p><p>LeSieg, Theo (Dr. Seuss) Ten Apples Up on Top [C,P] </p><p>Lester, Helen *Tacky the Penguin (series) [C,P] </p><p>Lionni, Leo Mr. McMouse [C] </p><p>Lionni, Leo *Swimmy (any Leo Lionni picture book) [C,P] </p><p>Lobel, Arnold *Frog and Toad (series) [C,P] </p><p>Lottridge, Celia Barker One Watermelon Seed [C] </p><p>Mackall, Dandi Daley Bobs Great Escape (and series) [P] </p><p>Mackall, Dandi Daley *My Favorite Verses series (any picture book by D.D. Mackall - [C,P]) </p><p>Maestro, B. Ferryboat [P] </p><p>Mayer, Mercer Just Me and My Dad (any Mercer Mayer picture book) [C,P] </p><p>McBratney, S. *Guess How Much I Love You [C,P] </p><p>McCarthy, Meghan Astronaut Handbook [C] </p></li><li><p>McCloskey, R. *Make Way for Ducklings [C,P] </p><p>McCloskey, R. *Blueberries for Sal [C,P] </p><p>McNaught, H. Animal Babies [e-book] </p><p>McPhail, D. Bears Toothache [C] </p><p>McPhail, D. *Pig-Pig series [C,P] </p><p>Minarik, E. *Kiss for Little Bear (series) [C,P] </p><p>Mishica, C. *Billions of Bugs </p><p>Morris, R. *Dolphin </p><p>Murphy, Frank George Washington and the Generals Dog [C,P] </p><p>Numeroff, L. *If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (series) [C,P] </p><p>Oxenbury, H. Its My Birthday [C] </p><p>Parish *Amelia Bedelia series [C,P] </p><p>Paulsen, Gary Canoe Days [C,P] </p><p>Peet, Bill Huge Harold [C] </p><p>Pfeffer, Wendy Whats It Like to Be a Fish? [C,P] </p><p>Pinczes, Elinor *One Hundred Hungry Ants [C,P] </p><p>Pinkney, Jerry *The Lion and the Mouse [C,P] </p><p>Pinkney, Jerry The Ugly Duckling [C] </p><p>Potter, Beatrix *The Tale of Peter Rabbit [C,P] </p><p>Pulver, Robin Mrs. Toggles Zipper [C] </p><p>Pulver, Robin Silent Letters Loud and Clear [P] </p><p>Pulver, Robin Thank You, Miss Doover [C] </p><p>Rabe, Tish Oh Say Can You Say Whats the Weather Today? [C,P] </p><p>Rappaport, Doreen Martins Big Words [C,P] </p><p>Recorvits, Helen My Name is Yoon [C,P] </p><p>Rey (and others) *Curious George series [C,P] </p><p>Robinson, Sharon Testing the Ice [C,P] </p><p>Rock, Brian Deductive Detective [C] </p><p>Rylant, Cynthia *When I Was Young in the Mountains [C,P] </p><p>Scarry, Richard *Richard Scarry series [C,P] </p><p>Schweninger, A. *Autumn Days </p><p>Seuss *Cat In the Hat [C,P] </p><p>Seuss *Horton Hears a Who! [C,P] </p><p>Seuss *Horton Hatches the Egg [C,P] </p><p>Seuss *Fox in Socks [C,P] </p><p>Seuss *Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories [C,P] </p><p>Seuss *The Sneetches and Other Stories [C, P] </p><p>Seuss *Oh Say Can You Say? [C] </p><p>Seuss Wacky Wednesday </p><p>Skerry, Brian A Whale on Her Own [C] </p><p>Soule, Jean Never Tease a Weasel[C,P] </p><p>Stanley, Diane Joining the Boston Tea Party (Time Traveling Twins series) [C,P] </p><p>Steig, William *Doctor De Soto [C,P] </p><p>Steinberg, Laura Thesaurus Rex [C] </p><p>Thayer, J. The Puppy Who Wanted A Boy [C,P] </p><p>Viorst, Judith *The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day [C,P] </p><p>Waber, B. *Ira Sleeps Over [C] </p><p>Waite, Michael P. *Casey the Greedy Young Cowboy (and series some @ C) </p><p>Weisner, David *Tuesday [C,P] </p><p>Weisner, David *Art and Max [C,P] </p><p>Wilder, Laura I. and R. Graef *My First Little House Books series [C,P] </p><p>Winters, Kay &amp; N. Carpenter Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved Books [P] </p><p>Wiseman, Bernard *Morris the Moose [C,P] </p></li><li><p>Wiseman, Bernard *Morris Goes to School [C] </p><p>Wood, A. The Napping House [C,P] </p><p>Young, Ed Seven Blind Mice [C] </p><p>Ziefert, Harriet ABC Dentist [C] </p><p>Ziefert, Harriet A Dozen Dozens [C] </p><p>Zoehfeld, Kathleen W. What Lives in a Shell? [C] </p><p>Zordel, Amie Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show </p><p>*Dick &amp; Jane Series - Division of Penguin Young Readers [C,P] </p><p>*The Little Red Hen (original story and/or adaptations by various authors) [C,P] </p><p>*The Three Bears (original story and/or adaptations by various authors) [C,P] American Symbols, Amazing Science, Math Fun, and/or Field Trips series by Picture Window Books, </p><p> various authors [C,P] </p><p>*Arch Books Bible story series various authors </p><p>Biographies series by Picture Window Books, various authors [C,P] </p><p>*Happy Day Book series various authors (Standard Publishing) </p><p>*All Books from the ABEKA Summer Reading Packet </p><p>*Theme books: Students may read any nonfiction title about these themes: America, animals, nature. </p><p>Please list theme (America, animals, or nature) on reading log along with title of the book. </p><p>(Nonfiction = true/factual/informational) </p><p>Check out the FCA online library: </p><p>Students may create an online account for placing book reservations online. Request your RenWeb ID </p><p>number at the office to get started. This is a wonderful tool for summer reading that I hope you will </p><p>take advantage of! </p><p> Campbell County Public Library website </p><p> Pittsylvania County Public Library website </p><p> To request books through the public online library systems, first visit your local library branch to obtain a library card (if you dont already have one) and a pin number. Then log onto the website and set up an account. </p><p>Summer Reading Log Examples: </p><p>Example 1: Title: Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show </p><p>Author: Amie Zordel Series or Theme: N/A (not part of a series or theme) </p><p>Example 2: Title: How to Bake an American Pie </p><p> Author: Karma Wilson Series or Theme: America </p><p></p></li><li><p>Summer Reading Log </p><p>Kindergarten-Second Grade </p><p>My son/daughter read completely the following books from the approved list during this summer. </p><p>(Ten books required.) </p><p>Parent Endorsement______________________________________ </p><p>Limit of two per series/theme until minimum book requirement is met. Please specify title AND series/theme. </p><p>Themes are grade-appropriate topics listed at the bottom of the list. Students may read any nonfiction book related to these topics. If </p><p>series is listed beside a title, any book from that series may be read. </p><p>When selecting titles from a series or theme, please pay special attention to content and appropriate grade level. </p><p>1. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>2. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>3. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>4. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>5. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>6. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>7. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>8. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>9. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>10. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p></li><li><p>Special recognition for more than ten! </p><p>1. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>2. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>3. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>4. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>5. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>6. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>7. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>8. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>9. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>10. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>11. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p><p>12. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Author: ____________________________________ Series or Theme: _____________________________________ </p></li></ul>


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